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Wranglerstar modern homesteading

WALKAWAY 31 minutt siden
FED. Court house should be installing "Belt Fed Machine Gun" turrets and "Flame Throwers". Leave the bodys were they lay as a warning to others and to let the buzzards clean up.
Marie 5 timer siden
That’s a horrible place to live in. I feel sorry for the normal people that are left. If I could go I would ASAP!
Pontiac Soviro
Pontiac Soviro 17 timer siden
moses peet
moses peet Dag siden
arrest the killers of breonna taylor.
MrAdamNTProtester Dag siden
The pirates of wall street looting everyone in the mortgage "crisis" and then getting the TARP "bailout" [thanks obama]... has consequences, these are some of the consequences Also do NOT forget about the fundamental problem: the UNCONSTITUTIONAL CURRENCY- a criminal wealth transfer scheme & the driver for the war profiteering anarchy & mass murder eugenics programs for profit such as REICHSTAG911 & the global war on french toast birthed from it... these endless wars are transferring wealth upwards to the 1% & bankrupting the people... the middle class continues to be as it has been for 30+ years... extinguished! it takes a century to create a middle class & in less than a 1/3rd of that time the middle class is gone! So blame those who are homeless powerless money-less & in despair while you reward & celebrate the traitors criminals & perverts in charge & who are actually responsible... Blaming the powerless while you protect those in power... Then after you have gotten rid of these people you call the problem... remember that you too are a slave... and you could be the next in line!
davidpar2 Dag siden
I don’t feel sorry for Portland. Most of its residents voted for the mayor and governor, the so-called “leadership,” who allow this to happen. Who _PRAISE_ this. Any decent people in the city should move out of the state entirely
elaine prairie
elaine prairie 2 dager siden
Thank you for the video. I also remember the Rose City being beautiful and unique.
Martha Uroda
Martha Uroda 2 dager siden
They should be held accountable for their actions
HD MC 2 dager siden
WJW _ 3 dager siden
The groups that do this in Portland and other cities are not protesters but t rather anarchists and Marxists. They openly acknowledge they are antifa but their own actions are fascist.
Frank Kirby
Frank Kirby 3 dager siden
Biden City.
Beverly Rutherford
Beverly Rutherford 3 dager siden
I guess it’s disgusting!
Judess 69er
Judess 69er 3 dager siden
lol another george floyd, you mean like that crackhead down the street that OD's every couple weeks and is rushed to the hospital in an ambulance?... yea Fentanyl Floyd died cause of his abuse of a dangerous schedule 2 narcotic...
brekinla 4 dager siden
"There are consequences for voting democrat"
W C 5 dager siden
College students trained by marxists professors (globalists traitors) who are teaching students to protest their own freedom.
Anrcs Mxms
Anrcs Mxms 5 dager siden
That's not graffiti, that's artwork done by the fellas and antifa cowards.
Brian Rajala
Brian Rajala 5 dager siden
Is this what people want tax dollars spent to fix? That much less money available to help the truly needy.
JenkinsStevenD 5 dager siden
Vote for Trump and this will come to a city near you temporarily. Vote for Biden and it will come to a city near you permanently. Defend yourself? The legal outcome of that will depend on your intersectional identity due to the permeation of critical race theory in those blue cities.
Joan Dingle
Joan Dingle 5 dager siden
How is this graphic content? Lol
Dany Varna
Dany Varna 5 dager siden
You can't ignoring the coro na and continue as before. You can't ignore the social and economic effects of it too. You can't ignore b lk c rim inals and d r eg libs, and go on as like everything is ok. You can't enforce without a w-r too.
Dany Varna
Dany Varna 5 dager siden
In the US bl ks and dr eg s rule over you. This comment was censored by YT's algo
CNN Communist News Network
CNN Communist News Network 5 dager siden
Democrats are proud of this! Good job Libs and fake news
MinDigitalMedia 5 dager siden
I would plow down that shit in the middle of the street...smfh
Mama Gonzales
Mama Gonzales 5 dager siden
Can you do an updated version?
Sydney Millerick
Sydney Millerick 5 dager siden
Are y’all republican ? Because it sounds like it
Rogan Torment Equinsu Ocha
Rogan Torment Equinsu Ocha 5 dager siden
Once a beauty.
Jazzzydon 6 dager siden
Unfortunately until the police tell the mayor and Governor of Oregon to go screw themselves and start using hot lead bullets and kill a few of these cockroaches and the rest will scatter!
Jefferson Davis
Jefferson Davis 6 dager siden
Listen y'all voted for these people. Y'all cannot say that this city is actually Worth Fighting For. It's a democratic s*** hole. I'm with taking Dixie back and Walling her off from the rest of the Union. Those what good people who wish to live right can come and live. But those carpetbagging good-for-nothings and Scallywags need to leave Dixie or just not come cuz they are not welcome. Now you a good patriotic person, supports God , freedom of speech. 2nd Amendment you're more than welcome. But whenever somebody moves from a blue state to a red state that spells disaster. They don't want to change political parties they want to ruin that said city-state or town
Philippe Sauvie
Philippe Sauvie 6 dager siden
This is not my city! It’s been attacked by paid rioters and over the past few years slowly but surely the cost of living has arisen and jobs have disappeared. Housing has become impossibly expensive given most peoples wages and they certainly cannot see themselves affording a family for the most part. today those young frustrated people are susceptible to all kinds of Marxist ideas that have never worked in the past but they’re desperate. They attack America in the form of a courthouse, a federal courthouse named after one of the first soldiers to enter Hiroshima after the bombing, former governor of the state of Oregon and senator, Mark Hatfield Who can be seen close to Ronald Reagan when he’s taking the presidential oath for office in 1981. that courthouse was designed by New York architectural firm Kohn Pederson Fox At a cost of some more around $300 million. It is probably, no is the best building built in the city in the past 25 years. President Trump even commented on how beautiful the architecture is and he should know. To see it like this is a slap in all of America‘s face! I want my rose city back in tact. I want business is thriving in downtown Portland. I want to see Pioneer Courthouse Square cleaned up. I want to see department stores not wework everywhere. I want to see Marxist mayors gone! I want to see the federal government work smoothly with local government. Anything else is a slap in America‘s face and all it stands for. I want to see law and order. I want to see justice and I want to see change where it needs it. I don’t wanna see anybody hurt. I want everybody to have an opportunity. I want people to stop calling each other‘s names. I want Black Lives Matter to be exposed for what they really are, Marxist instigators. they are trying to start a race war and a Marxist revolution. I see a lot of this is superficial it just takes the right leader ship to quell these riots properly. I remember years ago to visitors came to Portland and were asked what they thought of the city. The actress Faye Dunaway said when I asked said that “I live in New York City. I love New York. If New York city was a small town, Portland would be it.” similarly, Mayor Ed Koch came here in the 1980s and said he couldn’t believe how clean the city is, the sidewalks sparkle! My how things have changed. That said, I think this is all for a reason and it is part of exposing this to the American people what we’ve been living with.
Philippe Sauvie
Philippe Sauvie 6 dager siden
This is happening all over the world at the same time. It’s a battle between the light and the dark. It’s the great reset. The evil elite And call them what you may, have no respect for human life. The virus was planned and I believe Donald J Trump knew about this for a long time and has been working with the highest level of our government to save the United States of America. The virus was released from China and Bill Gates and his eugenics crowd have no empathy for humanity. His vaccine, is meant to mess with your DNA and render humanity sterile and dumb like sheep for the slaughter. People need to be woken up to the fact that this is what is happening. they need to call out to God for strength to deliver them from this evil.
Priscilla Larson
Priscilla Larson 7 dager siden
Joyce Jackson
Joyce Jackson 7 dager siden
Well I think this was enough damage. However I'm writing this 2 months later. Little more damage now. Good video sir.
Emil Olsen
Emil Olsen 7 dager siden
Dose anyone know the name of the song/music he used in the background?
Deplorable David L.
Deplorable David L. 8 dager siden
This is what you get when you elect demorats !
Kyle Pluckrose
Kyle Pluckrose 8 dager siden
I thought this channel was about homesteading?
brian salazar
brian salazar 8 dager siden
Eventually citizens will start fighting back @ the numbnut posers will be properly F’ddddd!
brian salazar
brian salazar 8 dager siden
You can thank the Marxist media, education & crooked democrats backed by globalists, big tech& all the usual players. This generation better check with the triune God before they check out.
Russ Gallagher
Russ Gallagher 8 dager siden
Man, this reminds me of my Chinese friend, Ho Lee Fuq!
Dog faced Pony soldier
Dog faced Pony soldier 9 dager siden
Portland is just a prime example of how countries fall under socialism, notice how capitalism is the only reason its being fixed back up.
joella frazier
joella frazier 9 dager siden
Thank you for showing what it’s like in that area of Portland. Thank you for “the truth”.
Skipping Step 1
Skipping Step 1 9 dager siden
For all our faults, Trumpers didn't do this. KAG 2020
Andy Peters
Andy Peters 10 dager siden
Capital of Bizarro World
Ashton Day
Ashton Day 10 dager siden
Portland voted for this, don't expect the rest of American taxpayers to want to pay to fix this mess. It's easy to point your finger across the country to the White House, but at the end of day, YOUR politicians in YOUR backyard failed you, and your citizens have decided they will not take responsibility for their actions, but will claim other people "made them do it". Clean up your own house and sins before you point to others. Portland, you are NOT the victim you are claiming to be. Policy and elections have consequences, and Portland has succumbed to the radical left.
Yes Icare
Yes Icare 10 dager siden
Thanks for the report. The entire event is planned controlled event from international interests who fund local radicals who are trained to organize usefuls. The sanctuary status states and cities have to be eliminated as the lawlessness is facilitated by criminals who are leaking in the streets of Portland. The drug addiction problem is created to control the street people into action. AMERICAN PATRIOTS time to move to Portland Oregon and counter the international influences of criminals working toward UN agenda 2030.
Evolution is a Dying Religion
Evolution is a Dying Religion 10 dager siden
After their parents abandoned biblical Truth back in the mid-1960's and embraced Hinduism (lead by a guru named Maharishi Mahesh Yogi), there came after them a generation of apostate children going about destroying their own city. A perfect punishment for a godless apostates.
MrGchiasson 10 dager siden
It looks like a disgusting pig pen.
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 11 dager siden
Portlanders deserve what’s happening there. Keep voting democrat. What have any of them ever done for any of you?
Nerf Family Studios
Nerf Family Studios 11 dager siden
The burnt plastic you’re smelling is the smell of tear gas used by police
Wranglerstar 11 dager siden
Sure, had nothing to do with the fires lit by antifa,
Rish TheDish
Rish TheDish 11 dager siden
a city being held hostage by really just a few hundred people. sad isint it?
Susan Holding
Susan Holding 11 dager siden
The Venezuela of the US
raasco1 11 dager siden
Watching this, I'm glad to be in the Yoop.
HONEY BADGER 11 dager siden
It's a shame we have to go to the arm pit of Oregon for good medical care. Yet Democrats in this state have plenty of money to waste.
Federal D.E.A
Federal D.E.A 12 dager siden
Liberals are disgusting people, look at what they did.
Tom Jiunta
Tom Jiunta 12 dager siden
Sad to see democrats and democratic politicians getting blamed for this. This is what happened when we elected Donald Trump president. Its his america. Did he really make America great? What do you think four more years of a racist, narcissistic, egocentric, demagogue who has done a great job of turning Americans against themselves will allow? Follow the money. The only ones getting rich in this America is Donny and his corporate sponsors who are pulling his strings. Open Your eyes if you hope to have a democracy after 4 more years of our leader sowing hate.
Cole McCann
Cole McCann 12 dager siden
I have live here since 1971 and it makes me sick !! Wheeler has no back bone . He could care less if the whole place burns down.
FalconiusRex 12 dager siden
Well this is the very last video I'll be watching on this channel. After years of helpful and informative videos another content creator has strayed from the helpful to the political. This is so disappointing. The least you could have done is offered some constructive solutions instead of making this a left versus right commentary.
FalconiusRex 13 dager siden
Perhaps it is time for Americans to find some common ground?
riffraffrd 13 dager siden
This is why I moved out of portland in 2006....... Now I hate having to even go over there..... keep portland weird? just keep it over there...
cb31755 13 dager siden
turn the police loose let them do there job , lock up your mayors and governor, they are just as guilty as BLM & ANTIFA
Lord Solar
Lord Solar 13 dager siden
They mock us openly and we let them
MiniGam3r101 13 dager siden
Portland........scumbag central. They should just let all those dirtbags have that city, and make their "utopia" in it. It will last all of about 3 months before it collapses in on itself like a dying star.
Farmer 13 dager siden
This is the democrat dream for America. Keep voting shi- for brains democrat and this your future.
thunder god
thunder god 13 dager siden
Trump 2020
Taudy Mabee
Taudy Mabee 13 dager siden
The sad thing is the good working class people will have to pay higher taxes to pay to clean up all the damage that has been done. But if they keep voting Democrats then they must be ok with it.
manov 14 dager siden
When you die, God will show you this video before he casts you into hell.
Mr hairy palm
Mr hairy palm 14 dager siden
This is what happens when you let your kids run wild 🤦
David Pelley
David Pelley 14 dager siden
My beautiful city before 80s the best :0(... America please send my marines please they stole our elections
Natasha Ninjason
Natasha Ninjason 14 dager siden
Hahaha.... the massive ignorance and hypocrisy of bible thumping conservative republicans is always so amusing and intriguing. The majority of the top cities that have and are doing the best economically, are democratic cities. The amount of anger and rage that you all carry for democrats is so stupid, because you don't even see that it goes deeper than just politics. You have that rage and anger deeply embedded in your DNA from your ancestors who raped, murdered, ravaged and stole their way onto the lands of others in the name of your false "god". If that anger and rage you had against your fellow human were directed instead to the true evil of this world, who run your churches, then I would believe that your intentions were true. Your false white Jesus religion (which was created thousands of years after civilizations already existed and thrived) has committed some of the most atrocious violence and terror on the face of the earth, and continue to do so. Your religion continues to relish in and cover up the rape of children and you sit in silence and continue to support them and give them power while stupidly pointing the finger at democrats. The tax free church mafia was literally just bailed out and given over a billion dollars of our hardworking tax paying money by your precious $750 tax paying president because they've been having to settle so many millions over recent years in sexual assault and pedophilia cases. You all have been brainwashed by the most evil, and it is baffling to see your misguided and poorly directed focus. You all are just their pawns, and are being fueled by lies... and you can't stand to see free thinking humans still fighting back because you prefer to follow the fake rules and laws to keep you subdued and in line. We are the ancestors of those you couldn't murder, and we're not going anywhere, and we will continue fighting as we always have, and we will continue loosening the grips of your wretchedness. If you don't like it here, then go back to where your ancestors came from... if they even want you there. Maybe move to Russia since that's the style of authoritarianism you seem to enjoy and didn't mind their involvement in our past election either. You could also all just move to the center of the U.S. and build a wall around yourselves since that is the way of ignorance you choose to live in. You all are the minorities and will continue to be.... don't be afraid that we are going to wipe you out the way that your ancestors did to our people, we don't carry that desire within us, and you don't have to continue to carry that within you. We just want you to open your eyes and acknowledge the true tyranny and evil, stand by your fellow humans and the earth.
Harris Saggat
Harris Saggat 14 dager siden
if its where you are from how do you not even know where you are? it was 'clean' 20 yrs ago? old portland was duuurty dude. youre talking about heyday for oregon theater and marys. you have no clue- plus half of your footage is tent camps that appear to be so far up burnside I think its gresham by that point you obviously have followers to create content for - but this is just a lazy diary entry you are circling the same 2 blocks - over and over when you talk about the boarded windows. you are smelling teargas residue
Eduardo Venegas
Eduardo Venegas 14 dager siden
....Ted wheeler...your tax dollars hard at work.....
Heyokay Heyokay
Heyokay Heyokay 15 dager siden
So sad
lion heart
lion heart 15 dager siden
Radical left are to blame, most hated people in America
kamikazikaizer 15 dager siden
Sometime you cannot tell people you must show them. This is actually good for America. Wake up alot of American
HOCAUTREEJ L 15 dager siden
HOCAUTREEJ L 15 dager siden
Any place democrats dominate, bad things always happen !
Michael Nonya
Michael Nonya 15 dager siden
Every one of those people caught rioting or participating in any way , should be jailed and used to clean up the mess they made . then when they are released in 5 years , they should be made to pay for the cost to the taxpayer to clean it !!
NowForTheTruth 16 dager siden
BLM doubtlessly see this as an improvement.
General Too
General Too 16 dager siden
The fake news will tell you it's just peacefull protesting 💩🦄💩
Ben Dillard
Ben Dillard 16 dager siden
And that is exactly what democrats want the entire country to look like
carbon2rh 16 dager siden
The left's vision of utopia. Coming to a city near you.
Cynthia Brown
Cynthia Brown 16 dager siden
what makes these rioters hate buildings so much? So much hatred for our USA and its Constitution that protesting is okay but no destruction of property or people and getting in people's faces pushing their agenda.
Nick Dembowski
Nick Dembowski 17 dager siden
Sherri Hurst
Sherri Hurst 17 dager siden
Just another Democrat run city...
Tomken8d2 17 dager siden
Vote for the party that promotes lunacy, violence and destruction or the party of law and order that ignores the melting polar ice caps that will cause our extinction. Neither party will do anything about it until glaciers crash into the ocean and send tidal waves to kill millions.
Ric Rinehart
Ric Rinehart 17 dager siden
That is disgusting I am from America the Midwest that would never be allowed we would never put up with liberal socialism wake up people vote red
adaywithaleks 17 dager siden
The people of this city near me need Jesus, thank God I don't live in that God forsaken place.. And since everything popped off I have stopped going and pretty much never have a reason or want to go back!
G Hays
G Hays 18 dager siden
Boy was shot by police in Utah who was disabled with Autism no media coverage. He is on life support. Being a good person is about being human and having compassion for the disabled, children and elderly. Having compassion for all people race has no relevance. It's about equality and care for all people that is how we make progress. These groups create hatred and violence only caring for themselves. The opposite of what they claim this reveals their are hidden government directors behind the stage act. Strange Times
Richard Eckert
Richard Eckert 18 dager siden
Get what you vote for
Rosy Ray Sunshine
Rosy Ray Sunshine 19 dager siden
Graphic content?
Jill Stafford
Jill Stafford 19 dager siden
Did Powells bookstore survive?
Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts 19 dager siden
Typical Demonrat Utopia
Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts 19 dager siden
Demonrats are responsible for the riots, arsons and destruction. Th8steal your taxes and keep for themselves. Why? Do you think that anyone is going to make them pay for anything? They will play the vic8, the race card, the needy and helpless.
Abraham Garza
Abraham Garza 19 dager siden
That's depressing
Joe McCormick
Joe McCormick 20 dager siden
What a shame. The communist liberal fascist have destroyed a beautiful city that was built by capitalism.
Jim sworthow
Jim sworthow 20 dager siden
It will continue to spiral down, the next step is to sell disarming the citizens for their own safety. Arm up and stock up.
Pat Fenis
Pat Fenis 20 dager siden
hippies reap what you have sowed. Hipsters and Fascists/Socialists
Peter Weber
Peter Weber 20 dager siden
Social unrest is the result of poor or unjust government - in this case it relates directly to the systemic racism that seems to define American politics.
Jaya Madhava das
Jaya Madhava das 20 dager siden
TRAGIC,,,Useless DEMOCRATIC - Mayor and Governor,,,BLM-ANTI-FA BASTARDS,,,-> DID THIS !!!!
Jason Domitrovic
Jason Domitrovic 20 dager siden
Thanks for the video footage but I actually went through every street in Portland and its WAY WORSE than what your video is showing. Plus, some things have been cleaned up because it was sooooo bad.
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