The Real Reason America Is Collapsing

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Wranglerstar modern homesteading the reason America is collapsing is a lack of unique culture and tradition.

Ken Landon
Ken Landon 4 dager siden
I live in Maryland and I don't feel like I belong here either.
Andre Yashin
Andre Yashin 5 dager siden
The only American "culture" in 2020 is absolutely mindless consumerism, hedonism, consumption, gluttony, sloth, and living off the most extreme usury in human history. THAT'S IT!
Gary Pickering
Gary Pickering 6 dager siden
I remember as a child traveling across the nation, when there were no interstate roads and there were different traditions, now its McDonald's and Walmarts. Sad
Root River Woodworks
Root River Woodworks 9 dager siden
I ran HWY 12 through there over White Pass about 10 years ago and it is still one of the most beautiful drives I've done. I would love to get a four wheel drive and explore that entire region. I'm glad you are not taking for granted the life you live.
5 in1
5 in1 10 dager siden
Sure, it's totally not conservatives and baby boomers repeatedly mortgaging our future,
TepidJean 10 dager siden
haha we call it "every town USA" , it is merely a mechanism for increasing the rich's wealth, that's all it is. they find a mechanism that works and they duplicate it weather its a business, legislation, a scam.... anything that give them more wealth and power will be duplicated. the reason it works is because WE shortsightedly allow it to.
Lancaster County Housewrights
Lancaster County Housewrights 11 dager siden
@wranglerstar I thought I heard you at first that you were in Gifford Pinchot State Park.... which is just up the road from us in PA... but youre a bit further away than that.
Thomas Luggiero
Thomas Luggiero 12 dager siden
real intelligence right here!
Egan Fo
Egan Fo 12 dager siden
What’s not to love about the Gifford Pinchot National Forest? It’s awesome. I hear what you’re saying about that connection with the trees, the humidity, and such. We live in a truly wonderful part of the world. $50/night for that cabin is a steal.
alex stewart
alex stewart 14 dager siden
You think about Americans all you think of is fast food and gun nuts.
feral kid
feral kid 15 dager siden
There's a clubhouse cabin like that here, dates back to the turn of the 19th century. Not as much outside but almost identical inside. They got a deteriorated bear rug that local farmer's legend says was the last black bear ever shot in the county. Kinda melancholy place really.
mark brownner
mark brownner 16 dager siden
forest service personnel are not called forest rangers.....she may have been the district ranger or a staff person dealing with special use permits like cabins.....
Roco2273 17 dager siden
Absolutely agree 100%! I was born in 73 and I remember all the traditions of my childhood and what a great time to be a child! Nowadays everything is so commercialized, life is to fast paced and hectic and schools don't teach children that traditionally patriotism for our country. I look at my 20 year old daughters generation and see they really don't know what it really means to be American and have pride in your country! Its a shame!
Dominic Hamer
Dominic Hamer 18 dager siden
God bless you. Thank you for venerating 2012 technology. I feel in my heart that it will mean something someday. Even though someone else did it, you made it the most.
2Hearts3 19 dager siden
Good points, yes. But our country is being punished for its "legal" murder of many, many MILLIONS of our own children. Pray in sorrow and repentance. God's Just Judgement is nigh. Our Lord Jesus Christ Will return. Pray and follow Him.
Peter Carmeci
Peter Carmeci 19 dager siden
Great video! God bless you!!!!
Graham Blackall
Graham Blackall 21 dag siden
Beautiful cabin Amazing woodland, it has your soul within it! Those are your roots, congratulations Mr Wrangler!
Pammi ASMR
Pammi ASMR 21 dag siden
America is pulling away from God.
S E 22 dager siden
THERE IS NOT A LACK OF CULTURE, BUT A REPLACEMENT of a PERVERTED CULTURE. Regardless of whether you’re in rural Idaho or San Francisco-- the same Communist culture exist in both places. When you look at social media- the people from these two places behave and think the same way. It’s all about the SELFIES.
Paul Ehmann
Paul Ehmann 22 dager siden
Please look up a warrior calls it will set you free
Mark Beeunas
Mark Beeunas 22 dager siden
Like that quote (tradition). Cheers, Mark ********************************* PS Olive Garden, I call: "The Italian Denny's". Cool your jets buttercups, my Mother and Step-Father are Italian. *************************************
Iain Botham
Iain Botham 23 dager siden
6:02 Does "Gifford Pinochot" give free helicopter rides to commies?
SPRINGER05 23 dager siden
Is this Gotchen creek?
TJP 81
TJP 81 24 dager siden
I'd call those "corbels" instead of "knee braces." The diaphragm of the roof tying into the main structure stiffens that frame plenty, where those "knee braces" only serve an aesthetic function.
Chris Baxter
Chris Baxter 24 dager siden
Greed, population and mans never ending struggle between individualism and socialism. Or, maybe the earth or universe will take us out, were just a mode of dust suspended in sunbeam. Carl Sagan
RAH Capital
RAH Capital 24 dager siden
6:15 its the child in you. being amongst the giant trees and nature calms your anxiety. it takes you back to a time when you had no worries. that is home
Mountains, rivers and trees
Mountains, rivers and trees 25 dager siden
Soros and other communists are trying to erode our history, our culture and spiritual heritage, and, in turn, our freedom and liberty. This is why it’s so critical to remove these people from our country. Communists like everything the same same same. Homogenization of everything. They’re very dull, unimaginative, negative, uncreative, and uninventive and very very envious of people who are. Also, speaking of the seeds that survive the wildfire, here in Northern Californian, I was told the fires got so hot a coupe years ago even most of those seeds didn’t survive.
Jacob 25 dager siden
That speech at the end is what is driving me to find where I belong. I don't know where yet, but it isn't in Ireland.
Timon Woudenberg
Timon Woudenberg 26 dager siden
You know wat is nice about you read all your reactions I like that. Best of luck Timon NL
M Skallywagg
M Skallywagg 26 dager siden
The reason is the survival of the fittest mentality of America and not why don't we care for each other the name of America should be named The United HATES of America as lately that's what it's showing to the world
Edward Finn
Edward Finn 26 dager siden
Gee Waranglestar, some people grew up in the city and so did their parents.... The city is their culture!
Autumn Greenleaf
Autumn Greenleaf 26 dager siden
Did you say Douglas fir? Wouldn't that be a fir cone? Yes, you can actually take a fir cone and heat them up with a torch and they will open up.
sharon r bower
sharon r bower 26 dager siden
We were once free. Now you wear your mask, Commrad.
MARC HAWKINS 26 dager siden
Amen Brother....AMEN !!
alan H
alan H 26 dager siden
I watched this video 3 times. This reminded me of camping and fishing with my father and grandfathers. Thanks, Bravo
Uncle Shamus
Uncle Shamus 26 dager siden
Bonkers tv✌️
Christine Chandler
Christine Chandler 27 dager siden
So true, but you have family
tony bologna
tony bologna 27 dager siden
6 minutes on is such an important message!
Will79 27 dager siden
You nalied it at the end of this video. I'd add smartphones in your list as well. Those have done a number on people. I'm not saying smartphones are not useful, as I'm typing this on one, but the phones have done a number on the masses.
Electronik-FArts 28 dager siden
We (a 25) as americans need to encourage even younger generations to seek a life style that is at least a mix of american tradition and old fashion traditions that helped us thrive mixed in with a little modernity to keep things convenient.
******** 28 dager siden
Milton Friedman! Trickle down! Companies are citizens! The total greed. No live matters just money matters!
Andrew 28 dager siden
Brother, you are spot on.....I pray to God that there are enough of us left in this country to see it through....
Fox&Fire 28 dager siden
Inspired speech
Loner's Guide
Loner's Guide 28 dager siden
No, that's not really it. It's the lack of a cohesive and universally-accepted system of values and morals based on the those America was founded upon: foremost non-Papist ("Protestant") Christianity and the British Enlightenment.
Thomas Edge
Thomas Edge 29 dager siden
You said it man, you said it. Love nature and everything it does for me.
hillbilly Yo
hillbilly Yo 29 dager siden
TheCanadianBubba 29 dager siden
Never want to be thought of as worse than an infidel...
Chris Peck
Chris Peck 29 dager siden
Dollar general first comes into a town then super walmart oh yeah they flood the area with drugs too
Chris H
Chris H 29 dager siden
I think my parents taking me to different national parks made me love the USA. I am continuing that tradition with my family.
BossmanEight 29 dager siden
No Cody, the *real* reason America is collapsing is Donny dRump! The damage he's done to the United States will take decades to repair.
Preparation H
Preparation H 29 dager siden
""Tool shed""'s a house yo.
Paul Mark Moffat
Paul Mark Moffat 29 dager siden
Julie Crews
Julie Crews Måned siden
Love seeing this video
rjmlakota Måned siden
I was wondering with all your experience in the outdoors and especially in the northwest, have you ever seen or heard anything unexplained? If so, I'd love to her your stories!
Taylor Anderson
Taylor Anderson Måned siden
I thought this was going to be about obesity
mark c
mark c Måned siden
Even though it's putting off the inevitable, try to shop local mom and pop's. Corporate America isn't always pro America.
Andre Yashin
Andre Yashin 5 dager siden
Corporate America was NEVER pro America. The billionaire class were NEVER pro America.
Justice Cooperative
Justice Cooperative 5 dager siden
@dedalliance1 but most of the corporations are not like costco
dedalliance1 10 dager siden
@Armando van Haaren I like to think Costco is pretty good. At least they pay and treat their employees well without ripping off their consumers. That really goes to help building a strong country in my opinion.
Armando van Haaren
Armando van Haaren 14 dager siden
Corporate America is never pro America
Horizon 20 dager siden
what mom and pop ? They're all dead now, by design I'd bet.
noshoes Måned siden
Amen Cody.
Robert Conroy
Robert Conroy Måned siden
With respect to your comment on Revelation 13, we are in the era of the 8th head, the head which was and is not (Rev 17), and the beast with two horns like a lamb, the head to come (Rev 17), he was the 7th head, and deceived those who dwell on the earth (Rev 13), and his (Constantine) deception was to establish the Roman Catholic Church and their Trinity doctrine at his Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. The beast of Rev 13:3, the one "slain" and was healed from his wound, the 5th head, Julius Caesar (emperor/Kaiser), is represented in this era by the 10 horns of the 8th head of the beast, such as Mussolini, the father of fascism, and his brother Hitler, the father of Nazism, whose "black crow" policies for Jews, was derived from the democrat Roosevelt in the 30s, and whose Nazism is now imagined in Portland's Antifa movement. The "end time"/Har Mageon, comes with a great earthquake, in which all the cities will "fall", and the mountains "fall" (Rev 16:16-18). I would think that an area around a super volcano (Seattle), would not be a good place to be. The best one could do was repent and turn away from evil (abortion), and get rid of the progressive, then maybe God would repent and turn away from destroying Eastern Oregon. The fleeing progressives from Portland, will probably not find safety. Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho sit on a super volcano. That is why the 3rd of November is important. If progressives win in the election, there will be no where to run.
Wolfie Måned siden
A lack of culture and tradition isn't the root of it because look at all the other nations that have their own unique culture and tradition being destroyed even faster than we are like France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands. The way they're doing it is by heaping guilt and shame on us and telling us we're bad and we're oppressors and deserve to be replaced and exterminated by other cultures that did not build the west.
Fossil Bluff
Fossil Bluff Måned siden
Gospel right at 6 min. 100% pure gospel.
Joe Garry
Joe Garry Måned siden
If we do not know our personal community histories,we are like little children, who are easily manipulated by those who would use the past for their own purposes. Memory and history are crucial to our own identity and often our very survival.
The Sherman
The Sherman Måned siden
Israel is the reason America is collapsing.
markbuilt Måned siden
I think we should do the same thing here in Canada # 1 is to add tariffs to the Walmart stores that move in . They kill local family business as part of the Walmart business plan . What is your thoughts Cody ?
Hands and Feet Homestead
Hands and Feet Homestead Måned siden
What a beautiful place. Thank you sharing Cody.
Wanda Pease
Wanda Pease Måned siden
Yes! The only place I’ve ever lived that comes close to the mountains of Oregon was Talkeetna, Alaska! The roots are still so close to the surface there. “Give me Men to Match My Mountains”. Robert Service!
Mitchell Kasdin
Mitchell Kasdin Måned siden
I live in the “Rat Race.” I do have another house outside the city.
B QUE Måned siden
I agree about all of those strip malls. It seemed that no matter where I was on a road trip in Florida, it was mile after mile of strip malls. As I was a tourist, it left an impression alright, a very negative one.
ridefast2006 Måned siden
Well said as always Cody I made the move “home” 5 years ago better decision then I knew at the time. I don’t miss NYC
Raymond Soon
Raymond Soon Måned siden
Capitalism has corrupted human core values....Greed. Desire, Instant Gratification, Hatred. The corporate and elitists have bought their ways into the government, both left and right.
Joe Serrano
Joe Serrano Måned siden
Sure loved the glimpse into Gifford Pinchot Nat'l.Forest ya share with us Cody, from that li'l house that stands on the foundation of the former cabin that was there to the "modern" firewood box, anything made in America is ALWAYS way better than made in any other country! East Coast may have some COOL spots, but now I know why you're West Coast and proud! ;)
MAE HAY Måned siden
Cody, I would rent this cool tool shed turned into a wood cabin with all the beautiful trees and the wood burning stove in a heartbeat and come out for a visit with you and your family if I was invited or out to the new community land with all the other subscribers who are like minded folks who support your channel. Your meaningful comments about folks who could move out to a wonderful place to raise their family. My husband has to have special care for all his medical needs wouldn’t work especially with different members of the family who have a say in where he can live. It’s very expensive for my husband and I. I really thought that if you served your country for 20 years that medical care would be taken care of but it’s not the case here. At least not until all our resources are deminished down to only our own home. I hope this comment is not to jumbled to understand what I am trying to convey. Please pray for God’s will with my family but especially for my husband.
Grant Snell
Grant Snell Måned siden
Where you live has lovely much of America is so darned flat and featureless! Who was it that said "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" ? Are you a scoundrel?......l dont think so.
mmmartin261 Måned siden
That signage, at 2:28 in, it’s 4 trees. Middle has 2 trees in a perfect row.
Christopher Gunter
Christopher Gunter Måned siden
I think you are right tradition and culture is what makes men and builds countries. I am one of seven children and our Faith is our tradition and our part of Texas is still pretty cultural.
Christopher Gunter
Christopher Gunter Måned siden
this is the reason we have to grow large strong families with actual morals and good values.
eric pearle
eric pearle Måned siden
Love it!
Daniel Bowman
Daniel Bowman Måned siden
I wander how large this cabin is?
Stephen Vermeire
Stephen Vermeire Måned siden
Gifford Pinchot was an East Coast man!
Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams Måned siden
Wranglerstar, you know they are working to take your traditions and land from you. I am glad you are not taking the knee to satiate the mob. You have strong faith in God in an area that is filled with those that will do anything to take everything from you. Stand your ground to push back upon these guerrillas that are using fourth generation warfare. You are right beside the front lines. They wish to destroy what good men like you have built. Your genetic line built America under God, as did mine. I just hope to be worthy of their sacrifices that afforded me these freedoms. Perhaps the only way we can is to make sacrifices of our own. 🇺🇸
Just Human
Just Human Måned siden
Just the name Gifford Pinchot national forest brings back so many memories... been there just once.. and like Oregon.. never wanted to leave..
Felix K.
Felix K. Måned siden
The quote "tradition is not the worshipping of a ghost but the keeping it the flame" is a quote from composer. Gustav Mahler. The original quote said "tradition is not the worshipping of ashes but the preservation of fire" or since he was an austrian "Tradition ist das erhalten des Feuer, nicht das anbeten der Asche"... Thought this was interesting and wanted you to know.
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster Måned siden
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed!
Matt McGuire
Matt McGuire Måned siden
Built at the turn of the century? Not this century.
hottenma Måned siden
Starting Over
Starting Over Måned siden
Its beautiful.
freedomwtruth Måned siden
I was thinking something a little deeper.
Sean Bradshaw
Sean Bradshaw Måned siden
He was right on the initial steps of getting to the answer to the question in the title... A hundred more steps down that thought and he'd have gotten to the answer.
John Thomson
John Thomson Måned siden
Have you seen a big foot yet
AMEN AND AMEN! Losing TRADITION creates ISOLATION...isolation disconnects us from COMMUNITY/CONNECTEDNESS... It's very sad. Blessings to you and your family. LUCRETIA
Wayne Sligar
Wayne Sligar Måned siden
I'm a dumb old country guy and i love this country it's worth fighting for. I believe in neighbor helping neighbor, having faith in God. I've lived out in the country most of my live and keeping things simple
Ricky Robyn
Ricky Robyn Måned siden
That's a huge just "tool" shed🤔🤔🤔🤔 maybe after they moved added it to make it a little bigger to fit more accomidating stuff idk🤔🤔😐
Brandon Bennett
Brandon Bennett Måned siden
Capitalism...the thing that makes america wonderful, but destroying it self at the same time.
Rob Berra
Rob Berra 14 dager siden
@knarf To which "communist and radical socialist countries" do you refer? There isn't a Communist nation on Earth, and never has been. In fact, I'm not sure how you could have a nation and be Communist at the same time. In order to blame whatever you're blaming on "human nature," you'll first need to define "human nature." How's that coming along? By what conceivable measure do you see capitalism as "inherently self-regulating?" It looks to be quite the opposite; consider the Gilded Age, or even our current wealth gap. You're right that totally unregulated capitalism has never existed (kind of like Communist nations...), but the aforementioned Gilded Age came pretty close, and we had monopolies, child labor, no worker protections, no EPA, no OSHA, etc. Capitalism always seeks to maximize profits and externalize costs, which is why we need things like ... oh, I dunno ... the EPA, OSHA, labor unions, etc. Everything that's been developed under capitalism could happen just as well without it. You don't need a monied class siphoning off the value of the labor of others to have innovation or industry.
Rob Berra
Rob Berra 15 dager siden
@knarf You led with "your view here is ridiculously slanted and dogmatic." Opening with personalities, which I caricatured, is not conducive to actual civil discourse. Your second sentence was equally uncivil and useless.
knarf 15 dager siden
@Rob Berra Sorry what ? Correct me I am wrong here but I actually made a argument with facts and examples and I get "you're teh dumbz," ? If you can't make a stronger argument than that don't bother.
Rob Berra
Rob Berra 15 dager siden
@knarf OK, if you're going to go with "you're teh dumbz," I'm not going to converse with you. I'm in the middle of something time-sensitive right now, but if you want to have an actual discourse, I'll try to get back to you.
knarf 16 dager siden
@Rob Berra Your view here is ridiculously slanted and dogmatic. Try reading something about the opposing viewpoint instead of living in a left wing echo chamber. Unconstrained anything leads to the same result. The worst environmental disasters in history have happened and are currently happening in communist and radical socialist countries. Same thing is true for harm to individuals and society. Take a look at China and Russia historically and right now. The problem is human nature not the economic system. Capitalism is inherently self regulating in a way that is not true of socialism. Doing harm to anything has a downside which is often reflected directly in profits. And totally unregulated capitalism has never existed. Early Silicon Valley was as close as you get to unregulated capitalism and it did pretty damn good. That unregulated capitalism even helped the communist countries which were able to steal the fruit derived from western innovation.
lesserclaypool Måned siden
254 people that watched this don't like nature, tradition, or preserving history and culture
Fred Måned siden
The reason america and the world at large is collapsing is because churchianity has been preaching and promoting lawlessness for so long that most people have bought into the lie. And by lawlessness i mean that they teach and preach that “the law has been abolished” or “we are under grace now” “if you’re trying to obey the law you aren’t saved” or one of the biggest lies “it’s impossible to go even a single day without breaking one of the Old Testament laws so there’s no point in trying” That’s why the world is falling into ruin.
erick stiner
erick stiner Måned siden
We are responsible for our own destiny. Make it happen.
cvcoco Måned siden
Thats a nice cabin, I didnt know they had the budget for the work. When I was a little kid going around the SW, they had cabins for rent but they were small, spartan and ugly. You were more comfortable in a tent, sleeping bag, camp fire, to tell the truth.
Pigdog Pirouet
Pigdog Pirouet Måned siden
Holding the camera to record yourself whilst driving.. Can't you get a mount / grip to make it safer for you? We want you to be safe so we get more great videos. : D
Wranglerstar Måned siden
Danger is my middle name,
Jerry L Busby
Jerry L Busby Måned siden
Beautiful !
Libby Warren
Libby Warren Måned siden
I would love to move there from Australia
Karl Jay
Karl Jay Måned siden
We're in very sad times, there's not one person in history that you can't find fault in. We're allowing people to destroy everything because of something that didn't even happen to them. We're being shamed out of our culture.
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