Big Moves Are Coming To The Homestead (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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3 måneder siden

Wranglerstar modern homesteading is making big moves.
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Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
GUYS!!! - You Need To Have One Of These -
Geo-s-85 3 måneder siden
That was a nice rooster shame you had to get rid
John Sherwood
John Sherwood 3 måneder siden
Have one in every vehicle, at home and at work...
Mitch McBride
Mitch McBride 3 måneder siden
Very good video love the commentary Mrs w
Don Carter
Don Carter 3 måneder siden
I bought two of them couple months ago
OM617YOTA just checked says unavailable still...
T. Bunker
T. Bunker Måned siden
Quick, call Andrew Camerata!
Mac McEllheney
Mac McEllheney 2 måneder siden
Mrs. W is clearly a decent and good American women. I could tell by the commentary and years of watching the channel. And I only wish that more we're like her.
David Westman
David Westman 3 måneder siden
“She thinks my tractor’s sexy....”
Lee Wells
Lee Wells 3 måneder siden
It seams a drone would be helpful for some of your shots
Cool Hand Luke aka Sgt. Billy
Cool Hand Luke aka Sgt. Billy 3 måneder siden
Call it JAWS
FrmrGman 3 måneder siden
It's called a "GRAPPLER" bucket...
Mike Malick
Mike Malick 3 måneder siden
Are you in the Bend area?
Troy Roper III
Troy Roper III 3 måneder siden
Why the second driveway? What advantage is it going to give you?
Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
I'll tell you soon,
dadovitchnic 3 måneder siden
Star picket lifters are a thing as well and easy to DIY. Save those posts for re-use.
Matt Woldanski
Matt Woldanski 3 måneder siden
Wow sweet loaf is very well spoken. Pretty incredible
Lee Kollar
Lee Kollar 3 måneder siden
TheCanadianBubba 3 måneder siden
Getting things done !
Good Simple Living
Good Simple Living 3 måneder siden
She's such a cutie, looks just like mama!
CC Rider
CC Rider 3 måneder siden
Jack is a wonderful brother! 😁👍
Richard Folgado
Richard Folgado 3 måneder siden
HaHaHaHa!! It is always good to see Sweetloaf! She is such a cutie!
BlueKingfisher 3 måneder siden
Scottish heritage - I clocked the Saltire tattoo on his right calf. Good lad.
Rico 3 måneder siden
New driveway, new house? 😎🇨🇱
Keith Pippin
Keith Pippin 3 måneder siden
3/4 minus? Every region has different names for crushed rock, often the name comes from the state DOT. Here in Illinois we call that CA6 (crushed aggregate 6/8th's aka 3/4") 3/4" down to dust, it packs hard like concrete.
Kim Wise
Kim Wise 3 måneder siden
what a tiny drain tube.....says a wetsider.......😁
Roadiemort 3 måneder siden
House and property listed for sale on the market.
David Paradis
David Paradis 3 måneder siden
West coast man uses huge tractor to pull little fence stake...east coast man uses his muscles...
Born Tobemild
Born Tobemild 3 måneder siden
Loving head nudge on the sweetloaf...priceless.
Thomas Gross
Thomas Gross 3 måneder siden
Cody on a excavator.....todays mating dance. 😁 That scenery at 5:43 looks like a scene from Hollywood or something! Amazing I could spend hours sipping iced tea and looking at that!
Shakdi Dagalimal
Shakdi Dagalimal 3 måneder siden
1:08 Wow - tri colored chickens. That's the 1st time ever I've seen that done.
J Jones
J Jones 3 måneder siden
" I have to tell you, it worked" Jack:"Duh"
Ron Hall
Ron Hall 3 måneder siden
Such beautiful scenery in all your videos .....
TheMainSoul 3 måneder siden
will you build a house for Jack? or maybe a Bunker?
kev 3 måneder siden
I hope that Cody didn't wave his bucket at you too suggestively Mrs W 😂
Peter Will
Peter Will 3 måneder siden
Hi,it looks so dry out there.
devinc923 3 måneder siden
Never knew their could be so many joes on one job site
Alph-Awakened 3 måneder siden
good job Mrs. W on good camera and narration work. maybe she should be more active on the channel in this capacity, get a side from cody and a side from Mrs. W?
Marty N
Marty N 3 måneder siden
Wranglerstar, you’re a blessed man. Enjoy it.
mrmax1984 3 måneder siden
What mountain is that at 5:42? Rainier?
MAGA anti-globalist
MAGA anti-globalist 3 måneder siden
Some $500 gravel right there
Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson 3 måneder siden
Oh no. The dreaded jumping jack! The breaker of construction apprentices.....
Preacher Dan
Preacher Dan 3 måneder siden
What mountain is that in the background?
Proverbs 27:17
Proverbs 27:17 3 måneder siden
What a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier in the background.
RK Harm24
RK Harm24 3 måneder siden
Call it Ralph Mouth, A red headed dude from Happy Days.
dennis poley
dennis poley 3 måneder siden
OMGoodness...cuteness overload!
Larry Witte
Larry Witte 3 måneder siden
rob shaw
rob shaw 3 måneder siden
Absolutly love when mrs w narrates!
Zach Harris
Zach Harris 3 måneder siden
Christopher 3 måneder siden
I see Mordor in the background. Frodo and Sam approve.
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones 3 måneder siden
5:40. I would pull up a chair with some beers and stare at that for hours.
Josh 3 måneder siden
Making the move to metric? You probably couldn't figure out the metric system anyway.
don onthehill
don onthehill 3 måneder siden
Thanks again for your videos. I used to watch alone a fair amount of the time. Now I can't watch without my wife in case Sweet loaf shows up in the video. We appreciate your content.Keep up the good work.
Michael Kane
Michael Kane 3 måneder siden
I don't know how much camera work Mrs. W does for the channel, but it would be interesting to see how she uses a drone. I wonder if she'd have a different perspective.
Eric 3 måneder siden
Haha the little one sounded almost English "are they digging up the road" :)
iBiana Doubt
iBiana Doubt 3 måneder siden
I haven't watched wranglerstar in a while. My biggest surprise ? The wranglerstar property fronts on a paved Road. Who knew you were so civilized ?
LightcapMath 3 måneder siden
What was the cost? please resume your Bible studies...PLEASE....
Lord Rudimus
Lord Rudimus 3 måneder siden
Man it's nice when the older children watch the younger ones. Get something done actually.
Nemesis 851
Nemesis 851 3 måneder siden
I call "road trip" in future episodes
Nemesis 851
Nemesis 851 3 måneder siden
Hope the culverts are sealed in between each other, or the water will create a sinkhole between them both
Nemesis 851
Nemesis 851 3 måneder siden
Eeeek . Blind curve AND blind hill driveway, recommend getting a new lower than normal, speed limit sing ( and/or farmer vehicle turning driveway ahead)
Nemesis 851
Nemesis 851 3 måneder siden
Frostbite by winter / Summer hugger
Truthasivebeen Shown
Truthasivebeen Shown 3 måneder siden
Jack is such an awesome brother !
Daniel ONeil
Daniel ONeil 3 måneder siden
Congratulations on your beautiful home and family. You are so inspiring to watch. America is real.
Douglas Ward
Douglas Ward 3 måneder siden
I live in the rainforest. Had to use 24" concrete. Y'all got it easy.....until it starts snowing in Sept ;-)
Bad Larry
Bad Larry 3 måneder siden
i know a guy from New York state who would do that whole job for you in a day, on his own, with a camera a drone and a couple of dogs
the eagle
the eagle 3 måneder siden
Loving this channel 🙂👍🙂
Eric Wood
Eric Wood 3 måneder siden
Me: Find Polynesia on a map. Polynesian Tat Guy: Wait, that's a place?
chris kiffin
chris kiffin 3 måneder siden
I remeber when you moved trees around with a "chainsaw winch" oh how the homested has changed, jack is all grown, and u have new addition to the family, congratulations
peter james
peter james 3 måneder siden
You guys must be raking it in ..House paid off and new toys to play with ....Good luck to you
texasmadefella 3 måneder siden
I dont know why but i feel like you dint like joe. Was it the tattoos? I picked up when i think you was calling him an asshole in a subliminal way. By the way great channel
BC Bottoms
BC Bottoms 3 måneder siden
The video was good, but the ending touched my heart! What a young man of a big brother! May God continue to bless y'all!
Kevin Jolly
Kevin Jolly 3 måneder siden
Jack is a good kid....kid ha, young man my bad.
SouthWestIron 3 måneder siden
What a beautiful family. Sweetloaf and Jack have a beautiful bond. All of you do. Very nice.
Rooster Tree Studio
Rooster Tree Studio 3 måneder siden
Maybe in the Summer time, the Frost Bite can be referred to as “the pine pincher?” 😋
RickyBobby BobbyRicky
RickyBobby BobbyRicky 3 måneder siden
Love the teamwork you guys have.
James D
James D 3 måneder siden
Hahahaha...”tractor flirting” 😂😂😂😂
PayThePlumber 3 måneder siden
Jack is a great big brother
Stefan Schmidt
Stefan Schmidt 3 måneder siden
Sweet Loaf cracks me up! I have two daughters but they're pretty much adults now. Been a while since I had a little one running around. She's a cutie and Jack is such a great young man. You and Mrs. W have done good Cody!
Living In Canada - A Family’s Journey
Living In Canada - A Family’s Journey 3 måneder siden
Great stuff my friend. Nothing beats curb appeal and tidying things up.
Chris P
Chris P 3 måneder siden
pretty funny how just a few months ago it was a complete isolation for this guy, now the complete opposite. shaking hands and all that.
Youbetter Backoff
Youbetter Backoff 3 måneder siden
I think the dump truck driver was high as the sky.
JohnnyRingo 3 måneder siden
9:15 every dude with tribal tattoos ever
Jeff Porterfield
Jeff Porterfield 3 måneder siden
Actually, I thought the Big Move referred to the rooster!!!! lol
Jeff Porterfield
Jeff Porterfield 3 måneder siden
The closing shot is priceless! PRICELESS!
John D
John D 3 måneder siden
Thanks for taking the time to video this when you're clearly really busy. Appreciate it Mrs W.
SuperBommer1 3 måneder siden
That post gives me of fence
Dennis Premoli
Dennis Premoli 3 måneder siden
I'm sure someone like Andrew Camarata would've done the job for half the time and the cost ahaha he'd also bring a Cody along for the ride.... ;)
boner2008 3 måneder siden
y'all daft, he's said it before many times, it'll be a new place for subscribers and like minded people to come and contribute, learn, share, etc not quite sure exactly what the property scenario is, perhaps having an official sale of the property to a business or corporation to disconnect from liability standpoint? don't know but subscriber/members area for sure :)
John Milligan
John Milligan 3 måneder siden
Beautiful family. God bless.
Jim Stewart
Jim Stewart 3 måneder siden
Jack is a really good big brother. Y'all keep it up. You have a beautiful place and an even more beautiful family.
GJS 3 måneder siden
The frost bite reminds me of a bird.
Suzanne Kemper
Suzanne Kemper 3 måneder siden
The childlike wonder on SL's face always gets me, especially when daddy talks to her. Nice brother too.
Damon Derrick
Damon Derrick 3 måneder siden
A cheap harbor freight or home built fence post puller would save on the t-posts.
craig horton
craig horton 3 måneder siden
Jack has learned a lot of early parenting skills with the Sweet Loaf.
bobsuruncle 3 måneder siden
I wish that I had excavator skills. I rented a small one a few years ago... while I was out on disability leave from work, post Achilles surgery. I couldn’t do my job, but I could operate a small hand operated excavator to (attempt to) level my backyard. I was like... I can do this, no problem... uh, er... Wranglerstar be like.... here, hold my beer... (jk Cody, I know you wouldn’t be drinking a beer... more like.... here, hold my huckleberry kombucha) Looking like the property is getting a nice upgrade!
Scott M
Scott M 3 måneder siden
Cody, don't you know that the best way to remove a T post is with a brush hog. It pulls it, and moves it 50 yards away in about 3 seconds.
Paul J White
Paul J White 3 måneder siden
Bonzer Wolf
Bonzer Wolf 3 måneder siden
I don't know the whole story but I know a part of it. My prying eyes do not lie :)
Eric Rice
Eric Rice 3 måneder siden
That culvert looks too small for that job.
Jim McCall
Jim McCall 3 måneder siden
Selling out and moving to the East Coast. A man just has to keep striving to improve his life. Your family will love you even more!
Luke Grachek
Luke Grachek 3 måneder siden
I'm I the only one that is seeing the for sale sign? the plot thickens!
VICTOR NOBLE 3 måneder siden
Mr Gym and Tatooed legs , with trainers on worksite what a pro
Jim Sedgwick
Jim Sedgwick 3 måneder siden
Wait. What’s Joe’s friends name?! There are unanswered questions.
DIRTYDURBIN 3 måneder siden
The one thing I would have put down before the gravel would be geo- tec fabric
Seth Lewis
Seth Lewis 3 måneder siden
Great content, as always.
Max Doty
Max Doty 3 måneder siden
More of The Oh Hellos makes me so happy
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