Whats Inside A SECRET GOVERNMENT Black Bag???

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2 måneder siden

Wranglerstar modern homesteading.
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Wranglerstar 2 måneder siden
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Pan Alf
Pan Alf 2 måneder siden
Whats isnsinde ... ; PROJECT SIRIUS
MAGA anti-globalist
MAGA anti-globalist 2 måneder siden
Can you make another video on your water filter?
geatsbeowulf 2 måneder siden
Wranglerstar can you update the 27 Cold Steel Trail Boss axe?
Rott Dogg
Rott Dogg 2 måneder siden
I love those Lansky stones, have a couple myself. One handed down by my Grandpa. All the stuff you talk about your Grandfather always reminds me so much of my Grandpa. He taught me most of what I know about veterinary care, carpentry, electric & plumbing. Whatever needed to be done on the farm. For years I was puzzled as to why people took their animals to a Vet for so much of what we did ourselves, including vaccinations.
Redneck Keller
Redneck Keller 2 måneder siden
Colllins axes are great! Should definitely do a review on one
David Lowrimore
David Lowrimore Måned siden
Why stay away from fiberglass or composite handles? They’re stronger, lighter, and tougher than wood. I’m genuinely curious.
poland153 Måned siden
Neat video but audio is very quiet.
Philip Graves
Philip Graves Måned siden
But what’s inside a secret government postal service box? Loctite?!?
Martin Eastburn
Martin Eastburn Måned siden
Love the file holster! I think the stone not only makes the edge sharp but it fine tunes the edge by trimming cross angled metal and on the upper surface it makes it slick so the edge slides in behind the cutting edge. Nice lessons.
Warren Fogleman
Warren Fogleman Måned siden
Hey, when will the links be coming up? No rush, just wondering
cdawson198600 2 måneder siden
A dull knife used properly can be dangerous, a sharp knife used properly is much safer, any knife used improperly is very dangerous.
Arkansas Pilgrim
Arkansas Pilgrim 2 måneder siden
I've always thought of "Safety Sally" as something cumbersome, that actually interferes with using the tool, or is of questionable value. That little strip of leather protects your fingers, and isn't over-the-top in any way. Prudent, not paranoid.
Charles W
Charles W 2 måneder siden
What's up with the wobbling table. I was planning to make one similar. Do you not recommend those legs?
Pan Alf
Pan Alf 2 måneder siden
Whats isnsinde ... ; PROJECT SIRIUS
Clinton Miner
Clinton Miner 2 måneder siden
I love this video. I see about 4 or 5 projects I’ll be doing this weekend. Thanks again for leading us in skill and common sense
Screen Dog
Screen Dog 2 måneder siden
One thing every pro homeowner should have is a basic leather repair kit... LMAO 😂
Ludwig Söderman
Ludwig Söderman 2 måneder siden
Great to see you ar doing some of these maintenance and carpentry videos again.
JackKnife Joe9472
JackKnife Joe9472 2 måneder siden
I will say at my dads old house i did wood splitting with an axe which I always took good care of and kept nice and sharp i almost always slipped and got a little bit of a cut sharpen it wish I would have known about the leather idea back then but was never usually a major cut because I never usually hit it hard but would've helped for sure
monkeymanstones1 2 måneder siden
Yep... This East coast man has to admit I've never considered nor even thought of a sheith for my files and rasps, but it is a good idea. All I need is for something to knock the block mine are mounted on & in down and bad days follow. I do wonder though how it would stand up to the mineral oil I coat mine in to keep them from rusting... I have rolls of gaffer's tape everywhere so perhaps I should stop the oiling and try your grandfather's trick (except mine are absolutely never thrown into a toolbox not general storage box, so dulling due to as much I've never experienced) for easier storage.
monkeymanstones1 2 måneder siden
I suppose it's worthwhile to say that my rasps and files are Japan made blue steel, top quality tools so I work extremely hard to ensure the best possible care of them.
monkeymanstones1 2 måneder siden
By the way I gave a Like for this video. Good work on this video.
OnThe23rd 2 måneder siden
Can you use mineral oil instead of linseed oil?
Someone Else
Someone Else 2 måneder siden
This world needed/needs more of your granddad.
Big Green Outdoors
Big Green Outdoors 2 måneder siden
Where could I find one of those USFS sharpening gauges.
וועדת אהבת חברים פתח תקווה
וועדת אהבת חברים פתח תקווה 2 måneder siden
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BackCountryBob 2 måneder siden
Shoutout to the levis shirt you have worn in the past like 30 videos haha still holding in there strong!
The Darkness
The Darkness 2 måneder siden
The Lansky stones are on sale on Amazon for $7.49 USD and free prime shipping. Use Wranglerstars link in the description or his pinned comment!
Matt Phillips
Matt Phillips 2 måneder siden
This is the best video I've seen since the ram pump. Thank you for keeping at least a few of your videos old school.
B QUE Måned siden
Yes, I hope to see many more "old school" videos.
Roy G Biv
Roy G Biv 2 måneder siden
Old Wranglerstar is like the manly grandpa I didn't have around when I was growing up. Although my dad was (is still) an old stud that taught me the sort of things Wranglerstar teaches us. Still, the sort of things Wranglerstar teaches is in a different category than the things my dad knew (knows.) Its like continuing education that I get from Wranglerstar. And I'm not a whole lot younger than him. I always learn a skill or hear sound advice in every video I watch here. Kinda got away from this channel for a couple years and rediscovered this channel again about 6 months ago and I watch just about every new episode from beginning to end now. My surrogate grandpa... Thanks Wranglerstar.
Greg Dankert
Greg Dankert 2 måneder siden
What is the difference between a farmer and a homesteader? They look similar (same) to me
John Winstead
John Winstead 2 måneder siden
Vanilla folder it’s Manila folder
John D
John D 2 måneder siden
So yeah the table... That's the beautiful one you made recently right? What's with the wobble it was a sturdy heavy piece?!
Jay Thomas Reset
Jay Thomas Reset 2 måneder siden
"An entry into another’s airspace is a trespass even if the trespasser doesn’t touch the surface of the earth. Airplanes may trespass by flying low over a person’s property, for example. An airplane trespasses by flying low enough over the surface to interfere with the owner’s reasonable use and enjoyment of /his/her surface" ....... there is also nuisance law that applies to any aircraft including commercial aircraft ...... check laws governing airspace and property rights around airports ..... extension of property lines upward is a gray area but can extend as far as 2.5 miles upward ..... have a nice day
John D
John D 2 måneder siden
"obviously you're going to be filing into the blade" - yeah I definitely never was doing it the other way ;) The puck is a great tool, I bought one on your advice a while back and love it. Thanks!
Daniel Skorich
Daniel Skorich Måned siden
I've watched axe sharpening NOpost videos of guys filing it off edge.
MrPenguin1w 2 måneder siden
I just found your channel. Been binge watching the last two days. You have some good information and I love the message you are sharing with us.
Ian Brodie Smith
Ian Brodie Smith 2 måneder siden
I like wooden handles on hammers and i have some old cabinet screwdrivers that just feel great on the hand, i have found some composite handles have their place i.e. ratchet screw driver in the diy house tool box. I also use composite handled saws just for convenience. but i must say you are right about good quality wooden handles cant be matched for feel.
Elijah DeRosier
Elijah DeRosier 2 måneder siden
So how much does linseed oil cost? Because I just got a Snow and Neally axe and just started using it but haven’t oiled it. Is it to late to oil it? Or should I buy some?
8 Square Feet
8 Square Feet 2 måneder siden
Your grandfather must have known mine.... he taught me the same thing for files.... :)
lala mickey
lala mickey 2 måneder siden
Ed Kirkpatrick
Ed Kirkpatrick 2 måneder siden
Cool video, I never knew about forest service axes
Tim Mcpherson
Tim Mcpherson 2 måneder siden
Leather Glove 🤦‍♂️😂
Chris Spence
Chris Spence 2 måneder siden
What video shows you mowing with fire skid in front I think was old skid but I can’t find it
k s
k s 2 måneder siden
Bruh is more dramatic than a dang doped up trans draggie. Let it go brother , let it go.
Johnny Nonya
Johnny Nonya 2 måneder siden
Man you are boring
MAE HAY 2 måneder siden
May you and your family be continuously be blessed by God’s grace, peace and His love 👍
Tom Ray
Tom Ray 2 måneder siden
I'm making file sheaths tomorrow!
Wood Chucker
Wood Chucker 2 måneder siden
A link to all those USA made quality tools would be greatly appreciated
Mark Lessley
Mark Lessley 2 måneder siden
I like the idea of the file sheath, going to make me some.
Alvin Dueck
Alvin Dueck 2 måneder siden
My Lansky Puck seems to be super thirsty. Can't seem to pour enough diesel on it to have enough on the surface to carry shavings away.
William Hicks
William Hicks 2 måneder siden
Cody, I've found that raw tung oil and beeswax in a 4:1 ratio makes a fantastic axe and tool handle finish. it seems to last longer and gives an amazing grip on the tool, whether sweaty or dry. Use real tung oil, though, not a "tung oil finish" that has additives. May take a few days to dry, but it's amazing once it does.
William Hicks
William Hicks 2 måneder siden
@Charles Peliska I put it all in a double boiler and bring it up to melt together. Mix with a spoon or other stainless utensil as you go and pour into a half pint Mason jar. I do it by weight, typically 100gms oil to 25gms wax.
Charles Peliska
Charles Peliska 2 måneder siden
Do you melt the beeswax first, or just toss chunks in and let it incorporate?
Gavin Schuppner
Gavin Schuppner 2 måneder siden
You talk a lot about your grandad, you should make a video about him. He sounds like a very interesting and intelligent man.
Arkansas Pilgrim
Arkansas Pilgrim 2 måneder siden
He has a couple back in the archives.
Bill Gregory
Bill Gregory 2 måneder siden
Do you know where I can get the sharpening gauge?
Zack Lothamer
Zack Lothamer 2 måneder siden
Hey @wranglerstar do you know a place where a regular citizen can get one of those hand tool sharpening gauges? They are available for government agencies through the DLA bit idk if it's possible for us to get them
Joseph LaNore
Joseph LaNore 2 måneder siden
I used nybuck folded over with copper rivets for my nicest files in the toolbox and raker file in the saw box. No more nybuck left. I'll be making those for all the rest. Thanks
Chyna Mane
Chyna Mane 2 måneder siden
those legs for that table were wack lol
Bobby Mulwee
Bobby Mulwee 2 måneder siden
It's gonna be sad saying goodbye to the old homestead. We've watched it for years.
Robert Tomyn
Robert Tomyn 2 måneder siden
As usual a great video. I like to wear a leather glove when using the stone.
Larry Doolittle
Larry Doolittle 2 måneder siden
When are we going to hear about your MRI? I thought today was the day for sure.
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson 2 måneder siden
Cody, you need to address that "lanyard" on your sharpening gauge.
nulious 2 måneder siden
If it is stupid but it works, it ain't stupid.
Vinny G
Vinny G 2 måneder siden
The file sheath is super interesting to me. This would help a great deal in my toolbox, gonna make a bunch of these today, thanks!
Bm savagewagon
Bm savagewagon 2 måneder siden
Never had a leather punch, grandad used the ice pick for the belt holes
Paul Byers
Paul Byers 2 måneder siden
Where can you get the forestry blade and angle guide?
G M 2 måneder siden
i don't remember his videos being in 720p, it's a bit harsh to look at on a 1440p monitor.
J C 2 måneder siden
I just collected all my leather working stuff into one tool box. did it with my gun cleaning and gunsmithing stuff as well.
Jennifer White
Jennifer White 2 måneder siden
great idea yes to protect you for cuts
Philip Cockram
Philip Cockram 2 måneder siden
Stay sharp .
Nicholas Brule
Nicholas Brule 2 måneder siden
I made a leather case for my Lansky Puck, Works Great! Rabbit snare fits right in there too.
Jalopy Joe
Jalopy Joe 2 måneder siden
Was hear
Glenn & Mary Beth Martin
Glenn & Mary Beth Martin 2 måneder siden
Hey there, where is the edc radio?
HK Guitar
HK Guitar 2 måneder siden
I've always wondered about files dulling being knocked around in a bag or drawer. Last year I made covers for each of my files that were not hanging in a holder. Nice, your Grandfather much like mine possessed years of Wisdom from an era long past. We can learn much from them.
Thomas Devine
Thomas Devine 2 måneder siden
If it is a government rule you can be sure it was paid for in blood, you never get leadership with the government the rules are always made after the fact.
Henrik Jörgensen
Henrik Jörgensen 2 måneder siden
Bless you and your family too and thanks for this video
Bobby Pin
Bobby Pin 2 måneder siden
CODY***you were talking about linseed oil you said there was heated and unheated which is best ifilm raw linseed oil at Walmart is at the best kind or not I'm a 78 year old woman trying to get prepared thought this would come in handy for all my garden tools thanking you in advance for any information you give me 🙂
E Spears
E Spears 2 måneder siden
Boiled Linseed 👍🇺🇸
Ignacio 2 måneder siden
Definitely it has to be American Made. If you need a Heavy Duty Rake or a Hoe-->Rogue Hoe. If you need Axes and other items-->Council tools for sure. Both are great American Made products. The prices are really not much more (if at all) than the DIY chain home building supply company. Very well worth the investment.
rattlesnake survival
rattlesnake survival 2 måneder siden
If time travel ever gets invented I'm gonna go meet your grandpa, the man had so much knowledge and wisdom I feel like I would be completely prepared for life
Moob Cars
Moob Cars 2 måneder siden
Pants video?
Worthrhetime 2 måneder siden
Thank you Cody. Anybody know the name of the opening song ?
John Fithian-Franks
John Fithian-Franks 2 måneder siden
Hi Cody, As soon as you got out those sheers I recognised them as the ones in my mother’s sowing basket, she was a seamstress and worked in the colour loft in Portsmouth naval yard making officer’s uniforms, it seems that the navy and the fire service shear these in common. (The best steel and pair of scissors I have ever come across)
ShadowScoutSwede 2 måneder siden
That looks like a great little kit to have .
Nathan Pinney
Nathan Pinney 2 måneder siden
When I was 11 I was sharpening my dad’s old Kelly double bit axe to go on a camping trip. Doing a final hone with a puck as shown in the video when my hand slipped and I sliced the top of the bone off the middle knuckle of the second finger. The axe was so sharp I didn’t feel it for a little while
silentpaw 2 måneder siden
I hope this doesn't come across as a dumb question, but can you take Unboiled Linseed oil and boil it yourself to make the stuff without the drying agent which is bad for your skin? Also yes, those are Alice Clips.
Lyserdigi 2 måneder siden
Greetings from Finland .. i have to say i really like your videos, you seem like a decent, honest, real man. I have enjoyed these tool videos the most.. And the way you talk of your family at times is truly heartwarming, i wish there were a lot more people like you in the world. . i wish you all the best on your move to new place. and thank you for all the effort you have put into these videos, sharing your thoughts, and working methods..
Lucas Gillette
Lucas Gillette 2 måneder siden
Even if the video has no relevance to me I still watch every one and enjoy them. Excited for the new homestead ! Been a follower for the last 6+ years
C.A. G.
C.A. G. 2 måneder siden
Vintage Wranglerstar. Love it!
Rott Dogg
Rott Dogg 2 måneder siden
As a retired US employee, I can guarantee some poor smart SOB devised all that black bag and received nothing in compensation for his time, energy, money and intellect to come up with it. Seen it many times. Guys just trying to make their job better.
Connor Mills Personal account
Connor Mills Personal account 2 måneder siden
Fun fact for you, You can also use a 22 casing and a hammer as a leather punch
Daniel Skorich
Daniel Skorich Måned siden
Or a drill, nail or whatever works 😎
i8BBQ4Lunch 2 måneder siden
My dad always used a cereal box. Which also was used for automotive gasket material, often thermostat gaskets.
H B 2 måneder siden
did he just refer to a Manila folder as....vanilla
Tzuede Off the Cuff
Tzuede Off the Cuff 2 måneder siden
11:14 quick hack if you can afford/spend the money.. A dumb little air compressor / Vaccum pump (even those cheap vacuum seal kits with a hose line). and a 5 gallon bucket. (I'm sure you can use a big ole drainage pipe filled with boiled linseed oil) drop in wood, drop screen on top, rocks on screen. CAP. Vacuum pump the bit of air you left inside. It will pull any and all Air out of the wood. Let it run on a timer it will kick on now and again to keep the air-preesure low. Literally 2 weeks based on thickness of the wood. Done, it will polymerize for another 2 weeks as oxygen works it's way inside to the uncured oil. Another 2 weeks. Done. Never look at that piece of wood for maintenance again. Protip: You can use Boiled Linseed Oil to create a Carbon Black Coating on tools. Literally making a steak on the grill.. Keep the temp steady check every 30 min or so and apply with the wood bristle brush a fresh coat. It will bind to Roughened steel and create a "plastic" coating that will prevent rust.
E Spears
E Spears 2 måneder siden
Nice 👍🇺🇸 thanks
Abe Peterson
Abe Peterson 2 måneder siden
Never seen that leather shield before, Cody! That's an awesome idea!
Mr. Morris
Mr. Morris 2 måneder siden
The only thing I could track in regards to the sharpening gauge was an old number and a few vague posts about Monarch Tool Company. And this bit from the Hand Tool Field Maintenance Manual (Some people like to carry a U.S. Forest Service hand tool sharpening gauge. It is helpful in making sure that cutting edges have the correct bevel and angle. It can be ordered from Monarch Tool Company (phone number: 406-777-5931). ) According to the WS Fb group there's a guy that tracked them down but you had to order them via phone as they no longer have that contract with the USFS
Allen Banks
Allen Banks 2 måneder siden
If you have thick leather that you can't cut through with your regular shears. Use the metal shears they will have a lot more leverage and they cut throat really nice
alwayschooseford 2 måneder siden
I know why you are making these types of videos, and you are a good man for it.
Scott M
Scott M 2 måneder siden
Good thing about grandpa punching new holes in your belt for you is that he could let you know if you are growing too fast, in the wrong direction. Just purchased a Lansky puck, and a leather draw string pouch to keep it safe.
Matthew Acevedo
Matthew Acevedo 2 måneder siden
Wd-40 is actually like 35% oil petroleum based oil at that an then rest is some an then rest is mineral oil pretty much so it is oil
Matthew Acevedo
Matthew Acevedo 2 måneder siden
@planejet42 yea 3in1 is good for that so is clipper oil I think im pretty sure
planejet42 2 måneder siden
I was taught to use a light oil, like 3in1 on stones.
Tila 2 måneder siden
Real man stuff 💕 Neat memories of your grand dad.
Gordon Chase
Gordon Chase 2 måneder siden
I've searched high and low looking for a sharpening gage like yours with no luck. If anyone has seen one for sale, please tell me where. Thx.
Green River
Green River 2 måneder siden
I absolutely love the stories about your grandfather. You can tell by the way you speak about him, how much love and respect you had for him. Any man who leaves behind something that precious.....lived a good and worthy life......left this world better than he found it.
Ol' Tyger
Ol' Tyger 2 måneder siden
Thank you for your comment. Everytime Cody mentions his grandpa and all the life lessons and wisdom he was tought by him, I think of my Dear Ol dad.
Nick 2 måneder siden
How do you feel about Feskar axes? For Budget wise, average outdoorsmen.
totallyjonesin 2 måneder siden
I have an old True Temper FFS ax/pick made in USA. Forrest service issue.
Walter Morgenroth
Walter Morgenroth 2 måneder siden
WD-40 works quite well for sharpening as it is mostly just kerosene with some additives.
Anthony McMahan
Anthony McMahan 2 måneder siden
Loving the axe and tool videos.
Pete Rock
Pete Rock 2 måneder siden
I absolutely love the moments that you share of what you learned from your grandfather! It’s my favorite videos!!
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg 2 måneder siden
Jose Biden
Jose Biden 2 måneder siden
Love the content
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