TESTING The Cheapest Night Vision on AMAZON

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19 dager siden

Wranglerstar tests the cheapest night vision on Amazon.
Buy night vision here amzn.to/3lvzZ9X - (amazon affiliate link)

William Ediger
William Ediger 6 timer siden
Perhaps it was just not focused as well as the Belarus scope, but in your demo, but the Belarus seemed to be a crisper focused image than the PVS14 with the IR source on.
stuart markman
stuart markman 9 timer siden
Amazon has it for 107.00
ashley nicely
ashley nicely 20 timer siden
Did I miss something? How did it compare to the expensive unit?
Organic Flat Earth Prepper
Organic Flat Earth Prepper 21 time siden
Price is down to 107.00 as I write this 10/27
robby dtox
robby dtox 23 timer siden
Nightfox NV are the best for 200 bucks
Blixem Dag siden
The UN baby blue re-supply option sounds cheaper...
Evan B
Evan B Dag siden
This dude has way too much money
Mike Dunham
Mike Dunham Dag siden
This is SO full of "that's what she said"s I dont even know where to begin...
James Hatzenbuhler
James Hatzenbuhler Dag siden
I would sure love it if you would do another review under star light. that would really be another great video and comparison video for your fans to watch. I am extremely interested to see how the cheaper one will do.
The News You Lose
The News You Lose Dag siden
Covert night travel in a unrest situation is a good reason to own this tool. It could be the difference in life and death. But if you just want to see IR around you, almost any new smartphone camera will pick it up when turned on. This is also a good way to see if any IR cameras are in or around your home without your knowledge. To see if your phones camera picks up IR go to a dark room turn the camera on and push any button on the TV remote while pointing it at your smartphone camera.
SuddenShootOff Dag siden
7:29 This guy just casually has his $3000 PVS-14 turned ON in a fully lit up room
Trees Happen
Trees Happen Dag siden
You've had your bikes on the trailer, with the forks compressed for a long time now. You should get those off asap, or you might end up with leaky fork seals.
Austin Dag siden
Superb review. And yes please I would GREATLY appreciate a starlight review. God bless!
Marc Mallary
Marc Mallary Dag siden
It would be good for shooting rats.
MrAdvantage1 2 dager siden
I see the poors are into night vision now
12 Bravo Tac
12 Bravo Tac 2 dager siden
Now do a side by side comparison of the pvs-14 clone, about $170. That’s what I want to see
DoubleEM Castillano
DoubleEM Castillano 2 dager siden
Put black sports tape over your IR illuminator, kills the red glow and enough of the IR light gets through to still illuminate the space.
Jose Arellano
Jose Arellano 2 dager siden
Hey there boss I enjoyed the video. What are your thoughts on the ATN Budget optic. Is it worth the price of $700 - $1100. And would there be a better option for a rifle mounted Night vision optic
Scott Sather
Scott Sather 2 dager siden
I’m on my roof almost every night watching my neighborhood. Slingshot.... lol
Scott Sather
Scott Sather 2 dager siden
The real test is on your roof in the middle of a clear night looking straight up at the “stars.” I promise if you get a good military grade set of goggles you will see things that you never have before.
Dan B
Dan B 2 dager siden
I thought you installed "The Clapper" for a moment there... lol
Gary Dale Frank OG
Gary Dale Frank OG 2 dager siden
Rick Nethery's Firearm Channel
Rick Nethery's Firearm Channel 3 dager siden
Thanks for showing this optic, I have been looking at night vision equipment for hunting feral hogs here in East Texas, I think this would be a handy item. God bless.
yadjekim 4 dager siden
Did you just call it a," Virefield?" That's an F, brother, not a V.
Green Right here
Green Right here 4 dager siden
I think that NVGs work when there is a infrared illuminator and a tiny digital camera. The “spy goggles” toy doesn’t work like normal military grade NVGs (of course, it’s a toy). The toy just has lights on the side so it’s basically a weak crappy headlamp.
Christian Syversen
Christian Syversen 5 dager siden
Bought it. Works good. Only downside is the bright, red light emitting from the ir illuminator. With some ambient light it is usable without the ir lamp on. Very pleased so far.
Almost Homestead
Almost Homestead 5 dager siden
Great review. I own the Firefield and live in the mountains where it's very dark. One night I was trying to see what the drug addict neighbors were doing at another property and they spotted the red light from the iluminator pretty quick. On a positive note, they realized Someone was watching them and they left. But if you were trying to go undedected, it's not good for that. Great little unit though.
Dan Sage
Dan Sage 5 dager siden
What a waste. I bought that night vision and it sucked so bad. I ended up returning it. I recommend staying away from it. Not worth it..at all.
Robert Foster
Robert Foster 5 dager siden
I have one i keep in my hunting bag. It's very handy and works. Focusing is a little tricky but helpful in finding hogs and distinguishing deer in low light.
David Park
David Park 5 dager siden
Didn't even show how the first one looks like without the illuminator... Kinda disappointed. :/
Daniel Burke
Daniel Burke Dag siden
He did it was black
Lachlan maas
Lachlan maas 6 dager siden
test out a night vision scope
Randy Monger
Randy Monger 7 dager siden
My grandpa has something similar to the cheap one but its in a scope configuration since coyotes really like to come on their property at night its been extremely useful keeping his family safe and pets alive
Helmig Homestead
Helmig Homestead 8 dager siden
suprised how well you were able to hook up vision to your filming equipment! great job! or great planning ahead, either way, impressive :-)
Tully Henderson
Tully Henderson 8 dager siden
If you’d be interested in some dual tube night vision definitely reach out to me! I can get it to you for cheaper than US Night Vision or Steele since they are factory direct and I have an excellent supplier. I’m in Oregon as well!
Wranglerstar 6 dager siden
I don't check messages on IG, email me cody@wranglerstar.com
Tully Henderson
Tully Henderson 8 dager siden
@Wranglerstar oh cool! I’ve been messaging you through Instagram @northwestgearsupply if you could respond I’d love to talk and help you get kitted or offer information of some type. I love everything you do in the channel!
Wranglerstar 8 dager siden
I have a set of Harris F5032 shipping this week. I can't wait,
Original Intent
Original Intent 8 dager siden
Is that a SBR?
Collin Lambert
Collin Lambert 9 dager siden
Night fox is the best I’ve heard
Flugschüler Fluglehrer
Flugschüler Fluglehrer 9 dager siden
Almost all night vision Gen 1 is either made in Russia, Belarus or Bulgaria. The Chinese make digital ir nightvision. Some 20 years ago these „cheap“ units were high end military equipment. It is still the same companies producing this stuff.
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson 9 dager siden
Have you thought of reviewing the SIONYX Aurora??
Xknewsense 10 dager siden
Night time Hunting maybe?
Eric Haagen
Eric Haagen 10 dager siden
get what you pay for . better than nothing if you are on a budget
All Random Productions
All Random Productions 12 dager siden
I'd like to see more testing, thanks for this initial video either way
Hello World
Hello World 12 dager siden
Why buy night vision when there's thermal vision?
kk5sc 12 dager siden
What prevented you from doing the starlight test?
Sammy Ymmas
Sammy Ymmas 13 dager siden
Thermal vision is by far more flexible. Ideally having both would cover ones bases
mattig89ch 13 dager siden
I would be curious to see how well this performs outside at night. Any chance you could post an update?
J Marques
J Marques 13 dager siden
whats the usable range on these units
Abram Robles
Abram Robles 14 dager siden
That's a nice Pendleton ...
Living_in_Oblivion 14 dager siden
you've got the best Audience?Subscribers ever!!! 1 of your subscribers is worth 1000 demolition/off the ranch subscribers..
Will Stone
Will Stone 14 dager siden
I would like to see how it does with no moonlight outside.
Crazy Taco
Crazy Taco 14 dager siden
im impressed overall, but im pretty sure a distance test on an overcast night would be a better test
jose chaparro
jose chaparro 14 dager siden
Did any one else not notice that he didn’t take of the cover from the cheap one he left it with the cover with the pin hole I bet u if he took the cover off of the nv it would look better DONT you think lol
Thomas Luggiero
Thomas Luggiero 14 dager siden
FOV was terrible though :(
Old Time Farm Boy
Old Time Farm Boy 14 dager siden
Well, civilian night vision devices probably do not have to worry about other people shooting at you or throwing explosives in your direction.
Bruce Prather
Bruce Prather 14 dager siden
Cody, Amazon also has some low cost infrared night vision devices. You got me thinking about getting one now !
Michael s
Michael s 15 dager siden
Nunyu Biznezz
Nunyu Biznezz 15 dager siden
Without the starlight test, this is incomplete.
Robert Becker
Robert Becker 15 dager siden
This unit would make you an instant target for anyone using a Gen 2 or 3 model. Using an illuminator would light you up with a bullseye on your chest. If this thing can't see using passive night vision, then it's very dangerous to use against armed night intruders who can see you but you can't see them. Bang Bang you're dead. But the price is right for casual wildlife night viewing that doesn't include perimeter defense of your home at night. The only real reason to have one of these things is for stealth passive vision {non-illuminator} at night to defend your compound against other potential gen 2 or 3 aggressors. If you have a gen 2 or 3 models, then you'll be very well equipped to repel any stealth night intruders, even if they also have gen 2 or 3.
Arkansas Pilgrim
Arkansas Pilgrim 15 dager siden
If you're looking for people, their body heat should make them visible. Try a test with the illuminator off, and you walk around in front of it to see how well you show up.
Taylor F.
Taylor F. 12 dager siden
You're thinking of Thermal imaging I believe.
Luis Henrique
Luis Henrique 15 dager siden
Outside night test would be nice
merp ius
merp ius 16 dager siden
Wow, for the cheapest on amazon... that was pretty surprisingly good. Probably would want to get a high power/long-range illuminator as well, though. I'm not saying it is nearly as good as the "good" one, but it is definitely serviceable.
Landen Dale
Landen Dale 16 dager siden
This is my drop in the bucket to please compare these on a stary night 👍🏼
Sean Mooney
Sean Mooney 16 dager siden
This would be perfect going into tree stands early in the morning if it works in low light and the price point is definitely more justifiable for hunting. Id be very interested in seeing how it does under starlight or just before first light.
W. Andy Roche
W. Andy Roche 16 dager siden
I would love to hear how it performs outside at night. Although it fails a mobility test since it is something you would have to hold up to your eye instead of mounting to your gear, it may be good for someone who is dealing with varmints on the property from a fix position.
farmer864 16 dager siden
I have a monocular that I received as a gift many years ago. I’m sure it was around 17 years ago. The company who made it is no longer in business. I have the original radio shack battery my parents bought for it. I’m sure it was over $125 at the time. It’s just a monucular, no mount. I’ll try and find the mfg. and yes the rubber does turn tacky
Element Bushcraft and Survival
Element Bushcraft and Survival 16 dager siden
More tests please. Is there a way to helmet mount it, besides duct tape?
STOKER 16 dager siden
I'd like to see an outdoor demo very much! Is it effective without the IR illuminator under starlight conditions?
Millertime 16 dager siden
I’d like to see the starlight test too. Also I’d like to see what the red light from the illuminator. Thanks for doing this. I’ve personally wanted something in this price range.
Freecycling 16 dager siden
Good review, thanks. Seems like it was good enough to be worth taking outside and doing a Part 2!
Laughing Hawg
Laughing Hawg 16 dager siden
Please do an outside test at night. Thanks. Cody, east coast guys would have done the test at night since that's the time normal people would use it, just say'n. ;-) In all seriousness, for a hundo or so, it's better than the naked eye in the dark.
D N Rowe
D N Rowe 16 dager siden
Do they not make IR security lights that you could already have pre-staged on your homestead. If you had the motion activated you wouldn't necessarily give away your specific location
john rosser
john rosser 16 dager siden
Fire field is JUNK !!!!!! I bought one ($100 ) from Amazon .....did not work....they replaced it and the replacement didn't work either!!!! Got my money back and bought a nite owl ($100). Still working after 4 years!!!!
shoebert31 16 dager siden
great, now I need to buy night vision
Nevin Scanlan
Nevin Scanlan 16 dager siden
Could you pair this with a separate illuminating IR light that doesn't have the red glow? For 150, it's still a bargain even if you choose to use a stand alone light.
Rex Austin
Rex Austin 16 dager siden
If it doesn't work at 25 yrds or more it's pretty much useless...would love to see it operating outside at night and at various distances looking at humans or other animals
Chris Synowiez
Chris Synowiez 16 dager siden
Revisit this with the starlight for both. Thank you in advance my God, grease and sawdust brother.
billy lee
billy lee 16 dager siden
Night vision is really cool but if someone else has night vision they can pin point you easily. Thermal is the latest and greatest and you stay undetectable
billy lee
billy lee 16 dager siden
I’m not knocking night vision. It is definitely better than thermal for some task that come up.
Loominal 16 dager siden
so what i need to know, is HOW to purchase the military BETTER night Vision he has? lol
Linus Callahan
Linus Callahan 16 dager siden
Very useful comparison - great work. I, also, would like to see a starlight test, and how bright that illuminator is in those conditions.
𝖈1418𝖔𝖘 𝕺𝖋𝖋𝖎𝖈𝖎𝖆𝖑
𝖈1418𝖔𝖘 𝕺𝖋𝖋𝖎𝖈𝖎𝖆𝖑 16 dager siden
I really like the night vision videos, it's a cool topic.
Michael Schmitt
Michael Schmitt 16 dager siden
Does the illuminator on the PVS-14 also glow red, or is it invisible to the naked eye?
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster 16 dager siden
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed! How far can u see....25..50...100yards?
Travis Benoit
Travis Benoit 16 dager siden
Can you do a review of the imalent ms-18?
Jason Conduff
Jason Conduff 16 dager siden
1:58, that's what she said
phillip kalaveras
phillip kalaveras 16 dager siden
A waste of my time... Yes! You should have taken it outside that is where these are primarily used. Short-range indoors with illuminators is NOT the money shot. ... and was that a Rambo thing going on starting at 7:12
marcmmclellan 17 dager siden
Buy once, cry once...
Ed Grygon
Ed Grygon 17 dager siden
Thanks for the vid,it might be a nice affordable option for viewing wildlife
Jeremy Augustine
Jeremy Augustine 17 dager siden
I swear when you clapped I thought the lights were going to go out 😂😂
Mrgunsngear Channel
Mrgunsngear Channel 17 dager siden
great camera work there!
backinthelabdetroit 23 timer siden
I love that all of my favorite channels comment amongst themselves. That’s how I know I’m in the right place.
D N Rowe
D N Rowe 16 dager siden
@Guns N' Loaded yeah they do, they're both intelligent gentlemen too. I'd love to hear them actually have a conversation I'm sure it would actually be more enjoyable than many other collaborations I've seen
Guns N' Loaded
Guns N' Loaded 17 dager siden
You guys need to do a vid together
Wranglerstar 17 dager siden
Thank you MG&G
Thomas T
Thomas T 17 dager siden
It mounts to a tripod, so does that mean it has one of those female screw receptacles that is normally seen on the bottom of cameras?
Thomas T
Thomas T 17 dager siden
The red light on the front could always be covered over or deactivated so that it doesn't shine forward and give your position away. That is a minor point in my estimation.
Reaper.Designs 14 dager siden
It wouldn’t work without that red light
Lis Liaer
Lis Liaer 17 dager siden
When you tested it, did you remove that pinhole lens cover? I think the ambient lighting would have a better objective picture with the lens open to gather more ambient light?
Audax K9 Academy
Audax K9 Academy 17 dager siden
I bet they are already sold out.
Adam Danielson
Adam Danielson 17 dager siden
....a fire for the FIRST time. Fires have been burning all summer. 😕
MrBowmanmt 17 dager siden
There are to types of Wave length. 850 vs 940. 850 will give you more IR light but you will notice the red glow if looking straight on to it, the 940 wave length will show almost no glow but doesn't have the same light up properties. For up close and personal hog hunting 50 yards and under I like the 940, for over that distance the 850 is the ticket.
jjh63084 17 dager siden
If I were to buy this $150.00 night vision device I would also buy a dozen or so cheap bycle red leds to place around to make it difficult to differentiate between me and the decoys. you could also use an infrared light source separate from night vision device away from you to illuminate the area. There are work arounds for this cheaper device.
Sidney Boudro
Sidney Boudro 17 dager siden
Should put a piece of black tape over the red light in front and see how well it works. Does it work with the other units IR source?
Trevin 17 dager siden
Cody, is it just our fear in us preparing for night patrols...or the Holy Spirit whispering ....🙏🏻👍❤️ I purchased a bushnell equinox over 5 years ago for my kid... still works well. Not the greatest optics but better than not having one. Please review Thor thermal image scope. $3k....get a Thermal scope
amorton94 17 dager siden
I don't understand why all budget nightvision has to be magnified. Seems like an added expense when I'm sure most people looking at that kind of thing want 1x and ability to mount to a helmet. Seems like a huge missed opportunity.
MARK LONG 17 dager siden
Love to hear more about this. Thanks for the comparison. Interested to see how it does with ambient light at night?
SneakySolidSnake 17 dager siden
what good is an infrared illuminator if it's not infrared? thanks for review. seems like a option for night hunting, instead of self defense.
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