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Måned siden

Wranglerstar modern homesteading. She told me I had 24 hours to get the deck done.

justin Måned siden
Curtains, blinds for windows - expensive all together.
Ranger 1780
Ranger 1780 Måned siden
Praying for your son.
Priit Raju
Priit Raju Måned siden
Hei, long time viewer, have a remark. The caps lock captions that all the teens use like "HAVE ONLY X" might not be the thing for this channel. I feel like it may annoy your main audience base. Assuming i get it correctly that its mostly men 35+. Just a thing you may discuss within your team. Heck, annoyed me enough to write this comment 🙂. Other than that, stay safe, keep up the good work!
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster Måned siden
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻enjoyed....I was bored and read the comments...oh well what can I say, Cody you should have watched a Utube video on building a railing, and one on bolting a compressor to a concrete floor! Love Utube😊
kirk garverick
kirk garverick Måned siden
Just got around to watching this vid. A little advice, double nut the bolt so you do not damage the threads. Good luck with your projects.
David Webster
David Webster Måned siden
It's a shame you don't have your son to help you. I expect with your high standards you didn't have the time to mentor him. It's the price one pays for having the wife raise a boy. He will get it in time hopefully.
Robert Måned siden
The Chinese manufacture 99% of the worlds thermometers. They are making then read hotter then it actually to fool the world its getting hotter!
Ronald Hoch
Ronald Hoch Måned siden
If you are worried about rebar, you should get a rebar concrete bit. (Rebar eater) also, you can drill out all the holes, set the anchors and then the equipment. Many times the problem is the anchors not being straight out or plumb which throws it off. You can bend the anchors a bit to straighten them out so they go where you want. Another good option you could try next time is drop in anchors.
charles cameron
charles cameron Måned siden
Could have used a rebar Eatter when you hit that solid spot. But I'm sure you knew that and just didn't have one on hand. But for others who may not know about them.
Keith Parady
Keith Parady Måned siden
That’s a west coast guy for ya lol
Keith Parady
Keith Parady Måned siden
Should have put the nut on first
Steven Keween
Steven Keween Måned siden
Alot easier if you drill your hole with the compressor in place and then just install the anchor through the foot. Appreciate all your videos Cody !
Yourentaharley stan
Yourentaharley stan Måned siden
Nice video. I have to date put in oh 10 + or - thousand red heads not once for NASA .What I saw was a man working with his son ,u people that pic every thing is so old .
John Pierce
John Pierce Måned siden
Can trees explode? Please educate me from someone who doesn't fight wildfires
J H Måned siden
Thank goodness, I thought from the title you had some hardship happening in your life. A lot of others in Oregon just lost everything in the fires and now they cant even get out of the toxic smoke and your busy with your continued series of stuffed shirt videos.
Stoneyburke Måned siden
so you made it through the fires?.....that was the last video I saw........you and friends were hunkered down to save farm
Mac Powers
Mac Powers Måned siden
Safety Sally says thou shall not stand above this step! Unless you need to reach a little higher. 🧐😂
westend Måned siden
Pay attention to the handrails on the steps. Shape, dimension, and position are all important. You can't just stack a 2x4 or 2x6 on top of the balusters
Dennis Philen
Dennis Philen Måned siden
Always put the nut on before you pound it in. Ask me how I know.
Truthbetold Måned siden
Must of hired a east coast guy to build that building....lol
Erik Klem
Erik Klem Måned siden
Ok out here on the east coast we use nails for all of our framing. Why are you using screws?
Cotronixco Måned siden
Just mark the plates. No need to subtract 3/4".
Grant Ottaviano
Grant Ottaviano Måned siden
One other thing with those concrete anchors...........when setting them leave the nut on them just flush with the top so when you are hammering them in you don’t mushroom the top and booger up the first few threads making it impossible to get the nut on.
Kevin Måned siden
Jack has really grown in the past few weeks
Ron Måned siden
I remember you didn’t do the rear because you couldn’t reach back there
chance tibbals
chance tibbals Måned siden
What’s the elevation at your new homestead???
Gud nuf
Gud nuf Måned siden
When the compressor kicks in, do you get vibration issues with filming? Maybe putting a wood spacer under it would help?
Mark B.
Mark B. Måned siden
I sure wouldn't want to be the employer who had to answer to OSHA, or a civil lawsuit, as to why my employee was standing on the TOP STEP of a step ladder (3:20)... and slipped and fell to his death. That never happens does it? Sure did happen to a painting contractor in one of our libraries 2 years ago. Was knocked off the 6th rung (6 ft.) and fell onto concrete and died! Why take the chance? Get a taller ladder!!!
Scott Wilcox
Scott Wilcox Måned siden
When you said gert beam that reminds why and how I started watching you’re channel. So for you’re new office why not a small timberframe inside you’re garage. Their free standing heck you could even mount it on heavy duty shop wheels and move it around. Just a thought. Great content and God Bless
JoshHefnerX Måned siden
Some municipalities wont allow horizontal boards for railing because it turns into a ladder for children. Check your local codes.
M W Måned siden
pro tip- put your bolt on before you hammer the anchor in. Then if you damage the threads, you can back the bolt off.
Zachary Vigil
Zachary Vigil Måned siden
Loosen up a bit..
Zachary Vigil
Zachary Vigil Måned siden
You have a good channel but you seem like your too serious man .
4x4Scout Måned siden
I was trying to put an anchor into a concrete wall once when I hit some rebar. Luckily I hit it dead on. Concrete bits do not drill metal very well so I switched to a regular drill bit. Drilled through the rebar and went back to the concrete bit. worked great.
Hello World
Hello World Måned siden
Last tip is a good one😅
Jon G
Jon G Måned siden
When laying out for walls, put the top and bottom plate 'on the flat' lay out as you would, but use your speed square to make a line on the 3.5'' side of the plate... then you'll have a plumb line to line up twisted studs if needed....
Art M
Art M Måned siden
For accuracy, when drilling in concrete with a "large bit" (half inch or bigger), drill a pilot hole first with a smaller bit . Stops the wandering by the larger bit.
Justin Neely
Justin Neely Måned siden
Does 4' give you enough room to remove your pressure tank from the well if needed? Keep up the good work my friend.
DirtKickersandArrowheadLickers Måned siden
only God controls the light man
David Mc
David Mc Måned siden
Ooops, did you just pound in an anchor bolt without the nut (or 2) on top to protect the threads?
How do I
How do I Måned siden
I always thought that when marking out studs it was center to center of the first stud aswell, so you’ll just have to mark 16” and on 32” on on without having to take half the stud
Andrew Cran
Andrew Cran Måned siden
Our national anthem tells us that "Our home is girt my sea".
Rob Crawford
Rob Crawford Måned siden
Andrew Cran .......nope. “Our home is girt by sea”
Andrew Cran
Andrew Cran Måned siden
This felt like 'long-term dejavu' - I think one of the first Wranglerstar videos I watched more than a year ago was Cody bolting the compressor to the floor in the last shop...
John Clarke
John Clarke Måned siden
I check the bow and straightness at the lumber yard and don’t buy any that are not straight. I just don’t let the lumberman throw any piece of lumber on the truck. I check each piece.
John Clarke
John Clarke Måned siden
To anchor stuff in concrete I drilled holes for lead shields, into which I inserted 3/8 inch bolts. The bolts expanded the bottom of the lead shields, anchoring whatever it was bolted to.i only anchored stuff that was unstable, like my stand up drill press. I did not anchor most things, so I could move them and clean up under and behind them. Plus, I hate drilling in concrete.
Mitch McBride
Mitch McBride Måned siden
Them bolts we call dyna bolts check out the RAMSET brand amazing products
Mitch McBride
Mitch McBride Måned siden
Thanks as always to you and your family for doing these videos it’s soo much effort and it’s appreciated thanks Cody
Gavin Lawn
Gavin Lawn Måned siden
Molly bolts are completely different. Only good for handful of things. Junk in my opinion. But those are Sleeve Anchors. In the philly area we just call em Red Heads and I’m sure you can see why. I already kno I’m probably goin to be the 300th person to say this but always run that nut on til it’s flush with the all-thread. Especially if ur not drilling that hole precisely. One good hit and you’ll sink it too far and not be able to get the nut on or get it out.
Archie Kabooom
Archie Kabooom Måned siden
Great tips Cody. God bless you and family
CaringHeart Måned siden
So glad you had your son to help you with the railing. The fact that you're out of debt, as celebrated in an earlier video, gave you have the extra cash to build the solid deck railing.
dysphunktion Måned siden
I have a stupid question.... Should you bleed the air out of those tanks before you move them or does it matter?
Cracker Carl
Cracker Carl Måned siden
Smoke from the fires out west has reached all the way here in CT. Shows the scale of the danger you guys are going through. Stay safe.
Fred Stocking
Fred Stocking Måned siden
It's a good thing that water tank won't ever fail as their doesn't seem to be much room to work.
John Ware
John Ware Måned siden
I remember when you installed the compressor in your old shop a.k.a. the first time, so I can confirm you didn’t have the third Bolton which drove me crazy at the time being kind of OCD. I also think in the old shop you drilled through the holes on the mount, and pounded the bolt through the holes on the air compressor and down into the cement, so you didn’t have to do complicated cribbing to get the air compressor over the bolts
Steve Måned siden
The railing looks great, but in most of Georgia would not pass code. They are opposed to horizontal railing giving toddlers a nice ladder to climb and fall over.
Mike D
Mike D Måned siden
why didnt you use the impact driver for the fasteners? great work, regardless
harpintn Måned siden
When mounting anchors into a floor it is best to drill all the way through the floor so if you decide to move what you mounted you can just hammer the anchors level with the floor.
Jack Carr
Jack Carr Måned siden
At 6:08 is that a mechanics magnetic tray attached to your work pouch? If so that is ingenious! I will be stealing or borrowing that idea. Thanks
mike090909able Måned siden
If I may ask, coming from Sweden we build different to the way you do, but I noticed under the pressure treated wood, you don't place anything? Yes it won't rot but but water will can still be sucked up into the studs, do you not normally place a sill barrier between the concrete and timber? And that's for the great content
Grayson Fisher
Grayson Fisher Måned siden
If you pulled your mark back to 15 3/4, that would be your center to center of your stud. Pulling a measurement from front of one stud to another is the same thing. So, seeing as your tape was at the end of the top and bottom plate (where a stud would be), if you mark at 16 and go, you will have a 16” layout.
stager33 Måned siden
What happens with the fires?
Jarad Fowler
Jarad Fowler Måned siden
Does 4’ give you room to get your well tank past the compressor?
MrBerniebling Måned siden
WHEN I WIN THE LOTTERY, I'M GOING TO BUY YOU A ROTARY HAMMER DRILL. Make's drilling in concrete butter smooth. Great work:)
Clinton Flowers
Clinton Flowers Måned siden
horizontal railings are a no go here for code/home owners insurance aswell. railings can't be able to be climbed for little kids saftey
Country Woodsman
Country Woodsman Måned siden
Very good 👍 Trump 2020 🇺🇸
Greg Dankert
Greg Dankert Måned siden
Smoke showing up on east coast now....
Private User
Private User Måned siden
your my internet dad
lrenturn Måned siden
It's good to have a re-bar cutter bit. I suggest placing the nut on the foundation bolt so that when pounding it down the bolt threads do not get buggered.
Joel Whitmer
Joel Whitmer Måned siden
Im in Michigan and in the evening the sun has been hazy making it darker earlier. Could this be from the fire smoke blocking the sun?
Rob Crawford
Rob Crawford Måned siden
Joel Whitmer well Derrrr , what do you think?
Richard Tullius
Richard Tullius Måned siden
Put a nut on it before you start beating it in, so you can chase the threads. The beauty of that kind of anchor is that they allow you to drill through the compressor leg, insert the anchor, thus eliminating alignment problems. I know you’ve already done it so try to remember it for next time. You probably hit rebar or a rock.
Rick Anderson
Rick Anderson Måned siden
You built a ladder of a railing, you put the railings the wrong way (code they should be up and down)? This would fail in and other place, if you pass, not sure why??? Kids will climb this. WOW.
Steve Excell
Steve Excell Måned siden
Why is the wall needed? My shop compressor sits out in the open.
Doug Dow
Doug Dow Måned siden
Noise reduction.
C Bob White
C Bob White Måned siden
No Ramset?
boulderingrockboy Måned siden
Great tip there at the end. I didn’t know that.
Jason Crowley
Jason Crowley Måned siden
You’ve stalled only 2 at the old place You mentioned it in a video
DAB B Måned siden
I told my wife that bad things were getting stronger and gaining control last year and it will have to be reset like leaves dropping from the trees in the fall. I said I do not wish collapse on anyone but God will have to do something. I did not know he was already working this. Look at everything happening now. He is working and it is being reset. You do not have to believe to be reset.
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia Måned siden
He moved
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg Måned siden
Henry Bucki
Henry Bucki Måned siden
always put the nut on before hammering that way you can reform threads if you damage them on anchors bolts while driving them in
J K Måned siden
Your pneumatic tools thank you.
William DeBow
William DeBow Måned siden
I would have mounted that compressor on vibration isolation pads. A lot less wear and tear on your compressor, bolts getting loose and such.
Joe Rivera
Joe Rivera Måned siden
I like using the pads also. I accidentally threw mine away from an old compressor, and so I didn't have any for my new one, so I have it bolted to a pallet.
Ryan Y
Ryan Y Måned siden
We call those wedge anchors.
thisguywritehere Måned siden
OMG. just now seeing that others have commented already... my bad.
thisguywritehere Måned siden
I always put the nut on flush with the threads so my hammering wont flatten the top Threads : )
James WK Brown
James WK Brown Måned siden
a little help with 16 on center please
Morgan Sulkazi
Morgan Sulkazi Måned siden
awesome looking deck railing.
keystone kid
keystone kid Måned siden
Cody, I used your buddies idea you showed us with the straps. I was hauling a bunch of lumber and tied the loose end like you showed us. Worked like a charm! Thanks for that simple yet effective tip! It was quick and very easy to do.
BareBottom Reef
BareBottom Reef Måned siden
Cringing at every hammer blow on the redhead without a nut on it lol, and every screw thats put in with a normal drill....☻☻☻
Shaun Roberts
Shaun Roberts Måned siden
Cody. Those were 10 outstanding things you said for that young gentleman that will help him keep a job. I was impressed for sure. Thank you for sharing....
kingranch51 Måned siden
Minimum hole depth for is 3-5/8” on a 5/8” qwik bolt/wedge anchor. Important if used in a critical load application. That anchor is super overkill for this install however.
Keegan Watt
Keegan Watt Måned siden
This whole thing kinda feels like the wildland videos. My subconscious is waiting for him to go back and do projects in the old shop
Stacey Del Bucchia
Stacey Del Bucchia Måned siden
God bless you y your familia..great job...you guys are survivors y God is with you always..praying God gives you strength🙏💛💙
darryl labine
darryl labine Måned siden
A bit of advice from a man who's installed thousands of anchor bolts...drill as deep as you can because you can usually pound the anchor down if you don't need it any longer. Secondly, always put a nut on the thread before hammering it down. Guarantees that you won't mess up the threads.
OzarkMan Måned siden
Sure hope you can get that pressure tank out if need be.
Mystic Firefly
Mystic Firefly Måned siden
I hope he mounts a sliding pocket door in that wall.............
Scott Willoughby
Scott Willoughby Måned siden
Gotta keep those forest floors clean.......I GUESS.
Austin McCormick
Austin McCormick Måned siden
So I got new glasses the other day. As I's sitting here watching your video, I realized we have the exact same RayBans! Too funny! They are great frames and this is my first pair from the brand. Hope you enjoy them just as much! No nose pads are amazing.
Hank Amarillo
Hank Amarillo Måned siden
should thread the nut on those concrete anchors before hammering them in as to not damage the threads
Chris Leblanc
Chris Leblanc Måned siden
what are you going to do if you have to change out the pressure tank or if the bladder goes bad
Arthur Coldiron
Arthur Coldiron Måned siden
Nice railing. Just a heads up .... many places require you to cover up the gap / opening under the deck. You might want to look into that. Just in case. :)
Wranglerstar Måned siden
Thanks for the heads up, just passed the appraisal, woo hoo,
satirist Måned siden
That railing is climbable. It likely wouldn't meet code or insurance requirements though I think it looks nice.
TheNorthernEarly Måned siden
4” sphere max, horizontal and vertical doesn’t matter. (5” sphere on stair railings)
Mystic Firefly
Mystic Firefly Måned siden
yes and you can put a can of coke between the rails, so it is definately not code
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