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2 måneder siden

MODLITE Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading

Anjel Munoz
Anjel Munoz 18 dager siden
OKW on the long boi and the PLHV2 for flood aka for the shortie build
Jokeal 24 dager siden
Anyone know what sling he uses?
Travis Fite
Travis Fite Måned siden
I've got a modlite handheld. They'll get more money from me knowing they support guys like you
Blulight 11
Blulight 11 2 måneder siden
Wranglerstar: Your vid on why YOU don't like cops that are "Militarized", but YOU have all that YOU won't allow the cops to have, YOU are a HYPOCRITE and a loser!
chuck 2 måneder siden
Cody, I spied those books on your table. "Reforesting Faith: What Trees Teach Us About the Nature of God and His Love for Us" by Matthew Sleeth; "Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea: The History and Discovery of the World's Richest Shipwreck" by Gary Kinder; "Eruption: The Untold Story of Mount St. Helens" by Steve Olson; "War Cry: A Novel of Adventure (Courtney)" by Wilbur Smith, David Churchill; "Convict Conditioning" Could you make an Amazon list or some type of list with suggested readings? Maybe break it down by subject, e.g. faith, homesteading, DIY, homeschooling, fatherhood, etc., etc.
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 2 måneder siden
When Mall Ninjas go wild...😂🤣😂
Jesus Mendoza
Jesus Mendoza 2 måneder siden
Demo for life!
A Dub
A Dub 2 måneder siden
Wow nice uppers, are you into cloning rifles ?
Daniel H
Daniel H 2 måneder siden
OKW is more long distance, the PLHv2 is their close to mid range option. I've got both. Inside 150 yards I prefer the PLHv2.
Daniel H
Daniel H 2 måneder siden
I've got one on my 11.5" BCM. My god, they make some great products.
kguittar1 2 måneder siden
I did not get a notification for this post. I watch every video almost as soon as it's uploaded.
Gary Fairbrother
Gary Fairbrother 2 måneder siden
Don’t forget to save some space for a bicycle bell.
Isaiah Van Dyke
Isaiah Van Dyke 2 måneder siden
Good afternoon mr. Wrangle I have something that is no longer made by husqvarna that I think you would like to review and my fellow subscribers would enjoy as well I'd like to get In touch with you If you're interested and or not busy
Gregg Mouritzen
Gregg Mouritzen 2 måneder siden
I am real curious how well the head of the light, will handle the heat of a sustained fire. With it so far forward, I would wory that the lens would fog or crack, and maybe some of the plastic internal components, might melt. Maybe even crack, from the shock of firing at the end of the barrel. You're right, it does look nice.
michael true
michael true 2 måneder siden
READ THIS Hey love the videos! Some guy by the name taranalt2 recorded that live stream you took down and put it on his channel might want to check that out..
Chris Stevenson
Chris Stevenson 2 måneder siden
Do you ever pay for anything you own or do you just beg companies to give you stuff?
DW 2 måneder siden
Hey bud, don't mount the light that far forward close to the muzzle and flash hider, the gases will blow that thing right off and destroy it probably! Just a little friendly advice from a US Army Veteran and Sniper. Love the channel btw, keep up the good work!
Sebastian Pryor
Sebastian Pryor 2 måneder siden
In my country (New Zealand) no need for all that kit, we just have the young boys on the spot, all ya need is your 303 (a 22 if ya shooting rabbits). nether the less great equipment
L. angh909
L. angh909 2 måneder siden
Ross Carroll
Ross Carroll 2 måneder siden
Do a gun collection video please
Chris H
Chris H 2 måneder siden
Too much junk hanging on the end of that rifle....
SneakySolidSnake 2 måneder siden
did the thumbnail look like a train on a track from an aerial view to anyone else?
Bobby Acred
Bobby Acred 2 måneder siden
Little gun oil on light lens carbon will come off easily
James D
James D 2 måneder siden
Chris Durham
Chris Durham 2 måneder siden
Plate carrier review
Wyatt Berlener
Wyatt Berlener 2 måneder siden
Get a offset mount from trexarms it comes with spacers to adjust the height, great products and great company!
Mitch Foltarz
Mitch Foltarz 2 måneder siden
Why is the receiver in a metal bench vice? Yes, it may have flat plates instaled, but metal against metal can cause damage pretty easily. And it wouldn't appear that the second firearm was blued at one point and has since been scrapped up. Solution "USE PADDING", and as for fixing the finish on the other receiver id suggest cold bluing and smoothing the edges with some light sandpaper followed by polishing paper.
Velozzity 2 måneder siden
the okw would be better served on the gun with the acog, it is a tight beam that is usable for magnified optics, (I assume it is a urgi upper) and the other modlight (I guess it is a plhv2) should be on the mk18 since it is more flood for CQ purposes
payme punk
payme punk 2 måneder siden
Subtle hint to the next drone pilot?? Ahh haha awesome!
Edward Hammond
Edward Hammond 2 måneder siden
Nice little flex for the trespasser 😏
OURv 2 måneder siden
And that weapon is for home defense? !
Shooters101 2 måneder siden
Warms my heart to see you finally upgraded to Modlite! And yes it’s mounted in the right location! Modlites have been tested and approved by Modlite for this exact position!
50 shades Of FDE
50 shades Of FDE 2 måneder siden
If I want an overly expensive light I’d buy one with a good track record ie surefire not a wannabe surefire that’s silly
Reaper.Designs 2 måneder siden
They’re not even comparable. Modlite is better in every quantifiable way.
stburr91 2 måneder siden
Oh man, a very expensive light is about to get smoked. Cody always says he learns his lessons slowly. LoL
Dave Patriot
Dave Patriot 2 måneder siden
I just mounted a light to my rifle also. I mounted mine back further because I was worried that the muzzle blast would over heat the lens and melt it or the diode. I’ve read that LED’s don’t like to get hot.
Divided We Fall
Divided We Fall 2 måneder siden
A flashlight on a long range rifle?
Fernando 2 måneder siden
Those are some very nice rifles
Justin Houston
Justin Houston 2 måneder siden
Where is a drone for target practice when you need one???
Mike McAuliffe
Mike McAuliffe 2 måneder siden
Hey Cody, can I come help test out that light?
Streets 870
Streets 870 2 måneder siden
I’m confused. I thought Wranglerstar and demolition ranch came to an understanding. What happened?
Mike Schotte
Mike Schotte 2 måneder siden
I loved that Ship of Gold book. I wish I could have seen the salvage they recovered from the S.S. Central America.
Michael Dailey
Michael Dailey 2 måneder siden
Hey cody are you going to do a review on the lights after you have hade time to use/play with them.
Stunna Island
Stunna Island 2 måneder siden
Big money right here!
New_England_Times 2 måneder siden
East Coast guy asking.......What is a good Home Defense firearm?
Marsh 2 måneder siden
watch out for carbon going to build up all over the light head and glass
can 422
can 422 2 måneder siden
Hey Cody if you put anymore stuff on the end of your home defense tool you can just nickname it the club 😉 just add a couple raps of barbed wire around the end for extra reassurance 😉 you never know you might run out of ammo ahaha 😆
Michael Case
Michael Case 2 måneder siden
Perhaps it would be better to move the front of the light back a bit away from the flash surppresser? Just a thought 😉
Darian Takieh
Darian Takieh 2 måneder siden
Nice engineering 👍👌
sskkuuddrraa 2 måneder siden
serious setup there. Is it for defense, sport or what?
Caddy_V3 2 måneder siden
Who inflicted Wera screwdrivers on you? I love their products.
Living In Canada - A Family’s Journey
Living In Canada - A Family’s Journey 2 måneder siden
Looks nice.
Jordan Forsgren
Jordan Forsgren 2 måneder siden
3 videos one day sweet
TheCritterWindow 2 måneder siden
What is your EDC holster for your Glock?
Jordan Forsgren
Jordan Forsgren 2 måneder siden
I didn’t get the notification
DeFo Matt
DeFo Matt 2 måneder siden
Trijicon, Giessele and Daniel Defense. Not a budget build there.
R. Rodriguez
R. Rodriguez 2 måneder siden
Just remember, the better your equipment the more embarrassing it is if they manage to take you down. This is why my home defense is a slingshot. It doesn't get much braver than trying to take down a home invader with a glass marble.
Liam Kramer
Liam Kramer 2 måneder siden
the muzzle break would make a shockwave that would damage the light, or just dirty it up a little bit with grease from the projectile. id move it back a little bit
T _
T _ 2 måneder siden
wont blow the light, but i bet it will get really dirty
8BitLife 2 måneder siden
35 degree cant for your red dot is the bees knees Cody, you're gonna love that.
Hot Rod Louie
Hot Rod Louie 2 måneder siden
Don't care for the channels drama lately, this is refreshing. Wranglerstar was once a great source for entertainment.
Hands and Feet Homestead
Hands and Feet Homestead 2 måneder siden
Very nice rig there Cody.
JustTheTip 2 måneder siden
I think he put the rear iron on stupid just to trigger people into commenting
MIKEY YOYO 2 måneder siden
Bullseye 👍
TheCanadianBubba 2 måneder siden
The big question for me is why you would show your exact position in the dark ?
Officer Gregg -OG’s Danger Show
Officer Gregg -OG’s Danger Show 2 måneder siden
You don’t. Low light courses teach you to flash the light, then move. Never remain where the light was when you used it. But NOT being able to identify your target before you squirt rounds into it is bad juju.
Shannon Stiles
Shannon Stiles 2 måneder siden
Wojciech Bud
Wojciech Bud 2 måneder siden
Cool stuff!
Andrew Weninger
Andrew Weninger 2 måneder siden
I don’t think most people realize that he runs a silencer on both rifles, thus it tends to mitigate the damage to the flashlight lens.
kezdodik1 2 måneder siden
if the flashlight is in line with the muzzle, won't it cause more wear and tear to the light because of being right in the way of the concussion?
Valkyrie1911 2 måneder siden
OKW has more spot. PLHv2 has more flood.
The Weapon Collection
The Weapon Collection 2 måneder siden
I personally don't like my lights mounted that close to the muzzle, I get sick of cleaning the carbon off the lens. But to eachs own
Officer Gregg -OG’s Danger Show
Officer Gregg -OG’s Danger Show 2 måneder siden
He runs suppressors on both rifles.
Grants Dad
Grants Dad 2 måneder siden
I’ve got a streamlight hlx with the arisaka mount and a cloud defense mount for the pressure pad
underage 8 year old boy
underage 8 year old boy 2 måneder siden
I like the channel you're a smart guy but sometimes you're just to much lol
Dave Harding
Dave Harding 2 måneder siden
I love that rear iron sight!!
Mr Hernandez
Mr Hernandez 2 måneder siden
I like you for the reasons I don’t really like Demo ranch. You wouldn’t really see Demo ranch with Donut and Angry Cops.... you seem genuine though, like those guys would like you If you all hung out
OpFor 2 måneder siden
Cody a year ago: I only want one gun, and I want to be good with it Cody now: Hey guys look at this new AR build its great
Tom Kilty
Tom Kilty 2 måneder siden
Glad it’s NOT an pos olight
Buckinthetree 123
Buckinthetree 123 2 måneder siden
I was running a muzzle brake on one of my riffles and without thinking I mounted my IR light for my NV near the end of the barrel. It wasn't all the way at the end but since muzzle brakes direct gas slightly toward the rear, it burned the lens on my light. I know you're running a flash suppressor there and you probably normally run it with a sound suppressor, but in case you ever put a brake on it keep that in mind.
Rodney Grefalda
Rodney Grefalda 2 måneder siden
OKW for distance. PLH not for distance. If that is a PLH mounted already, swap it.
Walter Morgenroth
Walter Morgenroth 2 måneder siden
I heard the sticker improves accuracy ten fold.
My Leaning Garage
My Leaning Garage 2 måneder siden
Keep your spirits up. All storms end.
Shawn Weaver
Shawn Weaver 2 måneder siden
My volume is low on the video .
Rob Pridemore
Rob Pridemore 2 måneder siden
It's aggravating breaking your cheek weld when the dot sights on top also screws with offset even more. The 45 degree offset is definitely the way to go. Good video.
NRCustom 2 måneder siden
No notification for this video. The commu... I mean NOpost doesn't like the content...
Rick James
Rick James 2 måneder siden
Become rich on youtube and you won’t even have to spend the money you make. Everything is free.
Arkansas Pilgrim
Arkansas Pilgrim 2 måneder siden
That just goes with success. A very successful business man once said that he got wealthy so he could afford to stay in nice places when he traveled, but his business brought a lot of traffic to hotels, so he was offered huge suites for free. It blew his mind. Get off your axx and do something, and maybe you, too, can get stuff for free that you can afford to pay for.
buckchuck10 2 måneder siden
Your covetousness is showing.
Victoria Heuman
Victoria Heuman 2 måneder siden
Cody do you watch praying medic?
Joe dirt
Joe dirt 2 måneder siden
Very nice setup
Ian Farquharson
Ian Farquharson 2 måneder siden
As a non shooting English man,on the first rifle you showed will the muzzle device effect the light at all as it looked level with one of the cuts? ThankQ.TkEZ>UK
Connor Child
Connor Child 2 måneder siden
You've got them mixed up. The OKW is a far reaching light, probably want that one on your full length rifle.
Awesomesauce668 2 måneder siden
Legend only remember when it was called August 3rd 2020
Dennis Beam
Dennis Beam 2 måneder siden
Why tape off the fiber optics on the ACOG?
Jake P
Jake P 2 måneder siden
I do like these mini videos.
Tyler Weikel
Tyler Weikel 2 måneder siden
Lucas B.
Lucas B. 2 måneder siden
The OKW is, budget allowing, the best rifle light in the world. Full stop.
Scott Risvold
Scott Risvold 2 måneder siden
Olight has the brightest flash light on the market a 2,000 lumen rifle light. It's brighter than any surefire I used overseas. Its so bright I can't even see far enough to see how good it is. I suggest Olight ODIN
Gavin Williams
Gavin Williams 2 måneder siden
An aperture sight doesn't work unless its close to your eye.... That looks like its 8" away
Gavin Williams
Gavin Williams 2 måneder siden
@Matt Owen With the larger aperture yes. With the smaller one that he us using there I dont think you can, at all. And either way he is losing the advantage of an aperture for fast acquisition, and he may as well use AK style pistol sights (which I prefer anyways, especially with tritium).
Matt Owen
Matt Owen 2 måneder siden
It works better close to your. You can still get the job done further away.
Moises De La Puente
Moises De La Puente 2 måneder siden
Sweet sweet set up 🤙🏽
eZ7 Jockey
eZ7 Jockey 2 måneder siden
OK another WML comment if you're going to mount forward see Garrand Thumb's video: Firearm Tips #1: Dirty Weapon Light. I use this on all my WMLs it works!
Brian Said
Brian Said 2 måneder siden jaw protectors in that vice ?
mateo1726 2 måneder siden
Love the Gucci KAC sights
Tony Smelt
Tony Smelt 2 måneder siden
Is this the way you try hide a video you pulled by putting alot of videos out at the same time be a man you where proud to put it out now stand by it show some backbone,
MaximumNewbage 2 måneder siden
The head of the flash light is up against your muzzle device? I can't imagine it's too good for the light to have exploding gas directed sideways into it like that thing looks to be passed to do. Maybe move the flashlight back an inch or two?
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