10 AMAZINGLY Bad Tools You Probably Own

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Top ten tools I regret buying. Modern Homesteading.
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Wranglerstar Måned siden
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Kenny Gibson
Kenny Gibson 3 dager siden
Every trade uses Knipex here in Canada.
Matthew Quinton
Matthew Quinton 9 dager siden
I dont think I'm ready to give up my 420s yet
dcoslet1 12 dager siden
You can also buy rebranded knipex from Klein they are the same only yellow handles
GoofZilla 13 dager siden
Stop what you're doing and buy me a pair, Wranglerstar
Brian Likens
Brian Likens 20 dager siden
Never had a problem with a milwaukee tape measure its probably the user
Campbell73 Time siden
Simple reason on the tape measure!!! It’s like Trump said!!!! It came from Chhhhhyyyna!😂😂☝️
Shifteey 2 timer siden
If you need a home for those crowsfeet let me know! - honda tech
Tom Carr
Tom Carr 4 timer siden
Don't ya just hate it when people say skill saw instead of circular daw
James Merritt
James Merritt 8 timer siden
I've had the same problem with my Stanley tape measure my Milwaukee tape measure is so much more robust than my stanley
MFiskeaux 16 timer siden
This wasn’t a tool video. This was a therapy session.
Clayton 18 timer siden
Them dam Goobers get me every time!
Charles Collins
Charles Collins 19 timer siden
Worst toll evaluation I have ever watched, it’s nit a tomahawk it’s a hatchet, roofers used them when they worked with wooden shingles. Also they fir splitting up small pieces fir a fire. Bosch makes great great tools . The jitterbug sander is a great sander for putting ultra fine finishes on wood, it’s a great tool . Caulking gun this where the man makes the tool. I would be willing to bet you can’t run a good bead with the fancy one. I’m not even going to talk about the wrenches you obviously aren’t a gear head or even work in lawn mowers , I have both kinds and each has its place. Channel locks they are supposed to be like that because you can put more pressure with them when something is “in” it’s jaws it’s easier on your grip . The saw good god man it’s made fir heavy duty cutting I bet you cut paneling with it . Okay I’ll quit but what a waste of good tools. I agree with the other guys , give them to someone else . Hell I’ll take them even tho I have a ton of tools. This was a a bad bad bad video to watch . Gah!!!
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 20 timer siden
Well I can tell your not from Texas, if you don’t like tomahawks.
Dan R
Dan R Dag siden
The Channel Locks are good tools, better than slip joint pliers. Just because the Knipex are better doesn't make the Channel Lock bad!
mike bair
mike bair Dag siden
Fatmax is magnetic too
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Dag siden
They make straight box end wrenches for areas where you cannot fit an offset. The tape measure is perfectly fine. I’ve had that exact Milwaukee tape and it’s called put them in a separate pouch. The end of mine is not a razor so no idea what that’s about. Spray foam is meant to be sliced and carved after it dries. And don’t wear your good clothes whiles working. Crows foot wrenches have a specific use which I’m sure your not using them for. The sander I agree.
William Daniels
William Daniels Dag siden
You must be one rich mother@#$% to be able to throw away tools like that. Plus, you don't know squat about tools anyway.
Harry Dag siden
hey can ii have your thrown away tool please?
theblackdragonpr Dag siden
My Home Depot HDX Caulk Gun is 2 years old and never had your problems 😂😂😂
Ron Dag siden
You can send the crow's foot collection to me, please!....... The gear wrench has to work in two directions so an offset will not work.
Robbie Robinson
Robbie Robinson Dag siden
Spot on with the wrenches
Roy Phelps
Roy Phelps Dag siden
I'd never thrown any of these tools away. They're really not that bad unless your're super picky. Could always donate them to the less fortunate who would find these tools useful. Or, put them in a secondary location just in case your primary choice is not handy. Being thrifty is another consideration.
William Stafford
William Stafford Dag siden
Offsets don’t always fit.
Bryce Lund
Bryce Lund Dag siden
Let me know your address I’m gonna come grab all those tools.
Jefferson Fjeld
Jefferson Fjeld 2 dager siden
I will keep you in my prayers as well but no, I did not enjoy the video
Jefferson Fjeld
Jefferson Fjeld 2 dager siden
I love you, I love your vids and I'm asking to not do these types of videos.a while back you called a honing rod a useless sharpener? Just because YOU don't have a use for it does not mean that a whole bunch of us use them (properly) every day! Again I Love you, Most of us are not homesteading but are in the field. And for the record there is no such thing as TOO much Torque:)
TheBrownSys 2 dager siden
Why is Bosch suddenly bad? Legit curious.
Matthew Pepper
Matthew Pepper 2 dager siden
Why do you own so many tools you don’t like? That sounds as dumb as your opinions on tools you don’t know how to use
IsiahR 2 dager siden
I was able to cut straight with a bone saw at age 12, and I've never handled one prior. Now some of the other tools are fine too but I can appreciate you giving your opinion of better quality tools.
JDTCo. 2 dager siden
Hey we cover a whole bunch of tools ( including Milwaukee) with the bets possible deals you can imagine! check out our channel
v8trauma 2 dager siden
I'll take it all except the broken tape measure.
Sean C
Sean C 2 dager siden
"I'll never use a channel lock again." Meanwhile in the backdrop of the video, on the wall hangs a knockoff channel lock.
Wranglerstar 2 dager siden
Why do you think they are on the wall?
Ezekiel West
Ezekiel West 2 dager siden
Why did you buy the tape measure with a a magnet🤦‍♂️
James Boxold
James Boxold 2 dager siden
Who's not a subscriber anymore he really doesn't know how to use any of these tools
James Boxold
James Boxold 2 dager siden
Wtf your worm saw is probably worth more than anything you own
James Boxold
James Boxold 2 dager siden
Spray foam is amazing
James Boxold
James Boxold 2 dager siden
Stop putting you tape in your nail pouch... put it in your tape pouch
James Boxold
James Boxold 2 dager siden
You need 0 off set wrenches for alot of stuff
Nick Reno
Nick Reno 3 dager siden
All you have p**** knuckles
Brian K. Phelps
Brian K. Phelps 3 dager siden
I have the yellow caulking gun and the belt holster for it I love it
Epic Pro
Epic Pro 3 dager siden
Try the Milwaukee STUD tape measures. I am a full time carpenter and have used just about every tape on the market. I really like the Stanley's when brand new but in my experience after about 3 months they start not retracting nice and the numbers are all worn off the blade. I've had my Milwaukee STUD now for about a year and there is very little wear on the blade and it still retracts as it did on day one.
Flyingsod Wai
Flyingsod Wai 3 dager siden
12:16 Pole axes are a medieval war weapon. why would you want a pole on it?
Thomas Maloney
Thomas Maloney 3 dager siden
Without a doubt the worst review of tools ! Go to gym and workout so you can handle torque of saw starting up or get wife to help you.
Carter Livingston
Carter Livingston 3 dager siden
Pay attention to detail and you wouldn’t have this issue. I’m talking about the tape measure and the wrench’s
Josh Jorgensen
Josh Jorgensen 4 dager siden
Good job making a fool of yourself. Just goes to show your lack of knowledge. Maybe it’s not lack of knowledge but your just a snowflake trying to be a big tuff guy
boyscout419 4 dager siden
You hooked me when you referred to the caulking gun as a "hateful thing." I love that adjective!
SpockMcoy Issmart
SpockMcoy Issmart 4 dager siden
I've only seen a tomahawk used installing cedar shingles. Well, there was that Mel Gibson movie too......
SpockMcoy Issmart
SpockMcoy Issmart 4 dager siden
I have cut old tape measures into a piece that I have fastened to the edge of my work bench. I have used my small pad sander a lot in the past, but like anything, a 'better' tool comes along. I've been downsizing too. You reach a point in your life when you're closer to the end than the beginning and if you can't give them away while you're alive, why leave for someone else to clean up after your dead. How many here have had to clean out parents homes after they died and wondered, "why in the world did mom/dad keep THIS?" I guess my biggest frustration is not being able to find young guys -- who don't have any tools -- and don't want free ones.
Juan Aguilar
Juan Aguilar 4 dager siden
Flat ratcheting wrenches are crucial in today’s more compact vehicles. Offset wrenches are good for holding nuts while you drive the bolt with an impact.
Taylor Allen
Taylor Allen 4 dager siden
This man really just complained about sprayfoam... sprayfoam is godsend for air sealing. Cant figure out how much its gonna expand? Light coat and come back. Dont be a goober and empty the gun
Chris Alden
Chris Alden 3 dager siden
All the walls of my home are 6” of spray foam. I use the Pro Style cans with the $50 reusable gun, better control = no mess.
Bill Cat
Bill Cat 4 dager siden
azmike1956 4 dager siden
Stanley Leverlock tapes for 40+ years. No crowsfeet! You've never worked on commercial jets. Someone needs to film this guy trying to do anything at all. He's like "Super Dave Osborne" doing wood working!! RIP SUPER DAVE!! No offense meant.💖
Glenn Bryksaw
Glenn Bryksaw 5 dager siden
Your video is in my garbage
William Dukane
William Dukane 5 dager siden
Ummm...if you don't like your flat wrenches or Channellocks, I'm sure many people would be happy to have them rather than your physically throwing them into a garbage can. Doesn't that seem wasteful? Hopefully this was just for NOpost and you gave them away or something.
Spencer Leeper
Spencer Leeper 5 dager siden
If you think Milwaukee tape measures are bad you should try Klein. They are some of the worst "pro grade" tape measures I have ever used.
David Stevens
David Stevens 6 dager siden
Random orbit Sanders loose there discs. Square Sanders go into corners.
David Stevens
David Stevens 6 dager siden
Spray foam has cyanide in it.
2 2
2 2 6 dager siden
I have The Most Important Question, Of All, Where Do You Normally Put Your Trash Can ??????
Bloodsong_the_Sparky_Eagle 6 dager siden
You can tell you don't care about them by the way you didn't clean them and take care of them.
shaun C
shaun C 6 dager siden
Zero offset wrenches are most definitely necessary.
srwapo 6 dager siden
Someone's never had to tighten a hydraulic connector in the middle of a bank of connectors where the only two options are disconnecting every hose to get tool access or using a crow's foot.
Electrolux lad
Electrolux lad 6 dager siden
I’m keeping my channel locks man I grew up being a plumber and that’s what I’m planning on using for the rest of my life is great German quality but at the same time I love my blue channel locks
charleen heath
charleen heath 7 dager siden
Send all the stuff you do not want to me I willpay the shipping. Except the foam. leenotcharleen
Kerry Custom Knives
Kerry Custom Knives 7 dager siden
Dear Wranglestar, I have a bunch of useless items too. Bought them and they just take up space in my workshop. You must be really brave to be able to chuck those pesky and useless tools out. I need to be brave too. Thanks for the heads up.
Fringe Wizard
Fringe Wizard 7 dager siden
Give me that makita saw!! Ahhh don't throw it out at least donate it to the reStore or similar place.
The Truth
The Truth 7 dager siden
The Milwaukee tap measures also have a terrible metal belt clip that never gets right, its either to tight or way to loose
Gregory Londos
Gregory Londos 7 dager siden
I’m sorry I couldn’t get past more than the first 3 mins of your video... your number one complaint, Your wrench needing an offset. Geeze, I have found that working overhead where an offset Wrench gives you less torque than a straight wrench. For example adjusting door closers. Remember these wrenches either open and or closed-end were originally made for mechanics, not for carpenters... As a carpenter’s we’ve learned to adjust buying other trades tools for to fit our own needs... What’s good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander... Your second tool, the Milwaukee tape measure with the magnetic tip. I have dedicated pouches for all my tools including a tape measure pouch right in the front of my tool belt for easy access. There is no place for magnetic debris to rest in my tape pouch. Everything you push in your video I’m sure the rest will be the same way... It’s all objective. How many years have you been in the trades or have you ever? I’m pushing 40 years as a carpenter and contractor and I do multiple levels of different trades to progress my business. You sound more like a whiner than a user. Maybe even a spoiled brat... Go right ahead and Throw your Perfectly Good Tools in the Trash... I’d give you two thumbs down, if I could... Greg
TheMetaljrc 7 dager siden
The thing about milwaukee tape measures is that they have different tape measures for different trades. Non magnetic for wood workers and magnetic for metal workers. In my opinion , the first milwaukee magnetic was the best, but they keep changing the design. Right now the only thing that is keeping me in the milwaukee tape measures is the finger stop.
Gert lolly
Gert lolly 7 dager siden
you throw a blue bosch tool in the trash!!!!!!!!! Are you stupid or spoiled???
Jeff Titterington
Jeff Titterington 8 dager siden
Hatchets were standard tools for roofing, particularly with wood shakes (but also asphalt.) Many had a notch for pulling nails as well as the poll for driving nails. A "camper's axe" is useful for light work, or when you don't carry a full-size axe. I've never seen anyone use a tomahawk for anything.
Peter Hessedal
Peter Hessedal 8 dager siden
You need to use them in their intended environment. That bow saw is for camping and backpacking. As is the hatchet.
FluffyBunny1974 8 dager siden
I'll take the ratchet wrenches, min sweep hitting my knuckles has never been a problem.
Tommy Wong
Tommy Wong 8 dager siden
Well you’re not a mechanic, title has a bit of on error but makes sense coming from a carpenter background though.
TheSungecko420 8 dager siden
I agree with the Milwaukee tape measure. The tape never stays, always folds, needs Viagra, and the hook slips off everything. I’ve used all different brands of tape measure and I regret buying the Milwaukee. It’s garbage.
namgorf2001 8 dager siden
Never in my life have I heard so much complaining from someone who has clearly no idea what they're doing. His "examples" scream late night infomercial overacting to prove his point. From the very first tool I knew this was gonna be painful to watch.
Thomas Condon Jr
Thomas Condon Jr 8 dager siden
What a useless video. Learn how to use your tools. The are all useful tools for a specific purpose.
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 9 dager siden
I have double box zero offset wrenches and they are some of my favorites. For tight spaces, in an engine bay for example, an offset can mean interference. I wouldn't want them for carpentry but for automotive they can be a problem solver.
daemonblade1229 9 dager siden
This video helped me...to not subscribe. "Spray foam, the last refuge of the hack carpenter?" Wow. You must just love all that money your customers lose on heating and cooling because you were too afraid of getting messy to use any spray foam. What a crock.
You Can Too Electrical
You Can Too Electrical 9 dager siden
Buddy called the knipex alligator pliers cobras 😂. You should know what tools your talking about since your making a video bashing good tools and complaining cause you don’t understand how magnets work.
Jon Utecht
Jon Utecht 9 dager siden
Box wrenches without offsets definitely have a place in many instances. Send them all to me. Haha
W Mathews
W Mathews 9 dager siden
So right about Milwaukee tape - the worst! In addition to the failures you point out, it doesn’t stay extended! Very disappointing from a company that makes almost every power tool I own and has always been top notch. FatMax for me.
The Jimmy
The Jimmy 9 dager siden
"Why someone would make a wrench without an offset is beyond me" Well, there are situations where an offset isn't necessary, and having an offset might create a more awkward wrenching (for a lack of a better term) situation. I bought a geared box wrench just yesterday to tighten nuts on my kayak rack, and it has no offset. If it had an offset, it would make tightening those nuts more awkward.
Vladimir Doig
Vladimir Doig 10 dager siden
I had to dislike this video for trashing the Boreal Agawa Canyon Saw. It is not meant for fine-tuning and getting straight lines, its meant for cutting logs for firewood.
Neil Hamill
Neil Hamill 10 dager siden
A lot of people are saying he doesn't know how to use or what the tools were designed for in this video. Same thing can be said with listening to what he said. That was for his own purposes . At least he has a sense of humor.
Philip Bevis
Philip Bevis 10 dager siden
Dude, you are a moron. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Smh
Oscar Velasquez
Oscar Velasquez 10 dager siden
This video is for apprentices to feel better. “I DONT LIKE THIS BECAUSE I CANT USE IT RIGHT.”
Will E.
Will E. 10 dager siden
i like tomahawks for axe throwing but i agree they suck at everything else.
Kuldeep Singh
Kuldeep Singh 10 dager siden
Why did you not give away these tools?
Lance McKee
Lance McKee 11 dager siden
Wow. Sounds like most of his problems are self inflicted.
Merlin Cat
Merlin Cat 11 dager siden
I love my gear wrench flat ratchets. The few times I need an offset I simply grab one of my others. They both have theirnplace
Sharkbait 11 dager siden
These all sound like personal problems, I actually use every tool listed (minus the axe & saw)
Viorel Sterpu
Viorel Sterpu 11 dager siden
It happens, that even expensive brand could be a junk.
Glenn S. Harris
Glenn S. Harris 11 dager siden
I love this video because I love shitting on things that suck!
Gerald Polmateer
Gerald Polmateer 12 dager siden
Your jitterbug sander is junk compared to what Rockwell and PC made. They are good for corners though.
Mike B
Mike B 12 dager siden
give your tools away instead of trashing them please
Bill Allen
Bill Allen 12 dager siden
Spray foam is great IF you don't overfill the gap. Cheap Sanders are junk. My old heavy steal sander works great. However, random orbital same is the best.
Chris Bramblett
Chris Bramblett 12 dager siden
Can I have everything that went into the can?
5 War Potentials
5 War Potentials 12 dager siden
Man most of the things he threw away I currently or did own them at one point in my life but I got to say they worked fine for the job I was doing, the caulking gun he threw away how I wish I could have owned one when I first started off I had to rely on cutting the silicone tube manually and using whatever stick I could find on the ground to pull out the silicone and use it
Atrainace 12 dager siden
You missed one. Your understanding, that's number 11 and you definatly need to throw that in the trash. Wow, I thought you were able to use that punching bag with eyes to monitor the garbage that comes out your mouth but, I guess I was wrong.
LostLives 13 dager siden
Trash the Paddle bits!! Use Forstner for god sakes!! Changed my life.
kjmorley 13 dager siden
You’ve inspired me to replace a bunch of stuff. I have a particularly bad weed eater that’s never fed the cord correctly. I pretty much have to disassemble it every time I adjust it.
Robert Bier
Robert Bier 13 dager siden
It isn't the tools, it's the user!
HobbyTown Crew
HobbyTown Crew 13 dager siden
SHAME ON YOU!!! You buy tools you need and use. If you want to throw tools away, donate them to Schools, Habitat for Humanity. They'll be glad to take them.
perez13691 13 dager siden
Ill gladly take all those from you especially all the tomahawks u can throw at me 😎👍🏽
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