I’m Heading To The Fires

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WATERAX 27 dager siden
Love the video! We're glad to see you get prepared and raising awareness and we're happy that we can help. We're very proud to be partners with QTAC Fire. Stay Safe!
Kyle Creates
Kyle Creates Måned siden
Best of luck to you, your friends and family!
sharky09000 Måned siden
Take care & good luck.
Katyhillfarmer Måned siden
its hard to believe they let you go out of the fire service because a video and now i am sure they could use you help but you are still helping people protect there property and life this says alot for you TYFYS
TheCanadianBubba Måned siden
Getting smokey up here even...
Cody Wright
Cody Wright Måned siden
I’m just getting back on to this page. I do have a question for Cody. Did you go back to the fire service or just wanting to help out?
JHans Måned siden
Be safe guys.
Gregg Mouritzen
Gregg Mouritzen Måned siden
Who would have thought you would get to use all those recent fire upgrades you made, already.
jeff cook
jeff cook Måned siden
God bless and stay safe!
Alan Hamilton
Alan Hamilton Måned siden
Forest ecology is simple. Log it or lose it to the pyroclimax. Any questions? Class dismissed. Agent 86 out
GeoMac Granddad
GeoMac Granddad Måned siden
You "don't know if it's inspired by God, or what"? What would be the alternate explanation? 🤔
Kevin Warnock
Kevin Warnock Måned siden
Good luck, God Bless.
Homestead on The Hill #1Chosenmama
Homestead on The Hill #1Chosenmama Måned siden
Praying for you and all those that go with you. May God continue to keep you guys
Timothy Welch
Timothy Welch Måned siden
Be safe brother.
Shakdi Dagalimal
Shakdi Dagalimal Måned siden
They been catching and arresting antifa types starting the fires.
RPier83 Måned siden
How did these fires start?
adleh leh
adleh leh Måned siden
God blessed you all......my thoughts n prayers ?.
Mary EM
Mary EM Måned siden
Wait are you a wildland firefighter?
lorine smith
lorine smith Måned siden
I do not owe anyone anything now because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
steve flewitt
steve flewitt Måned siden
Stay safe
Somphong Summer
Somphong Summer Måned siden
Testing if blocked
DRUNKARD Måned siden
That was most definitely God.
Matt M
Matt M Måned siden
Yes I love your fire fighting videos keep them coming
Jordan Måned siden
Yeah, I was thinking that was the toolbox you just made. That was the perfect project for right now. Inspired by God!
Max K
Max K Måned siden
Gotta trust a man who build a “fire fighting” box, just a week before he needed to use it.
Will Stone
Will Stone Måned siden
Inspired by God indeed. I can't tell you how many times I have looked at a tool or something and thought I think I need one of those, I'm not sure for what just yet, and the next week or month I end up using for a project or to help someone out.
GrandpaD78 Måned siden
dwoodog Måned siden
Good luck. Are you the only one who plans ahead for this stuff? Did the other guy bring anything?
WOW! It's quite a blessing you have this equipment! STAY SAFE! BLESSINGS! LUCRETIA
smileyhappyradio Måned siden
I think this whole channel may have been inspired by our creator, not a doubt in my mind.
W Brown
W Brown Måned siden
Pretty cool, no drama, just the facts. Thank you, Cody.
Robert Dinicola
Robert Dinicola Måned siden
Be careful
MouseCrusader Måned siden
I don't know who's going to read this but Seek the Lord while he may be found. He doesn't desire anyone to perish but all come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Repent and believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ while there's still time!
Firemedic712 Måned siden
Dawn dishwashing detergent makes a decent foam substitute. I'm sure you knew that, but if you didn't it may help you out if your foam supply gets low.
RXQ3 Måned siden
Be safe!
Reality NotFiction
Reality NotFiction Måned siden
You're a great guy with a great family. G0Dspeed
HuckyBrewster Måned siden
Started by ANTIFA.
Shoot Back
Shoot Back Måned siden
good luck
Jason Nunez
Jason Nunez Måned siden
Amen, From New Mexico. Albuquerque, too be exact. Mr Wrangle-star, I just love you my Brother, In all that you do.. Amen, and of course with love and peace for every man and women. No mater race or color, leave that coloring to crayola crayons. You and your crew are Awesome.!!! American Heroes. All The Way!!! Every One of You.. And you are fighting the Good Fight! Be Safe and know this, those of us that truly love, God The Lord... We will be waiting too hear of your safety, and of course the very brave men and women too. I watch you all, and you are All The BEST of the Best. You all do work very hard!
Dan Schaefer
Dan Schaefer Måned siden
Good luck
Arkansas Pilgrim
Arkansas Pilgrim Måned siden
Watching out of order here, backwards. So the place you were at wasn't yours. I'll have to go back and correct my comment on your later video.
Alimo Laturce
Alimo Laturce Måned siden
Stay safe man🙏🙏
Jim Beck
Jim Beck Måned siden
I may be evacuated.. I have six five gallon plastic containers of gasoline and a 500 gallon tank of Diesel, surrounded by 100 foot trees. Any suggestions what to do with it? We're bugging out with a loaded pick up and four cars. Don't want plastic gas on board.?????
Robert Warfel
Robert Warfel Måned siden
Bless you Cody. all glory to God
Will Valenzuela
Will Valenzuela Måned siden
I love this stuff Cody!
Barry Oakes
Barry Oakes Måned siden
Prayers up sir
Mark Brandon
Mark Brandon Måned siden
When people criticize your actions or recommendations from your observation(s) and experience(s)just REMIND THEM about the RULE of ALASKA that applies in all states and Territories......... IF IT HAPPENS YOU, then YOU LET IT HAPPEN.................... GO SAVE SOMEONE(S) lives and property... FOLLOW YOUR TRAINING !!!
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller Måned siden
I just helped evacuate my parents today, stay safe brother!
humphnor Måned siden
I know God will keep you and make his face to shine on you. I walk with God along the way. He is my strength my rock and salvation. God Blessings.
Tokyo Craftsman
Tokyo Craftsman Måned siden
Stay safe, God bless. Stu
Mark Brandon
Mark Brandon Måned siden
Even though you got fired one thing they can't take is your knowledge and your tools of a trade !!!! (called ALWAYS self sufficient) Hope your old boss sees the error of his or hers ways. Hope you have a HAM Radio license - if you know what we mean !!! Heaven forbid you left that at home.....................
TheJustonemore Måned siden
Don’t go,you are awesome
Enrique Echeverria
Enrique Echeverria Måned siden
Thank you for helping. Im on 13 acres on level 2 right now from the McKenzie fire.
Paul Benjamin
Paul Benjamin Måned siden
Stay safe guys, sending good energy from down under.
Lit 710
Lit 710 Måned siden
Wranglerstar modern homesteading, hoping to help with the normal description. Good luck Cody. God watch over you and your friends and family
Stephen Davies
Stephen Davies Måned siden
Good luck, take care and in the words of the late great Dave Allen "May your god go with you". All the very best Cody, family, friends and neighbours.
Stephen Switzer
Stephen Switzer Måned siden
Stay safe out there!
Hockey Måned siden
Praying for your safety. God Bless all of you!!
watchthe1369 Måned siden
Salem and that area has not had a real wildfire in a LONG time. It is good of you to help them cope.
DaBossk Måned siden
Don't be safe. Have fun
BeingBelligerent Måned siden
Wishing you well. Stay safe out there.
Glenn & Mary Beth Martin
Glenn & Mary Beth Martin Måned siden
glad to see the old forest service skid back in action 👍
Carolyn K
Carolyn K Måned siden
Praying everyone is safe.
CaboRico 06
CaboRico 06 Måned siden
God speed WrangleStar. I live there and it's certainly an anxious time right now.
scarredforlife65 Måned siden
Please stay safe and try to film as much as possible
Pandatrack Måned siden
Good deal dude. Stay safe.
Pete Cino
Pete Cino Måned siden
Stay safe, Cody. This East coast guy wants your videos to Keep going, but more wants you back for the family. Godspeed.
Jeffrey Plum
Jeffrey Plum Måned siden
You guys are true volunteer fire fighters. May God protect, comfort, and Bless, you and your families
Probe Team99
Probe Team99 Måned siden
Stay safe...
justin f
justin f Måned siden
I live near Canby and it's very smokey out. All of Clackamas county is under at least a level 1 evacuation alert (half is level 3 must go). Been keeping an eye on the news for alerts, and listening in on Clackamas fire's radio scanner. My mom and step dad in Estacada had to evacuate. You guys stay safe!
Ian Måned siden
Stay safe everyone. Best wishes from across the pond 🇬🇧
Trdbrglr Måned siden
I’m an Eagle Scout. From before they made their “changes”. Scout motto is be prepared. Those two words have influenced me more then anything I learned in high school. When people ask for advice about anything. That’s my response. I think that has definitely been illustrated here. Listen America, be prepared.
Living In Canada - A Family’s Journey
Living In Canada - A Family’s Journey Måned siden
Best of luck. Praying for everyone’s protection
nitro5955 Måned siden
If he is able to get to his friends property. If they are already in a stage 3 (Go Now) then they will not be able to get into the property. At least not easily if at all. They are blocking all roads and only allowing people to leave those areas. Once they have left, nobody is allowed back in. This is protecting the area to make sure people are not out there in danger or causing issues for the first responders that are working in the area. I know in Marion County by the Beachie Fire they have all the back roads blocked also.
Runehorn Måned siden
God bless you.
Sam Sen
Sam Sen Måned siden
Everyone please SAFE.
Oscar Yarrito
Oscar Yarrito Måned siden
Stay safe. Remember People, animals, then Structures.
MitchF150 Måned siden
My sister just lost her house in Ashland Or. Nothing anyone could do. She is safe and got the dogs and the cat out, but she only has the clothes on her back! Be safe.
David smith
David smith Måned siden
Stay safe good luck
Will B
Will B Måned siden
Stay safe
FenderBridge Måned siden
Fellow oregoner here...Be safe out there, it's pretty crazy out here!!
Dennix200 Måned siden
Lots of fires over in Oregon too! Got evacuated from my house :(
Steven Måned siden
Good luck and God's speed
paintball130 Måned siden
Stay safe brother
Timothy Gagliardi
Timothy Gagliardi Måned siden
God speed 😔
HostaCarol Måned siden
Be safe!
les bankewitz
les bankewitz Måned siden
You and those in need are in our prayers. God bless.
Daryl Weaver
Daryl Weaver Måned siden
Praying for safety and may the Lord richly bless you for helping
ED Libey
ED Libey Måned siden
God Speed and good luck. We will say a prayer for your safety.
Cobenator Måned siden
69 Arsonists apparently watched this video. Jerks.
Keegan Watt
Keegan Watt Måned siden
Good luck Cody! Give er hell
crashoverride93637 Måned siden
Be careful your back is a liability right now stay safe
Sean Boyle
Sean Boyle Måned siden
Are you wearing the yellow helmet?
B Butler
B Butler Måned siden
Stay safe
Judi S
Judi S Måned siden
My prayers are riding with you.
Justin Elliott
Justin Elliott Måned siden
Looks as though your intuition to build the fire tool crate was seeing in 20/20
JiKimbo Måned siden
Stay safe!
Rocker TV
Rocker TV Måned siden
stay safe mate, us aussies got your back
Juan Salinas
Juan Salinas Måned siden
Stay safe
inseparabletheband Måned siden
We evacuated to Eastern Oregon from mill city Monday night. Prayers for you.
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