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Wranglerstar modern homesteading

Seth Green
Seth Green Måned siden
How many wraps? I use the whole roll for each joint... Like you said, can't go wrong! haha
Ronald Sosa
Ronald Sosa Måned siden
Wranglerstar food reviews?
Noah Lail
Noah Lail Måned siden
I'm sorry but metric is so much easier😂 coming from somebody who works on primarily things that use standard
Luke k
Luke k Måned siden
That qtac is an amazing unit. Little outta my budget but I'm planning to put something together similar for myself. Fire preparedness seems to always be on my back burner of things to do. After your recent videos I'm putting it up towards the top. No, I dont have the same acreage you do...but I've got neighbors who are elderly.
Niloc Whalehands
Niloc Whalehands Måned siden
Isn't it crazy that you made your fire equipment more mobile right before all the fires happened? You prepared for the worst and it paid off.
Milo Måned siden
Well, that was good timing eh?
Michael McClellan
Michael McClellan Måned siden
Those are elevator bolts.
yourtoys1 Måned siden
why not just not fill it to the top😕
ThatOneGuy82 Måned siden
That Blue Monster tape is pretty thick. Depending on the application (of course here you have large threads so more wraps won't hurt), you can get away with 2.
J T Måned siden
This is a great idea!
Michael Horner
Michael Horner Måned siden
Made In The U.S.A :)
jim aldridge
jim aldridge Måned siden
Cool idea
Frank Ammerman
Frank Ammerman Måned siden
Without fail, I always grab a 5/16" nut driver whenever I know a screw clamp is involved! Straight screwdrivers slip out repeatedly when trying to loosen or tighten one. I have run into a few with 3/8" but most are 5/16.
D G Måned siden
Those are awesome for small fire watch small grass fire. But I have 275 gallon tank and it will empty in 5 minutes with a 11/2 inch hose and 2' harbour freight pump.
Timothy Baker
Timothy Baker Måned siden
Those hose reel bolts are called elevator bolts. Used for grain elevator belting.
spacebike Måned siden
That would be good for putting out the consequences of visiting taco bell I don't imagine it being much useful for much else that doesn't hold a lot.
SCG Måned siden
I have two boys who are over 14 years apart. It sure is fun watching them grow up. Just remember how fast it goes. My youngest is 9 now and it seems like yesterday he was sweetloafs age. Congratulations on the new place!
Sensorama2000 Måned siden
Wonderful how he helps his daughter to learn stuff instead of crying for help! I bet she's more competent at fixing problems than anyone with a master's degree when she's five...
Sensorama2000 Måned siden
Good work! Didn't watch the whole vid but wouldn't a small trailer be better? You can pull much more than the max carry load...
Richard Canfield
Richard Canfield Måned siden
So cool saw the vid of you unpacking it. Real fun, exciting to see you getting to it
Richard Canfield
Richard Canfield Måned siden
I’m happy to see that everything fit on the smaller tank, nice job 👍
Timber Wolf
Timber Wolf Måned siden
This was a 3 like video!
Doug Harker
Doug Harker Måned siden
Doug Harker
Doug Harker Måned siden
Jay Caponigro
Jay Caponigro Måned siden
I want one of those snap ons with the ratchet contraption on the back.
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee 2 måneder siden
Metrics our imperial it really doesn't matter if you don't know both you don't have the right to criticize any of them just saying, stay safe
Lisa Lassetter
Lisa Lassetter 2 måneder siden
Lol,all these years I have been rolling Teflon tape backwards.
Jerry Gilles
Jerry Gilles 2 måneder siden
pipe wrench breaks the rubber seal most of the time .
Jerry Gilles
Jerry Gilles 2 måneder siden
cant beat U.S.A. Made !
Aaron P
Aaron P 2 måneder siden
Cody, what’s the plan for the larger fire tank? Couldn’t you mount it on an off road capable trailer to tow behind for additional water capacity in some way? Perhaps with a small transfer pump to the (now main) 85 gallon tank?
chicagohomestead 2 måneder siden
Kinda what I was wondering, or even why not put the whole system on a trailer so anything could haul it. Maybe the center of gravity would be too high on a light trailer??
Welldigger 2 måneder siden
From what I can see, the only dimension that's different is the height. Why not use the same tank with less water? What am I missing? Is the old tank too high to fit?
Nitemer 708
Nitemer 708 2 måneder siden
Big Ole bottle of tapatío hot sauce!!!! Love it!!!!
WIGGER J0NES 2 måneder siden
Reese Davis
Reese Davis 2 måneder siden
The baby is just outside playing. I love it.
QTAC Fire 2 måneder siden
Great video Cody! Glad it went fairly smoothly, and we appreciate the suggestions!
Chase Gibson
Chase Gibson 2 måneder siden
9:13 The reason you're always missing the 10mm sockets! Sweat Pea!
Gregg Mouritzen
Gregg Mouritzen 2 måneder siden
I'm not sure, why you are transferring the pump and accessories, instead of putting new on the new tank. Did the patch not hold, on the old tank, not hold? Are you putting new, on the larger tank? Or just trying to save a few $. Return Flow is to prevent cavitation. Cavitation is air bubbles forming, which can tear up the impeller inside pump. The impeller, relies on the water for lubrication and to reduce "metal on metal" and spalling. Yeah, probably to much detail, for your average user. "This is usually, where I stab a hole in my hand." Good time, to put on gloves...lol. Glad to see, you managed to rescue the Sweat Pea's toy. Overall, good how to video for the parts transfer.
The Darkness
The Darkness 2 måneder siden
Tell Sweetloaf she better watch out next time, that bear in her pocket will eat that baby chick.
Si Simons
Si Simons 2 måneder siden
A LITTLE HEADS UP ,, as a sailboat owner and of course i turn my own wrenches ,,, TRY MARELON FITTINGS ,, ALL SHIPS CHANDLERY CARRY THEM ( boat parts house) , these fittings are actually a marine grade NYLON fitting ! They come in all plumbing variations/sizes and are tough as nails ,, cost more than plastic but last forever . really enjoy your shows ! A COUNTRY BOY WILL SURVIVE !!
Stephen Martin
Stephen Martin 2 måneder siden
But I still like your channel. 🇦🇺
Stephen Martin
Stephen Martin 2 måneder siden
USA, Liberia and Myanmar.....you three guys stick together with imperial. The rest of the world will continue with metric. 👍
R.j. Brown
R.j. Brown 2 måneder siden
Its going to be weird seeing the wranglerstar family in a different house. Kinda feel like I know the home there in now. Lol
Abe Peterson
Abe Peterson 2 måneder siden
It's funny Cody you don't like metric, I love metric, it just makes way more sense to me..numbers add up, no crazy fraction's.... Being and engineer and mechanic for the Marine Corp, I love most of our stuff has been metric, I always buy imports, so all my cars are metric too, I'm a road bike athletic and by bicycle is also metric, just hate SAE....
Lebron Jordan
Lebron Jordan 2 måneder siden
I loved made in the USA 🇺🇸! Talk about quality 👊!
YHRIM 2 måneder siden
"...we might have to call the fire department to get my arm out of here..." LoL :-) can you hear that call?
Alex Axline
Alex Axline 2 måneder siden
Just getting caught up after two weeks after the hurricane in Iowa.
H B 2 måneder siden
Better get ready to be doing some frequent oil changes on that SXS hauling that tank around
Mariya Nakonechnyy
Mariya Nakonechnyy 2 måneder siden
My father-in-law once said: I'm not that rich to buy cheap stuff
01AceAlpha 2 måneder siden
I’m excited to see the new homestead. But I’m already missing the view of Mount Fuji.
808foodlover 2 måneder siden
Ya gotta love the Sweet Loaf! 🤗
David Godwin
David Godwin 2 måneder siden
Who's to say that if we have a boom in U.S manufacturing that it is going to be on the level that we tend to romanticize the quality of U.S manufacturing from years ago. Those new manufacturers are going to want to increase profit margins every quarter and will have to sacrifice quality of materials and ultimately employee benefits to some extent.
Christina Perez
Christina Perez 2 måneder siden
I hope this isn't a dumb question.....why not just put the larger one on the Honda but just fill it to the proper capacity for the payload? Seems like a waste....or maybe just a splurge?
Tim O.
Tim O. 2 måneder siden
Hi, Wranglerstar- Is your Missus a specialist in radiology/sonography? Just curious as I'm considering branching into that specialty. Also, as for the "metric nonsense," metric's less complicated. Everything converts in 10s, hundreds, or thousands- with prefixes that can be used with any metric unit of measurement. Meanwhile, the standard unit is mostly just standard to Americans (and her colonies-... er- protectorates), with arbitrary units that are a pain to convert from one to the other. Metric, just move the decimal place to the left or right relative to the prefix you're converting to/from. One usually needs some piece of paper and a good calculator to deal with imperial units of measurements, God help you if you aren't good with fractions. Imperial units are just too much!! That is why drug dealers in the US measure in metric. The likelihood of one overdosing because of an error while trying to convert between the solid ounce, the fluid ounce, the teaspoonful and the quart is too high. One will surely die.
Gaviscon 2 måneder siden
Sweet loaf is a darling your very blessed ❤️
Ralph Cumbee
Ralph Cumbee 2 måneder siden
Why didn't you just short fill the larger tank?
Dennis 2
Dennis 2 2 måneder siden
Good thing you check out the rotatory cuff for injury, trust me you do not want the injury.
mikeike429 2 måneder siden
You know sometimes your taste in something’s are not quite what I’d consider but after seeing the bottle of Tapatío I will never question you again haha you are a good man Cody
Alec Ver Bunker
Alec Ver Bunker 2 måneder siden
We should have a boom in all American manufacturing. Take care of thy neighbor right? Imagine how many less people would be running away from Guatamala and Mexico ECT if Ford moved some plants there or Nike made some clothes there instead of halfway around the world. It would be a beautiful sight to see the Americas north and south a prosperous land.
Gregory Jon.
Gregory Jon. 2 måneder siden
Carl Menzel
Carl Menzel 2 måneder siden
Next upgrade a tanker on a trailer a few thousand litres tank one it to pull behind a tractor
MichiganNative 2 måneder siden
I do agree that there will be a boom in US manufacturing...... just get ready to not be able to afford to buy anything.
Todd Taylor
Todd Taylor 2 måneder siden
I was hoping to your going to change the direction of the teflon!
BlueKingfisher 2 måneder siden
USA , USA, USA - Honda lol. Good job. 👌
Otter 2 måneder siden
Coming from a country that uses metric and imperial... I really don't understand how metric is in any way confusing. 😂
Rean Combrinck
Rean Combrinck 2 måneder siden
"Imperial" is the most un-standard metric in the world lol...
CHARLES COX 2 måneder siden
@VicRider449 inches for miles to yards and we got feet.
VicRider449 2 måneder siden
@Keegan Watt imagine thinking fractions are simpler that 1, 2, 3, 4. Mm, cm, meter, kilometers, everything is relative and simple on increments of 10s.
Keegan Watt
Keegan Watt 2 måneder siden
Imagine not being able to understand fractions
Abe Peterson
Abe Peterson 2 måneder siden
Patric 2 måneder siden
It still amazes me that QTAC have such good engineering/customer service. I appreciate you are an "influencer" but for them to chase you when you have issues says that they will be pretty pro-active for the average Joe! A boom in US manufacture would be good. I'm in the UK and I still buy either US/UK if I can. There is a definite difference in quality. One option for the water in the channel issue is to use a non-setting gasket like Hylomar blue on the base of the soap tank so water can't get in there in the first place. Whatever you do you will end up with rotting stuff, blocked drain or a creepy crawly home in there otherwise. Soft grip (plastic) jaws on the hoses and gently twisting them starting at the top and working inwards is the easiest way to break the hoses free, if someone saw you jamming a screwdriver into a hose in the aviation/critical environment you wouldn't last long!
Nicholas Donat
Nicholas Donat 2 måneder siden
That looks like a Hannay reel, not a Hastings. P.S. don’t grease the swivel, it leads to premature wear.
BRay549 2 måneder siden
We sell the Monster Tape where I work, to professionals. It is very popular; however, it is made in China. If you want to stay domestic, I believe the Hercules "Tape Dope" teflon tape is made in USA. Very similar in make to the Monster Tape.
SamuraiAtlas TSM
SamuraiAtlas TSM 2 måneder siden
You should add Greese on the bolt area so the water don’t go in 🤔
1980m 2 måneder siden
I think fractions is a nonsense metric it’s all goes in 10&100
Max Frick
Max Frick 2 måneder siden
My friends dad has a longer 3 foot screwdriver
William Gibson
William Gibson 2 måneder siden
Unless there was a dimension issue with the larger tank ,,, why switch it out if you can just partly fill it ?
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 2 måneder siden
Did I miss the upgrade to QTAC from the DIY fire skid?
TheCanadianBubba 2 måneder siden
What ever happened to the huge n heavy shorty off road pumper you had ?
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 2 måneder siden
On the bright side of switching he has a big water storage tank if a well freezes some how or breaks
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 2 måneder siden
Cody my grandpas may my moms father rest in piece and my dad pretty much thought me more than school
John D
John D 2 måneder siden
So after QTAC went to the trouble of sending you the welding rig for free and you put all the time in to fixing the big tank... What are you going to do with it? Set it up as a separate system? It seems crazy to me with 5 days until you move you're playing with this... Is it just something fun to break up the tedium? Or do you think you'll need it at the new place?
CRAIG DE LA REY 2 måneder siden
It is Metric and Imperial, not standard. 🙂
Kasper Tvergaard
Kasper Tvergaard 2 måneder siden
Metric system 💪😄 sounds so confusing when you say 2/3 of an inc.? 🤔 so a inc is 25 millimeters
Kentucky Cornbread
Kentucky Cornbread 2 måneder siden
I bought a good lot of made in USA tools recently and if my job continues to hold steady, I am going to stay buying at least 80% or more of my tools made in USA. I have had it with China
Geoffrey Said
Geoffrey Said 2 måneder siden
Great job with the Teddy Bear retrieval.
JWM 2 måneder siden
9:06 He's already standing right there
John Burden
John Burden 2 måneder siden
Instead of all the transferring why not just build a trailer for the bigger tank, Hook it and go.
Tina Thevarge
Tina Thevarge 2 måneder siden
My husband works in construction, he’s a pipe layer. He had a repetitive strain injury on his right shoulder for years. We used to have to try to tape ice bags and wrap elastic bandage around his shoulder after work. His wasn’t torn, but same area. The only thing that started helping his muscle injury heal was when I started feeding him jello and adding plain gelatine to most of our cooking. Muscle and skin injuries benefit from more animal protein in the diet. It’s needed to rebuild the tissue properly.
UnlockAUT 2 måneder siden
So adorable when he calls the normal self-locking nuts "aviation grade" :D
Peter Luig
Peter Luig 2 måneder siden
Well, confusing metric nonsense depends on what side of the pond you reside :D We get along pretty well over here!
Ward P
Ward P 2 måneder siden
Man, you took the words out of my mouth when you said this is usually where I stab my hand!!
Mishawaka Post
Mishawaka Post 2 måneder siden
Be careful with your bear. Words to live by.
Joe Samlofski
Joe Samlofski 2 måneder siden
imagine actually thinking imperial is A. the standard, and B. less confusing than metric
slingerland3g 2 måneder siden
Love learning things. We own some property and this QTAC system for water protection looks awesome.
Jeffrey Stroman
Jeffrey Stroman 2 måneder siden
Ok, apparently I need to look away, use a heat gun for removal and installation of rubber hoses, I could go on........
Jeffrey Stroman
Jeffrey Stroman 2 måneder siden
Nut drivers for those clamp, NUT DRIVERS FOR HOSE CLAMPS, sorry, ill go away now but in conclusion NUT DRIVERS for HOSE CLAMPS
Ryan Bailey
Ryan Bailey 2 måneder siden
Why not just leave 35 gallons of the larger tank empty?
Oliver Clothesoff
Oliver Clothesoff 2 måneder siden
Wow!!! Your son grew up sooooo fast! Good to see he's becoming a great young man! Good job mom and dad!
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg 2 måneder siden
JaguarInfinity 2 måneder siden
"All that confusing metric nonsense" - You sure do know how to troll your European audience! 😂😂😂
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee 2 måneder siden
@Jerry Gilles why is that?
Jerry Gilles
Jerry Gilles 2 måneder siden
confusing is right They can shove the MM's we are in the US not England! LOL
Dean Richardson
Dean Richardson 2 måneder siden
Jacks cooking is a thumbs up.
Adam Nardone
Adam Nardone 2 måneder siden
I know that you rag on China a lot for the quality of there products but i just wanted to say that an engineer that has work in the manufacturing industry for a while has told me that there are two types of products that come out of China, US spec products and Chinese spec products. they say that when the casting for there products are done by US spec steel and casting methods that the products come out vary well and can last long. The problem is when you cut corners on the types of metal and the casting process is when you get a product that is supper cheep but it can barely last the trip across the ocean. I just wanted too let you know the reality of how things are actually done.
James Chippett
James Chippett 2 måneder siden
Cody, shooting a little compressed air down the side of the rubber tube will help release it from any connections.
Rob Beebe
Rob Beebe 2 måneder siden
Blue Moster is the best teflon tape, their pipe dope is great too.
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