Someone Attacked Our Home Last Night

  Ganger 206,400


3 måneder siden

A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.
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Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.
J.C. Kohle
J.C. Kohle Måned siden
I cannot accept that the sentence above is correct. It can happen from within, but how great is it at that point? All good things must come to an end it is sometimes said. Seeing no time limit is placed on the eventuality you know it has to be so. Raise your flag at day break and lower it at sundown every day . If a man gives the flag to rest by night , when it is raised again it shows all who see it , the way.
Philip Alumbo
Philip Alumbo 3 måneder siden
BLM, ANTIFA and SNOWFLAKES are destroying the country and they will have to live with the results of their behavior.
Crying Angel
Crying Angel 3 måneder siden
Sorry to hear that... You should get some of those Camo Trail Cams and set em up, and find out who's doing it
TOTAL RESISTANCE 3 måneder siden
Reminds me of the couple who had a scumbag driving across there lawn driving over there nice snowman they made. So finally they built a big snowman around this oak tree stump and boom somebody must have did over 10k damage to there truck, a tiger pit also works, put your backhoe to work. LoL😁👍🙊🙉🙈☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁
david welsh
david welsh 3 måneder siden
A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within. thnx 4 ur time ..
Matthew Torres
Matthew Torres 14 dager siden
11/10 you did that yourself for content.
Orig MainStMama
Orig MainStMama 14 dager siden
Was this around the time you discovered & chased the guy flying a drone directly over your place?
CapitanoGUC 21 dag siden
Why didn't they taken the flag with them ? Or why didn't they rip it apart set the flag in fire ? Isn't that that what Antifa would rather do ?
WE THE PEOPLE 29 dager siden
If Antifalope was added to the list of hunted species I guess we know what bait to use 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Lab Cat
Lab Cat Måned siden
Doubt it
Rich Wood
Rich Wood Måned siden
These people want to defund the police. If the police are not defunded they will not be able to get away with what they are letting their children do to the country. So defunding is their only solution. They forget that it is up to all of us to raise our children properly. It is not the responsibility of society to raise their children.
J.D Truths
J.D Truths Måned siden
Wranglerstar, do you remember President Kennedys Warning Speech? I know you've heard it before, guess what those Evil Men have Scratched their "Line in the Sand" and "Dug In" for this time! It is going to get much worse from here! The Traitors have been here for a VERY LONG TIME! God Bless and Stay Strong! J...
Isaac Måned siden
How will you and America ever recover from such a devastating blow? You must feel very vulnerable and triggered after experiencing such a harrowing trial. You must have shed so many tears. Manly tears, of course, running down your small, gentle cheeks from eyes red from those many, many tears.
Isaac Måned siden
How will you and America ever recover from such a devastating blow? You must feel very vulnerable and triggered after experiencing such a harrowing trial. You must have shed so many tears. Manly tears, of course, running down your small, gentle cheeks from eyes red from those many, many tears.
Bro Wasit
Bro Wasit 2 måneder siden
Need a home surveillance cam & that's for sure. It's not expensive my friend.
Steven Joe Eide
Steven Joe Eide 2 måneder siden
Thought you were in the country. I'd be sitting outside with a shotgun the next time somebody trespasses.
Jman 2 måneder siden
You need Vietcong style traps around your property to catch the obvious liberal who did that. Liberals hate America and the flag it represents.
The Survivalist
The Survivalist 2 måneder siden
There are some cost effective wireless cameras, that are great for keeping your property safer! I keep a 4 camera dash cam in my truck, and 5 to 10 cameras are active around my house at all times! Check out Wyze . Com, I am trying to get them to build a body cam for civilians next!
a 2345193
a 2345193 2 måneder siden
"These colors don't run."
doch Signal
doch Signal 2 måneder siden
sans doute une merde de gauche ...
Ken Barnes
Ken Barnes 2 måneder siden
James Shelton
James Shelton 2 måneder siden
I watched your video thisevening from my home in the UK, I enjoy your content and I felt an overwhelming sadness that life has become so matter of fact for some and the love we should be enjoying is slipping away. Please keep safe and your family 👪 stay strong and keep the videos coming......
W.D. McCracken
W.D. McCracken 2 måneder siden
Read your nh6istory.
Chris Dorn
Chris Dorn 2 måneder siden
God bless America right
Joe Pitt
Joe Pitt 2 måneder siden
Public schools
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae 2 måneder siden
The King of Kings The Prince Of Peace is our Leader.
DeepBlue 3 måneder siden
security camera system👍 security dog system👍 security rifle system👍 "security will system" to apply all security systems 👍👍👍👍👍
Ste Douglas
Ste Douglas 3 måneder siden
George Soros funds anti American think tanks . Should be arrested.
AAA BBB 3 måneder siden
I watched quite a few of your videos over the past few years and enjoyed many of them. And just few days ago by the virtue of youtube algorithm your channel popped in my feed. Seeing few of the recent ones I'm worried for your and your family's wellbeing. You are sliding into paranoia, intermixed with superiority complex (the chosen one) and your videos are brewing with hatred and contempt for the others who are not believers or do not share your opinions. And to be honest this video sounds like a "false-flag operation" - somebody comes randomly to your secluded property and brings down the flag without you your dogs, your family not hearing and not reacting in the middle of the night? Please stop the divisions, stop the us-vs-them rhetoric, stop "there is no middle ground anymore", stop because you are the man.
Nick Hall
Nick Hall 3 måneder siden
That’s Oregon for you!!! NEVER VOTE DEMOCRAT!!!
tig bridgewater
tig bridgewater 3 måneder siden
You did it yourself.
Tree Climber
Tree Climber 3 måneder siden
But the other Side is Violent and Unkind. So basically very unhappy, ungrateful snobs.
James Gretsch
James Gretsch 3 måneder siden
Probably a bear did that.
Leon 3 måneder siden
They will never come around. We are in a civil war. The actual large combat is still ahead. Wait for November for the mass explosion of violence.
BreeZ Place
BreeZ Place 3 måneder siden
Sheesh! You don’t have good neighbors
MrKjm444 3 måneder siden
I’m sorry to see this Wranglerstar! I am worried lately; and seeing this instead your videos of how to sharpen an axe or outfit a camper-van, makes it worse. I have a flag flying in Scarborough, ME. I wonder what will happen and how I will react. I’m afraid of what I might do if I catch them at it. I am worried lately...
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 3 måneder siden
I'm posting this comment because I know nobody here believes what I'm going to be typing out here. Read at your own discretion and keep the "libtard" name calling out of it. This country has multiple massive issues. The biggest one currently is the cops issues, so I'll be focusing on that. When people say "ACAB" they have all the right in the world to say that. I'm not going to school you on systemic racism, I'm going to tell you absolute empirical truth. Cops in the US get at most 20 weeks training, and most of that training is not focused on de-escalation. Meaning that police focus more on shooting than they do helping people. In Europe and most of the world, police can be in training for over a year and even more. And due to Europe having little to none of their police forces armed in guns, they focus a lot more on de-escalation. Do your own research on police violence in the US, it is head-over-heels a giant issue when compared to most any other country. The only other countries that are this bad are India and probably China. That's how bad it is in the US. If you want to know what the solution is to this issue, it's called better social programs so crimes due to poverty go down and real training of the police and removing privatized prisons. The reason police in the US are so garbage is because the private prisons want people to be thrown in jail, and the police departments get kick-backs. It doesn't matter how bad of a job they're doing as long as they're getting prisoners. Another solution is to get specific teams of people to deal with less dangerous issues like the mentally ill or drug issues. That's why people want the police abolished, we don't want them gone tomorrow, we want society to be better for all of us so we won't need them in the future.
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 3 måneder siden
I'm also not saying all of this looting and breaking of private property is right. A lot of these people are outraged but they have reasons for it. I too wish they would stop, I wish these people would loot big chain stores instead of local business owners at the least, and I'm absolutely disgusted at how they can do this kind of thing to homes too. I just wanted to post my comment to say why it's all happening. We're not just monsters out to kill and eat your children, there are legitimate concerns and I deeply apologize for how some of us are way too unruly. I hope an MLK figure comes along and pacifies the movement and helps us all move in the right direction.
War Against Myself
War Against Myself 3 måneder siden
John Lanich
John Lanich 3 måneder siden
God Bless You. Keep the Faith.
scott bashaw
scott bashaw 3 måneder siden
Most Americans let far left schools and colleges raise their children and never disciplined them growing up or countered the lies they were taught
delta project
delta project 3 måneder siden
To be fair, the paramilitaries beating people and unconstitutionally arresting people, does seem a lot like the demise of our great nation. I think we all need to stand behind the flag not against it
195ashes 3 måneder siden
Boomer-tier cope. The USA will fracture because of its attempts at housing multiple races under one identity.
robert jeffery
robert jeffery 3 måneder siden
It is not how many times you get knocked down. The truth is how many times you get up.
Rob Hecke
Rob Hecke 3 måneder siden
The left... worthless sacks.
Belligerent Instigator
Belligerent Instigator 3 måneder siden
This is the results of schools teaching fake history like the 1619 project and the media lying.
Mike Hellekson
Mike Hellekson 3 måneder siden
Proves they are nothing but cowards and vandals. It would make me very nervous that they were there without me knowing..
JR BM 3 måneder siden
Marxist 😡
Mills' Outdoors
Mills' Outdoors 3 måneder siden
United we stand, Divided we fall. They predicted it
Jon Fischer
Jon Fischer 3 måneder siden
I might find some of the things wranglerstar does a little backwards and I may not agree with him all the time but I will always stand with him as a proud American!
Derick C
Derick C 3 måneder siden
God bless America! 🇺🇲 All you can do for some people is pray for them.
Chris Blanton
Chris Blanton 3 måneder siden
I still love my country I served and will always fly my flag. I’m sorry this happened to you.
jayonez 13
jayonez 13 3 måneder siden
What a shame what this country has become. I have had family members who have fought in just about every American war. Their blood was not shed in vain. I will never succumb to the radical plan of the extreme left. I am glad I live in a rural part of my state with property and with only 2 neighbors in my area. I want to be as far away from the population as possible. I’d rather be living with the animals in the forest. God bless!
Mustang Rancher
Mustang Rancher 3 måneder siden
Here is the truth............ The end times are upon us, NOW. The Rapture of God's people will happen in the not too distant future. We are rapidly headed to a cashless society, OWG, forced chipping, everyone being tracked...... income and spending. The liberal left has pretty much gone batshit crazy and are determined to destroy every good and honest value America was founded upon.
steve masuga
steve masuga 3 måneder siden
A Democrat voter, they hate the Country.
DR Dan
DR Dan 3 måneder siden
I would tell you welcome to the Communist NW US. I would wrap a coil of copper wire around the flag staff of the replacement and hook it to a fence charger set on high. That and set out some trail cams to catch the event and get pics of the vehicle they drive. Be sure to put up plenty of posted signs. Really want to trigger them? Put up a Confederate flag. Ole cucked Antifa cant pass that bait.
Youbikewithatube 3 måneder siden
I hope you get proximity cameras up from now on. Or at least some wildlife cameras. Nothing like catching someone on camera. Unless of course you catch them red handed that’s not bad either, or in this case red white and blue handed 😅
H & K Bee
H & K Bee 3 måneder siden
A little bit of buck shot will convince them to leave your flag alone.
Dennis Lane
Dennis Lane 3 måneder siden
Have you considered cameras
Cowboy Chris
Cowboy Chris 3 måneder siden
This makes me want to cry. I love this country and seeing the flag pole broken and the flag on the ground stirs up emotions and anger. Whoever did this to @Wranglerstar needs to pay. This is not funny. I will stand by @Wranglerstar the whole way through. Wranglerstar is a man of God, and someone who loves this country. He will stand up strong like many other American Patriots. We have your back, Wranglerstar.
MADPAK Products
MADPAK Products 3 måneder siden
I had a recent "disturbing the peace" incident at my rural home. Verbal yelling, extremely foul language, insulting me and my family. This type of behavior is a growing trend in our country. Fortunately my property is gated and the act was perpetrated from the public side of my gate. The boundary was not physically crossed. It's a sad and demoralizing part of life only saved by the Grace of God. In fact I told him "God Bless" which really intensified his militance. PS I have our American Flag flying from my porch too. God Bless...
BILLHOVER 3 måneder siden
There is always scum, a bit like the old share the money out from these who make it to these who dont, then these that make will no longer make it and it all stops.
Cotton Candy Faygo
Cotton Candy Faygo 3 måneder siden
Make a gun booby trap with a 3oz slug
William Caines
William Caines 3 måneder siden
Get a bigger flag and a taller pole
Travisaurus 3 måneder siden
Could have been a bear. Maybe you need to electrify it.
Martin Hartley
Martin Hartley 3 måneder siden
Exactly, why would someone go to the effort to tear down a flag? Enter someone's private land and make wilful and deliberate damage to someone's property? I might not agree with another person's views, but I will defend their right to have and freely express those views. Anything else is tyranny, and in my own family there is living memory of no less than four tyrannical and oppressive regimes which various members fled to literally the ends of the earth in Australia to escape. Bless you, mate. Stand up for your beliefs and don't let yourself be bullied by faceless cowards who hide in the cover of darkness just to be a pest.
Ibislife 3 måneder siden
You need a guard dog. Sick people.
stihl boss
stihl boss 3 måneder siden
There is a lot of disrespectful people out in this world Mr Wranglerstar 😡😡😡
landon miller
landon miller 3 måneder siden
The middle ground has turned into no mans land
Kim Mitchell
Kim Mitchell 3 måneder siden
This is Dispicable!!! WTH is WRONG with ppl... You need a REALLY big watch dog....stay safe you guys this is very worrying behavior. I would Definately let the police know its happening just in case they try to do more damage than a flag.
Neil Yakuza
Neil Yakuza 3 måneder siden
The fact that they were on your property, and invading your space is the real issue.
SnowingFire 3 måneder siden
Awfully convenient to own a way to dig a deep hole that hate propaganda ers could simply dissapear (probably been watching too much ginseng wars)
Badass Mother
Badass Mother 3 måneder siden
Trail cams are cheap.
Hilbert Space
Hilbert Space 3 måneder siden
If you don't do something about the Left in America your country is history
Shotguns N mudmowers
Shotguns N mudmowers 3 måneder siden
Time to get a bigger flagpole and fly an American flag bigger then a sheet of plywood watch all the liberals have a meltdown
Muskrat Outdoors
Muskrat Outdoors 3 måneder siden
Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition.
Josiah 87
Josiah 87 3 måneder siden
democrats are ignorant and hateful against the united states
momobadilak 3 måneder siden
we all need to remember ..there is still a huge common ground. it's everywhere around us even though we might not see it in the media and "the online". we all have neighbors who might not have the same beliefs in some cases but they will be the people who show up to help when it's needed. reach out, say hi, keep the good will alive. that's how we make it through all this. I have neighbors that don't have the same political views as me ..but they want 90% of the same things I want in life so has far as I'm concerned were on the same side. ps. I don't agree with pulling down that flag . not cool. maybe if you find out who did it it there's an opening for a conversation and something good can come of it
Bondcolour 3 måneder siden
I absolutely agree, it seems that these days people on either side of the political spectrum often seem to think the other side is some different animal altogether, when really we're not that different at all. We all want good schools, affordable healthcare, safe streets and well paying jobs, but we have different opinions on how to get there - and that's okay. But we can't get there if we don't do our best to set aside our differences and work together.
whitney3377xxx 3 måneder siden
NOpost drama. I dont know why you stay on youtube . I would have quite a long time ago.
Julie Crews
Julie Crews 3 måneder siden
If they hate America they should leave, not try to destroy people who love it!
roberthelm87 3 måneder siden
May the sun never set on Old Glory!
Fire Storm
Fire Storm 3 måneder siden
Everyone knows who you are ,, what you have and basically where you are.. If the world degrades further,, you know where they will come . I highly suggest a video showing the creation of but not location of, some Fortified Fighting Positions ... When stuff starts ,, police aren't coming . We now know this for sure.
stager33 3 måneder siden
Put up a game camera and make them famous Be safe god speed Positive Prayers
germanicdogman 3 måneder siden
if you find the flag offensive then you must find living in said country offensive. it's not north Korea your free to leave. people have died for the flag and what it represents.
Jeremy Lane Ball
Jeremy Lane Ball 3 måneder siden
Southern Realist
Southern Realist 3 måneder siden
Jesus said my father is greater than I. He also said I go to my God and your God, my father and your father. Also said Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. He taught people to pray to the father - our father in heaven... You ought to reflect on your view of Jesus
GeneralThe3rd 3 måneder siden
Cody, I thought you lived out in the middle of nowhere in Oregon, or down some country back road. If that is the case, someone really went out of their way to be stupid.
Carlos Claus
Carlos Claus 3 måneder siden
Agreed today there is too much political division, but everyone knows pinto beans are the only beans you should be buying 😜! And, Jesus is King!
Allen Banks
Allen Banks 3 måneder siden
Need to set up a couple of those game cameras. Capture them you'll find out who it is. And how would they like it if you went to their house and destroyed stuff of theirs
Scentaur Fragrance
Scentaur Fragrance 3 måneder siden
Even frageance and perfume is
Scentaur Fragrance
Scentaur Fragrance 3 måneder siden
I hope you have a fence and security system. This is a threat on your life and family. This current movement going on is pure evil
Chon Rubio
Chon Rubio 3 måneder siden
Trust God and make Jesus your Savior.. well said brother.
Boo Dog
Boo Dog 3 måneder siden
I think it's wrong to destroy someone's property--but you know how you aren't taking a side on the statues? I won't be taking a side on the federal flag either.
Scott wolverine
Scott wolverine 3 måneder siden
I agree 100%, we need to listen to the truth about whats going on in our country RIGHT NOW under our current leadership and make the right decisions come election time. god bless us all. your videos are awesome
Johnny Bergeron
Johnny Bergeron 3 måneder siden
Survey camera you a there,,,
Sam S
Sam S 3 måneder siden
It’s a shame to take it out on the flag, just cowards and our country needs to wake up and remember our values. God bless all.
Bushcrafting with Jerb's
Bushcrafting with Jerb's 3 måneder siden
I'm sorry that happened to you my American going to echo a few of the other post and say put up a few trail cams looking both ways and just watch them shoot themselves in the foot....and then post the footage like a neighbor of mine and let the stupid fix it's self...people that do stuff like that tend not to be to smart. Anywho many blessings Mr wanglerstar hope to see the footage soon. Cheers, Jerbs.
Jeffrey Brown
Jeffrey Brown 3 måneder siden
OMG really wow, what's it coming to ? Such a time for prayer. Thanks
Jake M
Jake M 3 måneder siden
And you just told them that YOU live there
Proctor Silex
Proctor Silex 3 måneder siden
Damn straight
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson 3 måneder siden
You don't have a defensive perimeter around the house? Cheap IR motion cameras? Trip wires? Dogs? Hmmmmmm......
PAID in BLOOD 3 måneder siden
Is it weird I’m not religious or even have the ability for faith and watch daily. I’m for the lifestyle and most of the message. With A conservative old way of life, solid community and good wholesome family values Christianity is pretty much unavoidable. It puts me in a weird position with people. I’m sure it’s just that I’m a loser loner or whatever. It’s not the people or the community surrounding the religion most of the Christians I meet are very polite, helpful and sometimes even generally care about a stranger. It’s just not for me I guess. I follow no Shepard as I am not a sheep.
Cedar Outpost
Cedar Outpost 3 måneder siden
A contractor working on the new general assembly building in Richmond hung a huge flag from the building for the Independence Day weekend. The governor's office told him to take it down because it might become a target. Sad.
LR22 Same
LR22 Same 3 måneder siden
Amen to your words. Advice, around 4 or 5 times put up a game camera catch them red handed (can I say that?) and prosecute!
John Ackley
John Ackley 3 måneder siden
It was the little man that told you to put on your mask
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