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Modern high-efficiency washing machines struggle to get clothing clean. This is why we purchased a pair of Speed Queen Washing machine and dryer.

billy lee
billy lee 17 timer siden
I have been married for 24 years and we have been through 4 sets of washer and dryers. Our current set is Samsung junk. I have been working on them since they were 1 year and 10 days old. They are now about 4 years old and we just ordered the speed queen’s Saturday. I just pray that our just as expensive Samsungs last the 4-9 weeks it will take to get our speed queens. American made by Americans.
Sean Denny
Sean Denny Dag siden
I went from watching the F2 52 washer and dryer but that is true the speed queen rules I found that out when I had to put a new drum gear thing was a stater on mine you couldn’t replace just the gear you had to replace the whole thing so I went to the laundromat talk to the laundry mat owner about their cool machines that last a long time but cost a lot for the heavy duty ones but those speed queens are like grandpa’s
Bert Vaughn
Bert Vaughn Dag siden
'Poor' is a state-of-mind. 'Broke', however, is just a financial position... and that can be changed.
UreaSmith Dag siden
No regrets for paying extra 8 years ago for the Speed Queen. Built like a tank, no circuit board gizmo, never loud vibrations, thumping or dancing around.
BlackSheep 2 dager siden
what model number for the washer and dryer?
Beverly Rutherford
Beverly Rutherford 2 dager siden
Your wife is fun:)
R. Mercado
R. Mercado 2 dager siden
Sounds like my wife with her magical language, "Honey do list." I love it! Semper Fi
arimastroff 2 dager siden
What model of speed queen are these?
Wizzard808 3 dager siden
Do you guys rent or own that house.
Jon Roberts
Jon Roberts 4 dager siden
Oh my gosh. Went thru the same thing a few years ago. Bought the high efficiency and the the clothes always smelled bad. Decided to return to old school and have never looked back. High efficiency are terrible. Don’t waist your money. Jon
WaveArsenal 4 dager siden
Find someone who looks at you the way Mrs. W looks at Mr.W
dstamp 4 dager siden
Had a national brand washer die after 4 years. Replaced it with a USED coin-op washer that had the coin slot thingy in it. It lasted 12 years in my house. In total it was 20 years old when it died.
Lean 2200
Lean 2200 4 dager siden
You your wife should do some videos together
Mike Sidebottom
Mike Sidebottom 6 dager siden
george 7 dager siden
should have got the tc5000 and dc5000. no difference in the dryers but your washer is the new design speed queen , the tc is the classic design that has been in use for around 35 years , minimal electronics , and no lid lock ! what you got is better than any other brand though , just not the speed queen that the reputation of the company was built on
trashratt 7 dager siden
SPEED QUEEN non electronic TOP LOAD clothes washing machines are FANTASTIC! I have a TOP LOAD washing machine that i let my renters use, over 4000 problems! No electronics, no sensors, no HEADACHES! Get the TOP LOAD........... get clean clothes! I soak my clothes in the speed queen washer for an hour before turning on the wash cycle! What a difference!
fast03gti18t 7 dager siden
I needed a new washer. Thanks to this video I researched Speed Queen and purchased their TR5 model on Monday. It is being delivered Wednesday. I can't believe I am this excited for a washer!...
Midsouth Homestead
Midsouth Homestead 7 dager siden
We went to buy a washer. We said, "we don't want pins and whistles" . The sales person looked at us like we were crazy.
Big Boss
Big Boss 7 dager siden
You are a sexy machine
Joseph Folsom
Joseph Folsom 8 dager siden
I’m an appliance technician and you can no longer get the Speed Queen with the push and turn timer. You can still get the option for a full tub of water, but they have gone with the digital dial interface. The model you want to get that is laundromat industrial grade is TC5000WN. It’s called the “Classic” model. They are identical to the old style other than the digital timer. Do not buy any other model since they are modular designed. (Just like all the other bottom feeder machines)
HardCity RainDrops
HardCity RainDrops 8 dager siden
My step father owned 3 Laundry mats
Doreen Hickman
Doreen Hickman 8 dager siden
We just bought a speed queen also 😂 I love it !
Cade Cooper
Cade Cooper 8 dager siden
The new high efficiency washers only drain half of the dirty water, that is why they are considered high efficiency. So when it fills back up you still have half of your dirty nasty water in there. This goes for commercial washers also at laundromats.
Wild Swan
Wild Swan 8 dager siden
How is the set performing?
S D 8 dager siden
Those heavy cardboard angle packing bits make excellent vice soft vice jaws,when cut to length
J Neusbaum
J Neusbaum 9 dager siden
Best choice for your washer and drier...too many side stories.
Indy3%er 9 dager siden
Nice and there only $2200 bucks a set.
Some Guy
Some Guy 10 dager siden
I've got a two year old LG front loader, and it's got a "sanitary" cycle that I use for sheets and towels, that goes extra-hot to kill bacteria. It's also got its own heating element, so I could supply it cold water only and it would work the same. As far as cleaning, it works very well because of the high speed spin cycle getting more of the dirty water out of the clothes before the rinse. Also, since I got it, the clothes have a lot less water left in them at the end of the cycle, so I only need about a third of the drying time that I needed with my ancient top-loader.
Some Guy
Some Guy 10 dager siden
They work great if you add a bit of trisodium phosphate to your laundry detergent.
Trepang 412
Trepang 412 10 dager siden
The Mrs. definitely has Nordic blood running through her.
Second Act
Second Act 10 dager siden
Front load washers are the worst. Pretty soon I'll be able to get rid of mine.
Santiago Ochoa
Santiago Ochoa 10 dager siden
Nothing more homestead-like than using as many resources as possible. Super sustainable.
schmitty8225 10 dager siden
It hits the old look so it must be better but unfortunately it doesn't clean as good as the modern stuff. If you actually look at the reviews of it cleaning, its middle of the pack.
M Smith
M Smith 11 dager siden
Would love to know which set of Speed Queen washer/Dryer you went with.
James Miller
James Miller 11 dager siden
I love this!! I didn't know anyone makes a good non-electronic washer today. I'm ready to shoot the modern GE that we use. There's nothing like filling up a washer full of water and the washer decides it needs to drain the water out of the tank instead of actually washing the clothes. Thank you for this!
Teresa Ellis
Teresa Ellis 11 dager siden
Got a newer maytag bravos..clothes stay wet..I hope I bought extended warranty
Tasha Hargrove
Tasha Hargrove 12 dager siden
I was looking for new washers... was really wanting to go for a 5+ cubic foot top load. May have changed my mind...
Joe Hunter
Joe Hunter 14 dager siden
I like the Leonard DiCaprio hair on jack
Joe Hunter
Joe Hunter 14 dager siden
I love those old ones. The new ones takes for dam near ever to wash my clothes those other ones a few minutes and it was done
Armando van Haaren
Armando van Haaren 14 dager siden
Just boil wash your clothes
willie6185 15 dager siden
Power steering by Armstrong. Get it? Misses W old car.
feral kid
feral kid 15 dager siden
My little bro been in the business for about 25 years. I buy mine used, the old standard variety that's been around forever. He says they're the best.
RippingJack76 15 dager siden
I would love to know the make and model. Or maybe a link to the pair you bought. I'm definitely in the market for one myself.
Eric Fox
Eric Fox 18 dager siden
Mrs W got the fizz as did you as well
Kathy D
Kathy D 18 dager siden
❤️ Blessed by your family
Kirk Daillest
Kirk Daillest 18 dager siden
Got a dryer from the 60s an that thing rocks. Went thru lots of new washers but the old dryer still kicks
DADoESofTX 19 dager siden
You're wrong about no electronics. All current Speed Queen topload washer models (TR7, TR5, TR3, and TC5) have a computer board in the console. The rotary knobs are selectors for the board. The cycle selector on the washer is not a mechanical timer. It doesn't start at a Wash position and rotate to Off at the finish. It'll be at the same position at end of the cycle as it was at the start. Get a screwdriver, open the console, you'll see the electronics in there.
AMS 45
AMS 45 20 dager siden
Which model did you get ??? Etc.
JudyRose 20 dager siden
I use a Maytag wringer washer and always will. Minimal replacement parts, metal parts when metal parts were METAL.... cleans your clothes like NOTHING else....actually faster than the modern, "efficient" washers that leave actual dirt on your clothes and the cycle takes an hour. I found a source for new parts and will NEVER use another machine.
jefftuckercfii 21 dag siden
$200 spent on a 2.5 year old used Whirlpool Cabrio (all modern electronics) to replace the old analog Frigidaire washer that failed and flooded half my house. Run it on deep water setting so the wash gets enough water. It's okay, but I can't wash heavy stuff in it because it won't stay in balance on spin cycle. Going back to the old style with big agitator when this one dies. Maybe a Speed Queen. Thanks for the info.
Janet Burrows
Janet Burrows 21 dag siden
The funny thing is. I was on holiday in North Wales and this old couple, still had a really lot tv. When they turned it on, it actually knocked off the all the internet in there village. HaHaHa 😂😂😂😂😂❤️🙏💖
Jack B. Nimble
Jack B. Nimble 21 dag siden
I’ve been trying to get my wife to change back to the old washer and dryers but she hasn’t budged yet. Buying new every 3 or 4 years is getting kinda old.
shouldibehere 21 dag siden
We've had our Speed Queen ten years. Still runs perfectly.
Tonya Meadows
Tonya Meadows 21 dag siden
The warranty went out on our washer in June and now it's broke. 🙄 I'm with you. I'd much rather have an old style washer.
Max Limit
Max Limit 21 dag siden
I had a Speed Queen W/D set that I ran for 26 years and never had to do a thing to them.
York Onnen
York Onnen 22 dager siden
We bought a new HE Speed Queen washer six months ago and haven't had a clean load of laundry since. Low water, low speed agitator, short wash cycles. We tried a HE Maytag from Home Depot and had the same results. Guess we'll just have to get used to stiff, dingy clothes with all this new technology. Try getting an honest answer from any of the sales people; they blame it all on California's energy standards!
Lisa Groose
Lisa Groose 22 dager siden
Speed Queen for me next! My 11 year old Amana will need replacing because can't get the circuit board anymore and its already been repaired twice. Love your videos!
Brian Herbert
Brian Herbert 22 dager siden
We love our Speed Queen washer and dryer. One of the convincing factors when we bought them was that they are what the Amish use because they are the only ones that can get the manure stains out.
Kay P
Kay P 22 dager siden
Do those work on the European/Benelux electronic system?
Dr IT 22 dager siden
Speed Queens they got are the new TR series. Highly debated redesigned agitator and drum (doesn’t clean as well). Speed Queen brought back the Classic TC5 because many speed queen fans like old school wash agitation compared to the TR5. Let’s see how these TR series’s clean. Consumer reports and other NOpost channels giving bad reviews to the slow wash action that doesn’t clean stains. And yes all new speed queens have electronics/ computer boards regardless of series.
airtechmech6 22 dager siden
This is why we still have our almost 32 year old Maytag washer and dryer. Made in U.S.A. by Maytag. Simple and old school. Have only replaced a few things and they are very easy to work on.
Tina Booth
Tina Booth 22 dager siden
Should have gone with the speed queen classic instead. Big difference in washability
Andy Roid
Andy Roid 22 dager siden
*Some folks confuse these failures with the term known as Planned Obsolescence. These are obsolete machines! The old 'manual washboard' is obsolete (at least it is, in our modern day society).* *These machines have been designed/engineered to DIE AN EARLIER THAN EXPECTED DEATH (but also, to die after the warranty has expired, of course). It's really sad... and these companies that follow this unethical process of designing/manufacturing these flawed products should be be absolutely ashamed of themselves!*
Jonathan Garzon
Jonathan Garzon 23 dager siden
I love their commercial washers but they cost $5k-10k
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael 23 dager siden
Great video Cody @WranglerStar
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael 23 dager siden
I have the new Samsung dual load smart washer and dryer and me and my wife love them has the main front load and had a small load option on the top for small quick items and I still have my old whirlpool washer and dryer just like these outside for my greasey clothing from work so my greasey clothing isn't in my wifes new units @wranglerstar
tpalshadow 23 dager siden
I dunno, if you buy a decent HE setup, read the directions, and know what you are doing, they work excellent. Whatever works for you though!
NickDaum 74
NickDaum 74 23 dager siden
No power steering is better then no steering Cody
Wranglerstar 23 dager siden
True Nick
roman star
roman star 23 dager siden
' your mother just pointed out this may not have been my best idea . can i try my bed now ? this is not really your bed i was just joking . this is mama's washing machine ' . so cute and so funny , rofl
Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller 23 dager siden
No you only go to jail if you live in California
Ken Shores
Ken Shores 24 dager siden
You and your better half are a hoot. She has an infectious laugh.
Elliott Reynolds
Elliott Reynolds 24 dager siden
What are the specific models of the washer and dryer?
coldnorthAK 24 dager siden
I bought a speed queen washer and dryer almost 10 yrs ago. (Still use em) At the time I was enjoying an all expense paid vacation curtesy of the USAF. The new dryer started leaving black spots on the clothes. The appliance outfit who installed it came out and looked at it, said it was user caused and charged the family for a service call. When I got back, I tore the thing apart and discovered that the drum rollers are rubber and they create a fine dust that get sucked into the heating element and ends up on your clothes. Best bet is to find harder drum rollers, or don’t put whites in dryer when dryer is new.
RSR 24 dager siden
Speed Queen are great. The only issue is that they don't make oversize options AFAIK, which Whirlpool does, as well as offering stainless wash baskets (drastically minimizes rust stains). Whirlpool's commercial grade, whatever the labeled brand, is available w/ physical knobs and do have reliability similar to Speed Queen. Check out Atskos Sportswash for the best regular use laundry detergent!
Reginald Graves
Reginald Graves 24 dager siden
You must hope that America comes out of its trance because The Green New Deal will make that equipment illegal!
Darrin Rentruc
Darrin Rentruc 24 dager siden
A good senator named Rand Paul tried to explain to the green idiots [democrats] that the specs for water usage per load the government is requiring is putting the American made appliance manufactures out of business [not to mention the super high repair cost]. Now we toilets that have to flushed twice and wash machines that are to expensive to run.
m3chanist 24 dager siden
So you don't know how to repair electronics, and your ignorance of the subject and inability to fix it yourself is their fault. That about it? Not in your comfort zone so don't bother learning and blame ”them”. Let's not hear you complain about people throwing away perfectly fixable tools because of their own lazy indifference.
R S 25 dager siden
Was there any content at all in here about the dirty little secrets? I found this video completely useless
Funk Skunk
Funk Skunk 25 dager siden
Which model did you buy? I'm sick of our 'he' washer
johnnyspaceman1 25 dager siden
Unless it has something to do with me I don't care =conservative How many so called conservatives will now wear
johnnyspaceman1 25 dager siden
Grt an older whirlpool or kenmore are super cheap and easy to fix
Mountains, rivers and trees
Mountains, rivers and trees 25 dager siden
Wise purchase Wranglestar. I like your thinking on this. Keep it simple and build it solid.
Eddy Goodwin
Eddy Goodwin 25 dager siden
should have got the tc5
robin meza
robin meza 25 dager siden
You are so right on what you say. I am done with the new junk. I bought a ring washer.
Patrick Mills
Patrick Mills 25 dager siden
If you think that thing doesn't have electronics, I've got news for you. Take the 2 5/16 screws off of the bottom of the front panel and see the PCB. Oh yeah, take the control panel cover off of the back and the other board. Oh yeah, that thing is programmed at the factory to conserve water. Sorry to burst your bubble.
catothewiser 25 dager siden
In the 70's when they were pushing efficiency in cars it often just means less. Less power. So was it more efficient in getting from one point to the other? In a sense. But that didn't mean more useful work per unit of gas.
Andie M
Andie M 25 dager siden
Loved the video! You guys are so cute together.
Dave Meiser
Dave Meiser 25 dager siden
For those of us who live in areas that have limited well capacity along with poor perking soils appreciate minimizing water usage so the side loaders help. Most gas dryers do not have a pilot now but a glow plug and sensor. Electric is $$$ in our area but propane is cheap hence gas for dryer and cooktop
leira 26 dager siden
Gas dryers have pilot lights?
Michael Twing
Michael Twing 26 dager siden
Front loaders are a moldy mess. Even keeping the door open when not in use doesn’t help the mold issue. I’m done with them.
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie 26 dager siden
stick with the old mechanical type remember them things vibrate and nothing like last long in transportation
gadgetmantwincities 26 dager siden
When we got our speed queen the dealer misled us and said we couldn’t get one with just knobs. Ours has digital buttons
es350 26 dager siden
I think you bought the wrong model, you need to get the classic clean one with the real agitator. the one you bought has an agitator paddle and only swishes the clothes a little
jeepdog1998 26 dager siden
I have old Kenmore's that I fix if something goes wrong
Bonita Drake
Bonita Drake 26 dager siden
I recently went back to the OLD school washer and so glad I did. I had 2 HE washers go out at 4 year's. So when it went out I said no more. I found a old school super heavy oversize capacity plus by Maytag I paid 185.00 for it it works like a dream! It has a stainless steel tub I have NEVER been happier! Brought it home gave it a scrub down and now we can wash comforters and no longer have to take them to the laundromat! It looked brand spanking new when we bought it so who ever had it had taken excellent care of it. No rust stains nor scratch marks. Yes I'm in love with my washer❤
Bug vs Windshield
Bug vs Windshield 26 dager siden
Put your foot in middle of dolly....on wheel ...if load goes crazy...your foot pays he price. In the middle...not as effective, but much safer.
I Want To Survive
I Want To Survive 26 dager siden
This is GREAT news that someone is still making these types of washers. This is what I want when I have a house eventually.
Jarad Fowler
Jarad Fowler 26 dager siden
Are those red kap pants
Tim Lukens
Tim Lukens 26 dager siden
Uncle Shamus
Uncle Shamus 26 dager siden
Is this drump tv?
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