Who Was The Good Samaritan

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2 måneder siden

The Good Samaritan
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Joseph A
Joseph A Måned siden
I think you got the lesson of the parable turned around. Christ told the parable to answer the question, "Who is my neighbor?" That question was posed in response to Christ's statement that the second greatest command is to love one's neighbor as oneself. At the end of the parable, Christ asks which of the three men who passed by was a neighbor to the injured man. The answer was ”the one who showed mercy on him." So your neighbor is any man who shows mercy to you. That is the man you are to love as yourself. And you become a neighbor to another man by showing mercy to him.
IAK katz
IAK katz Måned siden
Just a small correction. There are only eight lost tribes of Israel. When Israel split after the death of Solomon the tribes of Simeon and Benjamin were already assimilated by Judea. Most of the Levi's retreated to Judea as well.
Kerry Joe HARN
Kerry Joe HARN 2 måneder siden
I continue to listen to this channel is because he doesn’t mince how he and who believes in, and I like the content. KEEP IT COMING. Bless you and yours.
Rooster Tree Studio
Rooster Tree Studio 2 måneder siden
It's true ... " If anyone boasts, “I love God,” and goes right on hating his brother or sister, thinking nothing of it, he is a liar. If he won’t love the person he can see, how can he love the God he can’t see? The command we have from Christ is blunt: Loving God includes loving people. You’ve got to love both." 1 John 4:20-21 Message Version
וועדת אהבת חברים פתח תקווה
וועדת אהבת חברים פתח תקווה 2 måneder siden
Why is love according to the method of the "baal hasulam" is the solution to all troubles for humanity? Because all nature is a force, a feature, a system, a formula of love. Of connection and unity between opposites, between hot and cold, hard to soft, white and black, male and female, sweet and bitter, light and dark. In every atom and particle, in every inanimate plant and life, the whole universe and beyond, the whole reality is the result of a connection between opposites. For humanity and the individual, one power rules from the day of birth, hatred of others and self-love at its expense, egoism. By combining the power of love with the equation, man maintains the connection between the opposites and thus stops resisting nature, and enters into harmony with it, which is the goal of nature, to do good to creatures. Until then, man will suffer great and immense suffering in order to recognize and submit to the demand of nature, He must strive in his power and choice in loving others. Thus he will acquire intellect and wisdom to connect the two opposites and will complete the nature that was created with unintentional intent, but rather man must complete it, and manage it, and bring it to perfection. And why did nature do that? (Nature and God are the same gematria 86) In order for man to grow and develop in his free choice and thus conduct creation as the conductor of an orchestra, And if man had been created in advance corrected and perfected? So he was like a perfect animal, dog and cat. But their rank as a robot is controlled with no free choice but absolute instinct dominates them. After all, a real benefit from a father to his son is nothing but that the son rises and grows according to the rank of his father and even above him. We were to conquer nature just like the one who created it. And not when judging and living a dog and a cat. If so the solution Is not in increasing the hatred from which it is not lacking and will never be lacking because that is how it has been imprinted on us from the day of birth (Media you do a very bad job just a pity a lot of beatings along the way !!!!) Nor in the abolition of hatred because it is power is in nature and should not be abolished. But only in the addition of love and connection and oneness addition upon addition while being aware of the process. The people of Israel will wake up !!! Followed by the whole world !!!!! Nature (G-d) requires connection and oneness and if not, he has every means to educate man and humanity until his surrender. He will not rest or sleep until the purpose of creation is completed. To do good to creatures. Come, O Bnei Yisrael, you are the first to realize this study !!!!!!!! And when you know, you will teach your brothers the peoples of the world. This is called light to the Gentiles. And this is a job we do not deserve at all in the meantime. "For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples!" Love friends only love. It is the solution for every individual and for everyone together. how? To do propaganda of connection and not of separation and hatred ....
Lorenzo Tate
Lorenzo Tate 2 måneder siden
Amen !
8 Square Feet
8 Square Feet 2 måneder siden
I'm not a religious person by any stretch..... but I like the way you explain things. This particular story isn't a religious story.... it's a life story. It's basic human decency. Be kind to your fellow man. Thanks for sharing.
PhilEllis 2 måneder siden
You do not need to be a believer of Christ or the Bible to understand this message. As humans, we know right from wrong, we k ow humanity, and we know suffering. Our developed brain gives us an ability to put ourselves in the shoes of another. The brotherhood of man is a thoughtful thing. It drives our compassion and resonability. Sadly, for many reasons, some willfully or through mental defect, cannot get it right.
PhilEllis 2 måneder siden
Thanks for this message. A good one for all people. Share your time, your skills, your riches, your empathy with your brother....every brother.
Patti Marshall
Patti Marshall 2 måneder siden
"Who is my neighbor/brother?" The one who showed mercy! That was the Samaritan.
Jim Templin
Jim Templin 2 måneder siden
You speak much truth, brother. It’s a listen we all need these days.
Perry Woodman
Perry Woodman 2 måneder siden
One of the best sermons I took the time to listen to. ... Time being a commodity of ownable natures'. Do you think I'll be punished for taking?
Brad 2 måneder siden
Cody, what are your thoughts on Jabez?
Don't poke The Bear!
Don't poke The Bear! 2 måneder siden
The end?
GreatNorthWeb 2 måneder siden
and the true christian religion would not *force* a population into a socialist society. you have to come willingly to god and willfully provide for your brother, but you cannot force another to provide the same.
Valerie Griner
Valerie Griner 2 måneder siden
Thank-you so much for sharing this parable! I miss your family Bible studies.
Paulo De Oliveira
Paulo De Oliveira 2 måneder siden
Our world is dying for lack of love (empathy, kindness), it is easy to confuse knowledge with knowing, knowing Christ vs knowing OF him. Thank you Cody for sharing.
Bob Dunn
Bob Dunn 2 måneder siden
Who is the Samaritan? The Samaritan is Christ himself! The man beaten on the side of the road is us, stripped robbed and beaten down by sin! Christ the savior of the world was despised by the religious establishment thus the significance of this parable. We must never be so confused that we put ourselves in the place of God. All we do must be done in repentant joy for what He has done to save us.
Timothy Maynor
Timothy Maynor 2 måneder siden
I love this so much. Thank you for making this video.
ALIVE Productions
ALIVE Productions 2 måneder siden
We made a cowboy version of the the good samartian...wish I could share a link, but it's on our channel
Brady F
Brady F 2 måneder siden
Love this story a lot to learn
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg 2 måneder siden
Bethany B
Bethany B 2 måneder siden
I had a thought. The Samaritan religion was to Judaism as voodoo is to Catholicism. Comments? Anybody know more about Samaritans and/or voodoo than I do?
LightcapMath 2 måneder siden
Bless you and your family
Jeremy 2 måneder siden
Better a neighbor nearby than a brother far off.
Jason Murphy
Jason Murphy 2 måneder siden
The root of the story is that Jesus is the Good Samaritan. He came and spent his life to save those who were his enemies. So any of us that claim to follow Jesus must also be like him in that we are the Good Samaritan to people that hate us. Easier said than done.
The Whole World Called Me Hank
The Whole World Called Me Hank 2 måneder siden
The entire Book is about RACE Genesis 5:1 explains that clearly. The race of The Adam(means ruddy, to show blood in the face), the White Son of God Luke 3:38. Christianity will be your demise.
The Whole World Called Me Hank
The Whole World Called Me Hank 2 måneder siden
Please tell us, where in the hell the bible calls jews Israel? I'll save you the trouble NO WHERE !!!! Your whacky religion has you chasing your tail. Read John chapter 8 , your precious jews admit 'they were NEVER in bondage, while scripture clearly tells us, Israel WAS for over 400 years in Egypt.
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown 2 måneder siden
Cool story bro
M M 2 måneder siden
Name me an ethical statement that was made or a moral action that was performed by a religious person in the name of faith that could not have been made as an action or uttered as a statement by a non religious or nonbeliever could not make. Covertly, name an unethical statement that was made or a immoral action that was performed by a religious person in the name of faith. Easy to do isn’t it.
KIDS TEACH! 2 måneder siden
Here is my take on the Good Samaritan. The Samaritans were despised not for reasons that were just...they were despised for similar reasons as was Christ. Jesus went so far as to use Samaritans twice in His parables...the story of The Good Samaritan, and also the story of the Samaritan woman at the well. ( John 4:4-26). In both of these parables, Samaritans are not only portrayed in a good way, but in the best way, as examples for the rest of us. But, were they the exceptions amongst the "despised" Samaritans? No. Who were the Samaritans? The Samaritans were descendants of Jacob, (hence "children of Israel) through Joseph. They practiced a pre-Rabbinic, pre-Talmudic, pre-Babylonian Captivity form of Judaism, which was rejected by the rabbis of Jesus's time. This is the true reason why they were "despised". Their filthiness was a slander. Jesus sent his disciples forth with this instruction: " These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.- Matthew 10:5-6" To be ministered to, two conditions had to be met, firstly, to be of "the House of Israel," and secondly, "to be lost". The gentiles met neither of these conditions. What about the Samaritans? Well, surely they were of Jacob's House. ( Jesus said to the Samaritan woman at the well, "Are you greater than our ancestor Jacob", thus confirming the Samaritan's status of the House of Israel). If not, they would be "Gentiles"...why treat them apart? They worshipped the One God of Abraham, and used the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament...surely not pagans! They were not to be ministered to because they were not "lost"...they were on the correct path, and Jesus used two of them as exemplars... "“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. Matthew 22:36-40
KIDS TEACH! 2 måneder siden
@Commodore Stargazer And Jesus taught us to never even utter the word "rabbi"...
Commodore Stargazer
Commodore Stargazer 2 måneder siden
After you said the word Samaritan, you were supposed to spit the get the filthiness out of your mouth.
Braxx Juventa
Braxx Juventa 2 måneder siden
You always speak of Israel. But that did not exist at Jezus time. It was all Palestine. 👍😁
Miniatures and Stuff
Miniatures and Stuff 2 måneder siden
well said sir
Joerg Schmidt
Joerg Schmidt 2 måneder siden
Buddy, unfortunately that isn’t accurate. As it is written: “And the king of Assyria brought men from Babylon, and from Cuthah, and from Ava, and from Hamath, and from Sepharvaim, and placed them in the cities of Samaria instead of the children of Israel: and they possessed Samaria, and dwelt in the cities thereof.” ‭‭2 Kings‬ ‭17:24‬ ‭KJV‬‬
FINCH WOODWORKING 2 måneder siden
The good Samaritan was Christ for did he not ind us in the ditch half dead in this world and our friends passed by and the priest could do nothing for us but the good Samaritan bound our wounds and paid our price and said when he returned if we owed hed pay it again. He paid the price on Calvary and when e returns it will still be paid in full
Valerie Griner
Valerie Griner 2 måneder siden
WOW! I never considered that Christ was the Good Samaritan! Thank-you for sharing this. It opened my eyes.
Fela Flea
Fela Flea 2 måneder siden
This is a good watch.
David Burkett
David Burkett 2 måneder siden
Gods word is true yesterday, today and tomorrow. God Bless you, your followers and America.
Bradley’s Theory
Bradley’s Theory 2 måneder siden
So true, god bless you all here. Stay in the walk, that goes for both the west coast guys and the East Coasters :-)
Perry Woodman
Perry Woodman 2 måneder siden
Not the east coasters too? .... Are you sure there's enough good spirit to go around?
Kwake 2 måneder siden
Altruism will be our downfall. We see it every day in every Western country.
HK Guitar
HK Guitar 2 måneder siden
The only way we can win and overcome the evil that has set upon us all is to fight it together as brothers and sister. This division and infighting we are now seeing, that is by design and why it's encouraged. We can short-circuit these evil plans by uniting and coming together. God Bless all of us, God Bless Cody and his family.
HK Guitar
HK Guitar 2 måneder siden
So true Cody, we are all Brothers and Sisters, and it is this Fact that All Lives Matter.
TheKlink 2 måneder siden
A lot is lost as towers of Babel are built upon a foundation of great wisdom.
J Moak
J Moak 2 måneder siden
Amazing how relevant this story is even today
Blind Ear
Blind Ear 2 måneder siden
The Good Samaritan shared his material possessions. The ten virgins wouldn’t share their spiritual lamp oil with their fellow sleepy Christians. A time to give and a time to protect.
M C 2 måneder siden
somebody seeded a deep feelings about Jews in your heart. Jesus didn't feel that way, even when he was up on that cross.
Faithful Servants
Faithful Servants 2 måneder siden
Great to see you teaching from the scriptures; a very timely lesson. You've got an excellent platform here to share the gospel. The harvest is ready. The only way for people to see God is to see Jesus, and the only way to see Jesus is be the ambassadors Christ has called us to be. When we abide in Christ, he abides in us. Let your light shine in the darkness. God Bless you brother, in Jesus' mighty name. You'll know them by their fruit.
Hondo Lane
Hondo Lane 2 måneder siden
Not the best idea to take teaching on the scripture from a wig wearer
TheCanadianBubba 2 måneder siden
You never know... we could host angels !
Bikerbob59 2 måneder siden
Thank you.Needed this just now.
10k subs without videos
10k subs without videos 2 måneder siden
God Bless
J K 2 måneder siden
God's word is awesome.
MrBWB 2 måneder siden
What you said today in another video helped my relationship with God, thank you. We must remember what is most important.
Maxim Teleguz
Maxim Teleguz 2 måneder siden
I liked the first title better
David Westman
David Westman 2 måneder siden
I've been guilty of crossing to the other side of the street so that's a message I needed to hear.
Iain King
Iain King 2 måneder siden
The Good Samaritan could not have been a Christian.. because he’d never met and predated, Christ.
Mark Bowyer
Mark Bowyer 2 måneder siden
@MrGumm You are on point. And don't forget, He said that he will return again!
MrGumm 2 måneder siden
Good observation. It's important to assess the parables in the proper time and context. We tend to take them out and immediately apply them to us. This parable was one of many indictments of Old Covenant Israel, who was to be a light to the nations. Ultimately the good Samaritan is Christ - though He is not Samaritan, He was so despised by His own people, deemed a heretic, a blasphemer, as a pagan - Who binds up the wounded and restores life to the dead, and lavishes the provisions of life upon His neighbor. This is a better spirit, which Israel sorely lacked at the end of his days.
StandingAgainst TheEnemy
StandingAgainst TheEnemy 2 måneder siden
We know that Saul was the first king of Israel and that John was the first man called Baptist, but who was the first Jew? Neither Adam, Seth or Noah are called Jew. Nor were Abraham, Isaac or Jacob. Moses was not called a Jew and neither were Saul, David or Solomon called Jew. In fact you will not find the word Jew in the first eleven (11) books of the Bible! The first time Jews are mentioned in the Bible, is in II Kings 16:6 (and then only in translations revised in the eighteenth century) where we find Israel was at war with the Jews (Judah) and drave the Jews (Judah) from Elath. Isn't it interesting that we can read over five hundred pages of the Bible before we find a Jew anywhere, yet those who call themselves Jews today claim the first five books of the Bible and call it their Torah/Talmud/Kabbalah?!? Do you not find it rather strange that those who claim to have written the first five books of the Bible and call themselves Jews, can't find the word Jew written anywhere in the book they call the Bible, and claim to have written?!? Jesus Christ tells John in Revelation 2:9 "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews (Judaen Judahites) and are not, but are the SYN✡GOGUE OF S✡T✡N”. We know that God changed the name of Abram to Abraham in Genesis 17:5, and that He changed the name of Jacob to Israel in Genesis 32:28, but nowhere in the Bible do we find where God changed the name of Israel to Jew! There is therefore no authority by which those who say they are Jews can claim to be Israel! [*The True Racial Israelites/Judahites of the Bible are the Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Celtic and Scandinavian Peoples found in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Iceland, United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, etc.] By the time of Jesus the word Edom or Edomite had been translated by Greek and Latin into Ioudaios and Iudaeus meaning a Judean or person living in Judea. The original King James version of the Bible, 1611, translated Idumaean-Judean into Iewes (Jews). “Esau-Edom is modern Jewry.” (1925 Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 5 page 41). “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a “Jew” or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or Hebrew.” (Jewish Almanac 1980, p. 3) It wasn't until the revised editions of the King James Bible, that the word Jew appeared. The word Jew does not mean Israel or Israelite! We must conclude therefore that the first "Jews" were Kenites (Sons of *Cain)-Canaanite-Edomites. It is certain, according to the Bible, that Jews are not Israel. Period. (*1Jo 3:12 "Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one…”) John 7:1 After these things Jesus (Yahshua) walked in Galilee: for He would not walk in Jewry, because (the Jews) sought to kill Him. John 7:13 - Howbeit no man spake openly of Him (Yahshua) for "fear of the Jews". John 20:19 Then the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for "fear of the Jews". John 8:44-47 44 Ye (Jews) are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He (Cain) was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. 45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe Me not. 46 Which of you convinceth Me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe Me? 47 He that is of God heareth God's words: ye (Jews) therefore hear them not, because ye (Jews) are not of God. John 10:24-26 24 Then came (the Jews) round about Him, and said unto Him, How long dost thou make us to doubt? If thou be the Christ, tell us plainly. 25 Jesus [Yahshua] answered them, I told you, and ye believed not: the works that I do in My Father's Name (YHVH or Yahweh), they bear witness of Me. 26 But ye believe not, because ye (Jews) are not of My Sheep, as I said unto you. 1 The 2:14-15 “...the Jews: Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and the prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men”. 1 John 3:10-12 10 In this the children of God (White Anglo Saxon Peoples) are manifest, and the children of the devil (antichrist jewry): whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother. 11 For this is the message that ye heard from the beginning, that we (Anglo Saxon Israelites) should love one another. 12 Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one (Sataniel/Sammael/the Adversary), and slew his (half) brother (Abel). And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil, and his brother's righteous. Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them (Satanic Serpent Seed jews) which say they are Jews (Judean/Good Fig Judahites), and are not, but are the Synagogue ✡ of ✡ Satan. Revelation 3:9 Behold, I will make them (Satanic Serpent Seed jews) of the Synagogue ✡ of ✡ Satan, which say they are Jews (Judean/Judahites), and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee (Anglo Saxon Israel/Judah). (((Bolsheviks ✡ Communists ✡ Antichrist Jewry))).... Yet, we are reminded constantly of a so called 6 Million Jewish Holocaust ® ™ © that NEVER happened... Actual death toll of "jews" killed by typhus and starvation by the allies cutting off the food supplies during WWII, was about 271,301 according to the International Red Cross... The real holocaust was a Christian Holocaust by Jews of sixty-six million, mostly Whites... Wake up White People!
Hondo Lane
Hondo Lane 2 måneder siden
@StandingAgainst TheEnemy sorry mate you're a bit far from the mark I'm 100% Celt and Catholic not really what you'd call a Hebrew
StandingAgainst TheEnemy
StandingAgainst TheEnemy 2 måneder siden
Declan Shlug I don’t want your Jewish Heaven
Hondo Lane
Hondo Lane 2 måneder siden
Good luck explaing that little rant to Peter at the gates 😂
Wyatt Toves
Wyatt Toves 2 måneder siden
Me again you know the dumb one
Jacob Berry
Jacob Berry 2 måneder siden
A moral lesson for us all. Really puts things in perspective, especially in these times. God bless you and yours.
Cheryl Sibson
Cheryl Sibson 2 måneder siden
well, cody, your country is learning the cost of having empathy and compassion or choosing to not having no empathy or compassion seems to me you learned that yourself when your arm went bad people reached out to help you, you said that mattered to you.
Benjamin Wilkin
Benjamin Wilkin 2 måneder siden
Can't go wrong with the bible! Very well done.
Phillip Toone
Phillip Toone 2 måneder siden
I'm an atheist but grew up Christian. I am well aware of this story. I regard it as a story told by a fictional character. But I really enjoyed listening to you tell it. Thank you. Today's aligory might be that one of our own was attended to and cared for by antifa or BLM. Think about that one. 😝
MrGumm 2 måneder siden
That is hard to imagine, but fortunately not unthinkable. Actually, Antifa and BLM are far closer to the religious zealots that fomented rebellion and destruction among the Jewish kingdoms leading up to Jerusalem's overthrow in 70 AD.
Aaron Tadlock
Aaron Tadlock 2 måneder siden
I encourage you to read Luther's large catechism......it is along with what you are saying
Dale Bannon
Dale Bannon 2 måneder siden
Start with the Small Catechism, so you don’t choke on something too large all at once. Good reading.
Radford University
Radford University 2 måneder siden
Code, I was always taught that the Samaritans were the result of following God and then loving the world at the same time. Israel knew that the world was "filthy", and anyone that loves the world is also "filthy", even though Israel turned away from God just as much as anyone. I know that, because He promised Abraham that he would be the father of Israel (descendants outnumbered the stars), that He must honor His promise, that Israel is still His chosen people, but they (and we) fail to see that every day in their lives. Most of us are no better. We pass by that dying man, turning our noses up as we pass someone that we should love, but because they represent the world, we feel justification in not loving them. None of us are worthy, zero
Jacob Berry
Jacob Berry 2 måneder siden
My Dad told me once, “ It’s okay to lend a hand to pull someone out the gutter, but if they pull you down into the gutter...you gotta cut loose.”
Shaun Stark
Shaun Stark 2 måneder siden
All praises to our Lord and Savior! All glory to God!
Roger Moretz
Roger Moretz 2 måneder siden
Hard story for today. Yet demanding for those of us who claim Christ as our Lord. Compassion is a lost word today, yet that's what this story epitomizes.
TheKlink 2 måneder siden
You can only give something if you know you have something to give. That's why the victimhood culture is so aweful, it gives license to every adherent to behave like a monster.
David Mann
David Mann 2 måneder siden
Cody, Why didnt the Samaritan put him up in his own house? There are 2 primary reasons.
David Mann
David Mann 2 måneder siden
@Wranglerstar The Samaritan didn't so both households would not be in an uproar over having moral enemies in. And he was put up in an inn because at that time if a person was given succor in another's home. They were beholding to the household against any and all others that would seek to harm them. Basically va life debt.
Wranglerstar 2 måneder siden
He was in a foreign land,
Feral Man
Feral Man 2 måneder siden
Mars Curiosity mission was recorded on Devon Island. They just added a red filter lol
Joshua Mueller
Joshua Mueller 2 måneder siden
We need to show compassion and love for our neighbors. There are no exceptions when following Christ. God bless!
Jameson Cross
Jameson Cross 2 måneder siden
There are good people in this worls who get it, and there is everyone else.
Andrew Song
Andrew Song 2 måneder siden
move that left speaker out of the corner for the most accurate and balanced bass response. sorry ill see myself out now
walter kepke
walter kepke 2 måneder siden
Itll be moved soon
10k subs without videos
10k subs without videos 2 måneder siden
matt medina
matt medina 2 måneder siden
@Capn Beanis acoustics
MrGumm 2 måneder siden
Nicks workshop
Nicks workshop 2 måneder siden
Thank you for sharing the story’s even for us non 100% religious people the great to hear.😁
Ben Chippy
Ben Chippy 2 måneder siden
Tkog That’s exactly what I was coming down here to say!
Jacob Berry
Jacob Berry 2 måneder siden
Feral Man In the book of Job, he states the world is a sphere. As so in the book of Isaiah. Jesus in the book of Luke, chapter 17, mentioned a spherical Earth. People that sailed the seas for hundreds of years knew the world wasn’t flat. Try harder, Bub. May God bless you.
Feral Man
Feral Man 2 måneder siden
The earth is flat and stationary like the bible says.
Soup Lord
Soup Lord 2 måneder siden
Where is the live stream?
Konnor Kuznetsov
Konnor Kuznetsov 2 måneder siden
Last time I was this early religion was common.
Ethan Arellano
Ethan Arellano 2 måneder siden
Heino 2 måneder siden
Doujin Music
Doujin Music 2 måneder siden
Scott Lusebrink
Scott Lusebrink 2 måneder siden
sorry, first comment
Doujin Music
Doujin Music 2 måneder siden
Doujin Music
Doujin Music 2 måneder siden
good greatings
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