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26 dager siden

Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading. My favorite tools of all time.

Wranglerstar 25 dager siden
DannoTull 23 dager siden
I've noticed that the word "Exceedingly" is one of the words that gives you the "fizz" and you seem to love to use it as often as you can. I just wonder where did you pick it up?
josh bob
josh bob 24 dager siden
I have a question about 2 old planers I have wasnt sure if you could help me or not thanks
Learnin' 2 Live
Learnin' 2 Live 24 dager siden
I absolutely love this saw. I cant even count how many people on different job sites have asked me about it and tried it out and went out and bought there own. So grateful you shared this with us. Thank you 😉
Logos Bear
Logos Bear 3 dager siden
What is the song?
Oran Deeney
Oran Deeney 8 dager siden
small recessed magnets on the plane shelf could be a good idea to keep them in place
Missouri Dirt
Missouri Dirt 10 dager siden
When I was a little kid I thought my dad's old wood planes were for inserting into a shoe that you wanted to make bigger. Like stick it in a shoe and adjust the knobs and it would stretch the shoes to be a bigger size. I never asked what they were for and obviously wasn't told that's what a wood planes function was, I just assumed one day that's what they were for and never asked. Though I also thought the Schwann's frozen food delivery truck was the Swan catcher....I always wondered how much of an issue there was of roving gangs of wild swans running amuck in rural Missouri.
Ryan Z
Ryan Z 11 dager siden
Simple and clean mind I like that
David Shumway
David Shumway 12 dager siden
Cody, Great video. I believe that disston that you referred to as a d-100 is actually a pre 1928 d-8 thumb hole. A little hard to tell because I didn’t see the tip in the video. The pre 28 d-8 has a wider tip than most hand saws. The d-100 actually has a metal handle frame with a wooden grip. LOVE old tools.
need more sleep
need more sleep 14 dager siden
China killed manufacturing in Sheffield England. It was such a shame.
Prime Philosophy
Prime Philosophy 15 dager siden
Is that a Lament Configuration? The cube.. lol..
Pete Chamlee
Pete Chamlee 16 dager siden
Press on, my Brother! 🤠
Ameri Volt
Ameri Volt 16 dager siden
Thank you for the scripture at the end of your video. God truly is faithful.
Janet Burrows
Janet Burrows 18 dager siden
Still is for anything made from steel. You can’t beat Sheffield for sure. ❤️🇬🇧👍🇬🇧🙏
Join Division
Join Division 18 dager siden
I could watch that and listen to you explain their purposes all day
Olly Dixon
Olly Dixon 19 dager siden
I found one of them Sheffield saws in the shade of the house I moved into. (I live in Kent, England) I used it to cut concrete blocks before I found out it was an antique!! :-0
Raymond Nawarauckasgraham
Raymond Nawarauckasgraham 19 dager siden
Cody this video brings joy to my whole body and make me smile
woodworker Royer
woodworker Royer 20 dager siden
4:30 I have always thought those things such a waste of space. I get the concept, but you use so much space for that angled piece of wood and then there's nothing being stored behind it (not to mention the planes and their handles sticking out). Would that idea work if that "box" was closer to the wall (the bottom out 6" instead of 8 or 10, and the top of the angled board right against the cleat?) Or maybe add some slots to store short push saws or something behind the planes (like in the lids of tool chests, but enclosed in that plane "wall box").
Ryan Fischer
Ryan Fischer 20 dager siden
Funny to think about watching Cody when he’s an old man, will he still be doing this? I think so
Chris Buckland
Chris Buckland 21 dag siden
Join NOpost
Wondog 21 dag siden
Always such a pleasure and respite to follow along. And a wealth of great advice. Thank you!
David Marrs
David Marrs 21 dag siden
"Here is my American saw. Made in Shefield, England." ??????? Interesting that the aim was to have a minimalist shop with only the essential tools close to hand. Then in almost the first planes put on the wall were ones that needed restoration or had never been used.
John R
John R 21 dag siden
Nice job
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg 21 dag siden
Jet Descari
Jet Descari 22 dager siden
what an annoying POS
MAE HAY 22 dager siden
Cody, you have some beautiful tools in your new shop. Until I started watching your videos I didn’t know what a coping saw was or how to use one. My husband has one which I found in our garage but I didn’t know how to buy new blades for it. You Tube can certainly help make your life easier for learning new skills. God’s blessings to you and your beautiful family 👍
Great Guy
Great Guy 22 dager siden
You want to put the shelf for the saws on the left of the plane shelf, because the slots are pointing towards the left. As soon as you have a plane in the furthest right position, the saw will collide with the plane. Just a thought.
L Smith
L Smith 22 dager siden
Truly amazing set of hand tools, looking at that draw knife and drooling over it so much history as well as the stories they could tell as I kid i would go to swap meets with my dad and make him buy me at least one "antique" hand tool every week loved those days pops has passed on but the memories I have with those tools every time I use them never ever trade them (the memories nor the tools) again awesome video
Adam Scearce
Adam Scearce 22 dager siden
You have some really good videos keep up the great work love looking at your videos and you have such a beautiful country side. Hi from VA
Mark Villano
Mark Villano 22 dager siden
I'm not a carpenter, nor do I have an extensive collection of tools, but I can relate to the problem of accumulating too many of the same, or similar items, whether they be screw drivers, sockets, or whatever. It's so easy to come across "the next, best tool" with a new wrinkle on an old concept, and even if you already own five of them, you just know that *THAT'S* the one you really need. And it works great, and it's your new best friend, and it sits there rusting and collecting dust even better than its inferior stable mates. What more could you ask of a tool?
Louis Roy
Louis Roy 23 dager siden
Did you notice the bottle of love Tite?
Tryston Alton
Tryston Alton 23 dager siden
Great catch
D. Brown Jr.
D. Brown Jr. 23 dager siden
Go ahead a place everything where you think you need them at first. Once you do, your going ask, where is my _____? Happens to me every time. Lol. Wait and see.
Tony Jedi Of The Forest
Tony Jedi Of The Forest 23 dager siden
Another great posting. You nearly have as many hand tools as me. I have collected tools since I was at school and am now in my 60’s. About 20 years ago you could pick up Sheffield made tools here on car boot sales or bric a brac markets very cheap but since EBay started then the prices have gone through the roof.
jhonaker76 23 dager siden
Can someone please tell me what mountain this is? Is it Rainier? I'm out of the loop.
Octavius 23 dager siden
"I wish I had anouther arm." How about Jack? He has two.
Steve Bosun
Steve Bosun 23 dager siden
Hi Cody, the compact brace is called a "joist brace". It's for getting in-between floor joists. Drilling holes for electrical cables, etc. Having said that, it'll also work in other confined spaces.
Omar Penney
Omar Penney 23 dager siden
I have an idea what if In the end your wife could read a little manly manners ? Just a thought :) but I do miss it
Funk Daddy
Funk Daddy 23 dager siden
My favorite tool is a high pressure widget spinner, or a ratcheting MacGuffin ✨ 🛠✨
Brent Fowler
Brent Fowler 23 dager siden
Shops looking good Cody. I like the French cleat setup.
Sean Smith
Sean Smith 23 dager siden
Great segment! Thank You!
Stanley J. Mitchell
Stanley J. Mitchell 23 dager siden
I have a 6 by 2 bench that has two wood vices and a drill press on one end. It’s on skids so I can move it around. But you have me inspired to redo my walls. Thank you.
Raymond's Trains
Raymond's Trains 23 dager siden
That wall looks awesome and love the way you did your storage for your "power tools". Looks great 👍 😀
Michael Dougfir
Michael Dougfir 23 dager siden
Very timely. My sister and I were just talking about old style tools and tool names. This will be good to share with her.
Michael Dougfir
Michael Dougfir 23 dager siden
Very timely. My sister and I were just talking about old style tools and tool names. This will be good to share with her.
Michael Dougfir
Michael Dougfir 23 dager siden
Very timely. My sister and I were just talking about old style tools and tool names. This will be good to share with her.
Michael Dougfir
Michael Dougfir 23 dager siden
Very timely. My sister and I were just talking about old style tools and tool names. This will be good to share with her.
Joe Rivera
Joe Rivera 23 dager siden
Very nice selection of tools, but I really like the way you made yuor "track" type system so that the individual racks/organizers are only sitting on the track and are always movable instead of fixed. I guess I'm gonna admit to the feeling of the...FIZZ
FISHRHODES 420 24 dager siden
So this is what Edward Norton does in his off time... But for real that is an amazing collection.
NCSUFutbol 2000
NCSUFutbol 2000 24 dager siden
I'm a professional violin maker from Utah, suprised you use stanley planes. You should give Lie Neilsen a try or at least put some Hock blades in those planes.
MachTwo57 24 dager siden
Always a thumbs up Cody. 👍
rjtumble 24 dager siden
Funny, I just donated a big pile of screwdrivers.
Pa Jo
Pa Jo 24 dager siden
My grand father used a hand saw to build his house. He used heart redwood miss him
Pa Jo
Pa Jo 24 dager siden
Looking forward to some wood working videos it would be a good idea to figure a way to keep your planes from jumping off in a earthquake or ?
John D
John D 24 dager siden
This is looking the bees knees for future videos... And in truth not THAT much work (though the lumber was expensive). A great investment in the channel. Question: we had untreated pine and it got blue mold due to condensation before we could stop it. Spent ages bleaching it; do you have any plans to treat the wood or is your climate ok for that?
matt waelder
matt waelder 24 dager siden
its clear you have a lot of respect for these tools, its nice to see; good video
Ian Farquharson
Ian Farquharson 24 dager siden
Sheffield still does some tools etc. British is best lol. Looking great so far. ThankQ.TkEZ>UK
Jimminy Cricket
Jimminy Cricket 24 dager siden
Sheffield still is a hub of high-quality blade manufacturing, though to no where near the same degree as it before. Once upon a time over 50% of all saw makers in England were based in Sheffield.
Jimminy Cricket
Jimminy Cricket 21 dag siden
@David Marrs Check out Flinn Garlick saws. They have been making saws since 1923, though they also produce saws and other tools for much older companies. The chap I work with owns one, and I take any chance I get to have a go with it
David Marrs
David Marrs 21 dag siden
Are they still making those "American Saws"?
Nicodemus 24 dager siden
Wrangler, i highly recommend you get a tub of paste froglube to use on your tools, works very well at preventing rust and works very well as a plane sole lubricant. i have been using it for a few years now. Also, i recently tried a over night white vinegar bath on some of the rusty second hand brace bits i had acquired, and i was shocked by the results. soak them, bristle brush scrub, rinsed with water (they will re-surface rust within minutes if you do not get them dried promptly)
Austin Anderson
Austin Anderson 24 dager siden
Anyone thinking about ripping out the drywall in their garage and replacing with that fir? I'm seriously considering it
Simon Forget
Simon Forget 24 dager siden
French cleats are so West Coast... Here, in Eastern Canada, we call these Liberty Cleats.
Paul Harrington
Paul Harrington 24 dager siden
1 John 1:9 Nice touch Cody.
Kevin Haley
Kevin Haley 24 dager siden
Nice tool collection, I’m going to have to get one or two of those items for my collection. Sadly I would need to add insulation before I can cover the walls so won’t happen this winter, yet I can start getting the materials together for completing that task.
Kasper Tvergaard
Kasper Tvergaard 24 dager siden
Hey Cody I am redoing my workshop atm. Your vid really give me some helpful tips. Thanks for the inside knowledge of a fellow mans workshop setup
Matt Wyckoff
Matt Wyckoff 24 dager siden
How is your shoulder healing? Been praying for you in this time.
Littleacres 24 dager siden
Enjoyed this video.
John C Gonzales
John C Gonzales 24 dager siden
Wow 2 hand routers, I only have one.
Timofey Zhukov-Khovanskiy
Timofey Zhukov-Khovanskiy 24 dager siden
What is the large Ryoba that you have, and is it a little stiffer than the small one?
Velo City
Velo City 24 dager siden
Nice setup! Your tool and axe videos are always great to watch!
Babybop Kidsrock
Babybop Kidsrock 24 dager siden
I need an Adam Savage tour of Wranglestar's shop and vice versa !
Matt Musselman
Matt Musselman 24 dager siden
That wall looks fantastic. It's gotta have that old timey feel
John Grossbohlin
John Grossbohlin 24 dager siden
We two-handed east-coast guys would have put the bottom cleat up first and let gravity and the spacer hold the upper cleats while they were being screwed in place... Gotta wonder if that's how the west-coast guy did the first four rows of cleats? ;~)
Christopher Trimble
Christopher Trimble 24 dager siden
we need axe organization and sharpening
Braxx Juventa
Braxx Juventa 24 dager siden
Very nice shop Cody! Well done! 👍😁
Ted White
Ted White 24 dager siden
That clamp shelf (as you would say) "gave me the fizz"
M M 24 dager siden
Looks great!
Heywood Jublomi
Heywood Jublomi 24 dager siden
I have a saw called the fish from sandvik Sweden and it’s very pretty
Alan Kehrer
Alan Kehrer 24 dager siden
if you have any spare time this winter, how about coming to IL to help organize my shop? I've already built the 2x4/all-thread work bench - so I have a start! Love the cleat system!
str8 pecker
str8 pecker 24 dager siden
FACOM makes the best tools worldwide CHANGE MY MIND 😬
Xav Yod
Xav Yod 24 dager siden
Hi Cody it is really looking good. Question about the new shop: how is it heated?
Joshua Sutton
Joshua Sutton 24 dager siden
2:15 Is that the same drill from the Milwaukee vs Dewalt torture test?
James Shackcloth
James Shackcloth 24 dager siden
Cody Check out rob cosman for any woodworking / tools / benches On utube ... he is great .
Bob Builder
Bob Builder 24 dager siden
bradley gaudet
bradley gaudet 24 dager siden
Do you make the French cleats? Maybe a how to video?
Pilotroach 24 dager siden
Very nice collection
Dennis Premoli
Dennis Premoli 24 dager siden
8:43 Hello from a materials engineer currently studying at Sheffield Uni (UK) ;) We literally have cutlery museums here ahaha Unfortunately, most of what's left are a lot of of abandoned warehouses where steel working was made.
xTHE x ADVANTAGEx 24 dager siden
I wish this was longer. I could watch this for an hour
k madigan
k madigan 24 dager siden
My father in law gifted me a set of the little giant planes still in the box. One is the flat like you have and there is a rounded version for curves. Very neat tool
Harvey Smith
Harvey Smith 24 dager siden
There is probable a logical reason why you didn't but can I ask why you didn't set up your work bench first?
KJ 24 dager siden
Wonder the wood shop's air filtration system will be integrated in this new modular layout of the entire building. 🤔On another issue, risk of heartburn from all the "fizz" provided by all these vids of special hand-tools, new place-workshop build, pants (not jeans), even an old fashion washer/dryer...🤣
michael dust
michael dust 24 dager siden
0:26 I don't need anymore my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Insayno 24 dager siden
"Here's my American saws" ... "Made in Sheffield, England" Nice.
Insayno 14 dager siden
@Ronald Vadnais I'm not being petty. I know hes just referring to the cutting on the push, rather than the pull. I just thought it was amusing.
Ronald Vadnais
Ronald Vadnais 14 dager siden
I guess he should have used the term "American" or "Western Style" then you wouldn't have had anything to be petty about. :)
Tony Jedi Of The Forest
Tony Jedi Of The Forest 23 dager siden
They were once the best money could buy.
Maskwest4 24 dager siden
very good lay out!!!
Christian Kerr
Christian Kerr 24 dager siden
That coping saw could do with a turned handle. Something really nice.
Bear 24 dager siden
Looks like you got a great system going there. Looks good
Dave Harvey
Dave Harvey 24 dager siden
Great set up love the French cleat idea bless you
the scum of humanity
the scum of humanity 24 dager siden
My favourite tool is my vintage skilsaw model 825. Such a beast of a saw and a beautiful one at that
thrice1888 24 dager siden
“I wish I had another arm! I’m sure a lot of carpenters have said that” I know Jesus certainly wish he did! -all in love
Harry Smith
Harry Smith 24 dager siden
I think the razor blade plane is for shaving paint runs off cars. At least that's where I've seen them used
Brian Mullins
Brian Mullins 24 dager siden
Really loved this video Cody, something really nice watching this.
Jake Vote
Jake Vote 24 dager siden
Cody won’t remind you so I will. It’s always an easy way to contribute to the channel and all the great free content when you let the ads play through without skipping and leave a comment
Jake Vote
Jake Vote 24 dager siden
Two videos in one day gives me the fizz
Jack Purvis
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