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Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading. Makita XPS Torx bits are the best drivers bits I've ever used.
Get A Makita XPS Starter Kit here * * * $19.99 * * * FREE SHIPPING (amazon affiliate link)

Wranglerstar Måned siden
Get A Makita XPS Starter Kit here * * * $19.99 * * * FREE SHIPPING (amazon affiliate link)
woodworker Royer
woodworker Royer 25 dager siden
Use spax screws. The 1" bit that comes with them is absolutely perfect. I know what you mean with the bits falling out of the driver, but Makita magnetic drivers (the gold hex-shaft ones) have a retaining ring in there that HOLD the bits. I mean you need pliers to get it out! It fits perfectly and lasts for at least one box, probably more like 3 (I'm just a homegamer, so I dont use a box in 5 months). I'll pick up some of those bits though, they sound good.
277kne 29 dager siden
Cody Could you add a combination starter kit to your Amazon list? I need the hex shank drill bits for wood and some drivers.
277kne 29 dager siden
I need to add a clarification. I ment 1/4 shank.
John D
John D 29 dager siden
@Andrew Lozano what's that got to do with anything?
John D
John D 29 dager siden
Sled Fast
Sled Fast 15 dager siden
I prefer the milwaukee bit, I've had good luck with them, I've put thousands of screws in and haven't broke one yet
Joseph Durish
Joseph Durish 15 dager siden
I'm the 500th comment
David Paradis
David Paradis 19 dager siden
Finally makita is making something again that lasts.
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 21 dag siden
Oh good old loctite I miss the old woodshop videos I miss 2016
Steven Brickey
Steven Brickey 22 dager siden
You should probably consider changing over to permatex brand thread locker. Loctite brand owner is actively trying to shut down singletrack dirtbike trails and ohv trails. At least he is here in Colorado so a fellow dirt bike rider I thought you should know. God Bless you and your family Cody.
jcnme2020 23 dager siden
Electronics For Fun
Electronics For Fun 24 dager siden
in my experience milwaukee bits are the worst. they look cheap, they feel cheap, and they break all the time. I think dewalt and bosch make the best bits, I have never had problems with them. I don't use makita bits that often but from the bits I have used I can tell you that they do make some pretty nice drill bits.
Electronics For Fun
Electronics For Fun 24 dager siden
CYAN! lol
J Kimrey
J Kimrey 25 dager siden
Great tip! Loved the behind-the-scenes tutorial.
Arkansas Pilgrim
Arkansas Pilgrim 25 dager siden
I like seeing the real wood. Heck with colors.
Paul Jewitt
Paul Jewitt 27 dager siden
Back ground plaid
Not Your Typical Christian Channel
Not Your Typical Christian Channel 27 dager siden
Have you tried Wera Impaktor? They are incredible
Ikon 27 dager siden
I'm being serious, I haven't been around this channel for a couple months why does Wrangler star look like a French pirate now?
bromma1979 27 dager siden
Where can I buy those suspenders? Thanks 👍
Philip Cockram
Philip Cockram 27 dager siden
Cool lighting tips at the end .
alistair smith
alistair smith 27 dager siden
Well somebody has never used wera impact diamond bits lol
A Person
A Person 28 dager siden
Can't say I've ever seen you use an impact in your videos, but if you haven't used them, you don't know what you're missing.... My grand father was big on screws and never had an impact, just drills, and for the longest time I didn't see the difference..... Until I actually used one that my friend had on hand to drive 3" screws into studs.... Boy, was that an eye opener for me. If you've never used impacts, you might want to look into them. I know you like DeWalt, and they're ok, but these days, I like Ridgid tools. But regardless of who makes it - dewalt, ridgid, milwakee, etc - impacts beat the snot out of drills all day every day.
Treaby Scaggs
Treaby Scaggs 28 dager siden
I just ordered me a set of bits you recommended from the link you provided. Thank you because I'm in need of a good set.
D Person
D Person 28 dager siden
ThankYou... might give them a try. If you say they are good and impressed you then they must work well.
J L 28 dager siden
Love the loctite in the frame!!!
T K 28 dager siden
I've seen the light.
Ricky M.
Ricky M. 28 dager siden
The 60 impact xps piece kit is the better value. Don't get the 30 or 45 piece kit. It's only a $5 to $10 differences.
Nolan Gaudreau
Nolan Gaudreau 28 dager siden
I love that you showed your recording setup!
PinkAndOrangeAndGold 28 dager siden
Lol, You guys are way more important than anyone that could be calling here
Jerry L Busby
Jerry L Busby 28 dager siden
Green is my color ! Well next to Fire Engineer Red 😊🚒🚒
Pzlsi Koleia
Pzlsi Koleia 29 dager siden
Better than wiha and wera?
SG 29 dager siden
I’ll have to pick those up. Also, that is a lot of thinking for a video on bits. Thanks for putting your best into these videos!
Adam B
Adam B 29 dager siden
Has IMPACT DRIVER in the title and grabs his drill...
MarkJarz 29 dager siden
Your description of frustration with the short bits sounds exactly like my experience with the freebies that are in the boxes of Spax screws.
Gregory Jon.
Gregory Jon. 29 dager siden
Matt Woldanski
Matt Woldanski 29 dager siden
He just wants us to see his loctite
RatyTang 29 dager siden
I been using a brand called xtorque and they last a long time, better then any other brand I've used
Tj Kenney
Tj Kenney 29 dager siden
Xps bits are killer but like most bits 3 inch drywall screws murder the shit out of them
Douglas Crosby
Douglas Crosby 29 dager siden
Those Makita XPS kits are nice! creative new room #Wranglerstar
ColonelK0rn 29 dager siden
I have been a fan of the SPAX screws. What brand do you prefer?
Owen Ruth
Owen Ruth 29 dager siden
Have you tried GRK star drivers?
Mike Rokus
Mike Rokus 29 dager siden
I had the same problem with Milwaukee's and Dewalts were not much better. Thanks for the advise I will give Makita's a try.
David Kirkpatrick
David Kirkpatrick 29 dager siden
Eazypower is the best
Dustin Mason
Dustin Mason 29 dager siden
Thank you for all your videos love them GO LOCTITE!! God Bless
dennis poley
dennis poley 29 dager siden
Purple next
James Ruybal
James Ruybal 29 dager siden
Not sure if its too late in the project to suggest this, but given how tight the room around the tanks is, it might be a fun challenge to build a hidden door to access them from the front. Have it be nearly seamless in the siding, maybe a roller catch latch to avoid any handles.
Dragonmage967 29 dager siden
They have become my go-to bit for sure. I love how well they fit the screws and you can get them in 15 packs that come in a nice plastic container to hold them in that fit in a pocket super easy.
SouthPawsMusic 29 dager siden
Makita has ben making the best bits for years... The makita golds were my go to until these came out and now i use these. You are absolutely correct. They are certainly amazing!
Friedrich Wilhelm
Friedrich Wilhelm 29 dager siden
MAKITA everything is lovely i love Makita
Nicholas Longfield
Nicholas Longfield 29 dager siden
I have had issues with both Milwaukee and Dewalt bits in this regard, happy I'm not alone.
Keith Brookshire
Keith Brookshire 29 dager siden
I generally applaud your lighting, but THROW THAT GEL AWAY!
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael 29 dager siden
Aputure makes amazing lights been grabbing them when I need them over other light brands now @WranglerStar
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael 29 dager siden
Great video Cody @WranglerStar
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael 29 dager siden
I agree with the xps makita bits they are the best bits I have ever used as well @WranglerStar
Rivera 29 dager siden
Hey Cody do you have a denim colored background?
Jake B
Jake B 29 dager siden
When I work on a houseboat I just jack up the downhill side
cap10david 29 dager siden
Hi Cody, enjoyed the video as always. I have to correct you on the un-level water comments though. As a captain for over 40 years I can assure you that apart from tumbling down a whitewater river or in rough seas in the ocean the surface of any relatively calm water is the most perfect level reference on earth. The problem is that the boat is impossible to keep level unless you are building it on land, in which case a level is very useful, particularly for all the upright components and interior decks. The horizontal components are not meant to be level anyway or they won’t shed water and are therefore almost always built with a bit of crown amidships to drain away water, at least on the exterior. And I would never go to sea without LocTite 😎 Keep up the great work
John D
John D 29 dager siden
Loved the little bit of behind the scenes... Would be great to see more on that.
John D
John D 29 dager siden
I have a torrid time with screw bits and I don't know what it is. I've a good driver and the same bits I see pros use, but my bits are always sticking in the screws and falling on the floor
thesebaqxD 29 dager siden
Artsificial 29 dager siden
Aye. I was very doubtful when I first bought Makita, but they have yet to disappoint.
Alexander Fenning
Alexander Fenning 29 dager siden
Blue would be cool to see in the background
Josh Clasing
Josh Clasing 29 dager siden
I want to see the color clear
HardCity RainDrops
HardCity RainDrops 29 dager siden
That does look awesome
Jake P
Jake P 29 dager siden
Cody's resume just says "Yes... I've done that too"
divine_ 29 dager siden
I've noticed you tend to use your cordless drill to fasten screws as opposed to your impact driver. Any reason?
patriotpaul 29 dager siden
Makita has 3 types the Gold =Hardest bits they will snap under max torque. The Black= softer ones will twist under max torque. The Silver = XPS are the best I tried to tell him that after the old test he did on bits .
patriotpaul 29 dager siden
ITS always Been 29.99 for the 45 pc set The STARTER Set is 19.99
Lukas Leja
Lukas Leja 29 dager siden
omg i just realized im doing the exact same thing that the “i know im getting old when i like to watch this” memes are! I FEEL OLD
Alex II
Alex II 29 dager siden
And here I was thinking a magician never revealed his tricks...
Zen Gardens
Zen Gardens 29 dager siden
more filming nerd stuff please!!!
John Woodfin
John Woodfin 29 dager siden
I just recently got the Dewalt MaxFit set and they are great. I'll have to check these out when its time.
Sir Jhonson
Sir Jhonson Måned siden
Good to know . I have bought almost every brand bit and had problems .
Derek King
Derek King Måned siden
You just need to commit and go full beard Cody! I think you’d pull it off very well! JMO.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Måned siden
The best ones are the packs of 50 for $4.99 at harbor freight. *sarcasm*
Screaminpotato Måned siden
These quick videos on quality tools are very helpful.
Dantastic Måned siden
*Project Farm has entered the chat*
James Chippett
James Chippett Måned siden
I like Makita & Dewalt for my power tools. The Dewalt bits are also good, but are prone to round over / weat a little but more quickly than the Makita bits with heavy use. I agree, I don't use the magnetic bits, they always get lost or stuck.
Braxx Juventa
Braxx Juventa Måned siden
Baby blue!!! LOL!! 👍😁
thejohnhend Måned siden
You’re really going to love them if you put them in an actual impact driver. Millions of screws + impact driver = 7 years extra time saved
Keith Hudson
Keith Hudson Måned siden
1/4 hex drive belongs in a driver. Not a drill. Change my mind.
Josh Gallant
Josh Gallant Måned siden
I love the lighting and will be going to pick up the bits as well! Look forward to every video brother!!
NRCustom Måned siden
Makita bits have always been the best.
daft nord
daft nord Måned siden
EVERY time i watch any video and it ends with "thanks for watching.." my brain fills in with "keep your..'stick' on the ice"
Scott Pysher
Scott Pysher Måned siden
The bokeh when you walked back to the wall was amazing.
Joe The Infidel
Joe The Infidel Måned siden
If you think those are great, try the Norske tools bits. They have out lasted any brand ive ever used.
Kyler and Sylvia Miller
Kyler and Sylvia Miller Måned siden
Loved the gold framed locktite!
Jonesy's Self-Reliance
Jonesy's Self-Reliance Måned siden
You should grow out that stash and put curls in it it would look awesome on you
Annija Linda Diedišķe
Annija Linda Diedišķe Måned siden
Hi! Me and my husband are very happy and excited for your new home. We moved in to our current house 2 years ago. It’s olds and strange house. It’s made of concrete, woods some bricks. Every thing we touch makes we wonder “what in the world you even do that”? We have done some basic stuff, like put in new windows, new concrete flooring, put new fire place in and some little things. We are struggling with planning what to do next. New roof(it’s terrible, thank God not leaking)? But we want the house bigger (in 3-4 years). Shop for tools? (Basically we are sleeping with them) but in to another hand , we need garage for car.. we are really struggling with this. May be you have some advice or some basic things what you have to do first (priorities). I’m sorry about my writing, we are from small country in Europe- The Baltic states- Latvia 🇱🇻. Thank you and God bless 🧚🏻‍♀️
GroupW Måned siden
Would you be willing to share links or even do a video about the studio lights you use? I am looking for a set up that is somewhat affordable and portable. The battery operated one would be a great option when shooting in an area without access to power.
Sean Måned siden
Wow very impressive the tech side of mister west coast man. Well done sir.
Jerry Sparks
Jerry Sparks Måned siden
That's good info thanks
James alt
James alt Måned siden
Milwaukee are terrible bits. Makita is the most consist quality.
Doug Commons
Doug Commons Måned siden
Don't let Mrs. W hear you say that we are more important than anybody else. You'll be sleeping in that shop! LOL! Makita makes great stuff. As a company I think they really strive to make the best products that can be made. Thanks for sharing.
Jako1987 Måned siden
Next color: brown (I'm referring to Technology Connections video) 😬
YOLOdanielz Måned siden
Have you heard of GRK before? They make amazing fasteners and their bits are amazing as well. You should check them out.
Joseph LaNore
Joseph LaNore Måned siden
Cody definitely add PROJECT FARM to your NOpost viewing list. He is pretty thorough in testing products, some test taking a year to complete. Thanks for sharing your experience with the new XPS bits.
Nico Eckerstorfer
Nico Eckerstorfer Måned siden
Do you know the proxxon industrial bits and bitsets? These are really awesome too and i think proxxon is not well known in the american market,
Nico Eckerstorfer
Nico Eckerstorfer Måned siden
i have been using some like these for three years straight not beeing carefull and they are that kind of tool that makes me happy everytime i use them
Alexy Rodionov
Alexy Rodionov Måned siden
Now cost $30 :/
Adventures with Spackmann
Adventures with Spackmann Måned siden
Lol I thought it was some sort of color effect with software, nope low tech green piece of plastic. Very nice!
Our Off Grid Farm Life
Our Off Grid Farm Life Måned siden
Disappointed the number plate on that Porsche wasn’t lock tite
Jonas Libbrecht
Jonas Libbrecht Måned siden
I always upvote loctite 243
QUEEN BEE Måned siden
pink background next time
Jonny Fischer
Jonny Fischer Måned siden
pls do the normal background thats best
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