Can You Shoot Down Drones Over Your Home?

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Emo in the 2020s
Emo in the 2020s 2 dager siden
You need a guard in front of you property to watch cars passing by.
Ted 5 dager siden
The guy might work for Spot & Steal. Never thought about drones being used for that, but it is possible
Britney Rock Crawford
Britney Rock Crawford 6 dager siden
Never show without an invite. If you do, your inviting gunshots.
no juan
no juan 9 dager siden
what i have done in the past with clients who want to buy property overseas is to "hire" an amateur drone pilot to look at the property to get an unbiased view of said property not saying that's whats happening here but it could be, in any even enjoy the new property!
D Cez
D Cez 10 dager siden
Possibly a criminal using the drone to prospect remote homes in your area for burglary opportunities.. On the other hand, there could be an even more sinister motive. You are a public figure because of your YT channel and known for your pro-freedom and pro-American opinions. You live in Oregon, the same state as Portland aka antifa central.
raasco1 11 dager siden
My .30-06 could take it at about 500 yards :)
Christopher Collins
Christopher Collins 12 dager siden
Yes yes and hell yes you can shoot down a drone over your property if it's under 50 feet with your 870😆
Dennis Penn
Dennis Penn 12 dager siden
a drone doesn't have to be directly over your house to spy on you. With good optics, It could be miles out , and still get what they need.
ea67nova 16 dager siden
Was he illegal???
JJ Bonneville
JJ Bonneville 18 dager siden
Federal law says anything coming across a property line- like a tree-can be cut off. Some states vary- but between 500 and 2,000 feet you "OWN" airspace within your property. Please ask local county clerk in your area. One time I had a drone hover near my kitchen window--- so opened window- shot it down with a shotgun. reported it; they came and got the drone parts. I own mineral rights- I also own Airspace; I learned. They left with the drone parts. Never heard anything back-after 2 years. Possible invasion of privacy; 2 year's now; nothing.... nobody ever complained. Learned a lot! Now consider drones as target practice!! Not worried anymore about it..PS -Not a drone since!
bonnie sibanda
bonnie sibanda 20 dager siden
This bible text came to my mind fear not ye little flocl lo im with you to the very end , this is Jesus talking to us he knew we would come to such times that are very discouraging and not knowing what to do but believe me God sends his angelic hosts to look after his own . We pray psalms 91 over you and your family in Jesus mighty name amen ., God bless and stay blessed praying for you my brother daily from today onwards
dynamite650 21 dag siden
I would have the same attitude towards this guy. It is a invasion of privacy. I think you handled yourself very well.
mach e
mach e 21 dag siden
Hopefully you're not illegal? Hmmmm sounds a bit racist.
Timothy Nelson
Timothy Nelson 23 dager siden
Possibly a criminal making a plan with the drone footage.
Robert E. Sipes
Robert E. Sipes 24 dager siden
Just knock the drone out in a way they can't prove you did it. Yes you overreacted. You should not have even made this video, much less posted it.
Jeep Rubicon
Jeep Rubicon 24 dager siden
I would have shot at it if it was over my property, period!
Bal Loney
Bal Loney 24 dager siden
maybe the pervert is looking for a naked human being that would satisfy his horniness
The Geoff
The Geoff 25 dager siden
Most American video title ever!
Chandler Wiggington
Chandler Wiggington 25 dager siden
I shot down a neighbors 1200$ drone over my house at about 200 feet elevation. Police told me I could make his life hell for a short while if I pushed it or I could let him be out 1200$ and call it a day.
david rouse
david rouse 26 dager siden
Just looking for pot grows to raid in October (when the buds reach maturity) given how liberal the laws are up there.
Shamus Leary
Shamus Leary 27 dager siden
That was a poor decision to chase him down and engage him that way. That is a good way to get into a fight/shootout and end up in prison or getting killed. Your best bet would have been to fly your drone after him from your property and get his license that way. Getting into a fight or chasing someone down serves no purpose and in that case you are the one that is at fault for instigating the situation even if he flew a drone over your place.
abc 28 dager siden
If you're going to title your video, you should answer the question it poses.
Brayden Siders
Brayden Siders 29 dager siden
I would’ve popped his tire
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza 29 dager siden
Technically you can't. It would be destruction of property. Not that I necessarily agree with it, but the law as it stands today, you have no reasonable expectations to privacy in any area that can be viewed from a public space. If he'd used the drone to peer into a window or the like, then you'd be justified in reporting it to the police as that would be crossing the line in terms of your right to privacy. The government flies surveillance devices over you all the time and look at more than this guy does. It comes down to where you have a reasonable expectation to privacy. While the property may be designated as yours the air above it isn't. Now if you'd been cleaning your smooth barreled shotgun because it has no rifling ballistics, and while cleaning said rifle, you accidentally downed it.....allegedly because you don't recall, that would be different. The law is all about wording and perspective
Elijah Pettay
Elijah Pettay 29 dager siden
Report to ffa lol
Hiram Ramos
Hiram Ramos 29 dager siden
Bear Man
Bear Man Måned siden
Hate to tell ya you don't own the air space the FAA does...... Check out 18 U.S.C. 32.....
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza 29 dager siden
Actually the FAA doesn't own anything. They're a government agency and as such they can't own anything on behalf of their own accounts. They can control or govern what moves in the airspace above the united states, but they don't own anything. The other thing is the FAA only controls the airspace above 401 feet. Anything below that they have no jurisdiction.
dyer2cycle Måned siden
.."you wanted to talk to him"...I would have been cursing him out and calling him all manner of indescribable names...
Ron Legato
Ron Legato Måned siden
Yes, one can shoot down a drone with the proper tools. Should one shoot down the drone? Maybe not, but I would...
Dennis Hannon
Dennis Hannon Måned siden
Should have shot it down bro.
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza 29 dager siden
While lawfully he's not supposed to, I have to agree, I probably would have shot it down as well. Hypothetically cleaning a smooth barrel rifle with no traceable rifling ballistics, the weapon may discharge allegedly and down it mistakenly but you can't speak to it because you don't recall and no one can testify with any lawful authority as to your recollection of events......allegedly hypothetically
Mb R
Mb R Måned siden
he was casing your house and property for future to rob/steal
Matthew M
Matthew M Måned siden
Good job! You really told him!
Art Connolly
Art Connolly Måned siden
I fly RC helicopters and I was told you must stay under 400ft and that's its highly illegal to go "above" that height. Just a heads up brother.
Sitges Villa Apartment
Sitges Villa Apartment Måned siden
Well you've shown your true colours, "something terrible could happen" Intention of threats , who do you think you are ??? A person drives past your house and something terrible could happen???
Jayyy667 23 dager siden
Come down to the south and find out
Al Jamison
Al Jamison Måned siden
I do not think you are out of line at all.
Palmer Organic Farms
Palmer Organic Farms Måned siden
You're going to have extra trouble when you have a NOpost channel..
MaryandDale Davidson
MaryandDale Davidson Måned siden
Could the drone operator be considered a peeping tom? If children are about could child endangerment be considered? Also if you are outside shooting, who is to say what was an accident? Those pellets can get everywhere.
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza 29 dager siden
You see, you get it. Legally he has no claim to the airspace above his property. Hypothetically cleaning a smooth barrel rifle with no traceable rifling ballistics, the weapon may discharge allegedly and down it mistakenly but you can't speak to it because you don't recall and no one can testify with any lawful authority as to your recollection of events......allegedly hypothetically
Allen Callender
Allen Callender Måned siden
Checking out the layout before the burglary or stalking one of your family members.
g dog
g dog Måned siden
Stay safe and protect your family!
Pammie Doodle
Pammie Doodle Måned siden
I don’t blame you one bit! Was he looking to see where everything was and what was there in order to steal it when no one was around?!😡 I’d shoot one down in a heartbeat👍🏼
Rik Williams
Rik Williams Måned siden
"Maybe he didn't know who I was" ...a Utoob Wankstar. The guy was probably just curious, not everything is a conspiracy against you dude lol!
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza 29 dager siden
@Palmer Organic Farms he has no lawful or legal claim to airspace above his property. The government flies drones and other surveillance devices over people's property all the time. As long as the device wasn't used to peer into a window or X-ray into his home where there is covering, then you have no reasonable expectation to privacy. The FAA controls everything above 400 feet. He owns the land and the house, not the airspace because lawfully no one can deed airspace to him
Palmer Organic Farms
Palmer Organic Farms Måned siden
It's about privacy, as a land owner.
cody grant
cody grant Måned siden
High profile people? Lmaooo
Mike Themike
Mike Themike Måned siden
Shotgun works.
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza 29 dager siden
Hypothetically cleaning a smooth barrel rifle with no traceable rifling ballistics, the weapon may discharge allegedly and down it mistakenly but you can't speak to it because you don't recall and no one can testify with any lawful authority as to your recollection of events......allegedly hypothetically
Dallas More
Dallas More Måned siden
Its only illegal if you get caught
creeperhead XD
creeperhead XD Måned siden
I'd love to have an invitation to come meet you!!
scout Måned siden
I'd call the police and report him.
905tombstone Måned siden
I think you handled it just perfect. Me personally I would of handled emotionally and that's never good
Manuel Ortiz
Manuel Ortiz Måned siden
Well u never gave an answer to the question to the title of the video.
gutt wretch
gutt wretch Måned siden
Archery or crossbow arrow with a trailing streamer made of flexible steel leader will bring down those things and [barring camera footage] they won,t have evidence that you shot it down. Except on approach to and takeoff from a permitted airport manned aircraft are required to maintain 700 feet between occupied buildings and themselves. I,m sure there are similar regulations pertaining to unmanned air craft as well.
Jim Måned siden
Sorry, if he was flying above your tree tops he has every right to fly over your house and private property. The FAA maintains that they control ALL powered flight rules from ground level up. And unless he was committing another crime like peeping Tom he was doing nothing illegal. And to be specific it is always a federal crime to shoot at, interfere with, or knock a drone or any other aircraft (yes, they are legally aircraft) out of the sky. And going up to him and intimidating him could land you in legal trouble. And, the 400 ft ceiling is the highest he can fly, not the minimum he has to fly. He broke no laws and owes no explanation. If you WERE a drone pilot you would know this.
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza 29 dager siden
FAA controls everything from 401 feet up. but you're right he has no reasonable expectation of privacy from something in the airspace above his land.
24bidy Måned siden
lol who you think you are some guy from YT lol
Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers Måned siden
Shoot it down.
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza 29 dager siden
No not shoot it down. That would be illegal. Hypothetically cleaning a smooth barrel rifle with no traceable rifling ballistics, the weapon may discharge allegedly and down it mistakenly but you can't speak to it because you don't recall and no one can testify with any lawful authority as to your recollection of events......allegedly hypothetically
David Kuznetsov
David Kuznetsov Måned siden
I think you harassed him enough to think twice or 3 times before invading peoples privacy thank you
gamer Bossman
gamer Bossman Måned siden
You have the right to shoot the drone out of the sky it's flying over your property
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza 29 dager siden
No you don't have that right. But.... Hypothetically cleaning a smooth barrel rifle with no traceable rifling ballistics, the weapon may discharge allegedly and down it mistakenly but you can't speak to it because you don't recall and no one can testify with any lawful authority as to your recollection of events......allegedly hypothetically. That's a different story
Roundawg Måned siden
Do you think you take yourself too seriously?
Delta David
Delta David Måned siden
If you didn’t shoot anybody, you’re not over reacting.
Roxann Bowker
Roxann Bowker Måned siden
Never over reacting When you have children You did the right thing
PyromediaOFFICIAL Måned siden
I'd say you should invest in active security! Motion sensor cameras and lights perimeter, and some hound dogs would do nicely for any homesteader with as much online exposure as you
Joe Walker
Joe Walker Måned siden
If you have a part 107 license, you would know they can fly over your house. The fact you were armed further agitates the situation and proves you had no fear of their motivation. Shooting a registered drone is the same a shooting at a registered aircraft. Punishable by prison and fines. I don't agree with people flying over houses but it is legal.
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza 29 dager siden
Finally someone who knows the law.
Robert Osban
Robert Osban Måned siden
He was scanning to rip you off
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza 29 dager siden
You don't know that and in court you wouldn't be able to say that as justification because you'd be testifying to someone else's intentions.
JDP Måned siden
He drove away. He went his separate way. You went your separate way. And that was basically it. Absolutely nothing is going to come of this unless you have video of the drove and can positively link it back to the operator. Even then probably nothing will happen. I doubt the guy will return and it's likely not the first encounter he's had. Although drones are becoming problematic they cannot legally be shot down. The FAA considers them aircraft no matter what local laws are in place, Title 18 of the United States Code 32. The FAA is the final authority over all airspace above ground level. I understand your frustration. Good video. Thank you.
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza 29 dager siden
@samboheena Hypothetically cleaning a smooth barrel rifle with no traceable rifling ballistics, the weapon may discharge allegedly and down it mistakenly but you can't speak to it because you don't recall and no one can testify with any lawful authority as to your recollection of events......allegedly hypothetically
samboheena Måned siden
So how low can it go legally? There are also laws against aircraft flying too low. If a drone "flies" at 5' off the ground, I'll just grab it out of its "airspace" and deposit it into the dumpster.
norm graham
norm graham Måned siden
Drones and clay pigeons make a nice sport.
Jack Rains
Jack Rains Måned siden
A man's home is his castle you have every rite to protect and defend home and family
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza 29 dager siden
He has a right to defend his home, but the air space above his home isn't his property
Paul Burchstead
Paul Burchstead Måned siden
I live in a rural area and have barns and storage buildings and I've had a lot of things stolen over the years. Often it takes a long time to notice something is missing and figure out that it's been stolen, not just misplaced. Usually, you suspect it's someone you let onto your property to do some work. I've never seen a drone flying around, but I suspect your drone guy was looking for something to steal.
D D Måned siden
Legally? ABSOLUTELY NOT! The drone is regulated by the FAA whilst in US airspace and it is someone's personal property. You have no right to destroy it and will be a court case waiting to happen if you do. If you feel the operator of the drone is breaking the law by flying within 50m of your property without your permission then call the police. It does sound very dodgy - he may have been scouting your property. You should have asked to see the footage - if it was just landscapes and the mountain then you could have apologised to pilot and moved on but if it showed pictures of your home... I would have called the police with his licence number there and then!
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza 29 dager siden
@Alan d'Eon lol.
Alan d'Eon
Alan d'Eon Måned siden
If I own 10 acres and there's a drone within those limits I'm shooting it down and burying it out back beside ..... oh.... nevermind..
Iname Kareem
Iname Kareem Måned siden
body swap
Fred Scott
Fred Scott Måned siden
so you really fly drones thats cool.
Eric Thacker
Eric Thacker Måned siden
I had one flying over my house probably 100ft ran to get shot gun he was gone, maybe next time.
Rick Moss
Rick Moss Måned siden
He got off easier than he would have, had it been my house. He WOULD have told me...well, I am not gonna sit here and type away what I would have done like a lot of these Internet tough guy keyboard commandos...but I would not have been happy handled it more harmoniously than I would have. Take care brother.
Connor Hughes
Connor Hughes Måned siden
this is utterly disgusting.
Lisa Richards
Lisa Richards Måned siden
WTH? Keep on keeping on. Lol
surfer23505 Måned siden
I mean if I was a guy that was innocently just flying my drone and not up to anything bad and all the sudden a dude rolls up in his side by side with his shotgun in the middle of nowhere trying to get me to pull over, I doubt I would pull over either. You don't know him and he doesn't know you, to him you were some crazy dude with a gun.
Nolyplayz Måned siden
I don’t think you over reacted because he was running from you
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza 29 dager siden
Running isn't a crime nor is it admission or guilt of a crime. People usually run because they're afraid of what they're running from. You're telling yourself this to justify what you want to do but also know the thing you want to do is wrong. So you'll tell yourself something to make the action ok. Lawfully or legally he has no claim on the airspace above his property
Cory Jeffreys
Cory Jeffreys Måned siden
God bless you too and call the cops
Cory Jeffreys
Cory Jeffreys Måned siden
only one thing bud you need to be careful you married? you have kids? if they had a weapon. I don't know you but you are liked cause well I like ya I been watching your videos.
Cory Jeffreys
Cory Jeffreys Måned siden
Wow, I fly drones and I'm not licensed yet but I plan on taking my 107 and because of people like that is why it makes everybody look bad.
Geter Dunn
Geter Dunn Måned siden
It's inappropriate to spy on people on private property. It's important and wise that you called this trespasser out. If we don't have boundaries people would be spying each other and privacy would be a thing of the past. Especially out in rural areas, that's just complete horse sheeite. He should be ticketed and have to pay a fine.
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza 29 dager siden
If he wasn't on his property then he's not trespassing. Flying a drone over someone's property, while I agree isn't cool, it isn't illegal to do. You have no reasonable expectation to privacy if what you're doing can be seen. If he's used the drone to peer into his home or flew it into his home, he'd have every right to destroy it.
Cory Jeffreys
Cory Jeffreys Måned siden
yes with a net gun
Andrew Bartram
Andrew Bartram Måned siden
You responded inappropriately.
Jerald Heron
Jerald Heron Måned siden
Don't matter over my house the drones are fare game.
Dave Ruston
Dave Ruston Måned siden
Sounds like he might have been "shopping"
dennis mindock
dennis mindock Måned siden
You were a lot nicer then I would have been. I tend to over react. And with everything going on in your neck of the woods. You have every right to feel threatened. Especially since you don’t live in the city. To bad net guns can’t reach out past 30-40ft. But a paint ball gun might be useful as your not destroying his property
shaktirod Måned siden
He was casing the joint
Cody I
Cody I Måned siden
Someone needs to make EMP shotgun shells, then youre not shooting it down, it just hit some interference and got disabled, not your fault.
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza 29 dager siden
That wouldn't hold up in court. Shooting something down doesn't mean only using a projectile based device. If you use anything in the form of a device or process that results in the failure of the targeted device, you're liable. That would be like if someone was to use a radio-wave based device to disrupt someone's pace maker and they die. You're liable
Casey Bieker
Casey Bieker Måned siden
You say your a drone pilot and you do it for a living but do you have your Part 107? Hope so since you use it in furtherance of a business. So many NOpostrs don’t and it’s just a matter of time until it’s a problem. The guy flying over your house is more of an ethical problem than a legal one, I recently re-upped my part 107 license and nowhere does it say you have to be a certain elevation to fly over a house, just not over 400 AGL. You might have a local case if you can prove he violated your right to privacy but he violated no federal laws. Was it Would you have been in some hot water with the FAA if you shot the drone down....most likely. So I’m not sure road raging on country roads is a safe and or appropriate response.
Thomas Jefferstein
Thomas Jefferstein Måned siden
Can you shoot down a drone flying over your house? Idk, depends on how good of a shot you are, I guess. If it doesn't hold still for you you'll probably need a shotgun. Hope this helps. Cheers
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza 29 dager siden
two words......shot gun. Allegedly
Heavy music Tunes
Heavy music Tunes Måned siden
You handled that brilliantly!! That’s rt don’t take that Guff!!!
AZStarYT Måned siden
There may be statutes against it, but you'd better do it anyway.
Slaughtermelon Måned siden
In hindsight he may have ben doing recon for these antifa fire sites.
elaine prairie
elaine prairie Måned siden
Have no fear, Trust God, He won't leave you to the wolves. Remember that your possessions are not really yours, they are the Lord's. Protect your family with prayer, and let God work.
Greg Savant
Greg Savant Måned siden
I sure can!!!
Muddyh2o2 Init
Muddyh2o2 Init Måned siden
You’re totally right!
Nick Grammatico
Nick Grammatico Måned siden
So answer the question you pose, “Can you shoot down a drone under 400 ft ceiling “?
mudd hog
mudd hog Måned siden
he was looking for something to steal
Yougottab Kidding
Yougottab Kidding Måned siden
Guy fled because he knew he was in the wrong. You, by being proactive and confronting him, did the best thing for you and your family. If his intentions were bad, he now knows you and the authorities will look hard at him.
marty noel
marty noel Måned siden
This is why God created 870's...shoot it down!
Cristian Mercado
Cristian Mercado Måned siden
Shoot drones first apologise latter. Had something similar happen at night about 3 months ago.. Called the cops, drone was flying about 1:30 in then am buzzing several houses in my area. Went out side when I heard the chime like a blue tooth shutting down. Found a drone the next day caught in some blackberry's. The next day cops came by again and got the drone haven't seen heard anything since. Think a might have seen the guys down by the freeway inside an old rest stop about 350-450 ft off the back off our property. Not sure if was them But I had my dogs, my SRB and perimeter lights turned after hearing that noise. I'm pretty sure who was ever down there saw me. I'm retired military and so are my neighbors on either side. No problems since. Only reason from was in one piece couldnt get a clear shot on it. It buzed my minor daughter window on the 3rd floor.
Cristian Mercado
Cristian Mercado Måned siden
I would have called the sheriff while I had him stopped. And gone from there. Something not right. Might have been a squatter with your place up for sale checking to see if it was empty. Either that or a really stupid thief, not many other reasons.
Jason Wooler
Jason Wooler Måned siden
So I'm an ex-subscriber and I still see the odd clip in my feed hence why I clicked to watch some of it. The paranoia displayed in this clip is the reason I unsubscribed as I cannot relate to this. The mindset of this guy is one of wild paranoia and mild fear of strangers, maybe its legit because of previous encounters, maybe its a result of fear mongering on TV and youtube, but its worrying thats this maybe now normal behaviour for many people living in the States.
scott12black Måned siden
Were his wife and kids with him in the van? The anger is understandable. However if you're acting to protect your family don't take your family on chases of potentially violent people.
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