How To Protect Yourself From Wildfire Smoke

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Tips to protect your home and family from wildfire smoke.
Mrs. W's Smoke Eater Recipe
Simmer a pot of water with rosemary, sage, fir, cedar, thyme. Allegedly attaches to smoke particles and helps clean the air.

JavaMan Måned siden
We've got three BlueAir 505s. On high speed, they run 600CFM each. Recommended capacity wise, they are sized for a house twice the size of ours. Normally we can keep them on med-low speed, which is quiet even when sleeping. That does well most of the year, but when the smoke is around, we can crank those up.
Hottnucks A.K.A Krypto-Ute
Hottnucks A.K.A Krypto-Ute Måned siden
By the way its N95 not K95 but good info
WGC 777
WGC 777 Måned siden
If the west coast produces the greatest forestry men and women on the planet, then why doesn’t the east coast have massive forest fires
Stjepan Suman
Stjepan Suman Måned siden
Candle stick burning ionizes air with its little open flame. Dust and smoke particles are positively charged while in the air until get ionised (neg ch) then they go down or stick to walls. Humidity helps
Taylor Anderson
Taylor Anderson Måned siden
Good advice, also the jerry rigged box fans+hvac filters help a lot. One question: do woodland firefighters wear respirators? It seems like they never even have masks on in photos/news and I hate to think of them breathing the smoke 24/7.
Lia Flexx
Lia Flexx Måned siden
I highly suggest buying thermal camera's, rifle scopes, range finders, binoculars, anything you can use to spot people, livestock, or fires, at very long ranges!
Dave Boals
Dave Boals Måned siden
What happens when filters are gone?? Like right now?
Ron Måned siden
I’ve never heard better audio on a NOpost video.
Cole Mortensen
Cole Mortensen Måned siden
Would have gotten more views if you titled this: I got CANCER from this product!!!
American Patriot
American Patriot Måned siden
Heard a lot of these fires are arson, not wild fires. This is most disturbing and should be dealt with harshly.
Colin Pheister
Colin Pheister Måned siden
That's just incorrect propaganda
Tom Bassford
Tom Bassford Måned siden
Dang thank you guys for sharing. Much appreciated
BRS RC Måned siden
Why is this not being said by all the reporters and officials?? > WHAT ARE WE BREATHING IN THE WEST? BURNT TREES of course!.. and everything else that grows in the forest, but AAAAAAAALSO!! -Powerlines(plastic/ rubber) -Power Poles(creosote) - boats(Plastic/paint/FG) - cars(plastic/paint/rubber) -RV's - trailers - toxic chemicals in sheds & garages -shingle roofs(tar/chemicals) -plastic gutters -house paint - Plywood and pressboard with various chemical glues -fiberglass insulation -more wires - computers - kitchen supplies - kids toys -TV's -shoes - beds - chairs -carpets - linoleum -couches ...all the random things that people own inside and outside of their homes... I think you get the point. Basically we are breathing just about anything and everything you can think of. This is not just regular fire smoke! This is serious toxic stuff we are dealing with here! You all do whatever you want, but I'm wearing my chemical respirator, yes even inside my house. PS: My heart goes out to all that have lost their homes in this tragedy. Stay safe out there!
St White
St White Måned siden
How To Protect Yourself From Wildfire Smoke: Move to Georgia.
Don't Be a Fishwife
Don't Be a Fishwife Måned siden
We put duct tape around our windows and any vents and use the AC along with portable air filters, also a portable swamp cooler. We almost never smell smoke and if we do it is really faint. And we live in a now burned out area from the fires, but the smoke is still strong here.
Braxx Juventa
Braxx Juventa Måned siden
Thanks for the tips! 👍😁
Markus Osmers
Markus Osmers Måned siden
Always nice to see you reasonable normal humans
voice of many waters
voice of many waters Måned siden
houseplants, vinegar water in bowls, I spray all the foliage of my plants and the air feels better after. :)
Mike Duffy
Mike Duffy Måned siden
so you protect yourself from smoke and airborne contaminants at home, but you find it intolerable to wear a mask to be respectful to other people and keep a public health crisis from spreading...
HelloMr.Boyd Måned siden
I like the way mrs w look at ya My wife looks at me the same. I’m from Portland btw it been sucking here lately
cuttermasterson Måned siden
I’ve been hearing that the government is blaming global warming for the fires. What do you think about that. I think some people are delusional.
Mark Wiedle
Mark Wiedle Måned siden
Move to Maui
Sa Pa
Sa Pa Måned siden
Besides n95 and n100 what other masks could help?
Sa Pa
Sa Pa Måned siden
What kind of filter is that?
Stephen Davies
Stephen Davies Måned siden
Really glad to see you guys are okay and well and having seen the last video, glad that all worked out. Great advice in both.
RedbeardMountainMan Måned siden
I got super lucky and bought a RZ mask a while back with replaceable filters on it, and it would great for this awful fire. We have bad inversion in the winter, very similar with high particulate matter - so similar effect. Interestingly though - apparently quite a few fire departments and even wildland firefighters like them pretty well for mop up too. Good enough for me haha.
GeierNase Måned siden
The US destroyed the nature so badly and now they live in hell.
gale212 Måned siden
Over the years, the President has said the western states need to be raking their forest land. What does he mean by this and will it work?
gale212 Måned siden
@Wendy Bee Thank you. Sounds like their may be an issue of scale. I suppose we could fire up the CCC to tend to it.
Wendy Bee
Wendy Bee Måned siden
It might have helped. Basically clearing all the underbrush. Which slows a fire down. Liberals don't agree, they like the idea of fallen limbs and leaves to decay and go back in the earth, which isn't bad in itself, but if there is a fire it will spread quicker!
LMo421 Måned siden
Wow, with Mrs wranglerstar's stares at you, it's clear you are loved back. Good job guys and appreciate the happy outlook through a hard smoky time.
Debi StevensCreed
Debi StevensCreed Måned siden
Thank you
Sidilicious Måned siden
I am hoping our house plants are giving us some oxygen in our closed up house. Does anyone know if that’s true?
Joseph Greenberg
Joseph Greenberg Måned siden
How come when you were out fighting fires you weren't wearing any sort of mask? Unless you took it off just for the videos?
nicole crystal
nicole crystal Måned siden
I see Ikea tableclot curtains
Ron Silva
Ron Silva Måned siden
Good info the smoke is so bad it’s worse than Portland & Salem Plumas county California
Mr. GTO Måned siden
Class 100 or even 1000 Hepa Filtration is what will help you keep your lungs cleaner..!!
Eric Gryder
Eric Gryder Måned siden
Be careful with kn95 mask. They are from China and are flooding the states with subpar mask. The US N95 is classified as a respirator by OSHA and NIOSH. They are designed to protect the wearer. That’s why they’re used by first responders and the medical field for COVID and mask of choice for the fires. Just remember OSHA 1910.134 requires a fit test for the best fit and to be clean shaven when wearing any respirator by any worker.
Connor Yorks
Connor Yorks Måned siden
Be wary of carbon dioxide concentrations when you're sealed inside your house. It's not life threatening, but it can cause some cognitive symptoms. Having plants inside is helpful.
Paul Smallriver
Paul Smallriver Måned siden
A+ We have put duct tape over every window seam and one of our two doors. We run our air purifier and a/c units constantly. The filters are dirty and we have no more so hopefully I can find something at the hardware store in the morning and make them fit. Smoke is still getting it and I don't know from where. Our house is a hundred years old so there are likely places we don't see where the smoke enters. Your videos are good viewing. Thank you. I sit here and smell and taste smoke. I want this to end but the fires are so close.
George Davidson
George Davidson Måned siden
Your videos are good for all the fools out there that put asphalt shingles on their roofs with gutters . Why not put steel roofs with no gutters . There is little rain anyway And plumb the house and yard with irrigation and fire walls
Stacey Del Bucchia
Stacey Del Bucchia Måned siden
Thank you...god bless❤🕊
even odds
even odds Måned siden
Rake the leaves = no more wild fires
Dallas Måned siden
Your wife is hot!
Mark Macauley
Mark Macauley Måned siden
Thanks for the great video. May God bless you and your family.
Nick Freyermuth
Nick Freyermuth Måned siden
Thank You & be safe.
megs97216 Måned siden
You guy's are great and thank you!!
Sharyn M
Sharyn M Måned siden
That’s the trouble with the world today, small minded people like yourself. God made us male & female, would you be happy if Cody put on purely cooking, preserving, gardening etc; rather than his content you obviously like to watch. The comment you made about feminism, makes me think that perhaps you have been infiltrated by the MSM ideas with their agenda to split up families and couples. Think for yourself.
SleepDroid: Relaxing Rain and Sounds for Sleeping
SleepDroid: Relaxing Rain and Sounds for Sleeping Måned siden
Don't forget to stop using your kitchen and bathroom vent fans. They're forcing the clean air out of your house. That air has to come back into your house from somewhere... like the cracks in window and door frames.
holmiumNZ Måned siden
I ended up buying a HEPAilter fan yesterday due to dust/airborne allergies that my GF and I suffer from. It made an immediate difference to the air quality and we were effected by the Australian bushfires earlier this year, so I can certainly see that helping with that too if something similar occurs. Good suggestion, thanks.
Lea Gnorts
Lea Gnorts Måned siden
are you what they consider fake Christians.
Putin Kills
Putin Kills Måned siden
Get yourself concrete siding (can get in wood, vinyl, or tile appearance from a distance) and a metal roof
Thirza Peevey
Thirza Peevey Måned siden
Sears is gone now, but look into Austin Air. They make really good filters. They are expensive, but they are worth it since the filters last five years. A lot of newer vacuums with HEPA filters really don't do anything. The HEPA filters push away from the frame when you turn them on and the air goes around them. Some brands are especially bad for their motors running a little hot and deforming the plastic around the motors, which then allows the exhaust to bypass the filter altogether. You can tell this, because the outside of the vacuum gets filthy where it is leaking. The best defense is a vacuum that uses a HEPA bag.
Russell Måned siden
Hi im Russell 👋
Rebecca Kivak
Rebecca Kivak Måned siden
Lol I have a BIG ROUND one!
Joseph Vanas
Joseph Vanas Måned siden
Both COVID and now the smoke make me happy I invested in a PAPR. P100 filters and I can breathe easy for covid over wearing a mask and I get instant relief from the smoke plus it provides actual protection from covid vs the face coverings that do little to nothing for protecting the wearer.
George Azous
George Azous Måned siden
When are you and Mrs W going to have another baby. Get to work.
Gary Kentner
Gary Kentner Måned siden
Thank you 🙏🏻
Morgan W
Morgan W Måned siden
Do you know if there is a difference between the hepa fans and an ionizing fan? I know I could just google it, but wanting to know if you have any first hand experience. We use ionizing fans at my grandparents and it does make a huge difference when it comes to keeping the odor down.
Churble Furbles
Churble Furbles Måned siden
Its the bagless vacs, good bagged hepa vacs should almost clean the air.
Great Guy
Great Guy Måned siden
You can build an earth filter for your air system, which of course is a lot of work, but the principal is to suck the fresh air from outside through sub grass level filter system, which is made of different layers of pebbles, sand and soil. The air is purified, and the filter is kept clean by rain and the normal composting. Is it possible to run the air system with overprescribing? Basically you pump more air in the house that can exit the house. As a consequence the air builds up a pressure and keeps out any external fumes or smoke. Of course you need a quite airtight building, when the doors and windows are closed. The air you pump in the house is being filtered. Yes, I know, you need a lot of effort to set up an overprescribing system, but it is possible and it is being done. Just an idea for new buildings.
Paul Clarke
Paul Clarke Måned siden
You are a great man Cody, helping others is what helps make the world a better place 👍
Mntnphotog Måned siden
Mentioned this on the previous video, check out the book "The Fire Smart Home Handbook: Preparing for and Surviving the Threat of Wildfire." It's on Amazon. There's a section on smoke protection that has some more tips.
80duce on The loose
80duce on The loose Måned siden
Ware your mask 👍🏿
Antti Luiro
Antti Luiro Måned siden
Are you guys siblings?
Jonas Janka
Jonas Janka Måned siden
your stereo channels are reversed, might i recommend you render such scenes in stereo to mono, it is less confusing for the viewer. Enough nagging, I wish you and your family the best in these times of hardship. What do you do to keep the Sweatloaf entertained when she cant go out and jump in teh puddles and play with the critters?
Frits Siewers
Frits Siewers Måned siden
Take an old vacuum cleaner where you can also connect the hose at the back. Connect the hose at the back hang this hose with a large arc +/- 10 "A 15" at the top in a container with water and cover this container with a towel against splashes and start the vacuum cleaner. This now blows air into the container with water, the water now absorbs the dust and stench from the air. The smaller the air bubbles the better it works, cork or plug in the graft of the hose and 100 or 200 small holes under water in the hose works best Best regards Frits This is called a scrubber
Woke Thoughts
Woke Thoughts Måned siden
I’ve had problems with mold and have done extensive research on air filters. Most don’t do what they say the do, Austin air and health mate is the gold standard for all pollutants, both organic and inorganic. Also is a box with 360 suction of all 4 sides not just one side
highstepperARF Måned siden
Hey Cody, are you seeing / hearing anything about these Antifa people starting some of these fires?
Heffia Gametech
Heffia Gametech Måned siden
I heard people have been setting those fires. Try a ozone generator.
timbo peters
timbo peters Måned siden
I went to the beach Tuesday the smoke was worse then it was In the valley
Reverend Christine
Reverend Christine Måned siden
I run fans and 3 air filters.
Bottoslapp Big
Bottoslapp Big Måned siden
Where do you start as a wild land firefighter
Neuro_ Superhero_11
Neuro_ Superhero_11 Måned siden
Simmering water with cinnamon & over-ripe fruit/apples, orange skins or other baking herbs like nutmeg give humidity a comforting aroma that's therapeutic & keeps dust/ash down. The ash in Oregon right now is almost as brutal as the smoke.
Mitch McBride
Mitch McBride Måned siden
Fantastic advice stay safe
Michael Stefanelli
Michael Stefanelli Måned siden
I think if a cloth mask will protect me from covid 19 then it will also protect me from smoke inhalation ! Yah - THAT !
Michael Stefanelli
Michael Stefanelli Måned siden
My comment was ment as a joke ! 2nd off im not sneezing into a mask that im going to keep inhaling supposed "clean" air through. The purpose of sneezing is to rid the body of contaminants, so if you or anyone else thinks im going to turn around an re-inhale those contaminants then yall have lost your mind !
Eric Gryder
Eric Gryder Måned siden
A cloth mask does very little to protect you from COVID or anything else. There are to keep you from spreading anything when you sneeze cough or talk.
glen hare
glen hare Måned siden
We no all about wildfires down in Australia 🇦🇺 we call em bush fires 🔥 down in Australia
Robert Måned siden
So how about next year when its even hotter and dryer? and the year after that and the year after that? Anyone who can read a graph knows the climate is screwed. Move now before your house and land is worthless.
Terese Duffy
Terese Duffy Måned siden
Who cares how it works as long as it works. I know you are busy with the move and all but if you get a chance even after the move if you could do a quick video that would be great. Thanks.
Justin Colman
Justin Colman Måned siden
So glad you and your family are OK Cody. I liked your wife's 'Smoke Eater Recipe'!. Must be so difficult to be in a situation where you have to think of all these factors, and you've just moved as well! Do your best, and regards from the UK.
Kitty Maxboon
Kitty Maxboon Måned siden
Stay inside makes sense. Greetings,, Kitty.
ShiftCtrl85 Måned siden
@Wranglerstar - Cody, how do you protect your lungs from smoke while you're out for long hours on the job? I know a firefighter who recently died from lung cancer, after years of inhaling smoke during his job. Of course they use oxygen tanks when fighting a fire inside buildings, but they don't always wear them when outside. Over many years of exposure, the lung damage can be very advanced.
nick nuts
nick nuts Måned siden
ash is basically baking soda
John sweda
John sweda Måned siden
Better than a HEPA filter filtration through water have a pump suck the air through the water blow into the room a sealed container you have to change the water. Charcoal could be used as well in the same manner a big long vessel say 5 l or so filled with fine charcoal powder
D Vint
D Vint Måned siden
Great information . Y'all are in our Prayers . God Bless .
sgt_ malice
sgt_ malice Måned siden
you look like the guy from the game called half life
pj861204 Måned siden
You need a snipe to be with wife
HeyitsJules Måned siden
I’m in Arizona.. eastern side of the state and the smoke from California is so bad almost 1,000 miles away we can’t even see the blue sky the last few days! More than when we had a fire 80 miles away a couple months ago.
Matthew Bishop
Matthew Bishop Måned siden
Hiya folks, its just been on the news here in the uk that the fires could be burning till winter !! What do you think ? It also said that lots of people are missing too. Stay safe 🙏
Brenda Krieger
Brenda Krieger Måned siden
Thank you for sharing this vital information
Scott Powell
Scott Powell Måned siden
Watching you help your friends and nieghbours with protecting their homes, a person should think themselves extremely lucky to have you as a friend. Praying for you and your family to be safe big man and for all the families affected by theses fires in oregon and california.
Michael Twing
Michael Twing Måned siden
I listen to you more intently before the goatee. Just saying
WanJockey Måned siden
duct tape all the things.
DeVaun Ramsey
DeVaun Ramsey Måned siden
One thing I and any HVAC technician will advise is that residential HVAC systems are not powerful enough to operate with MERV 13 or higher rated filters. Doing so may cause added strain on the blower motor for the HVAC fan. MERV 12 is highest recommended filter you can go on a residential central air system. You are free to do as you wish, just know the risk to your equipment. Best to get a stand alone air purifier/HEPA filter like Cody has to scrub the air.
SandCrabNews Måned siden
A swamp cooler pulls in outside air, but through wet filters. This humidifies the air and captures dust.
Some Guy
Some Guy Måned siden
Even more effective, ionization filters. They pull particles out of the air by electrostatic attraction, no matter how small they are.
Paul Christian
Paul Christian Måned siden
Charcoal air filter. Also, humidify, circulate, and filter. A/C strips moisture, and collects particulates in the process.
Jason Knox
Jason Knox Måned siden
Those curtains have me hearing " The Snauzberry tastes like Snauzberry!".. lmao.. sorry.
W.D. Callahan
W.D. Callahan Måned siden
Why is her lav so huge? 😁
allen Henry
allen Henry Måned siden
Great tips!!
Silent Service
Silent Service Måned siden
Recirculate! When we dove the boat and were underway submerged obviously we recirculated. And of course bled Oxygen into to the atmosphere on the boat. Filters, CO2 absorption system etc. amazing! Longest time for me submerged - 10 weeks - 70 days... it works Mr. W., it surely does... we maintained 79% Nitrogen, 20% Oxygen, and 1% trace gases. Healthier than breathing the atmosphere on the surface.
MaLTiSSe Måned siden
Pretty bad right now up here in North Idaho. It's hot so you need AC but we have mobile units which create vacuum and pull a bit of smoke so we run a honeywell hepa smoke filter meant for cigar rooms and it does okay. Need a few more I think. We are better off than most though I guess. My grandparents lost there homes in Gates and Mill city this week so smoke doesn't seem so bad. Thanks for the info and prayers for all.
J L Måned siden
Clean your roof and gutters of old debris. Old and dry pine needles are like gasoline. Get up on your roof with a blower and blow it clean!!
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