I Can't Keep Silent Any Longer

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Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading

Avocado Warrior
Avocado Warrior 3 dager siden
Comparing the Kent State shooting to the chicanery going down in these protests is just a low move. Disappointingly low, Mr Wranglestar.
ThexInsidexMan 9 dager siden
imagine blaming people for having an "agenda" and then pushing your own agenda in the entire video. imagine having a hot take on the protests when you don't even know the name "George floyd". imagine having an echo chamber of fans who will reaffirm your agenda as "good". have fun supporting the president with the most criminal convictions in his administration in history, AND the first president to push conspiracy theories and a supporter shouting "white power". Have fun supporting the president who suggested seal team 6 were liars, called PoW's losers, and dodged the draft.
Robert Buchwald
Robert Buchwald 13 dager siden
How is it even possible to listen to his voice for a full 10 mins? Lol
Matthew Torres
Matthew Torres 14 dager siden
“CNN, MSNBC, mainstream media” Don’t forget the good ol’ boys at FOX News. Mainstream doesn’t mean congruent ideologies.
steve castleberry
steve castleberry 17 dager siden
Hey shut up & chop wood!
Florence Guerlet
Florence Guerlet 20 dager siden
Happy I never subscribed to your channel
1Klooch 25 dager siden
Talk about looking to history for lessons. The tax payers of Portland should look to the lesson set by New Yorker's in the 70's up to the present day. MOVE OUT AND LET THE PLACE GO TO HELL!
Asaf Farfar
Asaf Farfar 26 dager siden
Sad times in America.
Hiram Ramos
Hiram Ramos 27 dager siden
Jaja fu
Bill Martin
Bill Martin 28 dager siden
10:07 A complete lack of leadership starting from the Oval Office on down.
Peter Wagner
Peter Wagner 27 dager siden
Ever hear of State's Rights? It's in the CONSTITUTION, moron.
Matt Swartz
Matt Swartz 29 dager siden
Awesome on point.
GR46404 Måned siden
What is going on in Portland is that the justice system is not allowed to operate when it comes to police officers, and if people cannot obtain justice through the legal system, they will try to get it through other means. The police are effectively immune when they kill someone in the course of their duties and claim self-defense. The police investigations of such killings are designed to justify them, and district attorneys refuse to try police officers, or defeat the purpose of a grand jury by presenting a defense of the police, rather than the reasons a judge or jury should determine whether the officer is guilty or innocent. This insistence on treating police officers as a special class with the power to hand out death based solely on their own judgement is at the root of the unrest. The rest of Wranglerstar's rant is what you get if you only listen to Fox "News". I am done with him; he believes things that are lies because he wants to, IMO. I am sorry that he and his family are threatened by the fires out west. His videos about that bring home the reality of the tragedy,, and I hope he is safe. I think he could come to believe the truth if he wants to.
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones Måned siden
And they keep asking for the defunding of the police. Who will they call when they need help? BLM? ANTIFA? What we need is increased funding of police and a greater police presence who will keep peaceful protests peaceful.
Papa Backriver
Papa Backriver Måned siden
Summer of Love....huh?
Alex Jenkins
Alex Jenkins Måned siden
Lol k. Biden 2020
Frederic Alden
Frederic Alden Måned siden
I'm sorry, but Nixon had to resign because he was dumb enough to have recorded himself committing crimes, including obstruction of justice.
Mike Haugen
Mike Haugen Måned siden
You're a very brave man for speaking the truth. May God protect you and your family
Janet Owens
Janet Owens Måned siden
Fox would certainly be called mainstream news.
Harry Måned siden
Yes, it must be the Republicans! You nailed it.
Garth Lee
Garth Lee Måned siden
thanks for unpacking the reality Blessings
bill hanna
bill hanna Måned siden
You see a lot of bussed in people ????
KWatt-Engineer Måned siden
Joseph Stalin used to call fools like these demonstrators "useful idiots." Money from "new world order" backers is being used to fund this unrest. What they do not realize is that if the rioters deliver the breakdown in functioning government they seek. The power brokers that fill the resulting vacuum will decimate these people as soon as they get in the way. The constitutional protections that have given the ANTIFA/BLM crowd the tolerance to cause the mayhem we now see, will be gone with the wind never to be seen again.
Cole warrior
Cole warrior Måned siden
When did this become a political channel? This is exactly why I unsubscribed. I love axes and the self homesteading thing and this has ruined it.
Robert Mintz
Robert Mintz Måned siden
This blm movement is not about the black people , the protest that started over George Floyd was hijacked by the communists (dems) who readily admit they are trained Marxists , whose aim and goal is to disrupt & eventually change the USA to a socialist (communist) nation ! All attempts to impeach our good president by the Democrats, & progressives (so called), who are in fact liberals , has failed , so this is their next card trick! You will also notice Communism is anti God , Bible, Christianity ! Evidenced by the fact that the mobs can congregate but churches can not !! Instead of President trump sending in the troops as (they) might want > . The TRUE American patriots MUST once again come to-greater , as they did a few yrs ago at our borders & were called the - American Minutemen - & leave a few thousand of those punks for the state to bury. And as a side note - mr Floyd was not murdered by the police officer the officer was using a pressure point on the neck that was used years ago in wrestling called the sleeper hold , & once accomplished, a light wrap on the back awakens the person. Mr Floyd was yelling I CANT BREATH , while in the cruiser (before they took him out) as he was afterward , all the while kicking & fighting , resisting arrest , therefore forcing the officers to further restrain him ! Mr Floyd was high on fentanyl , where the overdose symptoms are #1 difficulty breathing , then #2 death, therefore the police officer should by vindicated !! Every thug & every supporter of them should be arrested & charged with the damages & a must pay order, with no type of welfare ever !
John Anderson
John Anderson Måned siden
Poor man has strayed out of his lane of knowing what he is talking about. Move back to what you know about homesteading please.
Jeff Osborne
Jeff Osborne Måned siden
Thanks for your insight cody like your chanel im retired at 65 to philippines ive had enough of these politions making hard on the working class im out lifes good here in ph keep up the good work jeffo
Fresh Flights
Fresh Flights Måned siden
Just came across your channel while looking at wildfire videos. What an awesome platform y have. Definitely just hit subscribe 👍👍
vudu8ball Måned siden
Kent State seemed like the beginning of a revolution when it happened. tRump could call off his dogs but he won't.
roddiener Måned siden
People actually watch this guy?
Linda Jones
Linda Jones Måned siden
Good analysis. MSM is presenting only their edited narrative. Polls are used for “marketing purposes.” Leftists are panicking because people are sick of the lawlessness and destruction and turning away from the progressives. These rioters are not peaceful protesters, they talk and act like they are in demonic trance states. I agree with everything you said.
737mechanic Måned siden
Trump 2020.
Jack man
Jack man Måned siden
you are so right ! iam old enough to remember things before the downward fall of this country I remember prayer in school jfk an the riots of 60s an I remember how johnson change the black vote an toke fathers out of the home of even poor white families that was all just the beginning of their thirst for power an would do anything to get it an keep we all need to pray for gods guidance now more than ever god bless
Hal Måned siden
Anquifa Are the Fascist!.. they are enemies of the constitution.. They are Marxists/Fascist... and My cousin was at Kent State when that happened
budrakerz Måned siden
I really love your videos. But man this didn't age well.
Pop Måned siden
pumpkineater69 Måned siden
The riotors are puppets or chess pieces. The players of the game will despose of them expeditiously once the end goal is achieved, the destruction of American society to replace with a globalist cabal. The cabal will use the citizens to get rich off of by pushing endless wars, arms trading, bribery through pedophilia, and the citizen will be despensible. Good luck to all and God keep you safe and true.
Paxmax Måned siden
There is a severly level head on your shoulders W. I just can't believe that this can still happen in one of the best countries in the world. The information is available, but modern times takes so much of everyones attention that s*** like this can take root.
Andrew B
Andrew B Måned siden
It is interesting that you chose to focus on the actions of one violent (and unprovoked) event AGAINST a courthouse/offices and glossed over regular, daily offences perpetrated against the general public. I've watched a lot of your other videos and largely enjoyed a non-partisan sensible view towards homesteading etc so this latest turn towards Trump worship is disappointing. I expected better, more fool me I guess.
Rebecca Hale
Rebecca Hale Måned siden
I enjoyed this video.. I needed a clear headed explanation of this situation..
tlak Måned siden
I agree polls can be used to say whatever you want them to say. Same as you, I can see the bias and you're trying to paint the picture to suit you. My suggesting to protestors was go home and vote, throw every criminal and liar out , both sides of the aisle. So trump should go because he's bad for the country. I ask trump supporters, name something, anything trump's did right or good. I never get an answer, it goes into name calling. Ahh, but when the average joe says something about supreme court judges. I have a relative that said the same thing, poor person, mid-range educated, so why did this supreme court judge matter to them. But then, religion, and in the US we have our own religious terrorist, that no matter how trump is destroying the country, they're using him to get in other peoples rights and are anti abortionist.That gets these people what they want in their own narrow view, but when you stack the courts with drunks and perverts it's going to come back to haunt you, because when they come for your social security, medicare and medicaid, and it goes to the supreme court and you lose because of how these courts are stacked.
Andrew Olson
Andrew Olson Måned siden
Portland is pissing in it's own pool lol
Donna ML
Donna ML Måned siden
I’ve heard they (the rioters) are the same ones behind the fires too
John 7799
John 7799 Måned siden
Love your channel but you forgot to mention that the " protestors" at Kent state were throwing bricks and bottles at a bunch scared of 18 year olds with rifles.
mandark357 Måned siden
Huh? I didn't know the military only have 18 year olds with rifles.
Mikey Ninety-One
Mikey Ninety-One Måned siden
How do those boots taste?
Steven Jennings
Steven Jennings Måned siden
Awesome informational educational video experience Y'alls God Bless Ya 🙏
Mark Stuut
Mark Stuut Måned siden
How long has dope been legal in Portland?
Viking woman
Viking woman Måned siden
we in other contries are also watching and we have seen what you say. people here dont understand why they are letting these people continue but we spot a fall pit when we see it.. hugs from norway
J Phillz
J Phillz Måned siden
Trump idiots gonna boot lick....
Pop Måned siden
Bryan Hauschild
Bryan Hauschild Måned siden
Thanks for the fresh perspective sir.
cristian felipe peña gomez
cristian felipe peña gomez Måned siden
windmill10 Måned siden
"This is what a complete failure of leadership looks like". After watching this video I take it that you don't mean the thug in the Whitehouse. Pitty I had you down for a reasonably intelligent guy. Over here in Europe we are stupified by the fact that there are still people willing to back Trump. Especially socalled Christians l8ke you. Find your bible, look up the 10 commandments and ask yourself how many Trump broke and how much he cares. Hypocrite!
Kevin Wence
Kevin Wence Måned siden
You are 110% spot on!
wg99er Måned siden
I am not a capitalist, but I'm not a complete anarchist. Regardless every person who identifies with some form of anarchy , communism, what have you, is not automatically a rioter. I do not belive in rioting during a pandemic, as destroying businesses is possibly putting people out of work who are trying to raise money for their families during this. I do not in any way support a president like trump who said the virus would magically disappear , and yet its still here. But I can tell you, I can agree that physically hurting police, rioting, and the like I do not approve of, and I am involved in the BLM movement. Even I think portland is going crazy and im not a capitalist.
Pop Måned siden
Context is everything, so Trump has done nothing while being POTUS??, Open your eyes up,...... trump 2020 BLM Is not what it should be, the two female trained Marxist leaders are into vodoo, check it out. Soros is using you like slaves to do his evil work... Wake up. You really need to look at whats really going on behind all the MSM bullshit etc.. YOU ARE BEING USED, DONT BE A FOOL, SEEK THE TRUTH. G.F Died of a heart attack hours afterwrds, He even had a gut full of Fentanyl. The rochester dude died a WEEK after his arrest, Breonna was a documented and police video and audio surveillance recorded Drug dealer, look into that.. The cops were at the right address and one even got SHOT before they opened fire, play with fire expect to get burnt, oh and she had been sacked from her EMT job also for being under the influence and too many days absent... all truth. BLM is a joke.... STAND UP ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET AND TAKE SOME PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, NO ONE OWES YOU NOTHING, GO GET IT YOURSELF. DONT BE SOMEONE ELSES BOY,
Dan Bradley
Dan Bradley Måned siden
It's much better if you stay out of politics. Nobody wants to hear your opinions, uninformed philosophy about "draconian Covid"...nor your home schooling religious , social downfall rants. Please, just stay with your entertaining , very good and informative videos on tools, etc where you are clearly more informed/knowledgeable.
Hal Spencer
Hal Spencer Måned siden
Very good exclamations of what's happening in Portland and other communist cities (LA, Seattle, Chicago, Baltimore, NYC, Rochester) all run by demorcaps.- anti-Americans
Loki Rawr
Loki Rawr Måned siden
Kind of disgusting that you're a Trump cultist, but politics isn't why I'm here.
Pop Måned siden
@Loki Rawr Unemployed??
Robert Nolton
Robert Nolton Måned siden
@Loki Rawr Right now there is someone in India trying to sell their kidney so they can come here. You don't want to be here? - you don't like it here? - just go. Simple.
Loki Rawr
Loki Rawr Måned siden
@Robert Nolton I have about 500$ in the bank. And I hate most democrats too. Got any more assumptions?
Robert Nolton
Robert Nolton Måned siden
Trump cultist - translation - not a democrat.
Robert Nolton
Robert Nolton Måned siden
@Loki Rawr Yes you can - you just don't really want to - do you!
42Chilled Måned siden
These terrorist could be put down in seconds if the right people went in there.....these are paid terrorist from Soros & other Billionaires...the masks have been removed long ago....our country cannot stand with a Kamalalala.....
Rebecca Evans
Rebecca Evans Måned siden
❤️🇺🇸The progressives have been planning the take down of America for over a hundred years. The anarchists mirror the toxic environment the founders left England over.❤️🇺🇸
2ladybughippies Måned siden
Vote Blue no more crooks in WH. Bonespurs Donnie and his gangs are done destroying America.
Pop Måned siden
TDS..... YEAH BIDEN IS A REAL WINNER....Hahahahahaha Come on man are you on Coke? The statistics speak the truth, Trump is a winner. Demonrats aint done nothing for you in 60 years...Chuck, Nancy, Schiff hahaha what losers, liars, thieves, TRUMP TRAIN
Denim Lowe
Denim Lowe Måned siden
It all goes back to the previous administration. Treason. Hope charges are moved forward soon.
Stephen Scharff
Stephen Scharff Måned siden
👏👏👏👏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 thank you thank you thank you..... For putting this video out you hit the nail on the head... I've been saying for months this is all of democrat tactics. Because I've seen video after video of people black...white..green...brown it don't matter. Just people in general that are tired.. this really never was about race in my book.. This is about terrorist tactics by the Democrats and funded by the Democrats... It was a like you said last effort to deface Trump... I think the Democrats should be held responsible for the deaths and the destruction... This was a sad sad chapter in our history books of not just failed leadership in Portland... But the greed that the Democrats have for power... From day one president Trump never got a fair shake. they'd be moralized him they criminalized him. They did everything of their power to deface him. When that didn't work they use the American people against each other... This is just sad sad sad... God bless you God bless your family. God bless the USA.. we can get along people...we can all get along just fine... like I said stop being sheeple open your eyes... Your enemy is not your neighbor it's the greedy pigs in politics.. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.. I think the biggest thing that pissed off the Democrats is the fact that Donald Trump is not a bot politician he gives his presidential paycheck to charities and that just kills the greed in them... I think politicians should take a pay cut until we're back to normal and then when we get back to normal they're not allowed to add that pay cut back to their check and we should also have terms on how long you can be in Congress no more lifetime
Thorn Hedge
Thorn Hedge Måned siden
So you're still under the impression you vote means anything? It's tele-drama. It's staged to keep you focused on Politics while the agenda moves forward as always. This all would have happened under a democrat; Their all related !!!!!!
Donald Smith
Donald Smith Måned siden
They are doing the same thing as Hitler youth!
Froggy 01
Froggy 01 Måned siden
Trump voters? I agree...
Wilco Grundens
Wilco Grundens Måned siden
LOL. Cool point of view, bro.
Kenny Zeman
Kenny Zeman Måned siden
it's unfortunate because you yourself are also cherrypicking things too. its not just a scene around a courthouse. there are police abusing citizens elsewhere. also, our laws for covid are nowhere near draconian, there are not many covid based things being enforced. we are so hands off with everything. protests =/= riot and the existence of riots does not negate the good protests around. i condemn the rioting and burning.
Peter Dumond
Peter Dumond Måned siden
Thank you for your local opinion on this. I'm not a political person and could see this was agenda driven from the start.
Ron Stauffer
Ron Stauffer Måned siden
I liked this content because of your personal knowledge of Portland Oregon, also because you didn't talk about yourself very much in the last half of the video. I think you have wisdom, and do your best when you talk about things you are passionate about, but do it selflessly.
transformer889 Måned siden
The mayor is one of them. great analysis.
jérémy masson
jérémy masson Måned siden
johnny6148 Måned siden
paid for by george soros. when Trump get elected again the zionist will start a civil war and will they get a surprise.
Pop Måned siden
Shania A
Shania A Måned siden
Thank you for this video because I've been really asking why 😳
Coco Drilo
Coco Drilo Måned siden
I'm glad I listened to your video, I would have also thought just having the Feds go down and clean house would be a solution but your point about Kent State made perfect sense. I have been following this unfold and it looks like someone brought checkers to a game of chess.
IdahoRodgers USMC
IdahoRodgers USMC Måned siden
You are at fault, your standing idly by and letting this happen, its your home and your being a coward. Start splitting heads open...... Thers none of that BS going on in Idaho, we know how to handle things
Carolyn Cox
Carolyn Cox Måned siden
"The BIBLE" Greatest Book Ever Written. Last Days Prophesy! Babylon The Great (America) has Fallen. All Praises To The Most High and his Son. ELOHIM Vengeance Is Upon America The Wicked!!!
w. callens
w. callens Måned siden
the president should come out and say that is not ok die police to shoot unarmed people in the back and do so without consequences. thats all. killing someone in handcuffs or walking up to someone and shooting someone in the back is not "police doing a good job". this is going on way too long, and white americans dont seem to get what the problem is. Jesus helped the sick, the weak, ... remember trumps caravan of warriors, turned out to be children, now encaged by fellow "christians".
Good Juju
Good Juju Måned siden
If you are so aware the media is playing us all. Do you really believe Trump is as bad as they want us to believe?? Why do they want us to hate him so bad?? I have never been a trump fan but everything going has me really wondering.. why.. why is he soooo hated.. are we being played and he really isn’t as horrible? Why are there so many ppl willing to go to such extremes of harming ppl to let it be known trump is bad. Why??
Gayle B
Gayle B Måned siden
I think Nixon was impeached lol. He didn’t just “resign.” 😂😂
Gayle B
Gayle B Måned siden
Jacques LeFave Omg all this time I thought he was impeached! I was pretty young at the time. Thank you for clearing that up for me.
Jacques LeFave
Jacques LeFave Måned siden
He resigned under threat of impeachment. The House Judiciary Committee had voted out a resolution recommending impeachment. He had alienated his Conservative support by cozying up to Communist China, and the Liberals were out for his blood over the exposure of Alger Hiss as a Communist. His "Peace through strength" campaign with Vietnam was turning into a hot mess. Watergate was a sideshow, making a mountain out of a molehill. The political chicanery of Lyndon Johnson made Watergate pale in comparison.
John Serrano
John Serrano Måned siden
Forgot to say my uncle works in the courthouse. Trump must go now. This isn't russia
War Against Myself
War Against Myself Måned siden
Lol wat
OneMore Thing
OneMore Thing Måned siden
Remember "Black Olives Matter"
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith Måned siden
Yes! they are using this Virus and/or George Floyd issue for the Election, I do not ever trust the media.
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith Måned siden
Portland... dont get me started! LOL
Daughter Annie Yah
Daughter Annie Yah Måned siden
Mr.Wrangler you're absolutely right.
GTM Måned siden
Thank you for your comments I have been watching your channel for some time and am so thankful for your comments.
JiuJitsuForAll Måned siden
Bravo to you for speaking out and calling it as you see it. There are far too many "Conservative" NOpostrs who are kinda riding the fence, afraid of the tyrannical wrath of social media. This, my friends, is a WAR. Perhaps not a war in the conventional sense (yet!), but a war for our very souls. This a war of Good vs evil. Freedom vs oppression. Love vs hate.
Roger Flores
Roger Flores Måned siden
youtube rewind 2019
krinkle stuff
krinkle stuff Måned siden
you literally delineated between a good side/bad side, so you are taking sides. at least be honest with yourself.
Robert Måned siden
The rioting is not polling well for the dems. Your argument makes no sense.
Jordan J
Jordan J Måned siden
I love your channel and its vast array of knowledge! However, as someone who lives in the deep south even here i do not see a re-election in trumps future. There has never been a president re-elected during an economic downturn. Much less one that has had the woes he has.
Bo McGillacutty
Bo McGillacutty Måned siden
I'll be shocked if Mr. T. wins again but I was last time too....so who knows.
Christy S
Christy S Måned siden
i watched portland andy on yt.. sick ppl
Mark Kraska
Mark Kraska Måned siden
This is exactly what my dad told me.
TelFiRE Måned siden
Trump didn't actually have the option to do anything to stop all this. There would be more pushback than it would help. Even just defending federal property caused everyone to call him a dictator. People are stupid.
J P Måned siden
Oh lord. This is a real stretch... If what you're saying is true, it would mean that protesters (both peaceful ones and lunatics), the media and other fancy people in dark rooms and high places are all in kahoots together and have an elaborate well-orchestrated plan to get rid of Trump in an election.... I suppose if you could actually consider all that is possible, you could also modify such a hypothesis and add in something about COVID-19 also fitting into the grand plan of causing Trump to lose an election. All of that must be more likely than something simple, like... Trump being a failure as president and a poor leader who could cause his own election defeat without any help ` .... Right?
Evelyn Van Zale
Evelyn Van Zale Måned siden
J P - Wow! Cognisant dissonance much!! You people are terminally dim and utterly hoodwinked!
Draper one
Draper one Måned siden
He went down and stood with the rioters at the fence
Trenton Buss
Trenton Buss Måned siden
Content? where?
jamesdewer Måned siden
Kent St. only happened because the evening before the shooting Rioters torched the NG and ROTC training building. Burned it to the ground. Justified killings no. Involuntary manslaughter no.
Wulf Claw
Wulf Claw Måned siden
Haven't been to Portland in years, I don't watch TV- Especislly mainstream media News. I'll take your word on whats goin on. The whole thing with Antifa and other similar domestic terrorits groups is a shame. I serve00it here at home ! Over the years, You have been a solid source for a variety of useful things. Thank you for all you do, my friend. God bless you and your family. In gratitude, Wulfy
Houze Block
Houze Block Måned siden
They showed it
Houze Block
Houze Block Måned siden
Yes we do
Houze Block
Houze Block Måned siden
Who’s he talk about getting creamed
rc boy
rc boy Måned siden
as an Oregonian an axe enthusiast I just wanted to say I appreciate your knowledge of the crafts and have enjoyed your videos for a long time now. I do not share your political beliefs but I can't shake the fact that you genuinely seem to truly care about everyones well being. I too hope cooler heads can prevail and our sides can once again find commonground in this great country that is all our homes.
fredd Måned siden
normal people do not loot or riot we are to busy looking after our loved ones and trying to make a better life.
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