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12 dager siden

Wranglerstar likes Boos Butcherblock
Buy Wranglerstar's Boos Table Top here for only $243 * * * FREE SHIPPING * * * (amazon affiliate link)

Wranglerstar 12 dager siden
Buy Wranglerstar's BOOS Table Top here for only $243 * * * FREE SHIPPING * * * (amazon affiliate link)
Tommy Ordoyne
Tommy Ordoyne 8 dager siden
$268 now
nOt_YoUr_AvErAgE_GaMeR 8 dager siden
Quick heads up a youtuber who goes by marling baits shouted you out in a video titled musky lure
E 10 dager siden
@Q Continuum they are called a "Buff" can double as a face mask when needed.
Bardán Mc Guire
Bardán Mc Guire 11 dager siden
Can you give an update on your hats Cody? Its been a while since you talked about them.
Samuel Noble
Samuel Noble 11 dager siden
That vise is amazing
Alanvale & The Gentle Farmer
Alanvale & The Gentle Farmer 22 timer siden
I noticed you reversed the vice mounting bolts. Good move. The OCD almost took over me on that one. I was thinking you would work it out the first time you swept the bench. :-)
Jake Hanneman
Jake Hanneman 2 dager siden
You love the heck out of that deal on the stool don't ya 😂😂
Ryan Holz
Ryan Holz 3 dager siden
That bench top is really coming together nicely.
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster 4 dager siden
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed!
b80 5 dager siden
Man alive, that Wilton vise is certainly a thing of beauty! Super well done! 💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸☝
Jaimé de Vos
Jaimé de Vos 6 dager siden
For a second I though you were ANGRY (boos = angry in Dutch) but then I realised this is an english language channel, duh.
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 6 dager siden
I like the way you have built your work desk i will look great
Chris Blanton
Chris Blanton 6 dager siden
Beautiful Vice, and I love that workbench. I’ll have to look into the Boos block.
Spencer Curtis
Spencer Curtis 7 dager siden
Your vice base is on backwards FYI. The reason for the offset mounting points is so the vice sits proudly of the bench edge. But I do like that you verified it cleaed the bench top. If you would have rotated it 180⁰ it would have given you just a little more clearance 😉.
elduendes 7 dager siden
nice vise!
Kevin Brassil
Kevin Brassil 7 dager siden
Always enjoyable thanks a Cody.
Harry 7 dager siden
Wow! What an awesome bench
Element Gypsy
Element Gypsy 7 dager siden
Made in the USA. I try to find US fabric. Using sustainable. Wool, cotton, linen, silk.
Chris L
Chris L 7 dager siden
You should put rubber hose on the threads so sweet loaf doesn’t need stitches
Gerhard Maree
Gerhard Maree 7 dager siden
Gives me the fizz...
John R
John R 7 dager siden
God bless you and your family and whatever you’re going through nice video keep up the good work
Root River Woodworks
Root River Woodworks 7 dager siden
Spot on, the more you use the block, the more arid, the more you need to keep it oiled. Beeswax mixed with mineral oil work great, or just beeswax. Melted down and rubbed into the board. Mineral oil will never completely dry, that's why it is used. Beeswax will solidify and last a bit longer, especially if the board is stored. In the case of a counter top you can urethane it and not worry about. Do not urethane a cutting board for food use that you intend to cut on.
Stanley Bell
Stanley Bell 7 dager siden
Join if u want to quote us, use our equipment, or act like u know something about survival otherwise STFU
Stanley Bell
Stanley Bell 7 dager siden
No we don't work on maple benches
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny 7 dager siden
Mr.W-Star : All Clad pans are made in the USA (forever pans). Use Barkeeper's Friend on it. Liberty Tabletop (bought the Oneida plant--also made in USA) (forever tableware (I got tired of tableware that rusted! and researched it). Comes out great in the dishwasher. Expensive; but, considering it is the last you will ever buy them (if you don't already have them). It all cleans up nice and shiny. The kitchen is just another room with a lot of potential quality equipment :)
Homestead Jay
Homestead Jay 7 dager siden
Looks great!
TheAveryFilms 8 dager siden
Great job!
Pedro Torres
Pedro Torres 8 dager siden
God bless.
Ron Briz
Ron Briz 8 dager siden
That vertical support will add a lot to the strength when you're pounding on the anvil over many years.
Bobby W
Bobby W 8 dager siden
Nice table top and Wilton! I do however think you short changed yourself as far as the size of the bench goes. I would have thought another few feet width would serve you better for Rifle work. Just my opinion of course - your bench.....
Norwegian Miniranch
Norwegian Miniranch 8 dager siden
That vice is a beauty!
david tylutki
david tylutki 8 dager siden
west coast want ta be
david tylutki
david tylutki 8 dager siden
most of us have to work for a living
david tylutki
david tylutki 8 dager siden
must be nice to have everything brand new and fancy for free
Nicholas Wahpepah
Nicholas Wahpepah 8 dager siden
The camera angle over the top of the vice gives me the fizz. lol! Great work, Mr. W!
Mark Spande
Mark Spande 8 dager siden
So as Far as mounting a vice goes I saw a really good idea. Mount a receiver under the bench and then weld a mounting plate to the hitch for the vice. these parts are readily available as they are the same parts you use for hooking a trailer to your van, truck. This way when you want the full bench you can just unpin it pull it out and then it is no longer in the way this also helps when longer pieces need to be clamped as it is stinking out from your cabinet.
richard shaw
richard shaw 9 dager siden
Hi cody love the work top and the colour of your vise looks outstanding
Nolan Gaudreau
Nolan Gaudreau 9 dager siden
You workbench gives me the fizz
Tony Mundo
Tony Mundo 9 dager siden
Funny to here you talk about how hard the maple was. That’s what the east coasters are used to working with. 😉
Steve Bosun
Steve Bosun 9 dager siden
Hi Cody, any idea why the bolt holes in the base are closer at the front than the back, or vice versa? Lucky you didn't position it 90deg. from where it is.
Martin Moore
Martin Moore 9 dager siden
Nice Maple top. We have a lot of Maple in the North East.
Mike PreparedAK
Mike PreparedAK 9 dager siden
I’m suffering from vice envy. Oh my broken state
broncobum 9 dager siden
Butcher Block is endgrain up to deal with the repeated cuts from butchering. That is a countertop. Pet peeve of mine.
AstralApophis 9 dager siden
Sam didn’t send any Crunchwraps?!
Wranglerstar 9 dager siden
I'm still waiting,
1stGruhn 9 dager siden
Do you have a recommended frequency to oil the butcher blocks? I typically oil my wooden utensils and cutting boards around once every other month or so but I've seen the recommended rates very quite a bit. Just wondering what your experience has taught you.
Banjo111 1
Banjo111 1 9 dager siden
what a beautiful set up and vice so lovely xx
Shaughnessy83 9 dager siden
The down leg seems unnecessary and over engineered. If you are, as you said, simply using the vise for pounding in pins for a rifle, why do you think you will see any visible wear?
Troy Thompson
Troy Thompson 9 dager siden
6:21 I think what @wranglerstar meant to say was 1.524 metres
Dirtwarrior707 9 dager siden
i got two one big thick one and one long slender one.
Corn Mac
Corn Mac 9 dager siden
This one gave me the fizz!!!
Don McAdam
Don McAdam 9 dager siden
Good work Cody
Skrtskit 9 dager siden
Jeff 9 dager siden
prayers Cody
Matthew Robbins
Matthew Robbins 9 dager siden
LAWN PRO dot BIZ 9 dager siden
Great job
HardCity RainDrops
HardCity RainDrops 9 dager siden
I just want to come work in that shop its awesome. And what where them cover's for the vise ive never seen those before?
HardCity RainDrops
HardCity RainDrops 9 dager siden
i was just looking at one of these i want it for my kichen table
Mike Bertsch
Mike Bertsch 9 dager siden
Hell of a set up👌
Michael Wessendorf
Michael Wessendorf 9 dager siden
Excellent job! That gave me the fizz 👍 simple, practical, high quality job
Sean Daehn
Sean Daehn 9 dager siden
Not sure if this has been mentioned but the 2 holes on the vise that are wider spread should go to the front. Keeps the holes farther from the edge. Too late now but for future reference
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg 9 dager siden
C.R. Hood, Heritage Farms
C.R. Hood, Heritage Farms 9 dager siden
Just curious , a man of your talent and skills why didn’t you build your own chopping block table top.
Adamm Jarvis
Adamm Jarvis 10 dager siden
I learned to use one of my dewalt cases to hold all my common drill bits and screw heads. And of course how to setup a great work bench when we buy our home. Thank you
Jeff Short
Jeff Short 10 dager siden
What brand are the gray cabinets?
Jed 10 dager siden
Great video, I learn so much from you! As always keep walking with our KING!
Manta 10 dager siden
You should review that weird klax multi tool axe thing, it'll never replace an axe but it looks neat for something a bug out bag or every day carry or even day hikes
Marvin Ferdig
Marvin Ferdig 10 dager siden
pretty frickin expensive
Paavo Kaleva
Paavo Kaleva 10 dager siden
Is there available, at Your location, yellow zinc coated bolts? Those would look better with vice and maple table top.
baccakiller | мσтιση ∂єѕιgη
baccakiller | мσтιση ∂єѕιgη 10 dager siden
El chapo finally out of prison wow
Robert Linell
Robert Linell 10 dager siden
Some orange oil would be nice on the counter top.
alexandru necsuleu
alexandru necsuleu 10 dager siden
Hey man you are relly great ! I watch your chanel as much as I can . I live in east Europe , I have a very small piece of land and a small house and i try to organise things in DYI fashion. Even if a lot of the stuf you present is in imperial standars so i don't understand everything i still like to see and get inspired by a hard working man ! I wish you good luck ! PS: i'm sorry for my bad english , hope you understand my message !
Richard Malone
Richard Malone 10 dager siden
Makes me wish I knew how to weld.
Hayden Stephenson
Hayden Stephenson 10 dager siden
Sponsored by dewalt and still uses Milwaukee 😂😂
MrBerniebling HVAC Chiller Mechanic
MrBerniebling HVAC Chiller Mechanic 10 dager siden
I'm taking out a second mortgage to keep up with you "dream" work tables! Thanks Mr. Wrangler star;)
Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard 10 dager siden
This is super cool.
Jason the Gentleman
Jason the Gentleman 10 dager siden
Beautiful vice and table!
avg8or 10 dager siden
Love your shows. I have an expensive, large, legit boos block and I have nurtured it with a lot of care and it still has split. Just my two cents.
Thomas Lombardi
Thomas Lombardi 10 dager siden
Flexing on the ammo!
Lucas Mcgreal
Lucas Mcgreal 10 dager siden
One of these days I’m gonna have a dope shop like that!
Stephan Menzel
Stephan Menzel 10 dager siden
Just a beautiful vise 👌
Anthony Thompson
Anthony Thompson 10 dager siden
Hey please can you tell me where you got the spring loaded nail setter I can not find one any where
Jonny Harrison
Jonny Harrison 10 dager siden
Hey Wranglerstar, where do you reckon I could find a Stanley Bailey No 2 hand plane? I know there super rare I've been looking for so long. Any advice would be great, love the videos, great work
James Cole
James Cole 10 dager siden
Cody some nice dome head nuts would Finish that of lonely when the plate is finished, what a lovely place to work I’d sit there and do nothing for hours
RickyBobby BobbyRicky
RickyBobby BobbyRicky 10 dager siden
Nice set up.
SWITCH7425 10 dager siden
$900 ...????....that's a pretty penny in our third world currency.....Zmw 18,142.13 to be precise.... watching from Ndola Zambia 🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲....enjoyed the bench install
Cc Smith
Cc Smith 10 dager siden
Cool. 👍🇺🇸
Christopher Carey
Christopher Carey 10 dager siden
Good stuff!
douglas probst
douglas probst 10 dager siden
The original blocks were used to mount the anvil on. So the anvil would not jump and move from the hammer blows. Sycamore is soft enough to absorb the impacts.
Michael Sherman Gardening, woodworking and more.
Michael Sherman Gardening, woodworking and more. 10 dager siden
I think I just got the fizz too.
Eye of the Tiger
Eye of the Tiger 10 dager siden
G'day Cody, was just about ready to give you a rev until the support post came out. lol. I would have had to run the angle all the way at the rear, but anyway, nice bench, very interesting history too. Thanks for the look. Cheers Duke.
Darrin Rentruc
Darrin Rentruc 10 dager siden
Made in the USA. COOL Just an idea here Instead of drilling four holes on the corners of that base plate and installing 1/2 anchors that you have to look at and clean around Just drill one hole in the center for a 3/4 anchor, Anchor down the plate then you can tack weld that square tube over that anchor never to be seen again. Just don't get crazy with welding around that post [no need to] so the ends of the plates don't curl up when the weld cools
BRAVENEWWORLD 10 dager siden
Beautiful work
Alan Shealy
Alan Shealy 10 dager siden
Where’s the lock tight 😂
John T Coleman
John T Coleman 10 dager siden
Get some more steal and mount the vice to a sleeve like a trailer hich.
David G
David G 10 dager siden
I can predict those bolts will catch your knee sometime.
David G
David G 10 dager siden
I dont use Patreon for NOpost or anything else. They are ant-Conservative.
Momo Lame
Momo Lame 10 dager siden
Nice bench. My brother is actually buying a house and the inspection found one of the counter tops wasn't fully attached and he said he's not worried about it because either I could reattach it for him but he really wants a nice butcher block counter I might come back to your link when we get to that point.
CursiveQ 10 dager siden
There goes my rent money. 🥴🥴
Jack Sasquatch
Jack Sasquatch 10 dager siden
Now that's a "proper" video.
Mark & Christina Hahn
Mark & Christina Hahn 10 dager siden
Cody, You might consider mounting your 2x2 base support angled back to the wall freeing up leg room under your working counter. Just a thought, Mark
David McLaughlin
David McLaughlin 10 dager siden
Great video. I have some Boos products, they're the best.
Jason R
Jason R 10 dager siden
have u ever looked at leatherman's?
Michael Shearer
Michael Shearer 10 dager siden
Looks sweet! I need one.
Bewildering Truth Seeker
Bewildering Truth Seeker 10 dager siden
Your videos always make me feel like I actually accomplished something too... Not sure how, but you just seem to have that effect. 😎👍
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