Never Seen Before - Homestead Tour - BEFORE & AFTER

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3 måneder siden

Wranglerstar modern homesteading tour, before and after.

John Winstead
John Winstead 4 timer siden
good paint choice my grandfather has panted for a long time now and that is all he uses the best paint
Sebastian Wojnar
Sebastian Wojnar 3 dager siden
I am so Jealous of what you have!! The house, the incredible view and the great family and friends that you have helping you. i dont watch all the time but when i watch one episode I end up watching for hours after that one.
Gail JOHNSON 4 dager siden
Thank you for the video. Have a blessed day.
Isitreall 5 dager siden
🥰🥰🥰Your Home is Beautiful! You know, American People are some Talented People. THIS HOME IS WELL THOUGHT OUT. Just Beautiful!
Craig Anderson
Craig Anderson Måned siden
Orange and black, looks like a Harley dealer
memberofthetribe1 Måned siden
I'm new to this whole homesteading lifestyle, but this house, both inside and outside is absolutely perfect. I'm a single dude that has lived in the city his entire life, (56 years), and there isn't a single thing that I would change in this house. Not. One. Thing. I will use this as the benchmark for my property search. Thank you for posting the before and after pictures of your work.
Nerdy Hustle
Nerdy Hustle Måned siden
Awesome work!
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson Måned siden
I’m so busy and tired ha ha yea imagine if you actually had a job and had to work out of town all week... feel so bad for you not
Bluetunder40 Måned siden
Beautiful bro.. Definitely jealous of that view
genevie lucious
genevie lucious Måned siden
Beautiful homestead from the outside the inside is just as good. HI from New Zealand.
guy leblanc
guy leblanc Måned siden
nice pad
KeepTrying Måned siden
I rarely comment, but I have always LOVED the Swedish-feel of your place. I've long been obsessed with those pine-cone lights in your dining room, even trying to find some for our house (which I was able to do). They don't go with our place and if we build another house, I'm going to make sure it is harmonious w/those lights. LOVE YOUR OLD PLACE.
sagrammyfour Måned siden
Younneed to STOP airing your personalbusness in public. I appreciate that you want to share, to help others, but there are really bad people out there who mean you no good.
jake koenig
jake koenig Måned siden
What do you do for a living??
Steven Mitchell
Steven Mitchell Måned siden
South side lower eve gap. It should be a long single eve.
gale212 Måned siden
Lovely home
Broomstick Flier
Broomstick Flier Måned siden
"It is amazing what you can get done when you have to..." LMFO
rebel chevy 400
rebel chevy 400 Måned siden
What a beautiful house!
Dan Linehan
Dan Linehan Måned siden
Great job, lot's of hard rewarding work. God bless your family and new home!
Asaf Farfar
Asaf Farfar Måned siden
I love the porch. All it’s missing is a a good down pour.
Someone Else
Someone Else Måned siden
3... that is how many times my wife and I have done this kind of work just to sell a house. Once we get the work done we wonder why we didn't do it earlier so we could enjoy it. The place looks great.
Fallacious Måned siden
Really disgusting how much Americans have. The excess, the toys. It’s all about more, more, more....
Robkhalifa Måned siden
For a Swede, a home without a dalahäst isnt a home. I think its a beutiful touch which välkomnar you to your "new" old house
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 2 måneder siden
Propane is a 💣 waiting to happen get ride of it
Steven James
Steven James 2 måneder siden
Terrible picture
nkryptchn /
nkryptchn / 2 måneder siden
Very, very nice great choices.
Mr. Tangent
Mr. Tangent 2 måneder siden
Sad that you’ve done all that work and won’t be able to enjoy it. Kind of wish you guys would stay.
Tiger Loves Tech
Tiger Loves Tech 2 måneder siden
This house is beautiful
Postchal 2 måneder siden
Hello Cody, Just out of curiosity, is Mrs W from Oakland Nebraska? The Valkommen horse looks familiar.
Rebecca Kivak
Rebecca Kivak 2 måneder siden
Absolutely gorgeous!
Michael Schaller
Michael Schaller 2 måneder siden
Love this beautiful home
Robert Caffarella
Robert Caffarella 2 måneder siden
Beautiful home, at sixty, it’s hard to replace what you loose. We lost our home in 2014 after the trades failed for years. There is enough energy for one more try. Hopefully when I retire we can find a place and build it to suit. You are an inspiration.
Rabid Fan
Rabid Fan 2 måneder siden
Why do we always make the house look better when we are leaving it then when we a living in it? 🧐
johan liljeroos
johan liljeroos 2 måneder siden
Swedish heritage? A lot of "Dalahästar" painted and hanging.
Indy3%er 2 måneder siden
seems like ur getting it ready to sell😕
marvin hemsworth
marvin hemsworth 2 måneder siden
Can i ask you as to where i need to look as in the way of available land or homes near where you are ? Not wanting to know exact location mind you
Nick Freyermuth
Nick Freyermuth 2 måneder siden
You guys have a beautiful home plus your garage. Thanks for the tour.
mark lottero
mark lottero 2 måneder siden
Really miss your videos, wish you the best wherever you go ❤
j. lee
j. lee 2 måneder siden
I will be using your trim color. It will look great on my cabin thanks!
Ty N.
Ty N. 2 måneder siden
You guys have a beautiful property!
Bill Buschgen
Bill Buschgen 3 måneder siden
How Nice.
Jeffrey Yeater
Jeffrey Yeater 3 måneder siden
Really is sharp!!!
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie 3 måneder siden
its the house that love built
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie 3 måneder siden
i love the cold room with the door going outside can be used as a guest room
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie 3 måneder siden
850 love that saying bookcase and tele lol
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie 3 måneder siden
i think the lights work well with the house
80's horror
80's horror 3 måneder siden
Who was in the old style picture in the office about the door in front of the the outside door in front of the bathroom
Fabian Reche
Fabian Reche 3 måneder siden
his son plays Destiny on xbox, cool...
Amanda Pearson
Amanda Pearson 3 måneder siden
My personal taste I prefer before, more rustic country 👍🏽
James Shanks
James Shanks 3 måneder siden
I do hate to admit it but 97% of homes I have been in in my 70 years don't have correct fire extinguishers installed where they are handy. Over my lifetime I've seen just over 700 homes. The only homes that had fire extinguishers and were properly placed were owned by firefighters.
Dgozz122 3 måneder siden
Nice house. But that property is what I'd love to have!
Mrgunsngear Channel
Mrgunsngear Channel 3 måneder siden
great job
ennie minee
ennie minee 3 måneder siden
WARNING: this video may cause extreme envy!!!
Dale Jennings
Dale Jennings 3 måneder siden
Give me a place to sleep and food in my belly and I’ll come help you move. I’ll even pay for my own plane ticket out.
Bucket List Boomer
Bucket List Boomer 3 måneder siden
❤️ it! All the things I’d love to have...huge porch, root cellar, beautiful floors. Shelves for books...😍
Lori Rode-off
Lori Rode-off 3 måneder siden
Everything is perfect!! Congratulations!!!
s a
s a 3 måneder siden
Absolutely beautiful and well manicured property . Your wife is lovely as well and your son is really really cute!!!!!!
Ali Shah Jafri
Ali Shah Jafri 3 måneder siden
That’s beautiful house you hace jack God bless you my man
Guy Actual
Guy Actual 3 måneder siden
You may be the most blessed man i have ever seen. Don't get me wrong, I know that you have worked extremely hard (As well as Mrs. Wranglerstar) for what you have, but non of that wold have happened without the blessings of our lord and savior. May he continue to bless you all for all of your hard work!
ARM 7501
ARM 7501 3 måneder siden
It’s looking amazing. As a Swede I can especially appreciate the Dalahäst.
danny abe
danny abe 3 måneder siden
Its now for sale.
Pacifica Talent
Pacifica Talent 3 måneder siden
Fine workmanship
Dannyixoye 3 måneder siden
I am fairly new to your channel and am wondering how much acreage do you have?
TOB 3 måneder siden
For sale now on Redfin, saw it by accident!
Thomas Yerbey
Thomas Yerbey 3 måneder siden
Beautiful Home 🇺🇸
beardedbuzzard 3 måneder siden
Hey wow guys looks amazing great job!!!
acon571 3 måneder siden
No tv is kinda stupid. No Netflix or anything during days off?
Jiffy Lube
Jiffy Lube 3 måneder siden
Type and why is Google evil in the admit that they're above the law
ian mcginnis
ian mcginnis 3 måneder siden
Are you guys having another child?
Brandon Wiese
Brandon Wiese 3 måneder siden
Whoever gets this house will have an amazing, well-built home on their hands. Everything looks fantastic, Wranglerstar family!
bradley1385 3 måneder siden
Love your home and your family thanks for sharing!
IZ Ewert
IZ Ewert 3 måneder siden
beautiful design and workmanship
Rob Dixson
Rob Dixson 3 måneder siden
I hate T-111 passionately, but you made it work there. i swear that finishing a closet is almost as much work as finishing the room it is attached to. I will admit the unfinished closet is something of a hallmark of mine.
Al Jones
Al Jones 3 måneder siden
Nice! A Lot of hard work there. Congrats looks good.
Mike 3 måneder siden
Love the place. Amazing to see hard work payoff! Living what I hope to provide my family in the future... great work.
Jason S
Jason S 3 måneder siden
May God truly bless you and your family.
Tokyo San
Tokyo San 3 måneder siden
Very cool.
A Serious Salamander
A Serious Salamander 3 måneder siden
how often do you get your well water tested?
Gamma Rayburst
Gamma Rayburst 3 måneder siden
You did a great job on the house. Thank you so much for sharing you beautiful homestead. You are so talented and a great human. Love the channel.
J Jones
J Jones 3 måneder siden
I get the feeling they are about to sell this place... Idaho @wranglerstar?
TheMaverick 3 måneder siden
That's a nice house. Maybe one day, I will have one as half nice as this one.
The Ava Stark
The Ava Stark 3 måneder siden
U guys rly need a TV n use it once a week or sum we do it we get the fam together for a movie night amazon Netflix or just Disney plus ither way I enjoy yh vids
Karen macphee
Karen macphee 3 måneder siden
Elegant lights. I think they effect given is up scale
Lynn C
Lynn C 3 måneder siden
Thank you for the whole tour! Wow...from not being able to afford a refrigerator to this. God is good. I've been here from the beginning and I am so n like with the family. Keep up the awesome videos. Would love to see cooking videos from Mrs. W and Jack!
Herve Le Duc
Herve Le Duc 3 måneder siden
Looking awesome! Nice job! 👍🏼 Deep Congrats To U All! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
River 3 måneder siden
Looks absolutely beautiful. You guy are living the American dream. Just goes to show you that with hard work and fortitude you can accomplish anything in this great county. What the name of that beautiful mountain in the background . God bless you guys. Great channel love your video’s
Savas Ruiz
Savas Ruiz 3 måneder siden
OH MY GOSH. Does Jack have all the Hardy Boy books. I WANT
mars GIA
mars GIA 3 måneder siden
Love the outside the inside lacked character . Way to 80';s
Robert Deller
Robert Deller 3 måneder siden
The house looks great. Its amazing how something as simple as pressure washing can breathe new life into wood. Good Choice on the color contrast.
Paul Herrdahl
Paul Herrdahl 3 måneder siden
Nice to see a Swedish "Dalahäst" welcoming up to the deck, makes us proud!
Quentin Lewis
Quentin Lewis 3 måneder siden
Nicely done!
Matt DeMatt
Matt DeMatt 3 måneder siden
It all looks fantastic!! Well done.
Larry Kluck
Larry Kluck 3 måneder siden
Nice looking place
Christoffer Olsson
Christoffer Olsson 3 måneder siden
WOW !!! great job it looks stunning !
G Worker
G Worker 3 måneder siden
very nice..kinda rustic scandanavian!
' DaveyB
' DaveyB 3 måneder siden
In the UK GUN cabinets are meant to be mounted To a wall that faces outside guessing it’s different in America ?
' DaveyB
' DaveyB 3 måneder siden
Plenty of land for jack to move out onto your land you 2 should build him a house
Jeremy Vculek
Jeremy Vculek 3 måneder siden
It’s beautiful you guys are amazing and it is awesome seeing it being done. It was great watching you get to this point. I hope NOpost leaves your videos up for future reference.
Tab Ranch
Tab Ranch 3 måneder siden
🌲 jealous,,,,,,I’m what you call a 80%er, 80% of the job and than start the next project’ve done it bro ,FINISH.....II know it’s not Swedish,but it’s done ✅🙋🏼‍♂️
Mark Lavus
Mark Lavus 3 måneder siden
Brilliant. You've got a really well set up nice place (and in a fantastic location). When doing a self build or renovations the finishing touches always seem to take the longest to do but you've gotten there, so well done! It's given me the inspiration to finish some of my renovations.
Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
Thank you very much!
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