The One Thing I Hate About My Homestead

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3 måneder siden

Wranglerstar modern homesteading.
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Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
Shill Of The Day - My Favorite Battery Holders - ONLY $2 Free Shipping (amazon affiliate link)
Woolval52 Woolval
Woolval52 Woolval 3 måneder siden
@TOTAL RESISTANCE Well, I took a photography class about 30 years ago and I DID drive around in the country looking for interesting things to photograph. With this comet here now, being out and away from city lights helps immensely. Maybe the guy was lying, but it sounded like an honest answer to me. Although, someone did rip down his USA flag earlier... that person is a scumbag!
John Ganshow
John Ganshow 3 måneder siden
@DannoTull Perhaps they made it to 83 because of all the cardio they've gotten over the years working in the orchards. Heart & lung health is important at any age. I'm glad they started early...
Nicholas Cervone
Nicholas Cervone 3 måneder siden
In fixing the plastic seam there is a product called plastic welding rod. professional way of fixing seams and holes in plastic It can hold pressures anywhere from 2,000 to 3000 psi. Is several ways for application anywhere from a plastic welding gun to a butane torch I've used this product several times throughout my career as a master mechanical repair technician. I will explain on how to use if needed but through my experience watching your channel you have the skill and Common Sense required to do so there are several tutorials on how to use it properly. I wish I lived closer I'd love to come out show you and help repair it.
DannoTull 3 måneder siden
@John Ganshow that is a nice sentiment but , my Mom and step Dad are 83 this year and both still put in a full day every day in the fruit orchard, they don't need no stinking cardio ;-D
Shad Hutchison
Shad Hutchison 3 måneder siden
I know of a plastic welding tool that will do the job.
[DU]Saggin 27 dager siden
i don't know a lot about repairing plastics but you might be able to use epoxy to repair it.
Marcus Nebel
Marcus Nebel Måned siden
Im not quite sure how its done but you can plastic Weld IT back Up again
Brad Junes
Brad Junes Måned siden
Lot of jun watching this video, your girl made it pop special. Brought Smiles watching her preform like my daughter 37 years ago. (and she still brings smiles to my life with her daughter)
cslapler007 Måned siden
minecraft dog :'D Also those sippy cups are the best! we have multiple. I wonder if you can replace with an internal liner of some sort. Or an internal patch similar to what is done for a tire, but that might included a compound like JB weld which is not what you want. Other thing I was thinking about is kayak repair kits but again they usually include some type of epoxy. I wouldn't doubt someone somewhere could fix and guarantee it but I am not the expert.
WaynesWorkVlog Måned siden
platiweld with a torch and some plastic.
Kevin Waycaster
Kevin Waycaster Måned siden
Omg ❤️ the grandchild!! What amazing memories you are creating! My son got to spend a lot of time with his grandfather farming and working equipment.
Kevin Waycaster
Kevin Waycaster Måned siden
We switched to beufang (sp?)radios for airsoft wargame/milsim events years ago. They are good radios and the private frequencies are great to keep unwanted listeners off your channels. Much better than midland talkies.
wow wow
wow wow Måned siden
Until the walkie talkie story, I thought that Cody was drunk. I was shocked, until I realized that I was watching on 75% speed. So if you want to see a simulation of drunk Cody, watch his videos 25% slower.
וועדת אהבת חברים פתח תקווה
וועדת אהבת חברים פתח תקווה 2 måneder siden
Why is love according to the method of the "baal hasulam" is the solution to all troubles for humanity? Because all nature is a force, a feature, a system, a formula of love. Of connection and unity between opposites, between hot and cold, hard to soft, white and black, male and female, sweet and bitter, light and dark. In every atom and particle, in every inanimate plant and life, the whole universe and beyond, the whole reality is the result of a connection between opposites. For humanity and the individual, one power rules from the day of birth, hatred of others and self-love at its expense, egoism. By combining the power of love with the equation, man maintains the connection between the opposites and thus stops resisting nature, and enters into harmony with it, which is the goal of nature, to do good to creatures. Until then, man will suffer great and immense suffering in order to recognize and submit to the demand of nature, He must strive in his power and choice in loving others. Thus he will acquire intellect and wisdom to connect the two opposites and will complete the nature that was created with unintentional intent, but rather man must complete it, and manage it, and bring it to perfection. And why did nature do that? (Nature and God are the same gematria 86) In order for man to grow and develop in his free choice and thus conduct creation as the conductor of an orchestra, And if man had been created in advance corrected and perfected? So he was like a perfect animal, dog and cat. But their rank as a robot is controlled with no free choice but absolute instinct dominates them. After all, a real benefit from a father to his son is nothing but that the son rises and grows according to the rank of his father and even above him. We were to conquer nature just like the one who created it. And not when judging and living a dog and a cat. If so the solution Is not in increasing the hatred from which it is not lacking and will never be lacking because that is how it has been imprinted on us from the day of birth (Media you do a very bad job just a pity a lot of beatings along the way !!!!) Nor in the abolition of hatred because it is power is in nature and should not be abolished. But only in the addition of love and connection and oneness addition upon addition while being aware of the process. The people of Israel will wake up !!! Followed by the whole world !!!!! Nature (G-d) requires connection and oneness and if not, he has every means to educate man and humanity until his surrender. He will not rest or sleep until the purpose of creation is completed. To do good to creatures. Come, O Bnei Yisrael, you are the first to realize this study !!!!!!!! And when you know, you will teach your brothers the peoples of the world. This is called light to the Gentiles. And this is a job we do not deserve at all in the meantime. "For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples!" Love friends only love. It is the solution for every individual and for everyone together. how? To do propaganda of connection and not of separation and hatred ....
D B 2 måneder siden
the repair depends on what its made of. kinda,looks like fiberglass but it could be glass reinforced abs like most plastics these days. both are repairable but require very different methods.
Jack Mercer
Jack Mercer 2 måneder siden
Never Happpened
Raytheonx 2 måneder siden
You should put a windshield sprayer off a 07-11 JK on there for better coverage. On the tractor
James Bradwell
James Bradwell 2 måneder siden
Are business licences not a thing in the US? In the UK you can get a light business licence for like a tenner a year which enables you to use UHF/VHF hand-helds & vehicle radios on certain frequencies. ...there's also PMR446 frequencies which most folks use and are licence free but are limited to about a twentieth the transmit power of regular radios.
svtbill89 2 måneder siden
Industrial fire fighter here. Totally different world, a lot of things are polar opposite, actually. Wild land seems interesting. Would love to compare and contrast one day.
kellogsnotavailable 2 måneder siden
Oh, utub recommended me a good ol' Wranglestar vid. Le's see now; title: "What I hate on my homestead"; hover mouse, little kid in pink shirt ... x-)
Rk M
Rk M 2 måneder siden
Ham operators love to think they're the police of the airwaves, tell them to kick rocks. Also you like your privacy, being a licensed ham means your information is public under FCC. No thanks
Matt Bowman
Matt Bowman 2 måneder siden
I own a few of those radios. You can legally use them on FRS channels. I'm a Ham Radio licensed operator as well. As long as you stay on FRS channels you're 100% legal.
Todd Hobert
Todd Hobert 2 måneder siden
I used to work with a rotomolded kayak company and they would do plastic weld repairs. Sadly they are out of business but i would check with a boat repair shop along the river or in Portland and see if they do it or know someone who does it.
Valerie Griner
Valerie Griner 2 måneder siden
Sweet Loaf is so adorable! She's such a smart little girl, too! I love it when she stars in some of your videos!
Allen Banks
Allen Banks 2 måneder siden
I need to get a different antenna for that radio. You cant get to The CB band on that radio. You could get to FRS that's in the 70cm band . And the fire bands are mostly in the 2m band.
Willy G
Willy G 2 måneder siden
What every happened with the drone spy?
grass hopper
grass hopper 2 måneder siden
Cody have you tried toothbrush welding? I am convinced my grandfather could have fixed any plastic with tooth brush welding.
Brad Butler
Brad Butler 2 måneder siden
Cody one day you and Ms. W should do a video on parenting and how you view raising a child. It’s obvious from your raising of Jack and the Sweet Loaf that you’re both fantastic parents who do real parenting with life skills, teaching, etc! Love it!
Silent Gloves
Silent Gloves 2 måneder siden
Be careful with that radio! We hams are an ornery bunch, and we have the equipment to locate your broadcast location! :D 73 DE KD8MKG
Silent Gloves
Silent Gloves 2 måneder siden
@Weyland Yutani It was light-hearted humor.
Mario Römer
Mario Römer 2 måneder siden
when my sprayer tank cracked i used glass fiber mats and epoxy. I repaired it 2013 and it holds up since
Jacob 2 måneder siden
She's so sweet!
Zeke770 2 måneder siden
Back filling with the bucket when there plenty of character to build by that strapping young lad Jack?? Heha Great stuff.
Crooked Schemer
Crooked Schemer 2 måneder siden
I weld plastic for a living, there's a company called demtech based in California and they sell/rent the proper tools for the job. Have a look and see any kind of HDPE plastic Or LDPE hope this helps 👍
KuhnHollow 2 måneder siden
Well you could possibly heat it up with a heat gun and clamp it with a couple blocks, should work... Heat gun might not get it hot enough but taking a propane torch to it would cause its own issues
Ebbe Ollman
Ebbe Ollman 2 måneder siden
Ask Ms Wranglerstar to translate: Problemet med billiga kinesiska radioapparater är som sagt att kvaliteten och tillförligtligheten kan vara lite si och så. Man vill inte bli stående med en sådan någonstans i vildmarken eller ute på öppet hav som den enda och slutgiltliga livlinan till omvärlden men de kan fungera bra som komplement. Här i Sverige har vi ju faktiskt hyfsad mobiltelefontäckning överallt utom ovanför odlingsgränsen och på havet är det ju marin VHF som gäller. Ingen använder kortvåg, HAM, här för praktiskt nyttobruk förutom militären. De jag känner som har HAM-radio är långfärdsseglare som är ute på atlanten och andra oceaner, eller jägare.
Sam Sander
Sam Sander 2 måneder siden
You could hire a welder to come and extrusion weld that. I have extrusion welded some pretty nasty cracks in plastic pipe and have pressure tested them.
Junk works DIY Garage
Junk works DIY Garage 2 måneder siden
if you haven't already fixed it look into plastic welders for car bumpers at body shop suppliers
Ravi Patel
Ravi Patel 3 måneder siden
yes cody, leister plastic welder, I own a mech contracting company, we weld tanks alot
Ravi Patel
Ravi Patel 3 måneder siden
cody buddy those brass hammers are great on shafts and threads doesn't damage them
bluenetmarketing 3 måneder siden
That is a great helper you have there. She is a natural with the farm.
D P 3 måneder siden
has anybody suggested plastic welding??
AllianceHoopie 3 måneder siden
Great videos!
Great Guy
Great Guy 3 måneder siden
If the weld is damaged, it must be rewelded. As far as I know, a heat gun and some plastic stick will do the job. Find out what kind of plastic was used. A thermoplastic is reparable.
john off grid trion solar
john off grid trion solar 3 måneder siden
the boss cat man
the boss cat man 3 måneder siden
no wonder you lost 2 raiodos you dont even use your own lanyourds screw spell check
Aaron Pops
Aaron Pops 3 måneder siden
lol. first thing I thought of was flex tape. then you said no flex tape.
R.j. Brown
R.j. Brown 3 måneder siden
I think the proper way to fix that hole would be to clean the paint off right down to the steel and run some laps of weld across the holes. Grind her down and repaint.
SandCrabNews 3 måneder siden
Will toluene-based PVC cement bond to the QTAC? If so, then sand to fresh material and apply inside and out. Plastics can be welded with hot plastic.
SandCrabNews 3 måneder siden
UNIDEN Bearcat - enter your Zip Code and it't programmed. SDS 100 Portable $650 SDS 200 Base/Mobile $750
Randy Grace
Randy Grace 3 måneder siden
4:00 maybe if you turned the nut _while_ you were hammering it on the other side, you would have been able to do it with your hands.
Kitty Maxboon
Kitty Maxboon 3 måneder siden
I'm afraid you wil have to weld the seam again. But i beleve QTAC is so awesome to lend you a welding kit :D Awesome people. Greetings,, Kitty.
belac46 3 måneder siden
Cute kid. She looks about a year younger than my little guy. What a great place to raise a family!
Ken Leppek
Ken Leppek 3 måneder siden
I'm a believer in using the right tool for the job and all, but I'm sure you could have saved yourself a hike by using that pipe wrench/hammer to loosen that nut lol.
Michael Dryden
Michael Dryden 3 måneder siden
Is the 60 gallon going to be enough for you though? With that size property I feel like it may be too small. Great video as always!
Brian webb
Brian webb 3 måneder siden
Plastic welding kit from harbor freight
James Dolan
James Dolan 3 måneder siden
Sweet loaf reminds me of my youngest Granddaughter. She loves doing things with her "Gwampaw". I don't cawddle too much either, but I lose my mind when I hear her really crying. But Miss Sweet Loaf? Oh my soul, those cheeks!🥰
N395.Bubba 3 måneder siden
we use WELDON for aquariums. im not sure wich one but im sure one will work for you if you contact them.
mike plant
mike plant 3 måneder siden
all the tractors we had on the farm had tool boxes as standard and were stocked with spanners and spare pins to save down time.
ReefMimic 3 måneder siden
That girl is worth more than a billion NOpost followers.... being to hard on one at an early age could be detrimental
ReefMimic 3 måneder siden
Hell... call up qtac
Jeffery Rogers
Jeffery Rogers 3 måneder siden
what about plastic welding the crack
Emilio Deluca
Emilio Deluca 3 måneder siden
rick dalzell
rick dalzell 3 måneder siden
That little girl is a gift from God, so precious ,those are million dollar cheeks.
Mike Best
Mike Best 3 måneder siden
two part bumper epoxy for hard plastic it will be in paint and body most of the good stuff is blue two part for auto body bumpers just scuff it up with come 36 grit sand paper mix it realy well and put it on also the hard body seam sealer will work it two part to but nether will ever come off again if you sand it good with 36 or 80 grit will work clean it with laquer thinner before you put the two part on let the thiner dry mix the two part put it on with a paint padal just let it dry you good to go its some tough stuff
Mike Best
Mike Best 3 måneder siden
are you a 1969 baby like i am or 1968 1967 just wondering most people who like what me and you like i have noticed are born in 1969 for some strange reason its crazzy but i see it every where allways have just wondering lol lol
Dale Jennings
Dale Jennings 3 måneder siden
Your baby girl is a spitting image of her mama
Chris Hinds
Chris Hinds 3 måneder siden
My $0.02 would be to put a big weed sprayer on the Pioneer and call it good. Ours does a decent job of stopping grass fires, which is about all you need to do to keep it from your house. Keep this one in the truck for bigger stuff, or sell it to a VFD in need.
FUNNYBOY12375 3 måneder siden
Can you pull a draff from water source with the tank cracked
FUNNYBOY12375 3 måneder siden
He cant talk but he can listen
Jeffrey Brown
Jeffrey Brown 3 måneder siden
Can you turn the tank over, eg upside down, and remount theent pump and hose . That's first action for an incidental puncture during drum transportation. I will edit this if I think of more . We also have different puncture repair , gel on a stick that pressure ratchet s itself to a hole ,so if u can get the stick in the hole, it like reverse rachets itself in place. Truck driver here , ya gotta be able to control the flow.
Keith Matthews
Keith Matthews 3 måneder siden
3M 5200 is a good sealant adhesive used extensively in the marine industry.
Raymond Bauer
Raymond Bauer 3 måneder siden
Contact a auto body shop to see if they have a plastic welder.
Tobias 3 måneder siden
I have repaired lots of plastics with glass fiber mats and two component epoxy. I'd try sealing it from the inside, and also with just epoxy from the outside, that should last forever.
Terry Pendergrass
Terry Pendergrass 3 måneder siden
10:00 lookup "How to weld plastic" There are quite a bit of stuff out there on it.
MAE HAY 3 måneder siden
It looks like everyone gets a turn spending time with Sweetloaf. So funny seeing her try to pick up the chickens! 👍
william K
william K 3 måneder siden
Harbor freight sells of a plastic welder and filler material
Kurt Simmons
Kurt Simmons 3 måneder siden
Cody I was watching Tractor Mike. Episode Easy D-I-Y epoxy tractor side panel repair that saved $$$$. He used a product called Pro Poxy 20. You may want to check that out. It looks like you should be able to use that on your tank and you are able to sand it
Evan Ortwine
Evan Ortwine 3 måneder siden
Get your self a plastic welder, thier relatively cheap
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster 3 måneder siden
Nice of you to clean the septic tank for new owners! I always carry a pair of channel lock pliers in my tractor and side by side. I actually have a toolbox on each as well as car & pickup, grew up on a farm in Iowa and having tools on the tractors was essential as well as bailing wire! Dads metric wrenches were a crescent wrench, pipe wrench and a pair channel lock pliers!👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
TraitorVek 3 måneder siden
Treat the Tank like a Car Body
Elizabeth 3 måneder siden
In search and rescue we get the sheriffs old radio leftovers, and when people buy there own handhelds boefang we can always tell by the noise over the radio, Bad sound and range.
Garland Key
Garland Key 3 måneder siden
You could fix the tank with a soldering iron. Find out what type of plastic it's made of and what the melting temperature is. Set your soldering iron to that temperature - get some extra plastic and melt the extra plastic into the gap. It won't be pretty, but it will be a strong reliable hold that won't rupture unless you puncture it again.
Nelson Eric Reed
Nelson Eric Reed 3 måneder siden
Alluring titles grab my attention,,,, then I have to listen to so much unrelated blah blah blah that I lose interest. A recurring pattern,,, don't like. Come to the point! Unsubscribing
sjranft 3 måneder siden
I figure there are hundreds of comments already about a plastic welder kit (basically a soldering iron that you feed plastic rods through). But not sure if anyone mentioned a product called Plexus. It’s a two part epoxy that uses a mixing tube to dispense it. Used lots of it building underground vaults that hold the systems that run fountain and pool pumps. Would seal the PVC pipe piercings through the sides of fiberglass vaults. It’s amazing stuff. Even used it to seal a cracked gas tank filler neck on a side-by-side that had been wrecked that J-B weld wouldn’t stick to. Just search for Plexus epoxy, it’s made by ITW Performance Polymers. Hope that info can help someone.
8 Square Feet
8 Square Feet 3 måneder siden
Oh man.... you'll open up a can of worms with the BaoFeng...... Some, and I quote... "SOME" of their radios are FCC certified, but a lot of them are not. Personally, I love mine. But the hambones will complain about the amount of 'birdies' they generate. Which may be true (some of these radios are chatty). And if you're in a very active radio environment, they can be an issue. But for what most people are using these for (short range, low power situations), they're perfect. I do suggest getting the license. It will make it easier to get with the local ham club and gain access to things like local repeaters and such. (they won't like the radios tho....) If you get to the repeater point, you'll probably want to leverage the performance and functions of a better radio, but in the mean time..... Stay safe.
Cody Hughett
Cody Hughett 3 måneder siden
One of the biggest problems in today's society is that there isn't enough "you're alright, get up" anymore.
Johan Axelsson
Johan Axelsson 3 måneder siden
I use to repair plastic whit Soldering Iron. There is a technique were you go deep whit the iron in small steps and fuse it together. And you can add plastic to the weld to fill it up. Zip ties are good for that. but You need to use a plastic that can stand the sun. and so on. I have repaid mechanics for caravan toilet. And interior and exterior on cars using this method
Danny Scobee
Danny Scobee 3 måneder siden
Most tractor owners here in the Midwest have a tool box on the tractor.
Bat Man
Bat Man 3 måneder siden
This is true female empowerment. Love the vids. God bless you.
Kimballized 3 måneder siden
They make plastic welding welders to repair tanks. We have welded tractor diesel tanks on the farm and it held up.
Bat Man
Bat Man 3 måneder siden
After Brian damaged that tank he was never seen again.
Maverick Wagner
Maverick Wagner 3 måneder siden
Research plastic welding. You need a large soldering iron/heat gun and some sort of filler material. You may be able to just use a heated piece of metal.
Kelly Jussila
Kelly Jussila 3 måneder siden
Napa or any parts store and get a plastic weld kit. Comes with plastic stick and electric gun. Like a amped up glue stick gun. Kelly from Alberta Canada
toolwarrior 3 måneder siden
Cody. I design in plastics and have things fabricated by local vendors all the time. Much depends on what the material is. If it is polypropylene or PVC, it is easily welded by a local supplier. I know of three in the Portland metro area and could hook you up with the owner of the primary one I use on a regular basis. They could weld that up in minutes. It does take specialize equipment and skill to weld plastics.
MrBubbajohnson1 3 måneder siden
Cody ,you should get your ham radio license. Lots of fun too. Thanks
Garbage Knight
Garbage Knight 3 måneder siden
Okay so i had to do this one time, its annoying but it saved me 500 dollars on getting a new tank, we had one of those metal caged water tanks we used for cleaner, for high pressure washing system. much like you a guy hit it and split the plastic. LET IT DRY OUT COMPLETELY, then find out what plastic it is, ours was the same as milk jugs, HDPE, get some of that plastic, then get a soldering iron, heat the plastic to melt, adding in the new plastic, LIKE TIG WELDING PLASTIC, making sure you weave top of crack bottom of crack and new plastic together, like welding, and weld the seam shut. DO NOT PLUNGE THE HOT IRON INTO THE PLASTIC, you are basically patching it, but melting and welding new plastic into it, to seal it back up. worse case you might have to cut some doner plastic of a area of the tank, that wont cause it to leak, or lose structure. our tank held up another 2 years, before someone dropping it, busting it completely.
Garbage Knight
Garbage Knight 3 måneder siden
but a plastic tank like that, used either single injection molding to make, or that used ultra sonic welding, basically the vibrated the plastic bottom, and housing, the high frequency caused the plastic to melt and fuse the two pieces together, friction welding it.
Garbage Knight
Garbage Knight 3 måneder siden
second - i would of thought a tank like that, would of been made out of plastic dipped metal..not completely plastic. i know it would be heavy. but welding a leak in a metal tank...SO MUCH EASIER...i used to be a certified welder, arch, mig being my best, tig, and brazing were not my best..but i would almost give a guarantee that my welds would not fail. one time i had to fab/repair a packer blade for a commercial garbage truck, and i told them, those welds are so strong, the other half of the blade will fail before my repair and fab work would fail. and guess what it did...but they did not want to pay for me to reinforce the other side of the packer. but at 50 dollars a hour, and over 30 hours of welding done on it. they did not want to pay anymore. then funny enough i now drive the same trucks for my living, and leave the repairs up to the shop..
aaron greene
aaron greene 3 måneder siden
I have done a lot of plastic welding. Pretty self explanatory but just a tip..... find something of similar chemical composition and practice on that first with some joint welds and such. The units are very affordable. After all it is basically a directional heat gun.
UNGA BUNGA 3 måneder siden
Get a condo. Farms are too much work.
Jack Underwood
Jack Underwood 3 måneder siden
They make plastic welder you could probably get, we had one in my high school shop class
jberg411 3 måneder siden
@Wranglerstar: Ok after learning why heart racer is not around the homestead and then watching how Sweetloaf body slaps the bird I can more clearly understand the situation. Bless the heart racer. Jack, sweet loaf is coming for you bro. Careful, your folks are making big decisions on shipping out anything in the way of the Loaf.
rbeck820 3 måneder siden
Hot Air welder
pnk67floyd 3 måneder siden
pick up a plastic welding kit, just know what plastic the tank is
R Dean Benson
R Dean Benson 3 måneder siden
the nut trick works if you make ends even...that Nylock nut is a single use locker, use lock washer?
Michiel Adriaansens
Michiel Adriaansens 3 måneder siden
melt the edges of the crack and solder plastic on the cracks the cracks.
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