I Need Your Help Building My Shop

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Wranglerstar modern homesteading.

Ryan Bielemeier
Ryan Bielemeier 29 dager siden
Wranglerstar please make a video in the future on your thoughts on pole barn shop vs steel vs stick build including estimates on prices if you can. I can find many local builders in the Willamete valley that will put up a pole building for me. I don’t know where to start on metal buildings such as your current shop. I am looking at something between 30 x 60 and 36 x 72. Would have a 12 foot tall door for a camp trailer. I like the Idea of metal or stick best, but cost is an unknown.
Dale Thornton
Dale Thornton Måned siden
Like everyone else, I would run a 1/2" conduit and 2 #10 AWG wires (THHN) plus a bare copper ground. A 240 volt, (2-pole) 30 amp breaker will protect it, compressors have a relatively light startup load. You can go up to the girt and use pvc conduit. Fasten it to the girt within 3 feet of the boxes and every 3 feet along the way. You could (I would) make it a 3/4" (or even 1") conduit so you could run wires later for other uses. Just use a bigger junction box at the end of your run and you will be able to branch off later. Hope that helps!
Jean-Luc P
Jean-Luc P Måned siden
never put direct wood on concrete. And for electric #8 , 40 amps.
Alex Hill
Alex Hill Måned siden
I understand why your screwing studs together but that takes awhile. I reccomends looking into this product called scrails. You will be amazed. Love the videos ❤️ enjoy the new shop
Ruggi WoodShop
Ruggi WoodShop Måned siden
30 amp breaker #10
intscoutii Måned siden
I would put in a 50 amp disconnect and drop a 50 amp plug right below it also. Makes for a great generator connection. You need 8 gauge copper. 8-3 w/ground if you are buying Romex that’s what I did in my shop
Dave Kirk
Dave Kirk Måned siden
I can tell you in the UK with our wonderful metric system (although we do use 240v as standard) ;-) that you would need a 32mA breaker and 4 mm2 wire. Your 10 gauge comes to 5.2 mm2 so, here in the UK if you used 10 gauge on a 32mA breaker you would be well within the limits. I believe the maximum length of cable we can use at 4mm2 is 350+ metres I know that is of no real use to you, but hello from the UK anyway
Joel Hunter
Joel Hunter Måned siden
#10 wire 30 amp breaker
Hide Iba
Hide Iba Måned siden
The last minute for the video was amazing. It made my day. Thanks!
crs1012 Måned siden
This is backwards... chopsaw to cut 2xs and a drill to fasten them. How’s about a circsaw and/or a hammer or impact for fastening?
The Token Survivor
The Token Survivor Måned siden
Sweetloaf was doing some James Brown moves there. XD
Luke k
Luke k Måned siden
All that big talk about boots and i see you both wearing sneakers? I thought I was the only one. Now, I love my boots but sometimes that concrete is hard on my knees and I find myself In a good pair of merrells. Glad to see Jack. Hes is growing into a fine young man, great job to you and your wife.
seephor Måned siden
I love how woodworkers frame like they're doing fine woodworking.
Kyle McHugh
Kyle McHugh Måned siden
Cody it's a 10 awg 3 wire. That's 2 hot wires, a neutral, and a ground and yes 30amp 2 pole breaker. I'd buy it wrapped in metal flex emt. 50 feet of it.
Michael Lauritsen
Michael Lauritsen Måned siden
Wire size 10/2. Breaker 2 pole 30 amp
Joe Stanfred
Joe Stanfred Måned siden
For the wire size he should check out NOpost, not sure if you have ever heard of that, but you should check it out sometime.😂
Donald Westhoff
Donald Westhoff Måned siden
Greg greg is correct.
Tzuede Off the Cuff
Tzuede Off the Cuff Måned siden
Can I recommend a Three-Phase Transformer and a Junction Box? A TON easier dropping in an old CNC, Lathe or Vertical Mill *IF* you have Three-Phase installed.
utiplayer Måned siden
Yup, three conductor 10 gauge stranded, of course. Breakers are made to support constant current of about 70% of rating, so a little rough math would put your breaker at 30 amps, to handle a bit of surge yet not enough to overheat the supply cable. Also, why doesn't the modern homesteader have a framing nail gun! Would be easier and faster, not to mention easier on the back without having to pre-drill and screw all your framing members.
BIGCHEW Måned siden
a double 30a breaker & 10/3 Copper wire is what minimum code is but you could use a # 8/3 wire with the same 30a breaker & if at some point ya needed to run a even bigger compressor you could with out halfing to worry about it burning down ure shop & just swap to a 40a breaker with the 8/3 copper but double 30 amp breaker with 10/3 Copper Wire is what it should be ! ! That is minimum code where i am at ! But you can run say a 8/3 with the same 30 amp breaker but not the other way round & That Is What I Would Do Any Thing Worth Doing Is Worth Over Doing/Doing Right aIl Always say!
Michael Roberson
Michael Roberson Måned siden
30 amp 10 ga. You are allow 80% load on a breaker
Farshid R
Farshid R Måned siden
You would need 2#10+G in a 3/4"C with a 60A, 2P breaker. Assuming your motor FLA is 23-25A, you will have to upsize the breaker for motor in rush per code. if the distance is greater than 100 feet, use #8 wiring.
SWITCH7425 Måned siden
Father and son working hard together is so adorable....you two are blessed to have each other.... watching from Ndola ZAMBIA 🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲
Max Franklin
Max Franklin Måned siden
Hey Cody, what kind of framing hammer do you use ?
Cotronixco Måned siden
Electrical engineer here. It's 22 amps at 240 VAC single phase running current. But it's not just about the running current. Inductive loads require greater ampacity for reliable starting. Some motors start harder, and some are under a greater load at start. So for 50' on this one, I'd run #8-4 (two hots, a neutral, and a ground). If your load doesn't require a neutral (you didn't specify), you can get by with #8-3 (two hots and a ground). Then install a 2-pole 40a breaker. You won't go wrong. #10 is a tad too light IMO.
mytruckownsit Måned siden
like said before 10awg 30 amp two pole, 10-3 armored really might save you some time. The horizontals work as a nice raceway for the cable.
James Dolan
James Dolan Måned siden
Hey Cody, I notice that your framing doesn't have any cross bracing in between the studs. I'm asking because I don't know and want to learn. I'm not even sure I'm using the right terminology.
KoJo2017 Måned siden
I'm not quite sure why I see so many people using screws for basic wall framing. Seems like a waste of money to me.
Max Cranley
Max Cranley Måned siden
If you're interested about how the gauge of cable is calculated for single phase power, this is the function: What size wire should I use? - (Amps x distance in feet x 21.6)/voltage drop desired = cmils of cable to achieve that voltage drop. How far can I run this X gauge cable? - (voltage drop desired x cmils of cable) / (Amps x 21.6) = distance in feet There will always be some voltage drop, as all cables are adding resistance, it's just a matter of how much voltage drop is allowable for your use.
John Bascomb
John Bascomb Måned siden
Hi from Australia. I'd recommend installing a changeover switch and generator inlet plug for your power supply so that you can easily swap from grid to generator without having to try to physically wire the gennie in each time.
Nikolas Måned siden
10-3 wire with a 30 amp breaker. If possible, I would get your amp meter out and see if the motor is actually running that amperage. Older motors that have been worn down draw more amps.
Nathan Sanders
Nathan Sanders Måned siden
I used 8 gauge 30 amp
Nathan Sanders
Nathan Sanders Måned siden
That was according to the ingersoll manual
James Haggard
James Haggard Måned siden
30 amp 2 pole breaker, 2 #10 hots and a # 12 green ground wire.
Sally Ward
Sally Ward Måned siden
Not the most entertaining video you have done, but I liked it, I like the fact you asked for advice on electrics, in the UK we would use 6mm cable with a 30amp type c breaker. Have you considered a nail gun rather than screws for building walls?
Mike Thewrenchbender
Mike Thewrenchbender Måned siden
You need a Stanley Fubar
Kyle McClenny
Kyle McClenny Måned siden
make sure the wire is approved for your area installing, NO ROMEX, I advise running the wire in conduit, EMT would look best 3/4 pipe size, put a strap every 10ft at least 1 strap within 3ft of connectors/cupplings, no more than 360 degree bends in total from jbox to jbox. THHN wire Or if you wish for easier install but maybe more costly material Metal Clad will work Make sure it runs to the disconnect then use MC, Greenfield, carflex, or liquid tight to whip from disconnect to machine. Not sure if you need a neutral or not
HERPDEDERP49 Måned siden
not an electrician but an EE 10 Gauge would be fine for the wiring. NECC says 80% of max rating is ideal for both conductor and breaker so if you put 25 amps it goes a bit over 80% but not gonna kill anyone, i'd say 10 Gauge would be fine. 8 gauge if you want it to be a monster.
Rj Lindner
Rj Lindner Måned siden
I just got a new job for a different contrstructon company any advice you could give to a young man trying to start a life and make a good impression on the first day.
Wranglerstar Måned siden
Be there first one to work and the last one to leave. Anticipate what your boss or journeyman will need before he asks, run, never walk when fetching tools or supplies, never lie, never steal, never talk bad about anyone and you'll go far.
Al Lopez
Al Lopez Måned siden
I would be screaming too at the end. Cody's legs are so long she is probably up there 15ft. hahaha JK much love!
Greg Herrick
Greg Herrick Måned siden
Always enjoyed your Video's, someone sane in this crazy world
Braxx Juventa
Braxx Juventa Måned siden
Thank you for this video. 👍😁
shopnwoods Måned siden
What an amazing community the Wranglerstar channel has. No matter what kind of question Cody has there is a whole bunch of you that have an answer.
Gregg Mouritzen
Gregg Mouritzen Måned siden
You might regret, not putting in a door to access the tanks. With the wiring, if in doubt, go larger.
Tyler Lesjak
Tyler Lesjak Måned siden
If you run a size or 2 bigger conductor it will cost more now but leaves room for a potential upgrade later without the hassle of fishing wire through later just a thought
Phillip Chambers
Phillip Chambers Måned siden
Raising Jack like it should be done. Teaching him valuable Life Skills. This is what I respect about you the most, that you are an excellent Father! This Video made me realize how little I have been on here for quite some time, because I didn't even know you had built this new Shop. Love it. Occidental Leather, another valuable Life Lesson you have passed onto him. 😁
t0nyt Måned siden
the viewers have helped ya plenty already. prolly paid for the shop. 😅
Brad Mcmurray
Brad Mcmurray Måned siden
Run # 10 wire and a 30 amp breaker
G K Måned siden
Soundproofing. Hi, since you haven't gotten too far into building the walls.... I think you should soundproof those walls around your air compressor. You could get 2x6 or 2x8 base and top plates and stagger the studs side to side so that the drywall on the inside doesn't connect directly to the drywall on the outside through a 2x4 (if that makes sense). You then weave rock wool between the studs for sound dampening. So the wall looks kind of like this looking down from the top (= is stud, | is drywall): |= | | =| |= | | =|
Tomas_V2 Måned siden
32amp breaker 4mm cable
michael kistner
michael kistner Måned siden
Not an electrician here, but I do have a tip for framing walls like that. Lay the wall out on the floor, snap chalk lines (blue) and spray them with hairspray. The spray will keep the lines from wiping off but won't be permanent. You can then move the bottom plates to the line as you work your way across and tapcon them down. I'd also suggest you crown the studs so the direction of the crown is consistent (up when you assemble the wall) and be sure to use dead straight studs on the corners.
Jud Gohl
Jud Gohl Måned siden
At 2:37 Ross popped into my head yelling "pivot pivot!" Lol
Karen macphee
Karen macphee Måned siden
Beautiful ending to a great video 🙏🥰
South Coast Fabrication And Outdoors
South Coast Fabrication And Outdoors Måned siden
I am finding myself being jealous or Jack's tool bags....or is it envious? Either way, good looking set of bags.
Kyle Raven
Kyle Raven Måned siden
10/2 wire and a Two pole 30amp breaker and hook black-and-white to the breaker for 220 volts and the ground wire to the ground and on my compressor it didn’t matter where I put the black and white wire but I don’t know about your control box
steve smith
steve smith Måned siden
The run gets to the other end of the workshop, so maybe an option would be to use a heavier cable and fit another distribution board by the compressor. I am sure you will have other things on that side you would eventually want to connect up. Saves running many long runs out to a similar area in the future.
Remnant Ministries
Remnant Ministries Måned siden
As a fellow homesteader I appreciate your very much. One thing I benefit greatly from is your review of different products. We've been homesteading for over 11yrs now and my wife is an author of 5books. She has recently finished her 6th. I was wondering if you would be willing to do a review. I know your tremendously busy, so if time is a factor, no pressure. Thnx
Wendy Mistak
Wendy Mistak Måned siden
30 amp breaker with two pole and 10 awg. My son is a electrical engineer and I asked him.
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho Måned siden
If I was building a structure in a fire zone I'd build it with as little combustible materials as possible, starting with metal interior framing. It comes in various gauges and screws together depending on your needs.
Texoma Tinker
Texoma Tinker Måned siden
One of my favorite verses in scripture. Rejoicing with you.
Think Trucking / Mike Jones
Think Trucking / Mike Jones Måned siden
My son works for Baldor and they design those motors. He is an engineer over ac and dc motors. I guess I could ask him to help you on the sizes but there’s probably a good electrician that could help you quicker. Baldor was bought by a Swedish company call ABB. They still make compressor motors along with large mining equipment, oil rig equipment and much more. The plant my son works at is in North Carolina.
Ken Wood
Ken Wood Måned siden
It’s very difficult to tell from a phone screen, but the wall looks too close to your tanks to allow removal in the future. Great video as always!
Dallas Måned siden
Hire a professional.
vaw power
vaw power Måned siden
I would use armored cable and have a 30 amp breaker on it. Not sure on the conductor so cant say but Greg Greg did a nice detailed comment on here some where I sore. Although I would run AC but another saying others but that depends on your state and current laws.
Joco3d Måned siden
Please say there will be another tree house build for that angel.
Steve Bosun
Steve Bosun Måned siden
Hi Cody, one of your compressor drive belts looks a bit slack.
Damion shanafelter
Damion shanafelter Måned siden
Double pole 30 amp breaker and 10 gauge wire
Cameron Seeley
Cameron Seeley Måned siden
I come for the shop content and stay for the sweetloaf giggles. There is nothing better than hearing our children laugh
charilee olsen
charilee olsen Måned siden
Any wall taller then 9 ft should have blocking in it
Stan Shearer
Stan Shearer Måned siden
I'm not an electrical guy but I do know something about building with wood. Why didn't you use proper corners on the walls? It give the corner more stability. I'm not going to mention the screws instead of nails because that's your choice. If you have the time and money screws hold better.
Ken Walker
Ken Walker Måned siden
#10 copper wire. on a 45a, 2 pole breaker max. A 40 would probably work. This is if the existing service is a single phase service.
clutch '66
clutch '66 Måned siden
I would have moved the compressor next to the panel. Plumb the airline...
Rabbit Boy
Rabbit Boy Måned siden
Run it in thhn wire
Rabbit Boy
Rabbit Boy Måned siden
10 gauge wire 30 amp breaker doublepole.
Jens Vincent
Jens Vincent Måned siden
2 Pole 30, 10awg
Kwmike Måned siden
U dont have a book on electric wiring 🤔
Kwmike Måned siden
30amp #10
William Gordge
William Gordge Måned siden
Flying Chickadees!
Mr Berg
Mr Berg Måned siden
Cody with sneakers on?
Christopher Anderson
Christopher Anderson Måned siden
If that's a dedicated circuit for just the compressor, then you'll be fine with 10 gauge wire and a 30 amp breaker.
Marcus Loke
Marcus Loke Måned siden
Was wondering besides the eletrical stuff, wouldn't it be like awesome to have a loft/2nd floor for chilling etc built into the shop.
#NewBlakeStone #NewBlakeStone
#NewBlakeStone #NewBlakeStone Måned siden
Do more drill fights
pat b
pat b Måned siden
Get hold of me. I'll give you a hand. I'm a general contractor, and do this sort of stuff. I'm in your area, and will donate a day for you.
TK Skagen
TK Skagen Måned siden
The PROGRESS is coming along great!
Meat Popsicle
Meat Popsicle Måned siden
30 AMP breaker for sure. Distance will set the requirement for the size of the wire. #10 would work but #8 would reduce the wear and tear over time. Assuming it is a 220 connection, I would remove the current connection and wire the compressor end directly into the control interface box.
ReefMimic Måned siden
Next time your at a big box store pick up one of their how to books on wiring. The 123 book from Home Depot makes it simple to understand
ReefMimic Måned siden
Remember only to go only %80 of the load. For example if you use a 20 amp beaker , you don’t want to use more than 18 amps on that 20 amp breaker. That goes true for sub panels etc. If you use %100 of the 20 amp breaker it will trip... If you plan on passing inspection this is something to consider. You should be able to have everything turned on (every circuit) without tripping the panel. But if your desperate to run large motors you’ll want everything else on that circuit or panel to be off or at a minimum.
ReefMimic Måned siden
Look up ohms law. If you have 2 givens you can figure out the 3rd . Watts , amps , volts
Joseph Greenberg
Joseph Greenberg Måned siden
30 amp breaker 10 gauge wire
Joseph Greenberg
Joseph Greenberg Måned siden
Why you using a drill and not a framing nailer much more efficient
ZeyZo Måned siden
Why do you use multiple brands of tools instead of just staying with one??
TheCanadianBubba Måned siden
6:22 makes me feel like such a failure as a parent. Now I can only hope the kids will find the world distasteful enough to look where my hope is for them...
Jackle61 Måned siden
I would cut a door, or a smaller double door in that wall for maintenance access to the compressor and water tank. Remember, you have to change the oil in the compressor, drain the water out of the compressor tank, change the belts, recharge the water tank, etc..
John Sokol
John Sokol Måned siden
Electrical Engineer here, you need a breaker sized to 125% of the rated full load amps per article 430. If you have split phase power coming in that means you will have 230-240V and will need a (23*1.25=28.75A) 30A breaker. If you have 3 phase power, you will only get 208V and need (25*1.25=31.25) a 35A or 40A breaker. 40’ will cause minimal voltage drop (on a #10 you wouldn’t be worried until about 140’) so your main concern would be ampacity. Using the amperages before you would need #10 per 310.16 for either case assuming it’s not getting above 113F in your shop. Careful if you put it in conduit. If you have a second set of conductors in the same conduit you will need to derate the wire and your #10 will no longer work.
William James
William James Måned siden
please do more firefighting stuff it is really good and you are my favourite youtube!
vjs workshop
vjs workshop Måned siden
Double pole 40 amp breaker 8 gauge wire
delinquentdesign Måned siden
The compressor needs a 30 amp 220 breaker means it is wide to go across both buss bars in the box 110v + 110v= 220v. Dual pole. As for the wire: 8 gauge on both hots and you can get away using 10 gauge on the ground. I just went 8 gauge for all three in mine. Hope this helps God bless you.
Reverend Christine
Reverend Christine Måned siden
Nice big workshop.
Kirk Boswell
Kirk Boswell Måned siden
Lots of good answers from electricians and journeymen. The 30 amp double pole is minimum code. While more expensive, 50 amp breaker is better. I've had both on 240 circuits, and the 50 amp setups gave fewer issues (zero). Match your wire to the breaker - 10 guage minimum.
Marie Nethercutt
Marie Nethercutt Måned siden
Are you in Oregon?
E. Lectricity
E. Lectricity Måned siden
Praying for you guys. I hope everything is ok in Oregon with the fires. I have heard some scary things and I'm not too sure if they can even be real. Walk safely and keep your loved ones close. The sweet laughter is why we're here, brother.
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