Why Are Electricians Arrogant? - Part 2

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Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading how to wire your home or shop without an electrician.
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Wranglerstar 21 dag siden
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Kevin T
Kevin T 8 dager siden
Why Are Electricians Arrogant?.....really? and your telling me that you have never made fun of the sort of work that passes for "carpentry" done by electricians? (or plumbers for that mater). the work you are doing is what a first year apprentice is expected to learn in the first 6 months on the job with the exception that they are expected to have and know how to use a bender to do far more than just make a 90* bend on 1/2" emt. electricians get the big bucks for knowing how to calculate loads including motor loads , set up complex logic control circuits , make complex bends on all conduit including s40 "ridged" up to 1-1/4" by hand , use hydraulics to bend up to 4" and most important of all be able to trouble shoot any kind of circuitry currently in use including the aforementioned logic control circuits. i get that you are being tongue in cheek but lets be real you are the one being arrogant when you knowingly represent home owner DIY work as being on par with what an experienced journeyman should be capable of doing with the same job (functional vs. art). i don't go around claiming that my wood butchery is representative of what you are capable of doing in spite of the fact that electricians are technically part of the carpentry trade so please don't belittle my specialty TY.
Andrew Cran
Andrew Cran 19 dager siden
@Quinn Warman yeah. Again, not a criticism, but coming from Aus, the whole idea of using metal conduit and GPOs is just weird. For Aus and NZ, they have to be plastic so they don't conduct in the case of a short to the case.
Quinn Warman
Quinn Warman 20 dager siden
Hope you didn't take as criticizing it am genuinely interested as from new Zealand and we have to be careful as insurance will try anything to wriggle out of paying 😉 thanks
Sean Bradshaw
Sean Bradshaw 20 dager siden
The Dewalt Tough System is great, I got myself the wallmount rack and have a box, a twin drawer until, and that sorting unit. It's even better if you're a contractor since they make a wheeled rack that you can stick the units onto to travel them around. They're just HDPE, but they're thick and heavy enough for you to stand on if you need an extra bit of verticality when working.
Jim Summers
Jim Summers 21 dag siden
Angle doohicky.....offset nipple....but angle doohicky works..
Kris R.
Kris R. 19 timer siden
Today I learned a double-gang box is called a "duplex." LOL! This guy gives me agita. Please, please consider a licensed professional for this kind of work.
P Good
P Good Dag siden
I know 18 year old apprentices that do better work than that
Kelly Collischonn
Kelly Collischonn 2 dager siden
One thing to know about doing your own electrical work is to never assume the last guy did it right. That's when you run into faults, backfeeding issues, improper grounds,etc.
Alan Lamb
Alan Lamb 3 dager siden
A duplex box is also known as a 4/s box.
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas 4 dager siden
One thing I will never understand....metal tubes for electrical wires...seems wrong.....we use PVC pipes...you will never see that in Australia.....maybe someone could explain as too why they think its better and change my mind....but hell no from me thanks. PVC is non conductive....
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas 4 dager siden
Good news is ...if you didn't loose all your electrician fans on the first one,.....this one should do it,....:)
Kirk Cardoso
Kirk Cardoso 7 dager siden
I've ran electricians off my jobs and did the electrical myself. It was easier for me to do it than argue with a pompous electrician. I make sure my jobs are 100% for inspection versus fighting and begging the electrician to do it right and on time. Don't get me wrong I've worked with great electricians but have had my share of bad experiences with over inflated egos of sparkys.
HaJo Schatz
HaJo Schatz 11 dager siden
Permanently keeping batteries in chargers may not be the best idea, depending on the charger: Some keep topping the LiIo battery from time to time. That deteriorates them quicker. Also, keeping the battery in while the charger is off may, very slowly, discharge the battery. Again, depends on the charger design...
Gabe Whisen
Gabe Whisen 13 dager siden
Fortunately one can still buy US made switches and receptacles, this spring I just changed all switches and receptacles in my home
Leon Spornak
Leon Spornak 13 dager siden
Tom Mcdiarmid
Tom Mcdiarmid 14 dager siden
After being a master electrician for 10 years owning my company as well as working with many other skilled professional Tradesmen electricians do kind of act like the white collar construction workers the thing is I would equal this trade to having a bachelor's degree just to be a journeyman electrician 4 years of education plus on-the-job training and if you want to keep going a total of 6 years before you can take a master's test once you're a master we can go ahead and get your contractor's license to be a electrical contractor at this point you have most likely 6 to 10 years of your life invested very similar to someone with a master's degree with a wealth of knowledge these people are extremely educated as opposed to a painter or a roofer that work really hard they can come right out of high school and get to work with no education or credentials that is a good idea why electricians might be snobs or arrogant for your information
Kris R.
Kris R. 20 timer siden
Yeah, this NOpostr needs to stop posting videos that have any electrical in them before he hurts himself or others, or worse!
Chris Richards
Chris Richards 14 dager siden
Wheres the yanmar
Dave Scruton
Dave Scruton 14 dager siden
One black.........one white........where is the one green? You absolutely should be running a ground for everything, yes you can use #14 if your hot and neutral are #12 yadda yadda but you are playing with fire and your families safety if you're relying on the conduit as a ground.
Digging Up North
Digging Up North 14 dager siden
boy he makes himself sound dumb when he call the device "plugs".
Michael s
Michael s 15 dager siden
Travis Jester
Travis Jester 15 dager siden
"Call the building department and tell them you're going to add a circuit", the building department can get bent, ill do what I want on my own property.
Jerry L Busby
Jerry L Busby 15 dager siden
It’s all been said !
versatec1 15 dager siden
If you wire a plug and your not an electrician they freak out!!😅😅
stager33 15 dager siden
We are not arrogant of all the trades in electricity it causes fires it causes death and all because it’s not done correctly enter code the code national electrical code is the minimum standard for life safety JMHO
hatsgoods - kelli R. hartman
hatsgoods - kelli R. hartman 15 dager siden
Yes those parts to make coundit agasint wall are ok to use. They are called off set couplers. You can do offset on full pipes but it's easy to use those that you have
Will 16 dager siden
Cody - "If you can do Legos, you can do conduit" My 4 year old - " Hold my juice box"
Matt Woldanski
Matt Woldanski 16 dager siden
Cody **stacks 3” worth of material on a 35” bench** “that should come out to right at 36.” **looks at tape** “...yeah 36.. 36/38, let’s say 37” 😂 we all do it
Kim Wise
Kim Wise 15 dager siden
build it low, your wooden stool leg adjusters are hanging on the wall (saw rack)!
Kvasir87 16 dager siden
It sh*ts me that bloody sparkies think their sh*t doesn’t stink.
Dan B
Dan B 16 dager siden
figure how many outlets you need and double it... lol.... so correct
Grant Ottaviano
Grant Ottaviano 16 dager siden
Another good trade is a concrete saw/core drill/wall saw operator. I did it for 6 years before being laid off at the economic turn down of 2009. It’s not “clean” work, you come home filthy, but it’s challenging and you get paid really well.
SlyDog 16 dager siden
Top of the Vise, elbow hight a workbench you will be sitting at, about elbow hight.
BiologicalStorm 16 dager siden
Could’ve ran it all behind the wood :p
Mark Villano
Mark Villano 17 dager siden
If you think electricians are arrogant, (and they most certainly are) try hanging out with a few engineers. They have graduate degrees in arrogance.
Farmboss 17 dager siden
Do you prefer a drill over impact driver? Or is it better for noise on video?
Farfrombroken1 17 dager siden
Plumbing rule #1. "Always never bite your fingernails".
Maranatha 2020
Maranatha 2020 17 dager siden
I’m a master Electrician in multiple states and I would encourage you to push the trade to your younger listeners. I would like to do a visit to your shop and talk about the the Trade and teach some basic skills. I make tech videos for other tradesman that get 100’s of thousands of views. High tech issues but effective. Would be fun. I’m only a hope, skip and a jump from you in North Dakota. Blessings 🙏
Maranatha 2020
Maranatha 2020 17 dager siden
Brother your doing great. Next time spend the $20 to get yourself a half inch bender. Your 90 deg and offsets can easily be learned with a couple of sticks of pipe and a calculator. Looks so much nicer and in the end is way more secure for the long haul. All those set screws and coupling and offset will loosen up over time and you will have issues. It’s really not that hard to learn conduit bending and once you get it. You will really love the results. Bless you brother 🙏
dustin adams
dustin adams 17 dager siden
I just wanted to let you know your videos have been keeping me entertaind and sane after my surgery to remove the cancer they found I want to say thank you for putting out grate videos
Randall Cammack
Randall Cammack 17 dager siden
Don't forget! REAL Electricians do industrial work and get very dirty depending on the day we use shovels, lift and carry heavy material up and down countless flights of stairs. You will be exhausted yet happy at the end of the day you have made the world a better place. Electrician is a title and a lifestyle not just a job, until I die I will be an Electrician! Electrical work is also an art form that most people will never see. We are the first on the job and the last to leave general contractors come to us for advise, so we get a little arrogant it's our culture and we love it!🖖
TheSoloAsylum 17 dager siden
An offset nipple on a 90 to land in a box only to tighten the fitting with a $35 hot work screwdriver...I have to look away. Wait until you push your wire into those nipples, you'll learn that blood is a pretty good wire lube.
TheSoloAsylum 17 dager siden
Is that a store bought EMT 90? 25 years as an arrogant electrician and I have never used one of those in my life. Toys R Us carries those yes?
gn02020202 17 dager siden
I think the arrogant electricians get the sour inspectors. Some people get snippy and snooty when they are "audited" all the time.
Dino M
Dino M 18 dager siden
I use to work for the phone company. Retired lineman. I’d help splicers cut in Hi-cap lines. If I remember right, they carried a 178 volts over them. Problem was in a splice that had upwards of 2400 pairs of cable, you never knew which was circuit or which wasn’t. Touching or resting the under part of your arm on one or often several would bite. Even a basic phone line when it would ring, the current over it would make your heart feel like exploding. SCE guys, household or business electricians would call us low voltage workers. I’d always offer those ones that made the comment to let me pick a pair to hold on to. In 22 years I never had a taker. Now for you that are going to make comments about telephone lineman not climbing as high as electrical linemen. No true. We have poles that are all the height of power poles climbed on a regular basis. In fact phone guys even cable tv guys out climb power guys everyday. We also transfer heavier equipment than power company lineman do. Cross arms are the norm for both. A power lineman never used equipment as heavy as a cable lasher that needed transferred from one side of the pole to another and done as many times as there were poles in a run. Today they use cranes and helicopters for everything including setting poles. Even in rear property or on hillsides. Phone companies had and have no such luxuries. We block n tackled and pole dollied everything.
rulrich45 18 dager siden
The way you used that offset is an interesting solution. Electricians don't use them that way because we should know how to bend conduit for a cleaner look. I say should because I know some are better than others.
cdanielh128 18 dager siden
Every time you said you won't kill yourself it reminded me of a helper I fired because not once but twice he turned on a breaker to check something. The first time knocked me off a ladder from the shock and the second time he lit my panel up like a christmas tree. He told me he turned the panel on to check his work because he didnt think he needed me to check it first. I told him he would never have to worry about me checking his work again. I would say people with common sense would not kill themselves, but then how much of that do we see in the world today.
Rick K.
Rick K. 18 dager siden
Obviously, you guys have never met elevator mechanics. Good lord, those cats must have a special 90 day course on arrogance.
Wakeywhodat 18 dager siden
8:54 This trick was definitely learned from an electrician. For those of you that do this, don’t worry, the low voltage guys will measure your box so that we can hang ours the same height as yours. An electrician will say “just eyeball it”, no, we’ve done that once already.
10,000 videos with 0 subscribers
10,000 videos with 0 subscribers 18 dager siden
People are shocked when they find out i'm not a good electrician
ryzo mcgregor
ryzo mcgregor 18 dager siden
Angry pixies are like training lions someday that pixie going to bite you and then you will be wiring plugs for "HEC" heavenly electric company or if you were a bad bad electrician HELL Hellish Electric Lighting Limited
Finn Nilssen
Finn Nilssen 18 dager siden
Excuse me Sir, I don't mean to be the arrogant electrician- but would it not be prettier to run the wiring behind the select deck? Those metal pipes sure mess up an otherwise neat wall..
Cc Smith
Cc Smith 18 dager siden
Good stuff. 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸
Karl F
Karl F 18 dager siden
Just wondering , on this 14 minute video , how much time would you guess you spent OFF camera to make this video ? As a guess , one minute on video equals how many minutes of your time off camera to make a video ?
Ronald Chick
Ronald Chick 18 dager siden
Just kidding but as a carpenter, I have been thoroughly happy with that profession. I can say I built that today and get plenty of satisfaction, Ya, electrican, and plumber can say the same, but my work is much more visible. The long and short of it, a TRADE is a most satisfying way to go. RC
Y Kos
Y Kos 18 dager siden
They make offset bender.
Nunya Bizness
Nunya Bizness 18 dager siden
LOL, gave this a thumbs up just for the title, before I even watched it. Thanks for the laugh.
spex357 18 dager siden
Wire twiddlers my son calls them.
Matteo Capocefalo
Matteo Capocefalo 19 dager siden
prefer plastic ones tbh. BTICINO ones especially
hillbilly Yo
hillbilly Yo 19 dager siden
really like the education in life on good human behavior
jake sarms
jake sarms 19 dager siden
They are arrogant because they don't want you doing it , and they don't want to do it. The medium between helping and nothing is arrogance
James S.
James S. 19 dager siden
A helpful tip. Do not cut thin wall with a saw. Use a tubing cutter but do not cut completely through. Then snap the two pieces apart and you don't even have to ream the end of the pipe.
theykilledthegiggler 18 dager siden
I have a Bluepoint tubing cutter I use for everything (auto and house, works great on copper) and it has three different (triangle thing) deburrers at the end. Never thought about snapping EMT, I will try that some time.
James S.
James S. 19 dager siden
Why do fire fighters think that electricians are arrogant?
Pete Chamlee
Pete Chamlee 19 dager siden
Cody, as I watch you, it takes me back 50 years to when I did the same thing. Delightful memories fostered by a delightful man. Thanks, Pal. 🤠
Ed Aker
Ed Aker 19 dager siden
Make it 220, 221. Whatever it takes.
OffGridYo 19 dager siden
Why are questions loaded?
Bo Ro43
Bo Ro43 19 dager siden
Arrogant = boilermakers union
zack mtz
zack mtz 19 dager siden
Did you still not run a ground from panel to your boxes?? You need to run panel ground to boxes. A hot neutral and ground. The metal box ground ties into panel ground to bond the J box then pigtail to receptacle.
johnny thunders
johnny thunders 19 dager siden
Biden for 2020 baby!!! I hope biden relocates the immigrants to wranglerstars neighborhood.
Levi Waugh
Levi Waugh 19 dager siden
It’s never to late to start a trade
The Dowsett Downs
The Dowsett Downs 19 dager siden
Interesting USA codes require steel conduits whereas Australian codes always pvc conduit.
rollin coal77
rollin coal77 19 dager siden
Is it ok that you are running all those outlets on just one breaker? Or do you have more breakers that I didn't see? Thank you for the video.
Ameri Volt
Ameri Volt 19 dager siden
Contractor here. Wranglerstar star i love your solution to the offset on the box being that you dont bend conduit. Very good and clean work. I appreciate your videos. Thanks for the shout out to us electricians who keep this world lit up. Keep up the good work and God bless you and your family brother.
Sherman Kearns
Sherman Kearns 19 dager siden
Please dont teach electrical work. Seriously. You don't know enough about it to teach it and you will end up hurting someone besides yourself. If you want to know how to do something just ask me and I will be more than happy to show you how to do it the correct safe way. Buy yourself a bender and try not to work step and fetch. Have the confidence to put that second screw in the box and finish things while you are there. Put things in and finish them on your way back by laying your materials out right where you need them as you use them. If I were to shingle a roof I would be smart to have the building supply boom the shingles to the ridge where I need them rather than running them up and down a ladder all day. If you can of course. To answer your question we are arrogant because West Coast guys run around saying how easy electrical work is and when you watch them actually do it it is painful to see. The only one more pained to see this work would be your local electrical inspector. When he sees all of those manufactured offset connectors that just screams hack cheap homeowner. So stop wasting your money buying saws too big for you and spend some on getting a real electrician. LOLOLOL.
Bruce DeVries
Bruce DeVries 19 dager siden
What a stupid generalization
ronniestanley75 19 dager siden
I didn't see any proof of electrician arrogance. I did see a lot of crappy pipework though. A new bender costs about $20 and the directions are embossed on the side. I guess buying pre-bent 90s and offsets is less arrogant than doing the job right. How arrogant of me for being able to make pipework that looks like a professional did the job, not a wannabe.
Tomme boy
Tomme boy 19 dager siden
Bend the offset into the conduit then you don't have to waste $$ on unneeded fittings.
Eddy Goodwin
Eddy Goodwin 19 dager siden
Haha glad I’m not the only one who has noticed this. I think some of them think that they are like a doctor and they should be the only ones doing the work
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 19 dager siden
Oh man. I had electricians on one of my jobs talking about having to climb into a sewer cistern to fix the sump pump.
Ian Enderby
Ian Enderby 19 dager siden
Dance Wax Dispensers!! 😂😂😂 Love it!!
theworkenman 19 dager siden
I'd recommend to young people to look into the Elevator Construction industry. After all, electricians need heroes too.
John Dunham
John Dunham 19 dager siden
Where is your green
stewart caldwell
stewart caldwell 19 dager siden
39 inches ? aaaahhh !!! Metric !
kingranch51 19 dager siden
You might be the only person that buys factory EMT 90s. Conduit bending is an art.
Russell Smith
Russell Smith 19 dager siden
I added a 4 plug box every four feet daisy change using 4 wire.
Shannon Stiles
Shannon Stiles 19 dager siden
Both great trades 🇺🇸
Acer Rubrum
Acer Rubrum 19 dager siden
Wikipedia: I know everything! Google: I have everything! Facebook: I know everybody! Internet: Without me you are nothing! Electricity: Keep talking bitches!
Kevin Weil
Kevin Weil 19 dager siden
There is only two professions that i know of where people seem to have this belief that with very limited, to even no training, and even less experience, they some how know just as much or more than the guy who spent years in school, and even more time actually doing it. Those two professions are electrician and auto mechanic. I am not a electrician, however i am a auto mechanic, and i totally get their frustration. The problem arises that yes, by and large the job can be done by someone with minimal training, and even less experience, and even done in a manner in which it works. The problem is there always comes a time in which one is to far in over their head, and due to stupidity, arrogance, or laziness they simply don't realize that is the case. The problem is when it comes to this point, it being right, and it being done wrong can and will make the difference between someone quite literally living and dyeing. I get wanting to do some of the work on your own, and I even applauded one for taking the time and initiative to learn the skill and actually do it. I always say you can never have time knowledge. I also get wanting to save money. But please, please learn to recognize when your in over your head, and don't be to ashamed, or embarrassed to admit it and call for help.
Thomas Wypyszinski
Thomas Wypyszinski 19 dager siden
!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE DOING IT ALL WRONG !!!!!!!!!! JK xD
Crown Forge
Crown Forge 19 dager siden
cool idea!
dtuer 19 dager siden
conduit bender isn't that expensive and plenty of youtube videos on how to use it.
svyateek 19 dager siden
Plumbing dirty? Nasty? Hahahaha. That’s what you’d be... without your plumber. Hahahahaha
Dave 19 dager siden
Truely curious how you make a living. I watch your stuff and I recognize quality work. Getting tired of working with people who aren't quality or productive.
Custercounty01 19 dager siden
The "slug" is the bit of material that comes out the hole. The feature of having a partially punched hole, with the "slug" retained by the little tab of steel, is called a "knockout". Its basically saving you from having to drill a hole in the panel, which is especially beneficial when the panel is live and you really dont want metal shavings floating around in there.
mnewt712 19 dager siden
Thank you
MAE HAY 19 dager siden
If I were a Electrician I would love your comment about this trade. Cody, since you have done many types of jobs it sure makes adding your own wire through the conduit boxes is very easy and some of us who have never tackled this kind of project but willing to learn then some of the brave guys will succeed and hopefully feel good about making the effort to try something new. I personally need a patient person who will work with me and correct me when I make a mistake. I love watching Wranglerstar videos. God’s blessings to you and your family.👍
Eli Price
Eli Price 19 dager siden
Maybe the work bench is not the problem. But the bar stool is ?! You should make a barstool for each work bench ....
Eli Price
Eli Price 19 dager siden
Work smarter not harder!!!!
JW 2001
JW 2001 20 dager siden
Hello I do electric work. Another way to do this is a raceway or large Condit (3/4" and up) near top wall straight line through 4 square junction boxes (tie each to ground and drop down conduit to switches and outlets. No bending and everything is square!. Yee Ha! Though box fill and number circuits in pipe come into play so with out a dive off deep end, in basic if you stay at 9 wire (use common ground that leaves 8) you get 4 circuits. In addition if you have room you can drop or push up pipe through header of wall if you want it recessed. My 2 cents.
Jason Craighead
Jason Craighead 20 dager siden
If you pay my way I’ll come bend all the conduit in your shop for free ;) I’m pretty good
Martijn O_0
Martijn O_0 20 dager siden
Man looking at this as a european electrician it amazes me how different our systems are. But the metal boxes look really clean and cool against wood!!
boracio sanz
boracio sanz 20 dager siden
Pre-fab 90's? Come on sparky get your bender out!!
spim randsley
spim randsley 20 dager siden
Arrogant? Most electricians I know can't remember if they went to the truck to get a tool, or to roll up.
Learnin' 2 Live
Learnin' 2 Live 20 dager siden
*can you please show us and go over your gun smithing tools?*
Michael Dunster
Michael Dunster 20 dager siden
standard counter height is 36'',bar height 42,all electric boxes set 40'' to 44'' above finished floor
Alex Fry
Alex Fry 20 dager siden
1:29 my whole life changed with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 20 dager siden
Sales of "angle doo-hickeys" sky-rocket!
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