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Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading

Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas Dag siden
Hold my beer and watch this.....
D Person
D Person 15 dager siden
Out East here we do that with invisions of that old 3 Finger Jor CAT safety video playing in the back of heads. Lol
boogie banana
boogie banana 19 dager siden
if only you had en even bigger forklift so you could use the forklift to lift the forklift onto the trailer but then your problem would be getting the other forklift they used to fork the forklift onto the trailer back onto its own trailer Yes I purposely made that confusing
Guy Walter
Guy Walter 23 dager siden
If you took the tires off the trailer to load the fork lift-how would you put them back on?
Kaleb Crafts
Kaleb Crafts Måned siden
How bout midwest, in the lake coast? Haha
P. Hills
P. Hills Måned siden
And this is why we have a safety meeting
Random Entity
Random Entity Måned siden
As an "East coast guy" I'd have fixed the brakes first, or used a winch to lower it off the trailer.
Bill H
Bill H Måned siden
No seatbelt???? A way to die a horrible death!
Milton Kelley
Milton Kelley Måned siden
East coast guy wondered why are they not raising the bed when they were loading it! 🤔
Itsme Måned siden
lol please make sure you nail the trailer weight distribution
Itsme Måned siden
lol should have known a forklift is like, 3 tons bruh
TheObSeRvErTheObSeRv Måned siden
did yah have to change your PANTS!
cayenneorchid Måned siden
That was terrifying
Mohsen Heravi
Mohsen Heravi Måned siden
11:57 ..... How to kill a friend. Was that the only way to do that? DO NOT DO WHAT YOU SAW HERE, it was an unsuccessful attempt to murder.
Josh Måned siden
If Andrew Camarata has taught me anything it's that any self respecting man needs a skid steer with a forklift attachment
Richard Edward
Richard Edward Måned siden
I admire your tenacity but picking up borrowed trailers then possibly taking off wheels of trailer jacking up. That must of taken hours! Bro 650 was a bargain
Dennis Booth
Dennis Booth Måned siden
Always hating on east coast 🙄 come on over here and I’ll show you what real men are
B Woden
B Woden Måned siden
In the South we would have said "hold my Coke and watch this"!
number1hinesfeet Måned siden
Probably 6,000 lbs or more
Brandon Sylvester
Brandon Sylvester Måned siden
Should try to keep the counter weight of the forklift over the trailer axels.
Brandon Sylvester
Brandon Sylvester Måned siden
East coast guy here too
noneyo business
noneyo business Måned siden
So many know it all do-nothings in the comments.
Matthew Ferguson
Matthew Ferguson Måned siden
East coast guys would have fixed the brakes before loading it.
tvalle5000 Måned siden
Why not use a winch
Ken Adams
Ken Adams Måned siden
tilt the dump bed trailer.
Andrew Scharbarth
Andrew Scharbarth Måned siden
This right here is why if I ever did any homesteading I'd put a loading dock on my workshop. I've seen forklifts break semi trailers in half with a heavy pallet. You've got a tractor, shoulda just dug a pit to back the trailer into. Throw a sheet of steel down over the gap and drive the forklift on.
Kyle Mosso
Kyle Mosso Måned siden
East Coast guy would have put the heavy load over the dual axles.
Lonnie Burkett
Lonnie Burkett Måned siden
Very Ignorant with a statement like you made! Don't be cocky and think you know everything because obviously you don't or you would have breaks on your forklift. Double chain binding the same chain,, "only a west coaster would do that" Not knowing the trailer tilts, Who's the dummy now?
6% New God
6% New God Måned siden
That was sketchy
Dave Marques
Dave Marques Måned siden
East coast engineer who worked in a warehouse for one summer knows a forklift usually weighs about 2 x its capacity. Love the channel!
RAH Capital
RAH Capital Måned siden
11:55 I will catch it if it gets out control!!
thetrevster14 Måned siden
Out of curiosity, what are all three of the satellite dishes on the barn? Three different hughesnet connections for something?
TOM KEPPLER Måned siden
Don't lift the tongue Jack lift the dump alot easier and safer
Michael Horner
Michael Horner Måned siden
It's all about the angle of the dangle :) cool video !
Eric Lacasse
Eric Lacasse Måned siden
Edward Toyebo
Edward Toyebo Måned siden
Reminds me of that scene from Sorcerer. Roy Scheider drives one of two trucks over a rickety rope bridge while a storm rages. Same kind of scary.
Ramjet Måned siden
East Coast guy here who lived in Oregon for 10 years and did that kinda work for longer. Um, gotta agree with Demon on hydraulics....Dump trailer, right? Just joking, of course. Like watching your videos, since I can't do that work any more. And, I lean left, but funny how much I agree with you and general approach to work and life. If I were nearby, I'd help you in some way with the new school you talked about. Good luck.
kloneo Måned siden
just reverse the equipment trailer so the angle is downhill.
Kevin Bryan
Kevin Bryan Måned siden
East coast guy would have used a winch to get it on the trailer.
s Buzz
s Buzz Måned siden
great help need more Jeriah s/ beautiful stacking/ thinks ahead -a great friend .
DAVE WICKMAN Måned siden
You are right to be weary of forklifts I have a good friend that she lost a leg due to one :(
Douglas Bernick
Douglas Bernick Måned siden
I watch a lot of OSHA videos and I’m sure glad you weren’t in one of them LOL
ProHortiCo Måned siden
My goodness... don’t stand in front of a damn forklift like that! So many things about this video that make you go hmmm 🤨 🤔
ProHortiCo Måned siden
Why the heck did you not just use the hydraulic dump box instead of raising the jack like that?!? You could have just lowered the deck hydraulics quickly instead of trying to block the wheels to keep it from rolling...
j alspach
j alspach Måned siden
11:18 the forks, the forks! THE FORKS! Cheese 'n Crackers! Sheesh! For a meticulously prepared OCD mind, into the minutiae of everything, sometimes he does the goofiest myopic chit.
Some Guy
Some Guy Måned siden
I'd have been tempted to form up and pour a concrete ramp to take that forklift off. So what if you need a week for it to cure?
Joe G
Joe G Måned siden
I've had many scary rides on forklifts, almost died many many times lol
country flyer
country flyer Måned siden
Position your truck and trailer on a hill to lower your attack angle.. take the wheels and tires off... get a grip.............
Joel Payne
Joel Payne Måned siden
East coast guys would have just got it done like we do everyday without a bullshit drama video.
Hadden Unger
Hadden Unger Måned siden
My pap owns a towing company and we haul forklifts all the time and charge $50-$100 even bulldozer on our rollback
TakeDeadAim Måned siden
A "Pine Cone"(Code for us in the northwoods of Wisconsin) would have crushed a 12'er of Busch Light and had a brat fry before doing it!lol! Oh...and we would have locked the forks up in the vertical stops or strapped them. So there's that as well!lol! But..."Any landing you can walk away from is a GOOD landing"!
Ronald Kearn
Ronald Kearn Måned siden
I'll bet that 650 bucks looks like bargain right now huh??? :-) :-) :-)
IPhonick 9
IPhonick 9 Måned siden
Who is this jeriah guy?
Peter Hanse
Peter Hanse Måned siden
A good come along or wench is always my friend with those type of loads. Glad everyone is safe.
hdflame Måned siden
I wondered why you didn't use the hydraulic lift to raise the trailer! I've got a trailer very similar. I thought maybe I didn't hear him right...I thought he said it was a dump trailer! HaHa
Douglas Hopkins
Douglas Hopkins Måned siden
Build a loading dock into your new shop in case you need to move this or other really heavy stuff in or out
Ethan Klein
Ethan Klein Måned siden
Loading and unloading, the most dangerous thing you can do. Learned that the hard way breaking three vertebrae, my elbow and muscle and ligament damage.
Ben Washburn
Ben Washburn Måned siden
Your right we wouldn't use a trailer,we would put it in a truck bed In Maine
Corn Pop
Corn Pop Måned siden
East coast guy. Are you trying to anger folks?
Jon A
Jon A Måned siden
Fatal flaw bypass seat killswitch
D's Trees
D's Trees Måned siden
I'm thinking we need to have a West coast versus East coast men's challenge. Winner take all. West coast guys have got the trash talking competition wrapped up.
S H Måned siden
When you were loading that forklift I was scratching my head wondering why you don’t raise the bed but then again I’m from Pennsylvania you’re probably considering me A East Coast guy so what can I say
BT B Måned siden
My gut hurts after watching that. Glad it went well.
Robert Tilden
Robert Tilden Måned siden
West Coast must of shrunk your raisins. Lol
Luke Miller
Luke Miller Måned siden
“Don’t take me long to look at something.” Love the throwback joke!
Shannon Chase
Shannon Chase Måned siden
East Coast guys woulda lifted the dump on the trailer instead of using the jack! Lol
Kitty Maxboon
Kitty Maxboon Måned siden
Oh my gosh that was hairy :o
WildcatWilly Måned siden
Cody I've laid over a forklift we run 10 or 12 of them at different warehouses. You maybe good enough to run it without brakes with all your experience. However if you wouldn't put Jack or Jiraiya on it without a second thought you should fix it up. Thoughts of an East coast man... Great vid keep up the good work!
kieth lowry
kieth lowry Måned siden
I stopped shaving to watch the high drama unloading glad all went well
allied1394 Måned siden
Just call a ramp truck
Wakeywhodat Måned siden
My heart cried for the tongue jack when you loaded the lift lol Man, I might have let the lift roll off the trailer minus the crash test dummy. Alls well that ends well!
Christopher Palmer
Christopher Palmer Måned siden
Build a tramp out of earth with railroad ties. Also a wear surface out of class 2 AB ( asphalt base) on top. Railroad ties to create vertical laying horizontal , bolted if you like, and couple vertical post ties. at loading end. It's how we do it in the earthmoving industry. Saves time, one guy, and much safer. As much iron as you have, it is efficient. If tractor gets moved to shop. Use it for pickups, trailers, deliveries. Also, you have what looks like asphalt around shop. Depending on how hot it gets, keep a couple of bags of sand to lightly cover approach and departures if wheels are tearing it up turning too sharply. Looks like a nice job. Plant flowers around ramp. That'll be a first.
James Shanks
James Shanks Måned siden
There's only two brakes on a forklift there simple and easy. Fix em.!
Electronics For Fun
Electronics For Fun Måned siden
I was wondering why you guys didn't use the hydraulics from the start. it is a dump trailer. lol
marks814 Måned siden
Taking pot shots at East Coasters...hmmmm! At least you picked the perfect time for braggadocio. I'm a Texan, all my In-Laws are East Coasters. We've done Our share on construction together. Great job! Gets all your body functions flushed! LMAO!
Craig Pierre
Craig Pierre Måned siden
This east coaster would have had a beer in hand and let out a mighty yeehaw!!
Josh Hurley
Josh Hurley Måned siden
What is the reel on the right of the mast for? Way too big to be a roller
N0diggityN0doubt Måned siden
have a coke and a smile. i knew i liked you.
Thomas Horner
Thomas Horner Måned siden
In upstate NY we would've waited for the lake effect snow just so it was more a challenge , and we still wouldn't have spilled our beer. lol
Joseph G.
Joseph G. Måned siden
No Coast guy would have fixed his brakes when they broke.
Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson Måned siden
Always so snarky, and you call yourself a Christian.
Mike Sanders
Mike Sanders Måned siden
Need to build a simple earth fill loading dock at the new place and produce a video to show others how to do it. Makes it way easier and safer to load and unload equipment. The farms and ranches I've worked on had these placed strategically around the property at different heights for farm trucks, semis and trailers. No problem loading equipment, livestock, etc.
A Milo
A Milo Måned siden
Men always wanna stand too close to dangerous work.
Jo Stevens
Jo Stevens Måned siden
I'd rather be tied to a post and whipped with 50 lashes, than pack up and move all that stuff on his homestead. Of course, he has help I can only dream of.....but still........
HaJo Schatz
HaJo Schatz Måned siden
Winch? Those East Coast guys... German here, hold my beer!
Jason Fontaine
Jason Fontaine Måned siden
I was watching them raise the front end thinking "didn't he say this was a dump trailer?" Lol
Not Gonnlie
Not Gonnlie Måned siden
This gave me anxiety.
Just let the air out of tires
John Walker
John Walker Måned siden
The rental yard near me has a trailer that doesn’t have axles under it so the deck drips level to the ground. It’s an excellent forklift hauler! I just had to tell them my pettibone Mercury was under 10k, which I feel was the truth, but not by much! I feel for you with those hard rubber tires, mine was stuck all the time out in the gravel.
James Maida
James Maida Måned siden
East coast man here, done "dumber" things to get the job done. But if it works and nobody gets hurt it's not dumb! Not gonna lie though, I was wondering why you weren't using the tilt bed. You said in the beginning you borrowed your buddies dump trailer.
scottdavin27 Måned siden
Hey y’all watch this. East coast guys would have brakes! Nice job. Nobody died.
Tim Campbell
Tim Campbell Måned siden
Put your seat belt on and enjoy the ride
King David
King David Måned siden
Quit complaining when you have your own fork lift :)
Oliver Krystal
Oliver Krystal Måned siden
I would have had a winch on there ....
Phineus Phineas
Phineus Phineas Måned siden
East Coast guy would have thought that the $610 tow bill was cheap and well worth the cost!
Cedar Outpost
Cedar Outpost Måned siden
That strained my puckering hole.
Bob Ivanski
Bob Ivanski Måned siden
An east coast guy would value his life and lives of the people around him more than the $600 it would cost to have the tow truck safely move the fork lift
Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson Måned siden
I think I am done with this channel. You’re just a little too dumb to watch.
hare3434 Måned siden
No Comment. IAW.
Gayland Grant
Gayland Grant Måned siden
responsible jerk
responsible jerk Måned siden
Nobody has sturdy winch?
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