The YOUTUBE Video That Got Me FIRED!!!

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3 måneder siden

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Izzy PlusPlusPlus
Izzy PlusPlusPlus Måned siden
@Kimba His channel got scrubbed by the anti free speech jackboots.
Kimba Måned siden
@Izzy PlusPlusPlus what happened to Owen?
Jason Perkins
Jason Perkins Måned siden
@Tristan Babcock im a union carpenter and let me tell ypu , half of the union carpenters need fired . unions shouldnt be able to stop a employer from firing a bad employee
Foxesn Roses
Foxesn Roses Måned siden
I couldn't find any issues with the video ? Was it child labor laws or something ???? I'm so confuse
R B Måned siden
I do not believe for a minute that you were "let go" because your son wore your helmet. It is my strong belief that one or more of those in management didn't share your political beliefs be and, as such, used the video and helmet to get rid of you. Unfortunately, as a volunteer, you didn't enjoy the same protections as a paid employee. Therefore, volunteers are a kind of "at will" employee. Cody, you are man and an even better husband and father. You are a role model and someone many of us strive to be each and every day. Stay the course and continue to take the moral high ground. May God continue to Bless you, your family and those you touch through your videos.
Ranger T
Ranger T 3 dager siden
They want our children weak, confused, lazy Soy Boys who aren't even sure of their own gender. They are being indoctrinated in every way from television, to school, and the result are easier Sheeple to brainwash and control. When you are 12 years old, you are old enough to walk through the woods with a rifle and hunt large game, So you are old enough to learn how to properly and safely use a chainsaw, and old enough to begin the lifelong process of self preservation, hard work, safe forest management, and the amazing meditation being raised in the woods can provide. I wish i could say i was shocked that some people would insert themselves into your life, and the life of your child, and attempt to silence that and PUNISH that for this video. All i see in this video is a young man learning a skill, a skill that will make him worth more in a potential career, among other things. The woke Dictator elites are trying to hold you down. Dont let them, flip them the bird and teach your boy how to be a man. Much respect brother, we all understand what is going on here. And we support you.
buzzincalifornia 6 dager siden
I can see why you were fired from the fire service, you are dangerous with a chainsaw. Would you have a child stand where your son is if you had a gun in your hand? At around 8:50 and 9:13, you have a saw running while your not paying attention to it and talking. Safety Rule # 1 “if your not cutting your not running your saw”; if you un-expectedly sneezed and your saw kicked back, your child would be in grave danger, LEARN CHAINSAW SAFETY YOURSELF BEFORE YOU MAKE AN ATTEMPT TO TEACH IT
achillies40 7 dager siden
You got fired for teaching your son starting lessons on how to be a man and do things for yourself, AND be safe?? I don't understand.
R Verro
R Verro 8 dager siden
I'm not going to manage my words. Them half effeminate, "liquefied gendered" down voters, are going to be the first in line to ask for any kind of help. A man is important in a son's life. Let's see a "pink ribbon" teach what Wranglestar is teaching here. Better bring a bigger first aid kit pencil pushing "soy f*ckers" !
James Couch
James Couch 17 dager siden
No copyright strike on old man?
J Ram
J Ram 18 dager siden
My son is just old enough to work with me and I eat these moments up
Michael Labriola
Michael Labriola 20 dager siden
I saw a youtuber teach his son 5 year old to shoot a .22 rifle. I have no issue with teaching kids about weapons or tools of any kind. Thank God for responsible parents and siblings! Please hire this man back. Its horribly tough times for everyone. Lets not kill American morale with pettiness.
Brandi Waldo
Brandi Waldo 26 dager siden
He sure did a great job! So proud of Jack🔥🔥🔥
Peter Wagner
Peter Wagner 27 dager siden
Fired? And he wasn't teaching his son gun safety?
E S 27 dager siden
Heartening video of a father teaching his son. God bless.
Tim Barnett
Tim Barnett 28 dager siden
Forest Service no longer needs your services! Posted 2 months ago! Yeah, experienced firefighter, loyal following!! Now fast forward to Sept. 2020 while NW burns, sounds like a real solid positive move from some lame government cubicle! Haha! Why government always showing stupidity, then really needing to retract foolishness?
Brance Spradlin
Brance Spradlin 29 dager siden
All I see in this video is a great dad teaching his son a life skill. America needs more of this.
William Cooper
William Cooper 29 dager siden
The forest service doesn't realize they lost a good volunteer. They are probably regretting letting you go. I never had someone teach me how to use a chainsaw. I learned how on my own and have never had an accident but I have always been very careful. Good job teaching your son useful knowledge. I hope to be able to pass on some of my skill and knowledge to my daughter when she gets older. God bless.
Tom Kirk
Tom Kirk 29 dager siden
Outstanding teaching. Bravo.
GorLock 29 dager siden
i remember my first wood hauling with my dad and uncles.
Jon Harmon
Jon Harmon Måned siden
growing up on a farm and cutting our own wood....NEVER got this much education about the saw from my dad. thank you!
Pickles Gherkin
Pickles Gherkin Måned siden
this country needs a good flush and it's coming ..soon
Pedro Mq
Pedro Mq Måned siden
when one door is closed... other is open
JohnnyReb Måned siden
Devon Jones
Devon Jones Måned siden
All I see is a Father teaching his son how to safety and correctly use a powersaw. One would think that would be the forest services bread and butter. But I'm just east coast guy so what do I know lol
The Observer
The Observer Måned siden
I'd like to see you do a video on gun safety! I remember when my dad took me out shooting when I was about your son's age!! I can't imagine anyone would be against that!!!
Ken Galbraith
Ken Galbraith Måned siden
I was partially raised by my grandfather, a baby boomer who grew up on hand tools and hard work. When I was but 8 years old, he had his first heart surgery, and since we heated our home with wood, there was 4 cord that needed processing. I was taught how to safely operate and maintain a chainsaw, axe and maul. Most importantly I was taught to work hard for the satisfaction of providing for your family, a lesson I will never forget. I now have twin boys, age 5, who yesterday learned how to safely split kindling, care for a hatchet, and start a bonfire. Rule number 1 is to always have Mom or Dad there, and make sure your brother is out of the way. You tell me what is more dangerous, a child who is taught to respect, but not be scared of a tool, or a 25+ who buys their first house and every power tool they can afford? I commend you for passing on these skills to your children, and I worry for those "Mr Invincibles" learning at NOpost University.
Larry Smokey Jones
Larry Smokey Jones Måned siden
This video makes me miss my dad some of the best memories I have is him teaching things
No name
No name Måned siden
Had to give a thumbs down because there was no mention of getting fired.
Keep Onliving
Keep Onliving Måned siden
If there wasn’t a notice in place you can sue the pants off of them. Violation of first amendment.
Woods Dog
Woods Dog Måned siden
I remember watching this video. What is society coming down to? You can't even teach your children useful skills that will last them a lifetime? My siblings and I built our house out of brick when we were between 3-7 years old with dad. All safe. Police and fire departments and teaching institutions are full of stupid moralizers who think the best way to raise children is to lock them up in the basement with a video game until they're 30 years old and old enough to move to Portland or Seattle. Pathetic.
Charlie Boggs
Charlie Boggs Måned siden
Any man that fired you for this must have been raised by joe Biden and rosie o'Donnell and I wouldn't want to work for them my boss would encourage this
Charlie Boggs
Charlie Boggs Måned siden
Oh and I forgot Bernie Sanders must have been his grandpa
Seth Shaw
Seth Shaw Måned siden
This is a wholesome video.
Eric Stadler
Eric Stadler Måned siden
Is this a joke? I need to find the tweet
Ben F
Ben F Måned siden
How in the world would this get you fired? I honestly don't understand..?
D S Måned siden
😁🤣🤣🤗 you are so very comical... Rules mean everything... 🇺🇸
George Robinson
George Robinson Måned siden
Ridiculous you did a good thing
Almost Stupendous
Almost Stupendous Måned siden
Don’t see the issue
MOTO MINING Måned siden
Give this man his job back!
jacksimpsonmusic Måned siden
I love that you included the song Old Man in the montage. Beautiful stuff mate
Truth Seaker
Truth Seaker Måned siden
Yes they don't want a new generation growing up to do anything useful..oh wait that generation is already here...and instead of maintaining the forest they are burning it down
ls6 nova
ls6 nova Måned siden
Just taught my 12 year old son to run a saw about 3 weeks ago. It was a great time and made lifelong memories. Interestingly I taught him on a 026 pro as well. I think 12 years is a perfect age to learn some good man skills. Keep up the good work.
R134eS2o Måned siden
PRIDE. Something the democrats lack.. their weakness disgusts me.
Daniel Skorich
Daniel Skorich 29 dager siden
Give it a rest.
Woods Dog
Woods Dog Måned siden
It most likely was a democrat that reported him
R134eS2o Måned siden
Welp. Now they've not only lost one person. Now they've lost him, his son, and everyone who watches this video. Pricks.
wes normandin
wes normandin Måned siden
Well, that's 13,37 minutes I'll never get back!
Gone Fishin
Gone Fishin Måned siden
Idiots there’s one born every day
Mark _
Mark _ Måned siden
We no longer need the forest services service They perpetrated the wildfires as it is
Tuna Snack
Tuna Snack Måned siden
I don't understand how did he lose his job
PainTrane01 Måned siden
What kind of bullshit?! I literally saw nothing wrong with this...
Rodney Pekarek
Rodney Pekarek Måned siden
I also was 12 when my dad taught me to run the saw...back in 1967 there were not all the safety brakes on the saws like there are today...therefore the equipment today is so very much more safe then they were back then...Now at 65, I still run the power saw, wishing everyday that my dad was still here to see, I Still Do It Safely, and now im teaching my Grandchildren.
Steve Jones
Steve Jones Måned siden
I don’t get it, what you do with your son on your day off is none of their business. Did you make this video with him when you were supposed to be home sick or something lol
Whippy Boy
Whippy Boy Måned siden
Do you have patreon?
Mascleta Måned siden
But how did this get you fired? Is there something wrong with teaching your children a skill or something?
Tommy's Woodpile Adventures And Tall Tales
Tommy's Woodpile Adventures And Tall Tales Måned siden
I remember watching this when you first posted it. I taught my kid, safety, safety, safety. As far as hands on went, at that age, I waited a little longer. Those tools get heavy for a kid.
Sean Landers
Sean Landers Måned siden
Ridiculous. You lost your job over this? This is a very well-informed and safety-forward video. Quality work that any employer should be proud to show their employees, let alone know that their employees produced it. I'm a metalworker and i couldn't imagine not teaching my future child how to run a welder or a grinder. Hopefully the forest service will make this right.
Tony Fourpaws
Tony Fourpaws Måned siden
Fired because the USFS got busted for giving us shitty helmets.
Trent Dawg
Trent Dawg Måned siden
Seriously though, why did he get fired, where is the harm in this......
BLACKBEARD Måned siden
Anyone else wish they had a father like this growing up?
Tim Middleton
Tim Middleton Måned siden
Did you explain to your employer it was only softwood, just like the children they're raising.
brogan56 Måned siden
I've no idea what the complaint was that would warrant an action from the forest service like that. This was a good, informative and safe instruction for not only your son but many others out there. Keep up the good work, Jack is growing into a fine young man.
Roberta Preston
Roberta Preston Måned siden
well. What is the problem? You didn't say Mr. W.
Kinu Grove
Kinu Grove Måned siden
At most he should have got a warning not fired. I personally think this is an awesome video. We need more good father like this that take the time to teach there sons. Growing up on a farm I was blessed to have my dad teach me how to drive a tractor ect.
Ted H
Ted H Måned siden
Tractor Wrangler
Tractor Wrangler Måned siden
Why would this get you fired?
Jeff L
Jeff L Måned siden
Just like a paper pushing desk jock boss to not understand what is happening int he real world outside the office to fire a man like this is just idiotic.
BIGCHEW Måned siden
WTH ! Did Some one get Thair Panties in a bunch over a Man Teaching His Son How to Properly use a Chain Saw ? ? My God What Is This World Coming To ! What happen to minding ure own business instead of trying to mind every one
Lisa G Fuqua
Lisa G Fuqua Måned siden
I'm so proud to see a real man teaching his son life lessons. It warms my heart to know there are still parents like you out there.
Rusty Savage
Rusty Savage Måned siden
I see nothing in this video that would get anyone fired from anywhere, unless that isn't your land, tree or son. Love your vids, keep it up.
Perusing Person
Perusing Person Måned siden
Who is the chairman of the Congressional committe overseeing the US Forest Service?
Travis G
Travis G Måned siden
Great video!
Mohammed Monkey Scrotum
Mohammed Monkey Scrotum Måned siden
That fire department's full of pathetic men I hope all the paper pushers at your fire department die in a fire with their kids
InscruitableFilletKnife Sharps
InscruitableFilletKnife Sharps Måned siden
What exactly was their reasoning behind finding any purpose in firing you for this. There's a ton of conservationists that work for parks and rec or other conservation organizations that teach kids useful skills along with helping them find a possible job placement that fits their education and skill set for the future.
bobbywauneka Måned siden
I agree with everyone comments, I myself use to fight fire. With BIA of AZ. Ten years. But I have a daughter that I taught her the same ways and jus about everything about the chainsaw, we live northern az so we use wood for heat. Great video,
Bargain Hunter
Bargain Hunter Måned siden
Well, guess what there USFS, I have gear with USFS, patches/decals & my son wears them ... thay can go to hell !!!
Rick Haller
Rick Haller Måned siden
Heartwarming to see father and son together passing down his knowledge. A good example of why this channel is so popular.
Bobbi Wilhite
Bobbi Wilhite Måned siden
I thought you might mention protective Footwear
Metanaut1 Måned siden
Wow, fired for this! What is wrong with this country?
Austin B87
Austin B87 Måned siden
I guess my dad was dangerous lol. I learned the drop start method. Got my first saw when I was 14 and still have it.
Just Aguy
Just Aguy Måned siden
I think a reprimand would be outrageous... firing this man is disgraceful. Whoever made that decision is the lowest of the low.
BLK Måned siden
You got fired for this?! That is just sad... you're a good father and great person. I hope the Forest Service gets wiser to that fact.
Moondog Måned siden
USFS should be greatful for this. Wouldn't want to encourage the next generation to seek a carier in forestry. I bet your son was proud donning that helmet.
Mr Burke's Carpentry Class QHS
Mr Burke's Carpentry Class QHS Måned siden
My guess, you lost your job because you dissed the hardhats issued to you by the forestry Company 1:55 into the video. Watch out everyone when you talk negative about anything your company does.
Chris Hoppe
Chris Hoppe Måned siden
This is a GREAT video! I had my 10 year old daughter out with me yesterday learning some of the ins and outs. I didn't get as detailed as you did here b/c I wanted to find a better way to teach her. So she learned saw parts, how to change blade, maintain the bar, and watched (then hauled)
Travis k
Travis k Måned siden
Wait. You mean to tell me that you have been making horrible videos for years and you are just now getting fired from the forest service?
Robert Ricker
Robert Ricker Måned siden
Nice video should of started with a two man misery whip to show how lucky he is to have a chain saw.
Fun with John and Jennifer
Fun with John and Jennifer Måned siden
I’m cleaning up trees and limbs from Hurricane Laura right now. Great safety tips. Thank you
Niloc Whalehands
Niloc Whalehands Måned siden
A very hard working man, gets fired, for showing good values and morals to his son. That's sad.
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson Måned siden
So.....why did this video get him fired???
Rick Hixon
Rick Hixon Måned siden
Absolutely great video
Grinch Måned siden
Great video.
6% New God
6% New God Måned siden
The person who complained about you is watching cuties right now
Woods Dog
Woods Dog Måned siden
Vicki Christiansen
Woods Dog
Woods Dog Måned siden
And getting off on it
david lambert
david lambert Måned siden
This is not different than teaching your daughter to handle and shoot a gun! Teach them safety early so that they will be responsible gun owners in the future!
Paul P. L.
Paul P. L. Måned siden
I guess the FS helmet wasn't safe for kids to use. The department wouldn't want people thinking they employ 12 year olds on the field, only in the office..
Corey Malhiot
Corey Malhiot Måned siden
Their thinking is if the kid gets injured they could end up suing the forest service. But it’s still such a small infraction, for them to fire him over it is just poor management.
Mark M. Akers
Mark M. Akers Måned siden
Wanted to thank you for your great videos, since my wife went on to heaven, I spend a lot of time watching Utube videos on big screen or iPad , was nice to here you say arsonist are behind these fires here in Oregon, I’ve been putting those facts up on my Christian Facebook page, lots of videos actually show people setting the fires and they’re all in black hoods. As a Christian I enjoyed your video title Hard times are coming. Anyway as Kathy would say I’m prattling on here. Blessing Brother.👍😄
Robert Christensen
Robert Christensen Måned siden
To me you would think the national forest fire service would want young professionally trained men and women with strong work ethics but because the doushe that was so afraid of you taking his job because he finds something his daddy never gave him should rot in purgatory
Chris Henson
Chris Henson Måned siden
What video does Wrangler star explain why he got fired so I can go back and watch it
Leroy Green
Leroy Green Måned siden
So I have heard of privatized wild land firefighting is that a possibility for you now you not under Forest service anymore?
americanmale2011 Måned siden
You forgot flannel
flobie1kenobi Måned siden
is the exact reason i don't want to work for the government anymore...
Gallerie Måned siden
my uncle was a fire fighter and had a limb hit his head and caused a stroke, maybe if he was wearing a Kevlar helmet he would still be around today :'(
Jeff Shimate
Jeff Shimate Måned siden
Mike Desirey
Mike Desirey Måned siden
I'm mean like come on.... look at the smile on the kids face! You go dad. Your helping turn a boy into a man.
MarkH10 Måned siden
I know it seems backwards, but great for you. I understand you enjoyed the work, however. Being fired draws a parallel to Jack being suspended from school. I've told several sets of parents whose child is suspended for dress, hair, or perhaps self defense. Your child is no longer permitted to enter the town sewage treatment plant or garbage dump. Think of it that way. Right now with all these fires, who needs whom?? Do they need a knowledgeable, experienced, responsible father, or more whom are a grade or two lower than yourself??
Ball Måned siden
Everyone is just a cog in the Communist state. You are not allowed to think or dream outside of your box. You do what what you were educated and trained to do, nothing else.
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