Why Are Subscribers Trying To Get Me Arrested?

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3 måneder siden

Wranglerstar modern homesteading.
Wranglerstar Shill Of The Day | Jeriah has set me up with the Baofeng 8 watt radio. This thing is really nice and only costs $60. Get a pair for your home while you still can - amzn.to/32tSsNK - (amazon affiliate link)

Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
Wranglerstar Shill Of The Day | Jeriah has set me up with the Baofeng 8 watt radio. This thing is really nice and only costs $60. Get a pair for your home while you still can - amzn.to/32tSsNK - (amazon affiliate link)
jim mack
jim mack 21 dag siden
@Jesus Christ Just remember one day you will have to answer to your creator! Your answer was not very Christian.
jim mack
jim mack 21 dag siden
@Jesus Christ Some of us worked hard to get the highest license (Extra). You need to understand radios. For the technician rating it is very easy and you will be legal. If you don't want to get licensed then get cb radios.I assume you have a drivers license.It's the same thing. You disrepect the Lord by thinking you are special.If you don't think there should be an FCC then get the law changed. But you are proving the FCC is needed!
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 23 dager siden
@Mike Sienicki I Am that I Am.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 23 dager siden
@jim mack Licensing has nothing to do with "common courtesy" The FCC should be dismantled and their buildings torn down brick by brick. They do not represent the will of the American people. Keep licking boots you commie! Taxation isn't theft, IT'S CONSENT. BuT hOw WiLL tHe RoaDs gEt BuiLt!?! As if infrastructure didn't exist before the 1900's XD Honest question, do you have children, and if so, do you vaccinate them and send them to public school? Just wondering if you low key worship moloch....
ian lombardo
ian lombardo Måned siden
Mike Sienicki Amateur Radio operator’s like myself are exempt from the type acceptance requirement as we are only subject to part 97 rules and the part 1 rule regarding no felony convictions
Roy Phelps
Roy Phelps Dag siden
For large vanity/sink units always found it easier to put on hand truck ..on end.. to transport in home and exact placement without risking marring woodwork. Using old cardboard to cushion the unit works wonders. Prevents struggling with unit in home with limited number of people to help.
Tobias Marquez
Tobias Marquez 2 dager siden
You will be persecuted because our savior was persecuted first. That is where we get our encouragement knowing that the world Only persecute us due to the fact that we belong to heaven and not to this world thank you for the encouraging videos and content God bless you
yankeesuperstar 5 dager siden
David Edgerton
David Edgerton 6 dager siden
The left overs of the third reich are growing. That spirit is overcoming many. Its not just a few, its the dismal tide .
David Edgerton
David Edgerton 6 dager siden
She is precious. My grandson just had his first lunch of mack and cheese. Very demonstrative.
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 8 dager siden
your son is so helpful and your daughter is so cute, your house is a dream, i love it, I'm proud for you and your wife.
Abe Rodriguez
Abe Rodriguez 8 dager siden
GOD bless you and your family Wranglerstar, it's a shame Bozos are always trying to rain on someone's parade. When GOD's children get attacked as a Heavenly FATHER you can bet your grits HE's not gonna let any of them mosey on without a vivid experience..... One they will regret when they realize GOD was Not Sleeping. Blessed be GOD and all the glory to HIM. Amen !
Frank Cicero
Frank Cicero 10 dager siden
Keep posting videos , commie PINKOS are everywhere and are as useful as a horse with three legs
Per Johansen
Per Johansen 11 dager siden
You have a god dam Rolex Explorer on your wrist at 0:43 ... is it a 36 mm or 39mm? (looks like 39?) I thought you homestead people was poor people! I have a Rolex Explorer 2 (42mm) (GMT function) so I can see different on night & day in the wintertime if I fall asleep! Greetings from Norway!
dcwaku 17 dager siden
It’s the Yankee Marshal that’s trying to turn you in 😂. Seriously, I like your content, keep it up 👍 I’ve unsubscribed from the Yankee Marshal due to his BS.
JDP 17 dager siden
Any time people put any aspect of their personal lives on public media they are opening themselves to critics. There are all kinds of people out there who may disagree with your lifestyle, success, religious beliefs, or even your brand of tractor (I favor John Deere myself). I'm sorry there are people reporting you to various agencies. This happens more often than it should. I enjoy your NOpost channel. Thank you.
tim boltz
tim boltz 18 dager siden
did you make your kid dig that large hole in the ground
Landretti Greg
Landretti Greg 18 dager siden
The Baofeng is a good radio although programming it is not easy. You can connect to a computer and use CHIRP software to program the radio. There are lists of frequencies that can be downloaded into the device. It is dual-band radio and since it operates on HAM bands, an FCC Amateur Radio License is required. ~N9HCY
mach e
mach e 21 dag siden
I love my Father and I miss him: however I wish he could have taught me things like this. You and your Son are so fortunate.
Moe pow
Moe pow 22 dager siden
Your doing well, you believe in God, you have morals/values, your intelligent, you have a popular channel, etc some people hate that, despise your way of life because they don't have it, don't work hard, lazy, covet what you have,, etc....its a Cain & Abel thing. Don't let it bother you...press on... God Bless you and your family
Frances Lock
Frances Lock 27 dager siden
People get jealous and may be confronted with their own inadequacies. From what I can see you’re doing a great job with your children and managing your lives together. NOpost has lots of trolls and troublemakers. During COVID lockdown in Australia some just troll for malicious, sadistic entertainment. I notice from one notorious neighbor, the drug trade hasn’t been too adversely affected by COVID. Imagine people locked down on meth with only their laptop.
munsters2 28 dager siden
It's almost unbelievable that people from another state are calling building inspector. Evil, evil.
Co Carr
Co Carr 29 dager siden
When I was going to college at LBCC in Albany, Oregon, I lived in a complex of quads. A living room and deck, with 2 bedrooms/1 bath on each side. Good times.
Joel Gardner
Joel Gardner Måned siden
i will be praying you
Guido Måned siden
I miss a few videos and now she runs around and talks lol
David King
David King Måned siden
Keep doing what you are doing you are a nice Man with a great way about you. Big respect from across the pond here in the UK 👍
D G Måned siden
RPMS seem high on tractor do you need all of it or can you operate and lower RPM?
D G Måned siden
I love your videos and learning experiences. I realize your are not a pro and sharing life. We all learn as we get older the beauty of age. I appreciate your honesty and would love to meet you maybe cut some wood :). People are sheeple but good folks can make up for the weak links. Hang in there don't get discouraged.
JohnnyReb Måned siden
Man... Things are ridiculous now days, my folks owned a dairy farm/ranch... Me & my brothers operated all kinds of equipment.. we'd load our . 22s in out trucks and drive to high school... After school me & our friends would meet in the school parking lot get in our pickups & go squirrel huntin..can you imagine anything like that happening on our bigger city schools today.... Things are out of control...the snowflakes are everywhere.
JohnnyReb Måned siden
Hahaha... That little girl in the metal pool.. she was sure excited 😄
smyrna5 Måned siden
Haters gotta hate. I can't imagine anyone who treats their kids better
Ruben Esquivel
Ruben Esquivel Måned siden
That was a nice screw gun.
Stan Måned siden
The first 25 sekunds, it´s a horse on the wall. This is the iconic "Dala horse" from the county Dalarna in Sweden. How the heck did it end up in Texas or Oregon or were ever you are ?
Mark Sutherby
Mark Sutherby Måned siden
God is always in control.
Loren Hargadine
Loren Hargadine Måned siden
My god man what wrong with people any more
billy ????
billy ???? Måned siden
Because theres people who will be offended by anything and everything. They think it's their duty to ruin your life because it.
Jeff Jacobson
Jeff Jacobson Måned siden
Neighbors must be from Austin Texas...... similar to Eugene Oregon.
Zach Schmella
Zach Schmella Måned siden
So is that a tlb or a backhoe attachment
Gone Fishin
Gone Fishin Måned siden
Jealous jobsworth same everywhere the system is geared up with corruption and Moran’s ☘️☘️
Lorraine Helt
Lorraine Helt Måned siden
She is sooooo cute. I just love little ones. He has a good head on his shoulders your son I’m mean.
Truth Seaker
Truth Seaker Måned siden
Government would not want any kids relying on parents to teach kids anything useful so they can rely on them (government) when they grow up.
Janice Williams
Janice Williams Måned siden
That little girl is happy, splashing in the above ground pool. LOL. She's a joy to watch.
Shane Mclean
Shane Mclean Måned siden
The reason you get turned in is because liberals cannot stand you and your families self sufficiency and your faith. They want people dependent on government and worshipping government, that is what would make them happy!
The Epperson Family !
The Epperson Family ! Måned siden
Great Information, great morals and hard work. God Bless you and your wonderful family..
Harry Paul Garcia
Harry Paul Garcia Måned siden
Most of us here in Texas appreciate and respect you. We pray for you. It must be the influx of the crazies who are flooding our great state from California and the ne. God bless you and your family.
Jonathan Forte
Jonathan Forte Måned siden
It’s a good thing your handy so you don’t have to spend money for labor
Ted H
Ted H Måned siden
The number of sociopaths walking around in our society is disturbing. Its getting worse because they have "a reprobate mind"
Gerstenpower Måned siden
Sad how people these days are just trash. People are so worthless that all they have to do is start trouble, keep doing what you are doing, you are what this country is built off. People who do stuff like that just want to destroy it and will be weeded out one day.
Bobbi Wilhite
Bobbi Wilhite Måned siden
Best mom and dad as well as children award goes to drum roll please.... Wait it's obvious!
trav v
trav v Måned siden
4:30 how good is that view!!
FrankBecker Måned siden
You daughter is raised very well and she seems really nice along with jack
Christie Måned siden
Nice to hear your loving comments to your wife. That is so encouraging. My husband was careful who he married but I take such good care of him because he's even more careful about who he is. His character is like gold so I couldn't not take care of him. Keep sharing the love. I so love it when couples work well as a team. Go the team!
jimmy5F Måned siden
Out of Texas? Houston? The embassy that got shut down?
Jaron Bouton
Jaron Bouton Måned siden
Maybe because your are a nazi supporter :-) good luck
Tractor Wrangler
Tractor Wrangler Måned siden
People that do that sort of thing like call building inspectors are jealous libtards.
Gayle Smith
Gayle Smith Måned siden
Your bunny is the cutest! And Jack seems pretty cool too ! 🙏🏼❤️🇨🇦
akyak333 Måned siden
i got to say Jack is a very good worker, who's obviously is a good learner and has received a lot of training - what a joy to watch - it's a thing of beauty to behold - well done Jack and kudos to those who taught you
Alex A
Alex A Måned siden
Alone voice crying in wilderness? Watching you for almost a decade and like every single of your videos and never ever heart anything wrong from you. You are core of American hardworking class and family values. God Bless you and your family, particularly that little beautiful Angel.
John R. Timmers
John R. Timmers Måned siden
Wait when did Sweet Loaf start talking so much? Has it really been that long? I feel old
Henry Carlson
Henry Carlson Måned siden
Thank You , I hope that you do well
Nancy Smith-Baker
Nancy Smith-Baker Måned siden
The news is not reporting about your looting in Portland .take care
ivan dever
ivan dever Måned siden
Keep up the good work, love the show.
Emancipated by TRUTH
Emancipated by TRUTH Måned siden
America is the illusion of freedom - a brilliant deception. We own nothing. We pay tribute (taxes) to our county of residence/State to have "rights" to property that the king/governor/State owns. Stop paying the king and see what happens to your property. You can't just do what you want with the king's property, you don't own it. Every State is the same. They are all uniform. There are no free States where you have allodial rights to property. A building permit is just permission for you to build assets on the kings land for the king with your resources. The king also specifies how it is to be built (codes) and by whom they license.
thedakotakid74 Måned siden
"Let's get our work done early..." My dad would always say that :) Wishful thinking on any farm or ranch
jalurisik Måned siden
I have watched your videos and they have helped me in so many things in my routine weekends activities. Thank you very much. “A person who shows a kindness to a person such as teaching knowledge, then he will also gets a reward just like the reward of the person he teaches”. “There are people that feel unhappy with the enjoyment that others have and feel happy when others have a misfortune”.
john cozad
john cozad Måned siden
Sorry for all the haters...I grew up on a farm and I understand exactly where you are coming from. Love your videos and your family. I pray for y’all often and look forward to every new video you put out. The world needs more people of you and your family’s caliber to help us survive this crazy world. Although I have never met you I am proud to call you brother. God Bless you and your beautiful family.
w96725 Måned siden
Why are people out to get Gods children? It's for the same reason Pharaoh was. It's to get themselves wiped out!
Bowen Smith
Bowen Smith Måned siden
what youtube star has a massive fan base in TX.........
Buddysmoken Måned siden
I bet most of your subscribers wished they kept there mouths shut now and you would come save there house
Australian Woman
Australian Woman Måned siden
Oh my your little ray of sunshine is so cute!!! Please don't show her anymore, there's no telling what the creeps may try!!! Jack's becoming a wonderful young man!!! Please be safe always in Jesus Christ's name Amen 🙏
flobie1kenobi Måned siden
that pipe sticking up was prob just to mark location
Marc Fournier
Marc Fournier Måned siden
Sorry for your troubles. Take joy in your family. Your girl has beautiful rosy cheeks! One question and meaning no disrespect, why the gun on the vanity? Again no disrespect or judgement, just curious.
Mike Stanton
Mike Stanton Måned siden
The value of privacy is underestimated. You can’t trust anyone, especially if you have kids. Those CSD people have a whole secret rule book they expect parents to live by. It’s totally unconstitutional how they ruin lives by trampling our rights, all for their own selfish desires to improve their performance evaluations. They really don’t even care if they find any evidence or not, they assume your bad, therefore you are bad.
ThatOneGuy82 Måned siden
I love this channel. He speaks about the pull handles on the vanity yet makes no mention of the AR sitting on top lol
Leslie Propheter
Leslie Propheter Måned siden
Actually that disturbed me and I'm in comments instead. Keep your stuff private, don't brag
Grey Tallcloud
Grey Tallcloud Måned siden
you are correct. a lot of us see whats going on. some do not. its like 40% of the people are under the antichrists satanic spell. your doing well. i wish i could be as productive,
Herm Wanderer
Herm Wanderer Måned siden
Can I just say thank you for doing the things you do, you have been a type of role model to me for a long time now. We need more men like you in the world to teach young men its good to be a hard working, self reliant, respectable family man.
Hapa Designs
Hapa Designs Måned siden
I once saw a crew drop a septic lid in our tank, they then did rock-paper-scissors on who was going in after it. I stood by with the hose and some fresh clothes for the poor guy who went into the tank.
Donna ML
Donna ML Måned siden
I remember when people rented out rooms. It was really big before the 1980’s. If you think about it, it would be nice for people who are living alone and are lonely.
Wild Man
Wild Man Måned siden
Your titles are becoming more and more misleading from what is actually in the video. I'm not sure if you think this is way to get more views. I personally think you will lose subscribers.
chester Bishop
chester Bishop Måned siden
I love the videos and they are awesome and I don’t see nothing wrong. People are Evil and trouble makers. God Bless
Anthony Flores
Anthony Flores Måned siden
Unfortunately, Texas has a LOT of transplants from Californistan who have fled the beast they created, only to try to implement the same failed policies here. Those would be the people "in" Texas who call CPS and the building inspectors on you. These people aren't real Americans, much less Texans. A real Texan values the traditional family, hard work and God. Sorry you're getting attacked for being a good American!
Ensign MJS
Ensign MJS Måned siden
I love the hyperbole on your comment.
Froggy 01
Froggy 01 Måned siden
Something to do with big guns lying around the place where kids are...? Americans obsession with guns and flags is creepy and weird.
Barbi Button
Barbi Button Måned siden
That little girl is SOOOO adorable, articulate and smart. Too cute
Sharlotte Sometimes
Sharlotte Sometimes Måned siden
I know that is what I was about to say. She is just precious cute!
cslapler007 Måned siden
His little girl looks like she's maybe 2 but I'm guessing possibly still 1 based on her toddling. Yet she is talking, decent enunciation and responding and even making conversation. Does anyone else realize how early this is compared to most kids? Homeschooling for the win!
GoodISnipr S
GoodISnipr S Måned siden
@3:36 Why do you believe it makes sense to pour with the spout at the bottom? Rotate that sucker around so the spout is close to you and enlighten your pouring experiences.
Rebounding from Narcissism
Rebounding from Narcissism Måned siden
Jay C
Jay C Måned siden
He ain't a child. They got some serious make believe going on.
Colin Hill
Colin Hill Måned siden
Thats bizarre my man, im sorry
Gypsy217 Måned siden
I rented rooms out of my 7 bedroom 3 bath home in Portland Oregon for 10 years.
Terriyn Jonez
Terriyn Jonez Måned siden
U need to keep all this infos to urself. I wud'nt do videos on my area or family dude. U shud know ppl don't like someone show off their belongings b smart about ur belongings dude. Don't show anything about ur life just not ur family or area plze.
EvilKabuki Måned siden
4:36 but its apple...so no.
2ladybughippies Måned siden
That's not anything new rooms for rent. Duh
WahidTrynaHeghugh Måned siden
Lol a rifle on top of a vanity on a pallet in your yard is one of the stranger things I’ve seen on youtube
Joe G
Joe G Måned siden
Some people love causing problems.
Christopher Palmer
Christopher Palmer Måned siden
Get both a fiberglass and a steel probe for your guy on the ground . Should be kept on machine at all times. Fiberglass obviously for electrical applications. Steel does penetrate easier but easily fabricated by yourself. Maybe some flatter trenching teeth. Much easier to see for spotter and cleans up DIs ( drop inlets) and trench bottom. Much more forgiving and cleaner trench walls. Good job digging. Just remember not to dig past the crowd or apex of boom with dipper. Input too strong with less feel. Nice little rig.
Christopher Palmer
Christopher Palmer Måned siden
Mount one on the boom or safe, secure spot on or cab place easily accessible for both guys. I keep a chain on board always and hoist with straps and pull with cable chokers and Clovis rated for same weight capacity. I had a single 3/8th chain hook welded to upper backside of laoder bucket. Flashlight , mirror caution tape and lath, felt pen if possible for notes on lath stakes. Some orange paint , not resembling att or fiber pink. Teach ground man to look for and obvious water, gas meters on nearby buildings and overhead, tire puncture issues, any utilities and biological hazards ( bees , snakes, etc. )and vest. and project potential linear direction. Red, blue, yellow, white ribbon tape or ruler in 10ths and 100ths and have " hazard communication " with operator prior and during excavations and clear signals ( cut or fill ) and stop. And ultimate goal. Who to call in event of strikes info in cab. Extinguisher, first aid. Pre- locate and correct methods . Dig within two feet of lines, expose by hand in trench, take one more foot. Safe distance is one foot plus half diameter of pipe. Many utilities use x cops as investigators, and treat site as potential crime scene seizing machine.
Asaf Farfar
Asaf Farfar Måned siden
Some people have way to much time on their hands. Perhaps they are miserable folks and just like to spread misery around to others. Praying for your family and rest of the country.🙏✌🏼
Sap Måned siden
Kids today are just supposed to sit inside and play with their phones how the heck will they get any life experience
Nicholas Vaters
Nicholas Vaters Måned siden
Jack goin for hercules hair do?
Kenny Zeman
Kenny Zeman Måned siden
rooms to rent? there goes the nuclear family, the most anti-fascist things i see always come from people who misunderstand and bash antifa. which is just shorthand for anti-fascist, by the way. everyone seems to just think its a name. renting rooms out, its none of my business, seems unregulated. doesnt affect me, just like observing hypocrisies.
nicky jones
nicky jones Måned siden
I remember a long time ago you guys were talking about adopting..T don't keep up but looks like sweet loaf is yours.god blessed you two.
nicky jones
nicky jones Måned siden
wow.. baby looks like wife... very sweet. god bless.
nicky jones
nicky jones Måned siden
wow.. the baby is so cute and Jack is a teenager. time passes fast. my hair is gray and white. i might benefit from a bit of color.
nicky jones
nicky jones Måned siden
its the dye job?
Jon A
Jon A Måned siden
Mr W honey why does my back, shoulder hurt ????
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