We See Flames - Oregon wildland fire live

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Raed ahmad
Raed ahmad 19 dager siden
OH MY GOD Batista and Ambroz follow me oh my God NO NO NO NO
David Wadsworth
David Wadsworth 20 dager siden
do you do controlled burning? I see so much fuel Looks like you do not..I live in the Jersey Pine Lands, wild fire central for our state and controlled burning in Frb. and march work,WORK!We have not had a fatal incident since the 1970's. No disasters, nothing like whatyou had to deal with.And I have fought these things.Cut lines and humped an Indian tank.
Frances Lock
Frances Lock 26 dager siden
Is the smoke effecting the humidity reading?
Jeeslus smith
Jeeslus smith 26 dager siden
Cody. I work for ODF. would enjoy telling you my candid story of what the forestry dept. Did or.... did not do in this effort
Wranglerstar 26 dager siden
V Peterson
V Peterson Måned siden
So sad all those animals, wildlife and domesticated, lost of habitat will decimate the wildlife. People can rebuild their homes but wildlife lose what sustains them for along time.
_____Tweety____ Måned siden
Roots, how far can a fire travel by roots?
Zack K
Zack K Måned siden
What kind of filter are you using?
Mohamed Avdol
Mohamed Avdol Måned siden
Goddam America, didn’t have to copy us
楊志清 Måned siden
Taiwan can help Iron pipe system for irrigation is needed. Put muds on the outside walls and roof is also important.
Stoney Ridge Farmer
Stoney Ridge Farmer Måned siden
Scary times brotha....stay safe out there! Josh #stoneyridgefarmer
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Måned siden
i like trump and dont believe in climate change. MAGA!
Manuel Seguin
Manuel Seguin Måned siden
Very nice informative and immersive videos guys. I live in Paris, France and we've been seeing the West coast smoke since tuesday. There's a slight grey/beige haze in the sky here and can't see far away. Good job and stay safe !
They call me Beast
They call me Beast Måned siden
Why is NOpost notifying me of this vid 6 day late?!
ding bat
ding bat Måned siden
ya going to fight or look?
Bruce Forster
Bruce Forster Måned siden
I'm in Astoria. I design and build Portable Emergency Solar Power units. I would LOVE to come to one of those areas where folks have no power & help them out! ugly dog 1954 at Gmail dot com.
M'sheArt2 Måned siden
Mustang_S550 Måned siden
Tha dusty cloud looks like the one from COD modern warfare
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia Måned siden
Were is he
Mngyn89 nguyen126
Mngyn89 nguyen126 Måned siden
Sad part is there's no filter on the camera it really looks like that
Mike mike
Mike mike Måned siden
Just remember guys, if we vote for Joe Biden, then the fires will stop.....
Amanda Cryer
Amanda Cryer Måned siden
Wishing you all to stay safe. From UK xx
Get Jiggy With It
Get Jiggy With It Måned siden
How bout saving the animals lives
salomon lemus
salomon lemus Måned siden
To think these are man made fires man people who start them should get life sentence in jail
Andrew Sanders
Andrew Sanders Måned siden
Just some thoughts , why don't we have a huge fleet of high capacity bombers drop special bombs on it filled with that stuff that suffocates fire , hallon or whatever , really seams like we as a nation don't invest quit enough into fire fighting massive fires. 200 planes constantly going in sections . Time to use tools of war for good instead of killing !
Purpleoceangnome Måned siden
This is what I don't get. Every one sees these people waiting till the fire is half a mile away to leave. And then then y'all cry when they don't make it.
C Gonz
C Gonz Måned siden
This is a terrible tragedy. I just watched your videos and glad to see you are safe...Just can’t believe the amount of people on here trying to turn this tragedy into something political... "Rumors spread just like wildfire," the Douglas County Sheriff's Office said Thursday morning, "and now our 9-1-1 dispatchers and professional staff are being overrun with requests for information and inquiries on an UNTRUE rumor that 6 Antifa members have been arrested for setting fires in DOUGLAS COUNTY, OREGON."
K Hilgers
K Hilgers Måned siden
You can thank your incompetent governor for hiding under her desk for over 100 days while ANTIFA looted Portland. She did NOTHING but encourage more violence. Now ANTIFA has set their sights on burning you out of your home's. Still not a word from your incompetent governor.
Charles Yuditsky
Charles Yuditsky Måned siden
Yes these fires are being set by communists. Yes you need to be organizing patrols near built-up areas for these assholes
They still make slingometers?
Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson Måned siden
Why would you stand in all that fuel in front of the head of the fire?
Dirtbike Jordan
Dirtbike Jordan Måned siden
Different honda?
David Morgan
David Morgan Måned siden
Jerry Gilles
Jerry Gilles Måned siden
Praying for you and family and your back pain.
Susanna Donovan
Susanna Donovan Måned siden
You guys are so stellar! Praying for all of you! Temperatures have dropped 20 degrees here in Portland. Hopefully the same for you. It's very, very cool.
Evil Queen
Evil Queen Måned siden
How can we help? Any charitable organizations that you recommend?
just me
just me Måned siden
So what happened next? Did you save any of that?
S. E. C-R
S. E. C-R Måned siden
This was something to watch, I live in Canby. Where is this? Is it part of Molalla? I saw you turned south on hwy 170 towards that way. We drove out to the lumber mill in Molalla the day after it caught fire but got turned around at 213 because of traffic!
carol g
carol g Måned siden
how about building a trench ;;
V Cain
V Cain Måned siden
My heart raced for a sec at the very end!
ratatatata sergipato
ratatatata sergipato Måned siden
Eso no es Oregon, es un filme grabado en México
michael hernandez
michael hernandez Måned siden
montazumas revenge
domifab101 Måned siden
Where’s the AR?
chris velie
chris velie Måned siden
feel for you guys..the swan lake fire here where i am on the kenai peninsula in alaska was a bad one..because of the ever changing winds and the areas burning were all over grown with willow and beetle killed spruce and the majority of the trees in the area are spruce trees so it just made for some nasty conditions for firefighters and an absolute catalyst for the fires..you guys have your hands full hope the winds dont impede your efforts..and big shout out to the Oregon fire fighters who came up here and helped with the swan lake fire..much respect.
Dee Dee
Dee Dee Måned siden
This is just nutz getting this close to a fire....just crazy.
defeatereater Måned siden
Let me be clear, I support firefighters, I think this is terrible and I don't wish this on anybody. If I could, I would be right there fighting blazes with y'all, just as I would have been in Australia earlier this year. However, when you mentioned the smoke cloud cover preventing some of the heat from getting through it got me thinking - what if putting out fires is actually increasing the likelihood of more fires starting? Just a thought, although I can't support it with any science so hell I'm probably way off lol Much love and mad respect!
Douglas Bernick
Douglas Bernick Måned siden
Thanks for all the footage but be safe
Mountain Pass
Mountain Pass Måned siden
I can't believe Ray is in this video. Solid man. Miss you brother
Fabbricato Personareale
Fabbricato Personareale Måned siden
Do you use permethrin or anything to stop ticks and all that?
WxJohn Måned siden
A sling psychrometer! Haven't measured the humidity like that in years.
FirstAmendment Tshirt
FirstAmendment Tshirt Måned siden
He needs a tractor an a plough.
David Geyer
David Geyer Måned siden
How can I sign up to come help?
Matthew Lovgren
Matthew Lovgren Måned siden
Brent Aureli's - Code School
Brent Aureli's - Code School Måned siden
I wish I knew what a Pig was.... ;(
Scott wolverine
Scott wolverine Måned siden
what if we raked and cleaned up the forrest floors? i wonder if that would help during this kind of situation
C Gonz
C Gonz Måned siden
Scott wolverine 100%. I am consistently out in national forests, camping, and the best method used is to have small controlled fires. It shows how little people spend out in these areas to suggest that they should be out their with rakes and brooms. How will they transport it out while a few miles away from any service road and on a small trail with lots of elevation gain/loss. That’s just not a viable option.
Scott wolverine
Scott wolverine Måned siden
@C Gonz so your saying raking and cleaning the forest floors is ridiculous?
C Gonz
C Gonz Måned siden
People haven’t been “raking and cleaning” the forest floors for years before but these fires have only been getting to this extreme in recent history...
Jimbo Telegraphis
Jimbo Telegraphis Måned siden
Damn brother. You live in a tinderbox!!! Stay safe
stoked salmon
stoked salmon Måned siden
scary thing is how much more green is there than out here in the creek fire its dry as a bone
springvale light
springvale light Måned siden
did u uhm....i cried ..the uhm ...sometimes i hate people
Bonnie Dunbar
Bonnie Dunbar Måned siden
Cut any fences with farm animals.
jbelme1 Måned siden
Thanks for bringing us along with you.
Rebecca Pena
Rebecca Pena Måned siden
We do need help out here in Oregon
TheSoloAsylum Måned siden
"Peaceful Protesters" have been arrested for setting fires and doing all they can to keep these fires spreading.
TheSoloAsylum Måned siden
@Ensign MJS Shut up dummy. These are facts.
Ensign MJS
Ensign MJS Måned siden
Tom Byrne
Tom Byrne Måned siden
We’ll be praying for you, all the fire crews and everyone affected by these fires. Take good care of yourself Cody. Tom from Scotland
ron ron
ron ron Måned siden
the cities are burning and now this...why is this happening?
MortarRiding Måned siden
What type of trees are they at 2 minutes?
Drew Smith
Drew Smith Måned siden
Stay safe
James R
James R Måned siden
Paul J. Romero, Jr. tweeted on Sep. 9, 2020 that “Pallet Company in Oregon City confirmed ANTIFA arsonist on Camera. Douglas County Sheriff has 6 ANTIFA arsonists in custody. Many fires in Oregon. Obviously there are more to track down and arrest. Governor Kate Brown built this.” Why don’t Joe Biden and Kamala Harris condemn these ANTIFA terrorists? Their silence speaks volumes.
laura kelso
laura kelso Måned siden
*ROSA KOIRE* has been warning for years=UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 21
C Gonz
C Gonz Måned siden
sunshine love glad you are waiting to get the full story before assuming this was a politically motivated attack. Im actually curious about the video footage you talked about, do you know anywhere I can find some footage like what you are referring to?
sunshine love
sunshine love Måned siden
@C Gonz They, I mean Arsonist.
C Gonz
C Gonz Måned siden
sunshine love well I’m a bit confused because your first comment implies “they” in reference to ‘ANTIFA’ members and then you responded with you thinking it already has become political so it seems like you are taking this as a concrete truth... and if you have links or evidence of those videos you are speaking of, I’d love to see them to make myself more informed as to what is going on.
sunshine love
sunshine love Måned siden
@C Gonz I'm not spreading misinformation. I don't care who or what the arson reason is to start a fire, when people loose their homes and children are scared. It's a form of terrorism. It's my opinion. That's all. I didn't post the original post just commented my opinion on the punishment. On other social media, I have many friends in oregon who have witnessed their own cars and property being set on fire . They have video footage of it. So no matter who's doing this, sure coincidence in timing!
tungym Måned siden
Bless you. Good Luck,.friend.
sobiesky Jimenez
sobiesky Jimenez Måned siden
JESUS LOVES YOU. come back. 💙
Propane And Shrimp Accessories
Propane And Shrimp Accessories Måned siden
If you’re still out, I’m a wildland firefighter just south of you guys maybe an hour. I can extend my services and have my own gear.
David Farish
David Farish Måned siden
Amazing stuff! Very educational! No wonder you bought all that fire fighter stuff. And when you said you have 30% Humidity and was like that’s too high, wow. A southern man is really learning a lot
Deb Dub
Deb Dub Måned siden
My son is in Sweet Home... prayers from Kansas!!
Trent Marchetti
Trent Marchetti Måned siden
Cost of personal water tower for many reasons. Fire. Riot. Survival. Vs giant staple gun to control tectonic plates, which care not about your water reserves
stevestheboy1 Måned siden
scary stuff guys hope you guys stay safe prayers from england
RAH Capital
RAH Capital Måned siden
2:00 wow nice forest
mike force
mike force Måned siden
"you" voted for it, now you cry when it is on your doorstep. fix yourself.
F.N. Schlub
F.N. Schlub Måned siden
delusional imbeciles
John Does
John Does Måned siden
You needed the mark your GPS coordinates and send them in so they can have an idea where the fire drop cuz they can't see it with all the smoke
On Taime
On Taime Måned siden
Praying for you 🙏🙏🏿
Paul Tennis
Paul Tennis Måned siden
Fire is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.
Debi Heaton
Debi Heaton Måned siden
Where are you exactly?
MojoPup Måned siden
Having been thru this is Colorado, I sympathize... Stay safe boys
Jay B
Jay B Måned siden
Kinda weird that theres a string line across the road, Someone is obviously doing something illegal
Ensign MJS
Ensign MJS Måned siden
@angery goose , someone's growing weed? Oooo...the animals are gonna get hiiiigh!
angery goose
angery goose Måned siden
As they said, somebodys probably growing weed out there
Jay B
Jay B Måned siden
@Charles Yuditsky it's a booby trap something like moonshiners would do, So if anyone goes on that road and hits it it'll do something to signal someone is there
Charles Yuditsky
Charles Yuditsky Måned siden
How is that?
Soaring Eagle
Soaring Eagle Måned siden
Send me money for a plane ticket. I'll come help.
AOB Ric Blanchard
AOB Ric Blanchard Måned siden
Blame antifa and BLM and your government.
C Gonz
C Gonz Måned siden
"Rumors spread just like wildfire," the Douglas County Sheriff's Office said Thursday morning, "and now our 9-1-1 dispatchers and professional staff are being overrun with requests for information and inquiries on an UNTRUE rumor that 6 Antifa members have been arrested for setting fires in DOUGLAS COUNTY, OREGON."
Gallowglass Måned siden
Aside from the vegetation, trees, and manmade objects this must be something like what it is to walk around Mars.
Curt Miller
Curt Miller Måned siden
What is the pig you keep mentioning? Temperature, relative humidity and the pig?
doliverelliott Måned siden
Antifa comes to the country. Driving the highways and throw out combustibles. If you see them SOS.
C Gonz
C Gonz Måned siden
Lolitbird the only law enforcement official in jeopardy of losing their job through this tragedy is the one who peddled the conspiracy theory that ANTIFA started fires. Respectfully, I don’t see how protecting your family and peddling politically aimed conspiracy theories go hand in hand?
Lolitbird Måned siden
C Gonz I’m not calling them liars I’m calling them people who do not want to lose their job during a pandemic and horrendous fire. Which is completely understandable, you got to protect your family
C Gonz
C Gonz Måned siden
laura kelso are you actually yelling at your screen or does your finger get stuck on the “!” Lol I did a little research on her but I just don’t see any boys in blue or any law enforcement saying these are ANTIFA members doing it. People defend the boys from BLM but now we are calling them liars?
laura kelso
laura kelso Måned siden
@C Gonz NOT hardly!!
C Gonz
C Gonz Måned siden
laura kelso are you an internet bot??
Old Time Farm Boy
Old Time Farm Boy Måned siden
Bad situation. Besides keeping the trees and brush cleared out away from buildings there are all sorts of building materials and building methods that could prevent buildings from burning and smoke from getting in these days and filters that can remove smoke from homes when it does enter but buildings for animals are not built that tight so it is imperative to get them out of the way. If the state or local rules will even allow it.
Peter Lee
Peter Lee Måned siden
Lots of debris , rows of plowed? trees...funny : striped arrangement , segmented -tiered bands across hillsides -- erosion control ? Why not a bulldozed firebrand , or a couple - in the most likely directions , to starve fire and retard advance..? Given the local forest , likely tinder density and isolated locales.. an overall scheme with pond reservoirs and a safe firetrail for in and out access and a safe core spot for defense actions...? COUNTY OR LOCAL SCHEMES NEED DEVELOPEMENT..?
Bee Bob
Bee Bob Måned siden
Two guesses. Antifa or BLM. Which one started those fires?
C Gonz
C Gonz Måned siden
Bee Bob but im glad you will wait for the official report rather than to jump to conclusions like you did above.
C Gonz
C Gonz Måned siden
Buddy, those aren’t my words. That’s the Sheriff’s office....
Bee Bob
Bee Bob Måned siden
@C Gonz I'll wait for the official report and not you telling me.
C Gonz
C Gonz Måned siden
"Rumors spread just like wildfire," the Douglas County Sheriff's Office said Thursday morning, "and now our 9-1-1 dispatchers and professional staff are being overrun with requests for information and inquiries on an UNTRUE rumor that 6 Antifa members have been arrested for setting fires in DOUGLAS COUNTY, OREGON."
Bluetunder40 Måned siden
Wow Praying 🙏 🙏 for you guys .
dskywalker33 Måned siden
I don’t understand why folks in California and Oregon aren’t more open to the possibility that some, not all, of these fires have been started by a human with political motivations, regardless of which side of the fence. To just continue dismissing this possibility as a conspiracy theory is ridiculous. Anytime something is unprecedented you have to look deeper.
Don't Be a Fishwife
Don't Be a Fishwife Måned siden
@C Gonz Where in my comment did I say anything about politics? I said these arsonists that are being caught for this should get the death penalty. They murdered people and destroyed lives, homes, businesses and killed countless animals. They forfeited their right to life! I could give 2 shits about their politics! They are murderers!
C Gonz
C Gonz Måned siden
Don't Be a Fishwife I am sorry for your loss, must be terrible. Although I don’t see why your pain and loss should be politically exploited to channel those emotions towards a specific group of people. I have not been able to find any corroborating evidence to prove it was ANTIFA. So far, all the rumors going around about it being ANTIFA have been debunked by the boys in blue and other law enforcement agencies.
Don't Be a Fishwife
Don't Be a Fishwife Måned siden
Trust me we are open to the idea. In fact many already are convinced even here in California that these are arson. I lost half my neighborhood and my neighbor and his family died in this. I think these arsonists they are now capturing should get the death penalty. period!
C Gonz
C Gonz Måned siden
"Rumors spread just like wildfire," the Douglas County Sheriff's Office said Thursday morning, "and now our 9-1-1 dispatchers and professional staff are being overrun with requests for information and inquiries on an UNTRUE rumor that 6 Antifa members have been arrested for setting fires in DOUGLAS COUNTY, OREGON."
Gail Cirac
Gail Cirac Måned siden
Oh, we were ordered not to mention sweet little ANTIFA by local news stations. Bul- where’s ANTIFA for last few days? On vacation.. in the country perhaps!!😡🔥💪
Dane Willis
Dane Willis Måned siden
Im a sawyer and I’m blown away that you guys didn’t clear that brush down in front of the house, or you did and didn’t post it.
Tobin Tops
Tobin Tops Måned siden
You were right above my house probably. My house is on Wilhoit right by Scotts mills
Graham Cross
Graham Cross Måned siden
Keep clicking on these public service videos. These guys are not interested in nothing but helping others. I hear that they are donating half their income from you tube to buying themselves more property to protect. Such devotion makes me feel so inadequate.
Travis Måned siden
Antifa started these fires. We are at war folks. We battle not against flesh and blood.
C Gonz
C Gonz Måned siden
"Rumors spread just like wildfire," the Douglas County Sheriff's Office said Thursday morning, "and now our 9-1-1 dispatchers and professional staff are being overrun with requests for information and inquiries on an UNTRUE rumor that 6 Antifa members have been arrested for setting fires in DOUGLAS COUNTY, OREGON." Come on man, don’t make this political. It’s a tragedy, this has nothing to do with the right or the left.
elTORO is here!
elTORO is here! Måned siden
What kind of bush is that at 5:21 ?
nile pax
nile pax Måned siden
Note to self. Survivalist homestead in a roaring forest fire every single year. Okay...
Donald Tayloe
Donald Tayloe Måned siden
You wouldn't catch me standing in tall grass like that lol I have seen field fires a few times I cant outrun fire
REEE1337 Måned siden
God bless and most important good luck
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