The One Thing Homeowners Fear The Most

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20 dager siden

Wranglerstar modern homesteading professional homeowner.

Beth Grant-DeRoos
Beth Grant-DeRoos 7 dager siden
Sarcasm is a god given gift (laughing so hard)
Wranglerstar 7 dager siden
George Simpson
George Simpson 9 dager siden
You are sooo wrong on more than one thing here... from just dangerous to dangerous...
Xander De jong
Xander De jong 9 dager siden
as a sparky in the eu american electrics are really weird to me
John Be Bad
John Be Bad 13 dager siden
what brand of tool belt?
Sindre Kjeldsberg
Sindre Kjeldsberg 13 dager siden
No offence, but isn't your president an east-coaster?
RAH Capital
RAH Capital 13 dager siden
9:00 that conduit out of the box isnt level. you should take more pride in your work
gary lewellen
gary lewellen 14 dager siden
Love watching these American electrical videos, so different from us across the pond. Do you guys have to issue certification for all works you carry out. Never see any circuit testing going on,
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg 14 dager siden
shawn barber
shawn barber 14 dager siden
people dont get paid to be proud of theyre work in and out job done good enough
Yo Bentley
Yo Bentley 14 dager siden
East Coast guys pull a green ground wire with their hot and neutral.
Joe dirt
Joe dirt 14 dager siden
Man I love doing this I had a close call and it slipped I almost got fried
TheRedhawke 15 dager siden
I totally agree. My brother-Inlaw's father was a city electrican for about 20 years, he built my breaker panel in our store. It looked like something a computer engineer layed out, each wire had the exact same bend radius, each wire ran straight and true. As odd as it may sound it was a thing of beauty to behold and I enjoyed seeing it. Everything in that box was perfectly layed out, even the inspector mentioned you don't see work like that now days when he checked the system out. Not one problem by the way, we passed with flying colors.
Michael s
Michael s 15 dager siden
Jason L
Jason L 15 dager siden
::Slow clap:: Always clock your screws!
yxkutt 15 dager siden
I remember the time you praised those German screwdrivers
feral kid
feral kid 15 dager siden
Saw the title and thought you were gonna talk about taxes.
Dugi J
Dugi J 16 dager siden
yeah I can tell a worker who values their work and enjoys it. I will always try to tip or give them extra
Ken Walker
Ken Walker 16 dager siden
No ground wire in conduit without compression fittings. Typical WEST Coast guy.
Jake Vote
Jake Vote 16 dager siden
I may be a midwestern boy but even the worst East coast guy is better than the best sucker who had to be born outside America 🇺🇸
hillbilly Yo
hillbilly Yo 16 dager siden
thanks for great content .. Joe from California
Matt Woldanski
Matt Woldanski 16 dager siden
At least the East Coast guy at 6:15 didn’t run his blade through the jacket of that whole spool of wire
Angus 16 dager siden
Evey time i see someone use a drill as a driver i cringe
HIGHLAND DRAGON 16 dager siden
Doing electrical work doesn't bother me it's when I have to do plumbing I call my dad to do I am really really bad at plumbing
SlyDog 16 dager siden
You need your deadblow hammer to drive that cover on the box :D NOT!
Dennis Moomey
Dennis Moomey 16 dager siden
I'm a welder by trade and what you said about taking pride in your work hit home with me. I've always told the youths that I've taught how to weld that if they live by this saying, they will always remember to take the time they need. The saying is, "If you can't find time to do it right... How will you find the time to do it over?"
Hillslayer 12
Hillslayer 12 16 dager siden
Don’t want “Little Junior” to get juiced
Desert Ranger
Desert Ranger 16 dager siden
No Electrician did that work. Total hack job.
Henry Barendregt
Henry Barendregt 16 dager siden
I noticed when installing the cover you made sure the screw slot was pointed perfectly North and South. Great job! I have done that to my entire house, garage, out buildings and office.
Steve Lindsay
Steve Lindsay 17 dager siden
That style of breaker is what was known as "stab lok", but there are a number of different styles of breakers. Those with experience, like many homeowners, all farmers, or anyone who has spent any time in the construction industry can install breakers without having the electric company cut your power. However, if you are installing a panel then you need your power cut coming into the building where you are installing the panel... If you have no experience with wiring then call someone who does.
Tybalt Moon
Tybalt Moon 17 dager siden
Can you please elaborate on what you dont like about the screwdriver?
Paul Malcolm
Paul Malcolm 17 dager siden
I don't think an electrician did the original job not gonna lie
Chris Spencer
Chris Spencer 17 dager siden
Somewhere there is a trades man glad of that electrical shops policy. No more looky lues burning up the clerk's time asking about 1mm or 1.5 for the switch they wanna run.
Steve Schultz
Steve Schultz 17 dager siden
Please explain your comments on "quality" workmanship. I'm a farm carpenter (not a finish woodworker....yet) and when I look at that panel set up; it looks fine to me.
Kenneth Mäki
Kenneth Mäki 17 dager siden
I have an honest question, not related to this video and my intention is not to disrespect your country. But lately I have considered some few things that would make me hesitate living in NorthAmerica. In Sweden we have what's called the "everyman's right or freedom to roam". Which means I can walk free and spend time in every wood, meadow (though you have to make sure not to destroy the crop), field, beach etc, etc. I can pick berrys, mushroms, put up a tent, etc. But I am not allowed to hunt without landowners permit. And I am responsible to not leave litter or cause a fire (You can make campfires but have to make sure the conditions are right and make sure to put it out). I can of course not cut down trees but I can pick up branches from the ground and use them. But they cannot forbid me to be there. How do you over there cope with beeing limited to spend time in Gods nature? You have all those signs for private property forbidding you. You have to look up and travel to those special parks to enjoy a day in nature. It does not sound as the country for free men to me.
mrsamzero1 17 dager siden
I love it, walk away. People are fools for going along with this Covid BS. Good job BTW.
Colorado Native 84
Colorado Native 84 17 dager siden
Welders are in the coolest trade!
Bartholamew Francis
Bartholamew Francis 17 dager siden
Carpentry is the best trade, lets be honest.
aquatrax123 17 dager siden
And now we know why the west coast guys are always fighting fires... No earth ground??? And no GFCI or AFCI??
John Kinnecom
John Kinnecom 17 dager siden
Put a three foot aware of thick dry plywood to stand on. Wear leather gloves and roll down your sleeves. If you bend the wire in to decide on the length, then hold the breaker in your hand and install the wire, your exposure is quick when you only have to plug the breaker on. And, for the sake of the viewers, shut off the main and use a headlight.
Jeff Bradham
Jeff Bradham 17 dager siden
I did not see a ground wire
Shane Zettelmier
Shane Zettelmier 17 dager siden
I hear you. That’s my problem with construction, I’m not financially efficient because I make sure everything is aligned and I take the extra time to get everything straight. Realistically it doesn’t matter and there’s not a need for it it’s purely cosmetic but I agree, when I look at it the first thing I think is that that person didn’t really give a crap. The biggest thing to make sure you’re getting a good contractor is with concrete. Someone lazy and flippant about finishing your concrete can cause you a lifetime of headaches and stress and reoccurring problems because those little errors don’t just go away. I always tell concrete contractors upfront I’m anal and it Hass to be perfect and if not they’re not getting paid and we’re going to end up in court over it because i’m going to have to sue them to remove it if it’s done wrong. I’m not a complete monster but I’ve seen it ton of horrible concrete work that was pretty much unfixable and just had to be ripped out and it’s extremely laborious and expensive to remove concrete and fix it. I’m not super picky broom finish is fine with me if it’s a tiny bit uneven here or there in the garage or something like that I can live with that but a low corner or a gap is something that’s going to cause tons of problems. You can’t put a pre-fabricated steel building on a slab with a little corner, it’s gonna bend and warp and twist and one panels going to transfer that to the other and you’re gonna have a brand new very expensive building that looks like crap in the end I’ll because the concrete guys were standing around talking instead of doing their job. Not attacking concrete contractors in general but good concrete guys will know exactly what I’m talking about. You can strip and electrical box and there’s almost nothing you couldn’t fix for $200, you screw up the slab for a garage or workshop, any type of repair other than breaking it out and replacing it is going to cost a small fortune, living with it means your shops always gonna have issues
Eveseptir 17 dager siden
The one tool not included in the electrician's kit. A broom.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 17 dager siden
Be aware that the reason why these small business use these absurd rules and methods for running their business isn't implemented by their free will. It's ordered by state, county, and city edicts that's designed to slowdown their business and eventually insure the highest probability of bankruptcy while leaving the major international bank backed business alone and given preferential treatment. The most cruel joke is the whole epidemic is used as a weapon to destroy the whole economy while using the reason they have to kill you in order to save you.
Ben Gray
Ben Gray 17 dager siden
I still can’t get over how terrible American plugs and sockets look / function compared to British ones. No switch, likely to fall out at the first bit of tension on the cable, no fuses, exposed live terminals within the box. And why on Earth do you have to “build” the outlets into the faceplate?!
y3g 18 dager siden
Is it ghosts?
g dog
g dog 18 dager siden
Lol those knots it always seem to happen what are the odds.... very high lol
Rhodes Ahead
Rhodes Ahead 18 dager siden
Please be cautious, I had a dream we lost Jack to a bear attack. I am no psychic but couldn’t not say something in the event it happened...
tim hale
tim hale 18 dager siden
When you cut the conduit you must deburr the ends so you don't damage the insulation when pulling the wire. 50 plus years ago when I was a home owner just starting out I always asked a pro and got all the details then had him inspect my work before calling the inspector. I retired 15 years ag and haven't checked the new codes for changes. Taught the 2005 electrical code at college night class.
tim hale
tim hale 18 dager siden
I usually go over size on the conduit so I can add another circuit later and not have to run new conduit. But you did use 20 amp recepticals. some inspectors might want tamper resistant Recepticals.
Shannon Parker
Shannon Parker 18 dager siden
No ground???? That’s not code where I leave my messes.
David Flynn
David Flynn 18 dager siden
you stepped over a covid barricade??? YOU JUST KILLED MY GRANDMA!!!!! lol
BILLHOVER 18 dager siden
The hole left is more likely to let a mouse in wwhich would be your issue.
Q2bFF 18 dager siden
I think it’s safe to say Electricians don’t give Cody the fizz.
TheSaturnV 18 dager siden
It's an electrician's God given right to litter the floor with stripped Romex casing, paper, 4 inch sections of wire and staples. :]
Brandon Scott
Brandon Scott 18 dager siden
I’ve been doing commercial electrical for 10 years Your doing good. I’m glad you used all 6 screws. I have helpers that use just the middle screws on an industrial cover.
bill hill
bill hill 18 dager siden
I love hating thoughs phillip's and slotted screws. It's a comedy wacthing people fussing with them. Why bother with old school teck on simple stuff like screw driver bits.
Tim Labarr
Tim Labarr 18 dager siden
Cody that special little stand to hold the wire while we run wire is called The Apprentice lol
Shawn Jenkins
Shawn Jenkins 18 dager siden
Hey Cody, I was paying attention when you spoke of the German screwdriver set, Werx, was it? I've been looking at them & the angular flutes of the handles at the end where screws were put on and I felt one at a higher end vendor and I wasn't sure. What are your reservations?
Rivera 18 dager siden
Cody’s eyebrows are on point on this video 😂
metalcavy33 18 dager siden
East coast guys would be drinking a cold beverage too. Love the vids. Very inspiring. Good luck to you and the family at the new house.
Pat F
Pat F 18 dager siden
First off Cody, an “east coast homeowner” would have run the EMT and set all his boxes before putting up the finished walls, this way all the pre-bent 90’s, couplings and botched up offsets would be hidden behind the wall! Also we would have made sure that the wire comes off reels in the same direction, with all the proper needed wire, not just relying on the EMT and boxes for the ground, you should always pull a green wire of equal size to your feed and neutral conductor, plus a drag line and possibly a second feed to break up the circuits. So you would have 2- 120 volt feeders, one neutral and a ground wire that gets anchored to each box and device. Then inspect and test each circuit before covering the walls and adding the device covers!
RBAD RBAD 18 dager siden
fancy 18 dager siden
Home invasion?
3beltwesty 18 dager siden
Gulf Coast guy here sees circuit breaker panels with corrosion on main breakers lugs since the humidity is so high. ( it is 81F 98 RH outside now) . For surge protection a whole house surge protector is added that uses two breaker slots. This is to protect mini split ac units and electronic stuff. When a SoCal west coaster i have seen flakey grounding with conduit due to earthquakes. One factory i worked at we pulled actual ground wires to fix floating grounds on test equipment that had flakey sockets with grounds that were intermittent. In the Northridge 1996? Earthquake i was investigating dead circuits in a home ipn Camarillo California. The original builders to be cheap had a hidden junction box that one could not get to. Thus we did a bypass surgery tapping off a patio circuit to feed the dead bedroom. It was the same circuit. In the ac return duct closet one could see the 2x10 attic joists and the junction box above the bedroom.
SHAWN HAGEN 18 dager siden
Typical west coast electrician work 😂
Ethan Arellano
Ethan Arellano 19 dager siden
MrStuarta1 19 dager siden
Here in Australia your conduit like that would be the plastic type
Robb Ward
Robb Ward 19 dager siden
Wranglestar - mounting your duplex outlets and plate to the box with the screws in a vertical orientation - did not get by me. It is that extra finesse that separates the skilled trades from the hacks !
beau w
beau w 19 dager siden
Woah! What are those sawhorses??? Anyone? TIA (nice video as always)
aa999xyz 19 dager siden
are those commercial grade outlets?
Banjo111 1
Banjo111 1 19 dager siden
Great work! God bless you and your family. Australia
e9999qwe 19 dager siden
Entertaining vid as usual. You are sure right about them East Coast guys... Can you imagine a East Coast plumber...? Or worse, a NYC one? Shudder.... However, I should also reluctantly add that I was expecting your usual earth-grounded (!) NW self to have put in some beautiful handcrafted old growth wooden outlet boxes over those lovely walls, not those ugly metal ones and visible conduits... :) Stay safe and don't touch live wires!
Peter Pavlovic
Peter Pavlovic 19 dager siden
The East Coast guy also puts spools on the rod in alternating fashion (one coming from the top, one from below, and so on). This means when you pull one wire the other rolls don't unroll unless you're pulling on them. The East Coast guy always runs insulated earth to every outlet / device to avoid ground loops...
Chad Sigindere
Chad Sigindere 19 dager siden
I am not a certified electrician, but wired my own garage. I don’t know why you grounded those boxes, but didn’t bring in a ground wire from the the panel. Without a ground wire from the panel I don’t think those pig tails are needed.
Tom of All Trades
Tom of All Trades 19 dager siden
Nice craftsmanship 👍🏼
mitch denner
mitch denner 19 dager siden
East coast guys, dumb like fox.😉
Wicked Proxy
Wicked Proxy 19 dager siden
Just a tip for those people putting lights in a new shop. Put some of your lights on a separate circuit. That way if a breaker trips later for whatever reason it doesn't kill ALL the lights in the shop at the same time. Then you can still see to figure out what's wrong.
James Likes Cheese
James Likes Cheese 19 dager siden
It just rocks in like an AK-4... can I say that? Dead! 😂
Stefan Gibbon
Stefan Gibbon 19 dager siden
I would have thought a homeowners worst fear would be damp
Robnord1 19 dager siden
But where's the spool of GREEN WIRE? 😜 Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee We love you Cody. Happy Friday.
mariusrinke 19 dager siden
As a German I got to ask: are you not running a separate grounding wire? I know, the connection with the conduit should be sufficient, but i guess we would run a wire nevertheless.
John James
John James 19 dager siden
NEAT----I don't care to have anyone of my job who drills a hole with a hammer .
Douglas Bailey
Douglas Bailey 19 dager siden
I can't believe you are actually using a slotted screwdriver. Nobody uses them anymore. Most electrical boxes have a square-headed screw.
Adam B
Adam B 19 dager siden
So true about those gnarly holes!
zack mtz
zack mtz 19 dager siden
Cody Cody!!! You didn’t run a ground from panel to receptacles. You bonded the metal box but it does no good without ground from panel.
Gerald Walsh
Gerald Walsh 19 dager siden
You really should have a ground wire run through the conduit. Also todays code requires you turn the outlets ground up.
Tristan Davies
Tristan Davies 19 dager siden
Your comment on the electricians at nasty holes reminded me once at a job site where I believe it was the owner of the electrical contracting company well speaking very loudly in some Eastern European language the entire time proceeded to go nuts and drill what he thought was all the holes for his guys to run their wires. He spent about 4 hours doing that. the next day his guys show up and said who the hell drilled all these folks cuz I can only use about a quarter of these. He was rather pissed when we told them it was his boss 🤣
David Wooden
David Wooden 19 dager siden
You forgot your ground wire in that pull, so not to NEC. You have to have a ground wire pulled through your conduit, and all your metal boxes need to be grounded along with your outlets and switches. Back in the day, you could use a metal conduit as your ground. I know at least of 2006 (when I got into the trade) you were not allowed to use metal conduit as your grounding conductor..the reason is that the connectors may come loos and more do they guarantee a connection. As for your comments about electricians being dirty. I always cleaned up my mess, typically I had a bucket or a box next to me to throw my trash into as I worked.
Glenn Semones
Glenn Semones 19 dager siden
Those are great looking Saw horses. Where did you get them? Are they DeWalt?
TheRusticMan 19 dager siden
Is that a Bauer Harbor Freight drill?
Hosebee Lion
Hosebee Lion 19 dager siden
Unfortunately not many people see the value in paying for your pride.
Lightbeering Bear
Lightbeering Bear 19 dager siden
Why metal tubes??
Jerry 19 dager siden
The only reason why you do not like the German screw drivers is because you cannot understand them...
Ryhno McDezzy
Ryhno McDezzy 19 dager siden
"Pro homeowner" love it. I just did my fist circuit 2 weeks ago on my new old has had lots of "adequate" work done and some not so adequate. Oh and it was on a hot pannel...just don't go touching both wires or jabbing a screw driver around and your golden.
KK Koz
KK Koz 19 dager siden
Tammy Fay and Jim ---baker
spike001ton 19 dager siden
Im going to quote a wise man in the trades "Excellence is Expensive" and 80% of homeowners dont want to pay the extra expense to get excellence. The second quote is "the last 20% is 40% of the total cost" to simplify it the tiny little things that the average home owner doesnt see is where you can save them some money. The average homeowner would rather have granite counter tops over a clean looking electric box. Like everything its a give and a take and building at the end of the day is a business and sometimes quality has to be sacrificed to the alter of cost
Steven Keween
Steven Keween 19 dager siden
One problem that can arise with wiring them in series like that is if one receptacle fails everyone after that one is out. Not the end of the world but just learned that one from experience !
Stanley J. Mitchell
Stanley J. Mitchell 19 dager siden
I can’t believe that you are running a seperate active and neutral wire. Here in Australia we can get three in one. Active, neutral and earth in a three core cable. Also I’m here you on the “got buy online and then come buy and collect”. I’m not playing that game either. I have a line up of jobs here that I’ve gone as far as I can and now I have to wait. Until lockdown is done. I’m 7 months behind in my projects because of a flu and governments overreacting.
wdbrnr63 18 dager siden
We in the US also have NM cable, often known by the brand Romex, but it is used in wall and attic cavities where it it protected from damage, and conduit with individual wires is usually specified for exposed applications. We also have varied local adoption of the the National Electric Code (NEC) that is revised every third year, and sometimes more stringent local codes that can prohibit the use of NM entirely. NM could overheat if installed in condut where individual THHN/THWN wire is designed to cool properly under the rated ampacity in conduit.
robert meier
robert meier 19 dager siden
The things with the holes in them are receptacles not plugs, plugs get inserted into the receptacle. Also where is the GFCI protection?
mogmaker 19 dager siden
This is not homesteading.
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