Trying To Save A Friends Home - Oregon Wildland Fire 🔥 (LIVE)

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Suzette Sayer
Suzette Sayer 27 dager siden
Данил Мурзин
Данил Мурзин Måned siden
Ben name
Ben name Måned siden
Very admirable work - a model example of the right way to act towards others. I need to get skills like these because this is an example I'd like to be able to follow myself - love the videos
Helmig Homestead
Helmig Homestead Måned siden
good for you to go help
They call me Beast
They call me Beast Måned siden
Again. Why is this all of sudden notifying me now. Watched this days ago
Great man, doing what great men do!
Ash Adams
Ash Adams Måned siden
You are an absolute hero.
BRS RC Måned siden
Why is this not being said by all the reporters and officials?? > WHAT ARE WE BREATHING IN THE WEST? BURNT TREES of course!.. and everything else that grows in the forest, but AAAAAAAALSO!! -Powerlines(plastic/ rubber) -Power Poles(creosote) - boats(Plastic/paint/FG) - cars(plastic/paint/rubber) -RV's - trailers - toxic chemicals in sheds & garages -shingle roofs(tar/chemicals) -plastic gutters -house paint - Plywood and pressboard with various chemical glues -fiberglass insulation -more wires - computers - kitchen supplies - kids toys -TV's -shoes - beds - chairs -carpets - linoleum -couches ...all the random things that people own inside and outside of their homes... I think you get the point. Basically we are breathing just about anything and everything you can think of. This is not just regular fire smoke! This is serious toxic stuff we are dealing with here! You all do whatever you want, but I'm wearing my chemical respirator, yes even inside my house. PS: My heart goes out to all that have lost their homes in this tragedy. Stay safe out there!
Thank God for your smart thinking to help save her house and barn and property. God be with you and protect you and keep you all safe. Amen!!!
Loebber Mann
Loebber Mann Måned siden
Great Work!
Salty American
Salty American Måned siden
Knowledge is never waisted with you. The county should give you guys a medal l!
Gaia Girl
Gaia Girl Måned siden
You are a good friend, sir.
CCR TV Måned siden
✨🇺🇸 This is Arson and in California also, as ANTIFA Plan is to overcome the Emergency 🚨 Services & 👮‍♀️ Police To Then Continue Urban Warfare & Then Continue Looting & Rioting in the Cities. This is a Type Of Asymmetrical Warfare 👌
Justin Bauer
Justin Bauer Måned siden
If you don’t put it on NOpost did it happen?
TheCanadianBubba Måned siden
Nice clean property, not overgrown... should be easier to defend.
Bruce Forster
Bruce Forster Måned siden
God BLESS you for trying to help people out! Two days ago, My wife and I helped another couple evacuate from Bay City, North of Tillamook. I'm the Disaster Response Director for the Seaside 7th Day Adventist Church. All we've had so far in Clatsop County is smoke and fog, and for personally, some minor breathing issues.
Suzette Sayer
Suzette Sayer Måned siden
American current fire is tiny compare to the Australia fire in 2019/2020
Flatbed hauling with scott N
Flatbed hauling with scott N Måned siden
I can’t believe people would fault wranglerstar for simple lending his fellow man with help!!. It’s unbelievable to me that anyone would fault anyone for helping someone in need!!. That’s the problem with our country today!. To many people are concerned for themselves and not their fellow man!!. That and to be honest men are being systematically neutered!!. It’s time for men to be men again!!!. Stop letting other intimidate you or anyone in your family from teaching young boys to become men!!!. Men that stand at the head of the family!!. Men that provide for their families instead of letting the wife work and setting on their lazy butts!!.
Michigan WoodlandWarrior
Michigan WoodlandWarrior Måned siden
Forest Fires makes you low hanging fruit.
ConspiracyBear Måned siden
Wear your selt belt
FEEdom Nation
FEEdom Nation Måned siden
The helicopters Oregon needs are in Afghanistan for absolutely no reason! End the WARS and bring our needed equipment and troops home!
Riverflyswatter S
Riverflyswatter S Måned siden
Are these DNC,BLM,ANTIFA, fires?
Kpep Måned siden
Yes the comment about the generators back feeding is so true. We were restoring power after an ice storm and someone was back feeding the line so we were drawing 19,900 volts off a dead line. We ended up burning down a tree because of it and had to hunt down the generator to stop it from feeding back through the transformer.
Karen Wright
Karen Wright Måned siden
God's blessings,and prayers!!
Brian Avery
Brian Avery Måned siden
Do you live in Oregon?
Susanna Donovan
Susanna Donovan Måned siden
With 1,000 of you guys fighting fires here in Oregon, they'd be all out by now. You are Supermen! Praying for all of you! Temperatures in Portland down to 60's on 9-12-20. My brother's an electrician structural engineer. I could forward you his number.
adamjgh Måned siden
Hope everything is going ok, Waiting for updates.
Jesper Nygaard
Jesper Nygaard Måned siden
Have you tried using a leaf blower to fight wildland fire??
Jacques Gené
Jacques Gené Måned siden
Why haven’t we heard from wranglestar?
Chris Rosario
Chris Rosario Måned siden
U save your house and your friends house.
Chris Cwikla
Chris Cwikla Måned siden
No new video out. 9/12 You're making us worry.
Peter Toth
Peter Toth Måned siden
How is it that these fires seem to respect international borders?! Have you seen the map of current fires burning in America, and compare it to Canada? Very telling!
David Hughes
David Hughes Måned siden
Hope you and your family are safe , it’s on the news in the uk . Looks bad south of Portland . Dave north west uk
Chris Christenson
Chris Christenson Måned siden
Post that you are safe and Ray is also safe praying for you guys
Paxmax Måned siden
You are an amazing guy, my best wishes and I hope all goes well!
Rafe Natho
Rafe Natho Måned siden
Haven't heard from you, probably busy. Praying for you and your family.
rickrn2 Måned siden
You still safe ??
Linda B
Linda B Måned siden
Sept 12, haven't seen an update. Praying for you and family.
T M Måned siden
How are you and your friends?And how are the homes you where trying to save?
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson Måned siden
You dont strike me as a PRADA man, nice Prada Sunglasses... are they prescription or just for style?
Dexter Kardas
Dexter Kardas Måned siden
Any new word
Potrvlb Måned siden
It’s cool to see what you know and putting it in to action.
Potrvlb Måned siden
What a great friend, helluva a good guy. I’m out here and cannot stress enough how grateful EVERYBODY is to all the volunteers like you working 24hrs, barely sleeping, fighting these fires and doing whatever it takes. And now also patrolling to make sure no looting is happening. Outskirts of Sandy, Estacada and Molalla a few homes have already been burglarized. Disgusting. Thank you for all you’re doing.
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones Måned siden
Be safe out there brother. Keep us posted.
Chris Figgatt
Chris Figgatt Måned siden
Wow, I can’t imagine having to deal with all of this
Johnny Hot Rod
Johnny Hot Rod Måned siden
Wow! I Have that same Honda generator!
EJSFilms2K Måned siden
Praying for your safety.
Erik Acosta
Erik Acosta Måned siden
I hope you are ok amigo haven’t heard from you
Debi Barrington
Debi Barrington Måned siden
God bless these guys
SHgaming 1hunnid
SHgaming 1hunnid Måned siden
Be safe man I’m out here with you brudda but in Portland getting a lot of smoke more and more everyday I wish the best of luck to you man💯❤️
0 0
0 0 Måned siden
Rioters, arsonists, marxist, underacheivers are all biden voters. Also setting the fires
Brennan Merris
Brennan Merris Måned siden
In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael here in Florida, a lineman was killed after someone hooked generator up to their house. He was a good man and a friend of many. Thank you for mentioning that!
Lani B
Lani B Måned siden
Hope you are doing okay and are safe
Garrett VonKemnow
Garrett VonKemnow Måned siden
Stay safe, I'm in Junction city.
colin poellot
colin poellot Måned siden
Is there any updates since this? Hope everything is ok.
Nole Hopkins
Nole Hopkins Måned siden
I hope you are safe.
735 Måned siden
Stay safe and God bless my friend!
Zachary Daniels
Zachary Daniels Måned siden
You men are something else. Independent!!!!! You don’t have to do what you do. The world needs more men like you. Amazes me. Inspires me. Drives me to be a better person. Keeping you and everyone impacted in my thoughts and prayers.
Book Elf
Book Elf Måned siden
You mentioned the forest service. What do they wrap in reflective material? The buildings?
Charleen McConnell
Charleen McConnell Måned siden
Thank you for keeping us todate. Be safe. Many blessings.
Richard Winters
Richard Winters Måned siden
It is now the 12th and we are hoping you and the family are okay. Just a quick update, nothing else as we are thinking about you......
DirtIsBetter ThanDiamonds
DirtIsBetter ThanDiamonds Måned siden
Maybe Mrs. W could post a community update if possible? During and after hurricanes down here the phones go down so hopefully he has alternative comms...praying for you all!
alleyrat1476 Anderson
alleyrat1476 Anderson Måned siden
Can you believe that the people who murder over million babies every year are blaming these fires on our use of the fuel that powers our civilization? What they won't tell us is that to stop using these fuels with current technology the world's population would have to be reduced by 70%. In other words 70% of the people would have to die, that would be no problem for those who have murdered over 60 million helpless innocent babies. We need to vote this fall to remove every single democrat from every office in the nation, then in 2 years we need to do the same for the republicans who are corrupt and or cowardly.
Jason LeMaster
Jason LeMaster Måned siden
you good? Been awful quiet.
GIG 3:16
GIG 3:16 Måned siden
You are a blessing. God bless you and keep you and your friends safe. 🙏🏻
Matt Baker
Matt Baker Måned siden
Antifa setting the fires on purpose. Smdh
Rob Chinchilla
Rob Chinchilla Måned siden
Yo, I’m watching from Australia and I’ve must have checked in every 2 or 3 hours for an update..... I’m freaking out... update please... praying for you all ...
Broken Cage
Broken Cage Måned siden
Praying for you and yours man, let us know your ok when you can. God Bless and keep ya bro
Cristina Tardie
Cristina Tardie Måned siden
You are God sent there! Thank you for the videos!
BuildingwithTrees Måned siden
Did he make it out?
Milly . Rue
Milly . Rue Måned siden
God will bless you for being such a giving person. Saying prayers for everyone to be safe... and for all property to be spared..
Vash Matrix
Vash Matrix Måned siden
Sickening that people have started some of these. Pray all goes well.
Serubis Måned siden
Antifa thugs are working overtime starting all the fires all over the u.s.a burning everything to ashes and dust
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones Måned siden
A lot of these fires and additional ones have been se by arsonists. Keep checking in with the place the looting in Colton and Molalla has been on the rise
Mimi Canada
Mimi Canada Måned siden
Great video ! You seem extremely knowledgeable, thank you for taking the time to share that knowledge I pray you return home safely to your wife and loved ones
Austin Pranke
Austin Pranke Måned siden
Be safe and good luck prayers go out to everyone dealing with the fires.
James Smith
James Smith Måned siden
Your a good friend God bless you and your family stay safe
The Great Outdoors
The Great Outdoors Måned siden
Well done Cody
Chris Buckley
Chris Buckley Måned siden
Haven’t heard from him since yesterday. I hope he and family and friends are ok.
w,c,m,w &fab
w,c,m,w &fab Måned siden
Directed energy weapons and weather control
Joy Loving Yeshua
Joy Loving Yeshua Måned siden
I pray your ok... Please let us know asap 🙏🙏🙏
defeatereater Måned siden
Real smart, real informative, and real hard working. Very glad I found your channel man!
Reality NotFiction
Reality NotFiction Måned siden
Jeremy Gross
Jeremy Gross Måned siden
Your friend's place IS historic for all of the people with memories at that old table near 6:40
Mary Murphy
Mary Murphy Måned siden
You are an amazing American God Bless
MT Rupert
MT Rupert Måned siden
These fires brought to you by Antifa goons.
fictional25m Måned siden
Many on the east coast would love to help and may need to these fires are the worse I have seen most of oregon and into California is surrounded in fires Australia i dunno if they got theirs under control or not
summitlt Måned siden
Never had any idea that sprinklers were a legit things that firefighters did. Thanks for the info. As terrible as it is for everyone in this area, I've learned a lot in the last few videos..
James Thompson
James Thompson Måned siden
Very often the stories in Media about California's annual fires include home owners who are running sprinklers on top of their houses. It is apparently very effective. Sometimes they are running gas powered water pumps and pulling water from their swimming pools. Saw a utube video of an Aussie who built a entire sprinkler system into his new home on the roof (metal roof mind you) to snuff out fires. He lived in a very fire prone area.
Rose Theromani
Rose Theromani Måned siden
I have noticed that it has been a day since this post. Hope you are safe Cody and that your friends and family are safe also.
Troy Peterson
Troy Peterson Måned siden
Man I wanna fight these fires I have my red card please I have a family
Zach P
Zach P Måned siden
BLM have been caught starting these fires! Kill the terrorists!
xray Måned siden
thank you for talking about back feed from generators, it kills many lineman every year, and thank you for going out to the fires even though you didn't get called out. stay safe
David Mitchell
David Mitchell Måned siden
I hope and Pray everything is alright.
Russell Wiegand
Russell Wiegand Måned siden
Godspeed, Cody. I’m torn between wanting to see your next update and hoping you have a really really boring day!
Glenn & Mary Beth Martin
Glenn & Mary Beth Martin Måned siden
Thank you for helping them!
mudd hog
mudd hog Måned siden
I 'm glad to know that it's still wonderful people like you in this world God Bless you and stay safe
jessee cochran
jessee cochran Måned siden
Cody! Bless you and your family. I've been hearing reports that some of these orgeon fires are being started intentionally by individuals with malice. Given everything going on in America at the moment, is there anyway you could talk to your old buddies and maybe bring some light to these claims?
Banana Hamhock
Banana Hamhock Måned siden
Top tip if I find my self in a fire 🔥 that got you trapped from all side? Become a ground hog or Breathe deep?
David Hamilton
David Hamilton Måned siden
Bro.... We need updates!!!!! Hope you are safe and well my friend!!
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