Holy Smokes! That Was A Close Call

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3 måneder siden

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visesh seernam
visesh seernam Måned siden
an electric saw to cut small branches how lazy they are
teslafreak 3 måneder siden
She has a point with the Scottish. Kilts are really comfy too.
Fed up1
Fed up1 3 måneder siden
How do you like your yanmar tractor ? Much trouble with it ? Who many hours do you have on it ?
Daniel Hill
Daniel Hill 3 måneder siden
How do you like that Dewalt saw? I have been eyeballing one to keep in the truck when we go camping and out on trails
lakesideinc 3 måneder siden
time you go to a big box or hardware store ..look at the T post fence post pullers ..... you like building things ,,, its a great day project I've made 2 of them so far ,,,ofcorse beefed them up and made them adjustable,,,lol ,,, but they really do work great and you can make them with leftover metal pieces :)
Chris Healey
Chris Healey 3 måneder siden
Loving Mrs W what a gal what a catch! You lucky sod as we say in England.
Fat - n -Happy
Fat - n -Happy 3 måneder siden
grateful 3 måneder siden
That Dewalt chainsaw would be nearly perfect for light-duty if the auto-oiler worked correctly. I'm on my second one because I had to return the first one because it just stopped oiling the bar and chain, with a full tank of bar oil. I've heard it's a common problem with that model. I love Dewalt, and have most of their 20V hand tools, so my experience with the chainsaw was a bummer.
Riley Eaton_Palmer
Riley Eaton_Palmer 3 måneder siden
5:55 the best way to let pressure off it by turning the key on (not starting it) and using the 3rd service and it will take the pressure off.
Hunter Covington
Hunter Covington 3 måneder siden
pro tip, when you're pulling t posts like that you can just wrap the chain and hold the loose end back toward you to make it bite then you dont have to fight with the hook slipping off
Austin Robertson
Austin Robertson 3 måneder siden
"Tell that to the scottish"...dont bash on the kilt until you try it there is a reason they where them
MattV2099: Guns & Food
MattV2099: Guns & Food 3 måneder siden
are you pimping this place out so you can sell it and get an even bigger homestead?
77skipsskippernic 3 måneder siden
I can't let this go any longer. It's pronounced shaps. It's spelled with a C because it's a shortened word for the Spanish word chaparreras. English version of chaps is a gentleman from England. Any western man should know this.
Stephan Scott
Stephan Scott 3 måneder siden
Love your channel. I enjoy the scenery a lot. Watching your channel from Germany,where I live. Beautiful nature.
the life of patryk
the life of patryk 3 måneder siden
Why hate bacon
Dave Drob
Dave Drob 3 måneder siden
Hey bud, is your tractor geared or hydro?
SOVT 3 måneder siden
I'm a some what casual subscriber, its crazy to watch Jack grow up!
Larry Witte
Larry Witte 3 måneder siden
Beautiful property Cody God bless
Richard Malone
Richard Malone 3 måneder siden
Love your Video's, slowest tractor on earth. Have fun.
Malcolm Alexander
Malcolm Alexander 3 måneder siden
Nice to see Mrs W in operation!
mike plant
mike plant 3 måneder siden
my great grandmother kept chickens the cockerel attacked my mother , great granny said "I'll fix that!" wrung it's neck and had roast chicken for tea. if they start getting uppity, get rid before they hurt someone.
markbuilt 3 måneder siden
I like your wood piles is this a better way . I am always looking for away for less handling ( handle wood enough right ) .
James D
James D 3 måneder siden
Nice teamwork.
David Deupree
David Deupree 3 måneder siden
Hello Mr Wranglerstar. I was wandering if you might be able to help me with something a little off topic. I've recently been given an old GBA cruiser how long were the handles on them I would like to make my own thank you
tmorton922 3 måneder siden
Mrs W is a peach. ! Love you all.
Hank Amarillo
Hank Amarillo 3 måneder siden
3:58 . wait does his wife only wear skirts and never pants?
Stephen Nganga
Stephen Nganga 3 måneder siden
Um.. what did I miss? What was close?
Wondog 3 måneder siden
I need a wife who's not afraid of work.
Andrew T
Andrew T 3 måneder siden
Chicks in Chaps, and Mrs W wears them well 😍
Dottie Hildebrand
Dottie Hildebrand 3 måneder siden
Nice job. God bless stay safe♥️🇺🇸🌹
4x4Scout 3 måneder siden
Yeah I have gotten rid of a few aggressive roosters. Can't have that crap around kids. Oh man you guys are slow at pulling T-posts. My son Cody and I had a bunch to pull and we got a real rythem going. We left on end of the chain on the tractor bucket. I would run up to a post and he would just flip the chain around it in a certain way and I would pull it and drop it while he walked to the next one. If you do it right you don't even have to hook the end of the chain.
Brian Martin
Brian Martin 3 måneder siden
Do you eat pork?
Adam Leach
Adam Leach 3 måneder siden
I guess someone will be a good Chef if they jo in the navy,
NE555 3 måneder siden
What a lady Mrs W is, you are truly blessed WS , blessing to you and your family
Doctor Who's Matt Smith
Doctor Who's Matt Smith 3 måneder siden
Puny West coast guy fence posts.
They call me Bacon
They call me Bacon 3 måneder siden
I'm offended by her hatred of bacon.... but that's more bacon for those of us that love bacon!
Mishawaka Post
Mishawaka Post 3 måneder siden
Sweetloaf ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭👑👑👑👑👑
Mishawaka Post
Mishawaka Post 3 måneder siden
Temps have been in the 90s here in northern Indiana.
Samwise Gamgee
Samwise Gamgee 3 måneder siden
i just watched someone work for 10 minutes haha
Gregory Thomas
Gregory Thomas 3 måneder siden
Wrs. W is an awesome lady...and Cody is a lucky man :)
Jason Gonzalez
Jason Gonzalez 3 måneder siden
Wish Texas was cool like that I almost passed out on the roof at work yesterday
RastaRobby 3 måneder siden
Dude, T-Post puller-- even faster than the tractor. One man job--super slick.
Zen Jamin
Zen Jamin 3 måneder siden
Miss W handles those big limbs with ease
Floyd Lloyd
Floyd Lloyd 3 måneder siden
It's cool in July and everyone's wearing fleece. Must be Global Warming/Climate Change/Disruption.
cade861 3 måneder siden
Where has heart racer gone?
Doug Franco
Doug Franco 3 måneder siden
i have been eyeballing a jack and a few male goats as wall as a hand full if roosters .....lol no one want my problems ...and there FREE . ps if you walk up and shoot a upadee Rooster right in the middle of the flock (free ranging ) they may ....may look at the birds last 2 or 3 jumps but they will be back to normal is 15 sec or so as well as give you no mind for the dirty deed .
Richard Freeman
Richard Freeman 3 måneder siden
Do roosters make good wings?
BestPresidentEver 3 måneder siden
I bet their was many times Cody was saying let me just get the bucket as the counter weight so i can make better turns i bet Rhino got in the way a few times i bet
Maverick Wagner
Maverick Wagner 3 måneder siden
Are the battery chainsaws worth getting for small trees and limbs or is it just better to get a small gas saw? I only use my chainsaw a few times a year and it is normally lite duty cutting.
T C 3 måneder siden
I think I will move there it has been around 107 here every day with high humidity. darn them Great Lakes
Joe 3 måneder siden
“Roll on mighty Columbia roll on”
Lee Harrell [W5GCF]
Lee Harrell [W5GCF] 3 måneder siden
I don't like seeing Mrs. W that close to the backend of a brush hog, especially near the asphalt road, where there's loose gravel. I don't mean to be a nervous nelly but I've seen plenty of things come flying out from under brush hogs.
Yoshi92 3 måneder siden
9:12 - 9:14 is that a safe or unsafe move?
stupidity police
stupidity police 3 måneder siden
Mrs. W got some skills to sell that
Lynda Wilkinson
Lynda Wilkinson 3 måneder siden
4:04 The Scottish and the Egyptians!
Lynda Wilkinson
Lynda Wilkinson 3 måneder siden
Hey Cody and Mrs.W, Where is "Heart-Racer"?
Gaviscon 3 måneder siden
Where can I find my own Mrs W?? She’s a fine lady Hello from 🇬🇧👋🏻
alan H
alan H 3 måneder siden
Men war the pants, "Tell that to the Scotts" hahahahaha......TOUCHE' Mrs. W.
RYAN 3 måneder siden
Nathan Hanz
Nathan Hanz 3 måneder siden
Man the camera quality is just so good
Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
iPhone 11 ProMax
iceman22m 3 måneder siden
Dont know if you guys will ever see this comment, but... I know a man that lost an eye from a bush hog. The chans help to stop sticks / rocks from flying out, but it's no guarantee! B safe guys.
Grace McDonald
Grace McDonald 3 måneder siden
Americans have cool hard hats
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael 3 måneder siden
"Tell that to the Scottish" lol nice quick wit there Mrs Cody @WranglerStar
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael 3 måneder siden
Looks like you both got a lot if work done good video cody and The Mrs @WranglerStar
Johnny McCrescent
Johnny McCrescent 3 måneder siden
12:35 This is beautiful scene in the background
Johnny McCrescent
Johnny McCrescent 3 måneder siden
9:34 I'm gonna defend Mrs W here That was a close call there Maybe she should be operating the big machine where it's safer, next time.
frank hocker
frank hocker 3 måneder siden
i have enjoyed the transfomation of your tuber site..i have a question for you? since Amazon products are mostly coming to us from China and the force that they are tfying to fight our way of life will you ftnd more American soures for your trying out new products.
Johnny McCrescent
Johnny McCrescent 3 måneder siden
You should have recorded that battle between Mrs W and the aggressive rooster Mrs W, kick him in the beak with the left foot, then a right hook right in the kisser I'm all for Poultry rights, but when they get aggressive like that, add them to tonight's Soup
Tony T
Tony T 3 måneder siden
I love the way he does all the stuff... and stuff.
TheRaggedEdge 3 måneder siden
Hating bacon?! I guess we’ve found a character flaw with Mrs. W. lol
Sasha Whitefur
Sasha Whitefur 3 måneder siden
I was atttacked by a rooster, when i Was 2or 3. I can see remember it, clearly. Like it was yesterday!!!!
Alloran 3 måneder siden
One of the more dangerous things I did working on the home with the old man was dragging logs using a steel cable instead of proper chain. Cable was not rated for what we were doing with it and would break under load. Crazy dangerous and I'll not do it again.
David Haigh Haigh
David Haigh Haigh 3 måneder siden
Anybody know where Brian disappeared to?
pdcurtis88 3 måneder siden
I think it's a really nice addition to have your young lady behind the camera and commentating, it brought a freshness to your content.
Braxx Juventa
Braxx Juventa 3 måneder siden
Ralph Barry
Ralph Barry 3 måneder siden
Hey, is that Mt. Hood or Mt. Rainier?
TheCanadianBubba 3 måneder siden
Mrs.W works better than a lot of fellows I have known !
someguyfrommd 3 måneder siden
Yeaaaa mrs w came to stop the rooster oh yea 🎶
ron peek
ron peek 3 måneder siden
Britches are for men. Pants are for women. he he. Great video.
Arkansas Pilgrim
Arkansas Pilgrim 3 måneder siden
Yeah, roosters are supposed to be a bit aggressive (they'll protect the hens from some intruders), but some take their job a little too seriously.
BIGCHEW 3 måneder siden
prety rooster..
C Bob White
C Bob White 3 måneder siden
Running a chainsaw, in a skirt and pink Crocs................only Mrs. W. is lady enough to pull that off.
John treml
John treml 3 måneder siden
I haven't seen Heartracer for a long time in a video, I hope she's ok.
tzippora7 3 måneder siden
She went to another home.
Janet Burrows
Janet Burrows 3 måneder siden
Nop. Sorry Cody, you need a good Lancashire Lass, THAT WEARS THE PANTS. 😂👍😱😜🤣😅🇬🇧💖🙏🇬🇧💖🙏
Conor C
Conor C 3 måneder siden
“Pants are for men, skirts are for woman!” Tell that to the Scottish! That brought a smile to my face! As a proud Scot! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇸
WillieRants 3 måneder siden
What happened to Heart Racer?
ZipKickGo 3 måneder siden
In the last video with King Durian's cameo narration while you guys were talking had me think he was not long for this world haha.
Devin82m 3 måneder siden
Thanks for sharing. I will admit though, I'm not liking that camera lens you used, it was distorting things and disorienting.
wdbrnr63 3 måneder siden
Mrs. Wranglerstar's first flaw ever seen on the channel: "I hate bacon".
Chris Spencer
Chris Spencer 3 måneder siden
She just liked the idea of coq au vin for dinner
Douglas Mungham
Douglas Mungham 3 måneder siden
Glorious view of the mountain Mr &Mrs W
MAE HAY 3 måneder siden
A great start to another entry road on to your large piece of land! Mrs.W sure can do some hard work outdoors! Nice work everyone on the Wranglerstar channel.👍
Sonnicman 3 måneder siden
Not sure if I’m fully understanding what the master plan is, and the reason for it’s implementation, lol but it’s looking good so far. Was fun to see Mrs. W do some filming.
Shawn O'Brien
Shawn O'Brien 3 måneder siden
I go in pool and your cold
Texoma Tinker
Texoma Tinker 3 måneder siden
Definitely cool weather work. I'm clearing fence line here in North Texas with a heat index of 100 degrees plus. Turkey bacon isn't bacon!
Jeffrey Ward
Jeffrey Ward 3 måneder siden
"Tell that to the Sottish" - LOL
Cajolene And Family
Cajolene And Family 3 måneder siden
All rosters will be aggressive if the rosters is a teenagers. The old rosters Will not be aggressive
Blastmaster1972 3 måneder siden
Turkey bacon is NOT bacon. If it didn't grow onna pig, it's not bacon.
Justin W
Justin W 3 måneder siden
I want a Honda pioneer but the roll cage makes it so ugly I just couldn't do it
Clinton Miner
Clinton Miner 3 måneder siden
there is nothing quite so beautiful as a woman that can work alongside her man. thank you again for your example and the peace it brings to my day
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