Why I Kept A Secret From My Subscribers

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3 måneder siden

I can't keep this secret any longer. Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading.

HappyHax0r 22 timer siden
Brian Williams
Brian Williams 7 dager siden
Bring back the hunting
raul bustos
raul bustos Måned siden
Can’t wait
Seth Shaw
Seth Shaw Måned siden
Jason Duncklee
Jason Duncklee Måned siden
Absolutely interested! My family loves everything Wranglerstar! Please let us all know when to mark our calendar!
FollowingJESUS Måned siden
Offer classes in building small cabins. Then, the class participants will pay to build your cabins for future guests. I'd sign up for it!
JohnstonPettigrew Måned siden
The fact that you are ghey does not affect my love of your channel.
Ramon Pena
Ramon Pena Måned siden
Congratulations sounds good I will visit one day
Steve Foster
Steve Foster Måned siden
Wouldn't be interested in staying in the same tent where somebody was cooking on the wood stove the week before, because of bears.
Hubbs and I would LOVE to come. But VERY limited means. Blessings to you and your family. LUCRETIA
Fordman Måned siden
I just feel sad you"ll have less land.
Phil Fortner
Phil Fortner Måned siden
Secrets out...I like bologna sandwich. I like bologna sandwiches alot!!!
Fortnum Sound
Fortnum Sound Måned siden
Why does this guy continuously call Mount Hood Mount Fuji?
Fortnum Sound
Fortnum Sound Måned siden
@roccoisawesome ok gotcha. But thats not fuji mt. Its mt hood.
roccoisawesome Måned siden
He’s not, he’s talking about Fuji mtn in central Oregon. You’re confusing it with mt Fuji in Japan
Tarik Kadić
Tarik Kadić Måned siden
Just great news ! Wish you all the best and to see you soon ! ! ! !! !!! and Thank You for all your efforts ! ! !!
Thom Green
Thom Green Måned siden
Sounds interesting.
Dave George
Dave George Måned siden
That guberment again!
Tony Lopez
Tony Lopez Måned siden
I would be interested in visiting this business tourism venture. I would suggest multiple day opportunities. You could create a camping park complete with camping opportunities from primitive camping to RV spots to cabins. There could be associated events that you could coordinate and host from wild edible walks to nature conservancy walks to white water or kayaking trips. I believe that business venture could be created and enjoyed, the struggle is marketing this all. I would suggest that you be the managing/owners and not be the ones conducting the tours. I would definitely suggest to partner with other experts for this tourism venture.
Bill Benner
Bill Benner Måned siden
What about a guided dirtbike ride of the area?
fred schmidt
fred schmidt Måned siden
I'd like to register a suggestion, I would welcome this opportunity with a twist. I'm in my 70's and very fit. I would like this very much but say a week or less without children present. Does that appeal to anyone ? I'm not trying to irritate anyone but the little nose pickers just add an element I don't relish.
Sylvia Chong
Sylvia Chong Måned siden
Julie Gilpin
Julie Gilpin Måned siden
Not an end...just a new chapter!
Julie Gilpin
Julie Gilpin Måned siden
I absolutely love this idea of yours!!! How exciting!!! Best of luck in this...would love to be a part of your final outcome for onsite workshops!!!
nathaniel cohen
nathaniel cohen Måned siden
go for it. maybe even a survival learning camp. bible training retreat ! awesome...
Deanna Stevens
Deanna Stevens 2 måneder siden
yes yes yes yes and YES!!!! maybe not the electric mountain biking trips unless you have solar charging. But the rest. Yes. Great choices
Juane Doses
Juane Doses 2 måneder siden
Protect your beautiful family! no explanation needed!
G M 2 måneder siden
Build a arch at the top of the water rafting for when the time comes
Thom Thompson
Thom Thompson 2 måneder siden
Congratulations young man. May Gods guidance and imparted wisdom permeate your new endeavor.
John Thomson
John Thomson 2 måneder siden
So have you seen bigfoot yet
Mark Garcia
Mark Garcia 2 måneder siden
Where do I sign up 🙏🏻
Jeff Madrid
Jeff Madrid 2 måneder siden
It's Wyoming... pert neer sure, it's Wyoming. If so, welcome.
Raytheonx 2 måneder siden
Not only Interested I would be willing to help build cabins and prep the area for the commercial side.
Brooke Stanley
Brooke Stanley 2 måneder siden
im excited ! Wranglerstar you are a rare but Good bird and good luck on your new life im sure it will be a success.
cory vincent
cory vincent 2 måneder siden
otahu Rice
otahu Rice 2 måneder siden
I Retired at age 37! mid 40's now. Best thing I ever did! Free time to play and do what you want. Hope your future brings you as much happiness as your past. :)
matt rickard
matt rickard 2 måneder siden
Sounds like something that big city schools should be offering to their students. There are life experiences that they could have there with you that could literally change the course of their entire lives. Having the NOpost channel to reinforce the lessons and values that they learn afterwards would be a huge plus that other places just couldn't match.
Vanguard 2 måneder siden
It’s your right 🤣
Summer Sun303
Summer Sun303 2 måneder siden
I would turn it into an LLC and then get some insurance in case anybody gets hurt and tries to sue you for something silly Too many Safety Sally's in the world you never know about some people these days
Rebecca Kivak
Rebecca Kivak 2 måneder siden
I'm a 66 yr old widow & retired investigator. Always loved camping. Taught our girls. Miss living in the mountains!
Tillerman7 OH
Tillerman7 OH 2 måneder siden
I have been a long time subscriber.... I don't comment much, but I continue to wish you and your family the best. Sounds like a exciting time!
james avery
james avery 2 måneder siden
So you want to make another WACO Texas lol
WranglerArmy 2 måneder siden
Jj George
Jj George 2 måneder siden
Looks like rainier or st.helens. I live in western Washington and me and my girlfriend would come out and take part in a class like that. Or help build some stuff. I’m a welder by trade so I could help with that
Starstream IR
Starstream IR 2 måneder siden
Easy there bud. 😉 You seem really excited and have lots of interesting ideas, but I think you have enough miles on you, and the wisdom not to bite off too much too fast. It's always great seeing people living their best lives, who also want to share with others. I hope that the light that you radiate is enough to hold off the treachery of those who, for whatever twisted reason, (the "why" could probably fill volumes), ...aren't so happy about seeing people such as yourself succeed. Be well, and I hope to be able to someday participate in some of your future plans, and perhaps shake your hand and maybe even share a story or two. 🙂
J andMC
J andMC 2 måneder siden
There is a time and a season for everything
Manta 2 måneder siden
Axehead course sounds nice, hopefully, you video it so I can put axe heads on better
irgski 2 måneder siden
hmmm, sounds like you could get into a “relative overstay” situation...once they “set stakes” they don’t want to leave! But, regardless, it sounds like a great opportunity.
Stephanie Bridges
Stephanie Bridges 2 måneder siden
I believe a lot of people would be interested in this venture. Just please do not over price . There are quite a few people that really do not have the means to experience such a great opportunity
Brian Drum
Brian Drum 2 måneder siden
That's a pretty outstanding idea. Also here's another idea to add to yours; maybe down the road you could contact Dave Canterbury, and see if he would come out and set something up with his pathfinder school, but just a thought. Anyhow God bless and good luck with the move.
radstorm 2 måneder siden
Sounds nice. Too bad you cant just do that where you are now.. it looks scenic :o)
talk2hubba 2 måneder siden
Love hands on Tool sharping, and so much more..
Jerry B
Jerry B 2 måneder siden
If you haven’t bought tents yet, I highly recommend Davis Tent and awning from Denver Co. Great quality and customer service
Allen Banks
Allen Banks 2 måneder siden
About 30 years ago in Sequoia National Park they used to have these canvas tents with a wood floor in the winter time they would take the canvas off and leave the wood floor but the wood floor would keep you up off the ground. It had a wood-burning stove in it it look like it was made out of a old metal drum small one and it kept those tents really nice and warm. They were like the hunting tent like you're talking about except for the wood floor
Allen Snook
Allen Snook 2 måneder siden
Sign me up for the mushroom forage club outing.!!something im getting into lately.defiantly dont want to pick the wrong ones.lately keeping only known ones like common ones in my area like shaggy mans or chicken of the woods hard to screw up on them!!snookie pa.
john cowher
john cowher 2 måneder siden
This sounds Amazing for you and your family and for people like us . Remember a large fire grows from a small spark ! We need that spark to ensure our way of life’s survival . I wish ( for many reasons lol) I wasn’t stuck in New York State , I would love to be apart of this and have prayed to be able to find a community to be apart of . I pray maybe one day our paths will meet! CONGRATS ON ALL OF YOUR FORTUNE AND FUTURE !!!!
tullnfloyd 2 måneder siden
This will be great! Thanks WranglerStar
Mr. Gibbor
Mr. Gibbor 2 måneder siden
Great idea and yes I would attend.
Trendle Ellwood
Trendle Ellwood 2 måneder siden
I wish I was where you all are but I am way over in Ohio but I enjoy listening to your views.
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith 2 måneder siden
That sounds great!! I am a young man of 18 years that has been following you for the past 8 years and I carry a benchmade 940 because of you working on saving up for a paramilitary 2 and have purchased a hults bruks aneby axe ( which is like the small forest axe) I have learned so much from you over the years I think about you almost everyday in what I do (I farm with my dad and have a tree service and lawn mowing service) I have always enjoyed your stories about your granddad especially the elk hunting ones. Every winter when we put tire chains on or I use a winch in the snow I think about the story you told about the big burly man that was in lightweight clothes that I think was putting tire chains on when it was really cold out. I'm kinda rambling here but long story short is thank you so much you have changed my life the way I look at things and I hope to meet you sometime in the future. Thanks again for everything you do Gavin
03bonneville 2 måneder siden
Love the smell of the old canvas wall tents,,,,special memories
03bonneville 2 måneder siden
Great news I'm happy for you and your family.
Éric Côté
Éric Côté 2 måneder siden
All the best with the new project Cody.
Sue B
Sue B 2 måneder siden
What awesome ideas! I hope it all works out for you, Mrs W and the kids.
Silent Gloves
Silent Gloves 2 måneder siden
This sounds very similar to Dave Canterbury's business model, albeit a bit more generalized and less survival focused. I think he's proven that it can work. I think the only question is how long COVID sticks around. My guess is that a good percentage of folks aren't too keen to travel and congregate at the moment. Anyway, best of luck with the home sale and the new purchases. Sounds exciting.
Shawn Peterson
Shawn Peterson 2 måneder siden
I think it is an awesome idea. I have thought of something similar. Just don't have the means. I love the idea.
Richard Davies
Richard Davies 2 måneder siden
Hi Cody. I have been following your channel for some time now. I live relatively close and I would love the opportunity to come meet you and the family and take some of your classes. What a fun idea!
Devin Mills
Devin Mills 2 måneder siden
Amazing! The beginning of the next great chapter! May God Bless your endeavours 🙏
Byron Spencer
Byron Spencer 2 måneder siden
The wrangler star folk school sounds pretty cool.
Lane Votapka
Lane Votapka 2 måneder siden
Cool idea, Cody. I know how to do some things, but definitely not everything. For instance, I don't know how to do whitewater rafting or canning, as things you mentioned. Also, I've never gone hunting, used a crosscut saw, or really learned how to ride horses. It would also be interesting to learn how to shoot more types of firearms. Blacksmithing and timber framing would be awesome to learn more about. I could see myself dropping $40-$50 on a half-day workshop, or a couple hundred for a weekend full of workshops, especially if supplies, a tent, and meals are included. Best of luck planning for this!
Jeffrey Yeater
Jeffrey Yeater 2 måneder siden
Sounds like a great thing . If I were closer Id Be there .
Rational Thinker
Rational Thinker 2 måneder siden
To get the cabins built, have cabin building classes. REALLY excited for ya'll.,
Nik Leiser
Nik Leiser 2 måneder siden
Do you still use bullets that contain lead?
Joshua and Janelle Hazel
Joshua and Janelle Hazel 2 måneder siden
What an awsome whanau
W.D. McCracken
W.D. McCracken 2 måneder siden
I would wait til tnh6e war is over.
Solomon M.
Solomon M. 2 måneder siden
This idea is great not only for the people that have had these experiences from the past, but also for the people who have grown up wishing to try some of these things out, I would definitely try to go myself, and I know many others that would want these types of experiences
mark sutton
mark sutton 2 måneder siden
Money Mills
Money Mills 2 måneder siden
Sounds amazing. I wish you and your family the best of luck with this new journey. It would be awesome to be able to go up there for classes.
Marilyn Reedy
Marilyn Reedy 2 måneder siden
This sounds like a great dream,& i know prayer will be made for your family,yes im the allmost 75. Am i too old to help other wiseid love this
Marilyn Reedy
Marilyn Reedy 2 måneder siden
I am from Ohio
Will Doran
Will Doran 2 måneder siden
I would certainly consider taking a trip out there so long as there’s some fishing on the books... I’m from England?
Derek B
Derek B 2 måneder siden
Would we be interested? My bags are packed and donations to the effort ready!
Wind Wolf
Wind Wolf 2 måneder siden
I absolutely promise you that if you offer this, my wife and I will be one of the first to sign up!!👍💯💯💯
M.W. Grandpre
M.W. Grandpre 2 måneder siden
You could do log building event to build a small cabin, timber frame event, logging event, all the stuff you do to build out your comercial side could be an event, or series of events. Along with your tents(could be expansion for larger events) Sounds like an amazing endeavor!
gvi341984 2 måneder siden
These workshops sound like a good idea but dealing with personal injury insurance seems like a nightmare. It's gonna hurt more when it's a viewer trying to screw you over because they know you have money
Smashy 2 måneder siden
This sounds so amazing. Classes like that would be awesome.
Everyday A Friday
Everyday A Friday 2 måneder siden
Love the idea. If there were a place like that closer to home (Kansas City area) I would love to start a tradition and bring my two sons for a weekend each summer. Would possibly consider a trip to the PNW
79miguelong 2 måneder siden
Good luck on your new adventure , i know is going to be great. Like the tent idea . Would like to take my boy in a hunting trip if you set some thing like that.👍🏼👍🏼
Spanky Kennington
Spanky Kennington 2 måneder siden
My gosh, she's getting so big!
William Horn
William Horn 2 måneder siden
God bless you.
Mark Abreu
Mark Abreu 2 måneder siden
I also have great memories of time I spent with "the men" - my father and grand fathers. I also had a teacher who taught several of us "boys" to backpack one year. A fantastic thing that I'll never forget. I wish you luck with your plan. Sadly I'm on the other side of the country where it's flat, hot and sandy.
Weaponeer 2 måneder siden
everyone needs a dream to follow
Lee Marzahl
Lee Marzahl 2 måneder siden
Lee Marzahl
Lee Marzahl 2 måneder siden
That sounds awesome!
outdoorcountryboy forlife
outdoorcountryboy forlife 2 måneder siden
WoW, I haven't watched for awhile, my fault. I've been too busy. I love to see someone chasing their dreams. Keep up all the good work. May God keep blessing you and your family.
RippingJack76 2 måneder siden
I would give the teeth I no longer have. For such an opportunity. Unfortunately, except to clear out a storage space in Spokane. I will never again enter the Pacific Northwest. I don't think my old heart can stand to see what happened to the places I once loved and considered home
Matthew Lovgren
Matthew Lovgren 2 måneder siden
You both have a good heart. It still shocks me (in a good way) that there are still great people who want to know strangers. That’s hard nowadays. I truly hope everything goes well God bless you and your family as well. Good luck
Danny Petrzelka
Danny Petrzelka 2 måneder siden
That sounds like an amazing idea, I would come for sure!
The Seeker
The Seeker 2 måneder siden
I'm truly so happy for you, Mrs W, little Sweetloaf and the family. Sounds like a really exciting new chapter in your journey. God Bless Cody. Wish I could come to the Wranglerstar Ranch for a visit, but that's one long flight from Scotland. Perhaps one day we shall meet. Can't wait to see what the future brings
Joseph Grigsby
Joseph Grigsby 2 måneder siden
Absolutely interested!!!
Mr Snoopy
Mr Snoopy 2 måneder siden
That would be amazing
uibsen 2 måneder siden
This is very exciting !!!
Rob Worbington
Rob Worbington 2 måneder siden
You were truly blessed to be able to experience hunting trips like that as a young man. I hope God blesses y'all as you try to help others experience it as well.
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