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Wranglerstar modern homesteading

Eaton Editing
Eaton Editing 5 timer siden
The note at the end about trusting God's provision...brother I needed to hear that today. Thanks for saying that. It's a pleasure watching your wisdom and adventures.
Justin Schroeder
Justin Schroeder Dag siden
Have you looked into waste oil heaters? Might be a good option for the large space
Bert Vaughn
Bert Vaughn Dag siden
Root River Woodworks
Root River Woodworks 3 dager siden
I love the content, I always enjoy the inspiration as someone who is currently rebuilding and trying to organize myself.
Dan B
Dan B 4 dager siden
Your just doing fine... Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing...
Eric Faris
Eric Faris 8 dager siden
No need to apologise, people have to just understand, make the content you can and want to put out, the fan base you want to reach will always be there, the naysayers will always be just that....good luck with all your doing...and thanks for the videos
seth leighton
seth leighton 14 dager siden
Could just buy 3 and weld them together into a huge back storage and mini shop
Tree Climber
Tree Climber 14 dager siden
For the money I’d buy a cargo container; they’re fire 🔥 proof and quite secure.
Russ Wilson
Russ Wilson 14 dager siden
I disagree with any complaints about the recent content. It’s inspiring to see how far you’ve come with the new homestead in such a short period of time! We’re along for the journey!
Matthew Mead
Matthew Mead 14 dager siden
After my Mom passed, we needed extra storage for all of her stuff as we sorted through it. We ended up buying a pair of 20' 'one trip' containers. We learned 20' containers were more expensive than 40'. After looking at a 'used' container, we found the 'one trip' (it made one trip from Asia to the U.S.) boxes to be in way nicer shape. My containers are set about 20' apart and my goal is to put a roof across to give me an additional 20'x20' area of rain protection for farm implements, trailers, whatever.
G'Maw's Garden
G'Maw's Garden 14 dager siden
enjoying the content you're putting out here Cody, gud job. Thnx for sharing
Vincent Triance
Vincent Triance 14 dager siden
What ever you do ...... do one thing with that extension ....... insulate the roof right off the hop....... 27years in metal buildings ...... trust me it’s worth it
Vincent Fenton
Vincent Fenton 15 dager siden
Absolutely fascinating 😊. Your way of life is so far removed from the likes of me (a Canon in Durham Diocese, UK) but, I’ve so much enjoyed accompanying you and your family over the years.... you’ve all been in my prayers for some years... you all take care and may God bless you all.
Morten Herløv Jensen
Morten Herløv Jensen 15 dager siden
As always a good video👍, in Denmark where I live we use a "Sideloader" to load and unload containers and flat racks. It's brilliant because you can place a container, almost anywhere. It requires very little space to work on.
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 15 dager siden
Whatever happened to his tractor and all the equipment did he sell it?
ashtin foster
ashtin foster 15 dager siden
Yes lumber is getting very expensive
Bryan Gill
Bryan Gill 15 dager siden
No worries Cody you're doing fine for a West coast guy. LOL
Nick Anagnost
Nick Anagnost 15 dager siden
To be honest I've found these videos super enjoyable to watch; it's so satisfying to see you settle into a new and more appropriate space for your needs and to build it out the way you like it. It definitely gives me great ideas and is very educational. Much appreciated!
HereFishyFishy 16 dager siden
In regards to people stepping up to help and your take on it..... Reminds me of a joke I heard in church. A man is out at sea floating for days on end. A ship comes by and sees him, they yell out to him. Do you need help? He replies, God is going to save me. Same thing happens again. He yells out, God is going to save me. The man drowns and goes to heaven. He asks God, "God, why didn't you save me?" God replies, "I sent you two ships ya dummy!"
Gravelbomber 16 dager siden
I was about to pull the trigger on a container. I live in a very rural area, but thought I'd check with the county first, to be on the safe side. Found out that I'd have to go through the whole permit process, with inspections, they said we would have to put it on a foundation, too! I asked about renting one, they said the process and codes are the same. I hate this county
London Acres
London Acres 16 dager siden
No need to apologize Cody, we watch to see how you do things. We watch because we enjoy watching your journey with your family and what it takes to make a homestead a homestead. What else would be better than watching you rebuild the homestead in real time! Always in our prayers!
Reality NotFiction
Reality NotFiction 17 dager siden
R Dean Benson
R Dean Benson 17 dager siden
Coming along fine, still worth my time! Praise the Lord. Recovering from 2nd knee replacement, walking now at a week and a half out. You're videos are appreciated as I need to get back on restoring my (#4) old log cabin, ASAP.
David P.
David P. 17 dager siden
i hope the hole didn't pinch your ass fat
Pete Chamlee
Pete Chamlee 18 dager siden
Cody, my brother, I'd watch a video of you cleaning your fingernails. No appologies necessary, Pal. Keep 'em coming! 🤠
Soy Sauce
Soy Sauce 18 dager siden
7:05 Seen Kyle!
Ken Wood
Ken Wood 19 dager siden
Your doing great brother
woodworker Royer
woodworker Royer 20 dager siden
I just want to say that I LOVE this type of content! Fixing or building or organizing, I dont care. As long as it is not political, I'm fine. (I get enough political stuff at my liberal school to last several lifetimes!)
woodworker Royer
woodworker Royer 20 dager siden
6:18 what brand is the yellow tool chest? The one with drawers, not the DeWalt ones?
Juze81 20 dager siden
some image at the top left has been edited in that video :D 7:06 onwards
Christopher Trimble
Christopher Trimble 20 dager siden
always insulate your metal buildings if your going to be in there more than a few minutes. Also stay away from spray foam. It doesn’t expand and contract like the building does along with damaging your panels coating.
Dennis Google
Dennis Google 20 dager siden
I appreciate all your video's and the time you put in, i wish you all best of luck and thust that all your hard work pays off
RedbeardMountainMan 20 dager siden
Your content is just fine and some of this stuff has been so valuable for me. Screw those people.
Dan Wheeler
Dan Wheeler 20 dager siden
God is good and will provide i'm also building a homestead as i can afford it until my house sells then full time at it also have a YT channel so i know what it takes God bless and keep on keeping on (east coast)
carter clemmons
carter clemmons 20 dager siden
Great videos man, your such an inspiration to a 19 year old kid trying to learn some cool stuff. Thanks for the lessons
thoms_here 20 dager siden
Thank you for even mentioning your faith in God, hardly anyone does anymore it seems. Every time I have been at a complete low in my life under seemingly insurmountable odds of a good outcome , I ask God to intercede and help me and I have been helped every single time. May God Bess all of you...
Andrew Rankin
Andrew Rankin 20 dager siden
Love the content! Thanks Cody! Take care of yourself and your family!
DaveWaterdish 21 dag siden
I like this content. I currently live in a town home but grew up more in a country setting. I dream about having a property like this to some degree. So I’m always visualizing how I would lay things out and plan a shop/house/land. Keep it up!
Angela S
Angela S 21 dag siden
Life is good, content is just that.
Michael Sherman Gardening, woodworking and more.
Michael Sherman Gardening, woodworking and more. 21 dag siden
Hey, how’s the shoulder?! Seems much better.
Michael Sherman Gardening, woodworking and more.
Michael Sherman Gardening, woodworking and more. 21 dag siden
Love the photo “hanging “ in the shop!! Innocent I say!!
Shakdi Dagalimal
Shakdi Dagalimal 21 dag siden
That's all great what a load. Hope you guys are enjoying some good meals and a bit of fun.
Daniel Hutto
Daniel Hutto 21 dag siden
Who is the picture of in the upper left of the video? It looks out of place.
sean peterson
sean peterson 21 dag siden
I’d like to see a brake job on that forklift someday
Jonathen Sackman
Jonathen Sackman 21 dag siden
DON'T SWEAT THE CONTENT! You're doing what you feel is right. And you're doing it right! Good on ya! Do it so it's yours. Don't fret about what the comments are ripping on you about! God bless Cody!
Gary H
Gary H 21 dag siden
God always comes through, as long as you are in line with His will.
Marvin Ferdig
Marvin Ferdig 21 dag siden
To those who want what they want when they want it... Patience grasshopper! Keep on keeping on ignore the idiots.
rdillon517 22 dager siden
Your content is fine.. Complainers are gonna complain
Kastan Maness
Kastan Maness 22 dager siden
I'm enjoying the updates and day to day life videos. Please keep them coming. When project videos come, they'll come.
samuel hancock
samuel hancock 22 dager siden
i am enjoying this series cause i am in the middle of the same. please share more detail and though process behind your ideas/ actions. i truly appreciate it.
Matthew Reiber
Matthew Reiber 22 dager siden
No offense to the normal content because I like it, but I like this stuff more!
lan Regnier
lan Regnier 22 dager siden
I'm enjoying the new adventure.
apollo robb
apollo robb 22 dager siden
Dont pay attention to the whiney cupcakes. Keep on doing what your doing. Its your life and were along for the ride.
John Anderson
John Anderson 22 dager siden
The steel building add-on will be the most ideal option given what you already have to start with! Shops looking great inside!!! Keep up the infrastructure logistics!!
Chippewa 22 dager siden
Its like how a momma cockroach lays her egg.
dhl954 22 dager siden
Be careful getting to know the lay of the land.
Timothy Gleeson
Timothy Gleeson 22 dager siden
Keep on keeping on, Mr W; loving every aspect of the "real world" time frames
Joshua Gurley
Joshua Gurley 22 dager siden
Your doing an amazing job Cody . Keep it up sir and you and your family are in my prayers. I normally don’t comment ,but I’ve recently lost a very close loved one. So I just wanted you to know hanging out with you adds a little peace to my days. Thank you and God bless
Dylan Petronzio
Dylan Petronzio 22 dager siden
It would be nice if he put a car lift in for easier repairs
jim ohlert
jim ohlert 22 dager siden
Love the content, love the how to set up a work space. Thats how you learn or get different ideas. Keep doing whats good for you. Thanks for putting out constant content.
Joe Brown
Joe Brown 22 dager siden
No problem Cody, take your time & do it right. Enjoyable to be with you. God Bless all.
John Hopkins
John Hopkins 22 dager siden
I thought the content has been the same - entertaining. People are weird - get over it.
LadyFisher12 22 dager siden
I am a recent new subscriber to your channel and have been absolutely fascinated by the skills you have obtained in life. It is a pleasure to watch you, Mrs W and the family on your journey. You are all very blessed!
Austin Buechele
Austin Buechele 23 dager siden
I love the content keep doin what your doin I wanna see what it takes to make a homestead
Dan Gunnarsson
Dan Gunnarsson 23 dager siden
Put in a sliding door, that could go behind a shelf. And so that a forklift with load sidesways to enter soo at least 250cm wide, just make it 3000mm to have some protection from driving into the sides. Or I can translate this to 10feet if You wish. 😊
Arkansas Pilgrim
Arkansas Pilgrim 23 dager siden
I skimmed through the comments, and I couldn't find anyone whining and b***hing about the "clickbait" title. Man, the country IS in chaos, isn't it? ;o)
Arkansas Pilgrim
Arkansas Pilgrim 23 dager siden
You've always just shown us whatever you happen to be doing. Keep on doing that.
Arkansas Pilgrim
Arkansas Pilgrim 23 dager siden
Going with the steel makes sense. However, wood pole barns can keep things dry and warm, too. They just have to be insulated like your current building is. If your building didn't have that insulation, you'd get condensation on the steel inside, and have the same problems you had in your old pole barn. What you have now is just a pole barn with steel poles anyway.
TehAldolase 23 dager siden
I've not really complained, but what I can say is I doubt the complainers are complaining about the new shop set up etc. The content has dramatically changed prior to this whole move and I believe your content has recently gotten back to closer to how it used to be. You have to do what you have to do, but between the content, clickbait-y titles, flat billed hats, and "sponsored" content I haven't been watching near as much. Your new tractor is wonderful and I am glad for you, but I would rather see you buy a $800 ford 9N and rip the thing apart and rebuild it even if you just put a wranglerstar mark on it and auction it off. Timber framing/Wood working? Your last box was held together with pocket holes. I still check in from time to time in hopes of finding "better" content.
Gregory Jon.
Gregory Jon. 23 dager siden
You videos are great.😎👍👍
David Gambrel
David Gambrel 23 dager siden
Current videos are fine. Don't doubt yourself I am learning them.
wildagain 23 dager siden
This setup content is really interesting because you’ve reinventing what you had in a better way in the new place, don’t worry about people wanting something else
mwgarrett1981 23 dager siden
Love the content, Cody. Thanks for taking us along for the ride!
Randy Medors
Randy Medors 23 dager siden
Cody, first off thanks for producing the content you do. Most of the time it is enjoyable. One thing from an ol' MId west guy to an ol' North Western Guy, don't necessarily turn down the free help. As you may know but just as easily forget, God works most through agents. Who are the agents? Usually other people, humans, other flawed human beings. So just check your being too proud to accept help where possible. I know us men look forward to stress and doing things the way we feel it aught to be done. God doesn't always see that in the same way. Yes God provides, however if you don't see or accept the help he is providing, is it his fault your yours? Just sayin'. Stay good and proper and stay safe. Praying for you and yours.
Ben Vehikite
Ben Vehikite 23 dager siden
I am more excited than ever with your channel. Keep pressing forward!!
Rob Chinchilla
Rob Chinchilla 23 dager siden
In the end, we are all going through these times of change together, the good the bad and the liberal.... Afterall we are not watching Disney channel, this is some guy making videos about his life and thing we like to watch.. I watch from another country and if we were neighbours we'd be mates; and we all have time for our mates..
brickyard450 23 dager siden
God will provide!
Roca89 23 dager siden
what the hell ?? who complains about it ??? this is what your channel has always been about !! when you were clearing the land in the mountain homestead was what got me started
Littleacres 23 dager siden
Keep up the good work. Thanks
jp787 23 dager siden
Honored that you support Kyle.
Nicholas Jackson
Nicholas Jackson 23 dager siden
Cool pic insert. Made me snap a screen shot so I could zoom in on it.😀
David Gustafson
David Gustafson 23 dager siden
Take your time, I'll still be here watching them ALL!!!!
Bryan Morgan
Bryan Morgan 23 dager siden
Two containers with one of those metal roof kits for them. Lots of shops in Alaska made that way.
bigjohn6458 23 dager siden
The potential for this property is off the charts, I'm excited for this journey.
GOTTshua 23 dager siden
I would put radiant floor heat in the new addition and make the old side the unheated side. Warm feet are nice.
Paul Mark Moffat
Paul Mark Moffat 24 dager siden
EC Home & Garden
EC Home & Garden 24 dager siden
Thanks for the videos, the vlogs are nice to watch
Anthony Wilson
Anthony Wilson 24 dager siden
Things take time mate. I'm loving your recent content. Thank you!
alan H
alan H 24 dager siden
No Apology Necessary . You keep on the plan you have set for your family. The new property looks fabulous.
Erick 24 dager siden
Beautiful denim, I recognize the Iron heart quality.
Ashitaka1110 24 dager siden
Some folks are nuts. This is really once-in-a-lifetime kind of content. How often are you going to move into a new place and set it all up? Good grief.
Jack Carr
Jack Carr 24 dager siden
No complaints here. Kenosha Kid portrait is a very nice.
WIO2189 24 dager siden
You owe us nothing. I really like that the content is very diverse and surprising sometimes. Also I appreciate you taking a stance re Kyle.
Richard Markinco
Richard Markinco 24 dager siden
What was the picture frame in the last scene?
Ferguson Land Management & Welding, LLC
Ferguson Land Management & Welding, LLC 24 dager siden
Who is that picture or painting on the wall over your shoulder of?
Ferguson Land Management & Welding, LLC
Ferguson Land Management & Welding, LLC 24 dager siden
There is a photo of someone or a painting that is on the wall over where the French cleating wall. It looks almost imposed into tge video.
Wranglerstar 24 dager siden
What picture?
Damian Sansom
Damian Sansom 24 dager siden
for that door you want to put in between the two shops why don't you just but up another garage door ?
Jackal_v01 24 dager siden
Never mind the schmucks complaining. I'm enjoying what you're doing as always.
Ed Word
Ed Word 24 dager siden
Hey Cody, its enjoyable to watch you on this next phase of your journey in life. I have been an avid watcher/subscriber for years and have always watched, learned and been entertained by all of your content! You have a great way of viewing the world and it is nice to follow someone who has like minded God and family morals! Keep up the great content sir. Thanks for years of enjoyment!
Adam B
Adam B 24 dager siden
My favorite type of content from wranglerstar! As a Rock Coast guy (Colorado) I appreciate this!
J L 24 dager siden
Absolutely love the content and I completely understand and am with you in being patient. People need to relax and know you just moved your entire life and now need to set up before getting back to the grind. But thank you for giving us what you can while you get your family and shop up and running!!
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