We Finally Did It!

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3 måneder siden

Wranglerstar modern homesteading.
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Lorraine Helt
Lorraine Helt Måned siden
You both a good head on your shoulds
Thaddeus Lehman
Thaddeus Lehman Måned siden
Well, does she have a sister
FollowingJESUS Måned siden
What a blessed man you are to have such a practical and beautiful wife.
Debi Barrington
Debi Barrington Måned siden
Why saying 4th of july wrong ..? I grew up saying that and will always probably
Michael Howard
Michael Howard Måned siden
This spoke volumes to my wife and I. Thank you for all of your content!
michael Måned siden
Mrs. W is a light! you guys are an inspiration!
Riccardo Rinaldo
Riccardo Rinaldo Måned siden
I’ve never seen anyone smile as much as Mrs. W. Happy to see.
Yah Noah King
Yah Noah King Måned siden
Your never debt-free in America you will always have property tax
Annie B
Annie B 2 måneder siden
I love you kids, even though I just met you in another video for the first time about 15 minutes ago! I'm SO happy to hear you say, "When SHE got pregnant)! So many nowadays are saying, "When WE got pregnant"! Don't think so! Also ~ SO nice NOT hearing "today's lingo" (or whatever you'd call it! You know what I mean!) I see Jesus in you! MARANATHA
steve carter
steve carter 2 måneder siden
debt free for 20 years now
Christopher McFarland McFarland
Christopher McFarland McFarland 2 måneder siden
You motivate me.
Bigfoottehchipmunk 2 måneder siden
This is the best picture of "happy wife, happy life." When your wife is a sensible, frugal woman who loves life but also not being enslaved by debt, listen up.
Pat Netherlander
Pat Netherlander 2 måneder siden
Cody, it took me a while to stumble upon this one and again I am baffled at the beautiful genuine interaction between the two of you. Pure richness man! And what a positive video this one was. Debtfree living should be amongst the most important goals for everyone!
FireDancer Bear
FireDancer Bear 2 måneder siden
Thank y’all so much for this vid, especially. I’m the accountant in our marriage, used Ramsey to budget when single, but very unsure how to navigate budgeting with my husband. Your input is so encouraging and offered great guidance! I have a game plan now and really excited to get to work! God bless you and your family!
Cathy Baby
Cathy Baby 2 måneder siden
What a blessing to be married to an INTELLIGENT MAN 💯
Preston Berry
Preston Berry 2 måneder siden
Congratulations to the 4 of you I'm happy for ya. Good job.
Robert Caffarella
Robert Caffarella 2 måneder siden
You two are an inspiration. Thank You.
johnny5finger 2 måneder siden
I just realized you are living in commie Oregon. I don't live in Portland, but do live in Oregon and living around all these anti American communists is not fun.
POSMhorsefarmer7 2 måneder siden
Praise God. :)
BTB_ CLAN 2 måneder siden
Shut up please....Stop trying to expose demo range you old freaking boomer
Charles Hagin
Charles Hagin 2 måneder siden
That's awesome, Cody. We're debt-free except for our mortgage right now. It's so liberating!
penny newell
penny newell 2 måneder siden
My husband and I have the same arrangement. He didn’t like doing book work and I do. But it takes a team.
NOTHOTlanta 2 måneder siden
Very classy people !
gRosh08 2 måneder siden
Mrs. W Rocks! The W family is beyond anything most could hope for on any given day. Well done! Keep rocking!
Wendy Travis
Wendy Travis 2 måneder siden
todd davis
todd davis 2 måneder siden
out of all your videos, this is my favorite
Chinther Thritothri
Chinther Thritothri 2 måneder siden
Congratulations! I too am debt free and it is an amazing feeling.
Matthew McDaniel
Matthew McDaniel 2 måneder siden
Awesome 👏 video very good advice thank y’all so much we just bought our dream homestead in Oklahoma y’all’s videos are very helpful thank you please keep them coming
Matthew McDaniel
Matthew McDaniel 2 måneder siden
Where the red fern grows
Lord Sathanus
Lord Sathanus 2 måneder siden
That's one gorgeous woman
lewis joe
lewis joe 2 måneder siden
You can definitely see the love in these two people! The way mrs.W looks at mr.W is amazing! God have mercy on the fool that dare come between or from behind on this family! You can see they would do anything and everything for eachother!
cristina ferreira
cristina ferreira 2 måneder siden
I love to hear you and your wife talk about your life, you're a great couple.
cristina ferreira
cristina ferreira 2 måneder siden
That's amazing congratulations.
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie 2 måneder siden
i keep hearing about the beans and rice what type of beans do you use ?
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie 2 måneder siden
money is never good conversation and sensitive subject in every household
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie 2 måneder siden
good cooking only comes with working with what you got and good imagination
fiskfarm 2 måneder siden
That was great and my wife of 40 years and I have lived it. 👍😎👌
April Amarante
April Amarante 2 måneder siden
Thank you so much for helping us all. May God bless you and your family
Josh Townsend
Josh Townsend 2 måneder siden
Congrats on being debt free!!
Last777 Revenant
Last777 Revenant 2 måneder siden
Big thumbs up! We finally got out of debt after 30 years because of the virus. We were forced to close her private practice by the lovely state of zoo jersey. With no income and mounting expenses we decided to sell the house and pay off all our debt/bills. That's what we did and permanently closed the practice. We inherited a home and that's were we live. Our retirement income is more than enough to live off of. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that no matter what happens with the economy, you still have a roof over your heads that no one can take from you. Whats even better is we discovered less is more. Our standard of living, increased (food quality). We now have the money to purchase better quality when we want it. Before the money was sucked out of our hands with office expense and salaries. We were slaves to the business. Now we are free!
Muddy Girl's Dad Daddy
Muddy Girl's Dad Daddy 2 måneder siden
Great info...Thanks for sharing all the info you do. I'm blessed I found your channel.
rockymntain 2 måneder siden
One big thing that is difficult to save money on is property taxes. How do you get ahead with onerous tax bills?
NIK 2 måneder siden
excellent video! EXCELLENT!!!
Sam S
Sam S 3 måneder siden
God bless.
Steve Caswell
Steve Caswell 3 måneder siden
I think you two make a good team. My wife and I get along great and we are a team. It's good when a husband and wife have that.
Constantine Palaiologos
Constantine Palaiologos 3 måneder siden
Sometimes it is easy to think that the world deserves everything it is getting, but then you look at people like this and are reminded that there is good in the world that is worth fighting for.
Sue Guzman
Sue Guzman 3 måneder siden
I knew you were gonna do your debt-free scream! Love DR so much. Us too ☺️
Lara O'neal
Lara O'neal 3 måneder siden
You guys are so motivational. Wow.
Lara O'neal
Lara O'neal 3 måneder siden
You two are SO CUTE. Love ❤️ u guys.
Lazy Daze
Lazy Daze 3 måneder siden
Good advice here.
Donald Bailey
Donald Bailey 3 måneder siden
Amen. Praise God. You are another success story.
mauimudpup 3 måneder siden
your wife couldn't have a bigger smile
SandCrabNews 3 måneder siden
"fee simple'
Danny 3 måneder siden
I'm so happy for you and your family! Many good wishes from Norway.
Paul Mark Moffat
Paul Mark Moffat 3 måneder siden
ddogg845 3 måneder siden
the debt free scream lol wasn't expecting that. I listen to Dave Ramsey a lot while i'm driving
jp allen
jp allen 3 måneder siden
Iam super impressed with this couple, love the unity and love displayed here, that’s half the battle.....
Fortners Frontier Leather
Fortners Frontier Leather 3 måneder siden
She looks at you, like she loves you soooo much. Its a beautiful thing. Congrats....i know how it feels to be debt free. We worked hard and paid off our land in 2yrs, and it was such a weight lifted off my shoulders.
David Yoho
David Yoho 3 måneder siden
CONGRATULATIONS...Well deserved!!
Adelina Luis
Adelina Luis 3 måneder siden
Smart couple the way things are are right now and it will get worst.If you can GET OUT OF THE CITY.I DID
Kayde Kaiser
Kayde Kaiser 3 måneder siden
Congrats! I love seeing financially savvy ladies! I am very recently married (less than a week!) and we homestead in Alaska. My goal is to build a beautiful sustainable life for my family. Cheers!
MADPAK Products
MADPAK Products 3 måneder siden
Im hearing from people who know that two or two different water supplies will be needed in the future due to government encroach, regulations, etc.
MADPAK Products
MADPAK Products 3 måneder siden
The Ramsey Debt Free Scream. I know of it.
8BitLife 3 måneder siden
Dave Ramsey is the best. Wife and I have been on the plan for 10 years now. House nearly paid off after 6 years. Debt free outside of that. Can't wait, got about 15 months remaining on the mortgage!
Christopher Salisbury
Christopher Salisbury 3 måneder siden
You guys make a great couple. The observation of a "spender and a saver" is so true. Unfortunately, I think my wife and I are both spenders so it took us a while to figure things out. It's also interesting to me that your wife pays the bills. My parents were the same way and my wife also is the one that pays the bills.
Bigfoottehchipmunk 2 måneder siden
It seems to be a good balance, if the wife has good sense, so she can bear the brunt of her actions and learn from it if she is a spender, but also the man won't be overbearing about it, if he is also the major breadwinner. People vary from family to family, so not all men are going to get lazy about budgeting even though they might work long hours, and not all women can handle the stress of budgeting when things get tight.
Tim Elliott
Tim Elliott 3 måneder siden
So... what were and are the sources of your income that allowed you to become debt free?
Patriautic 3 måneder siden
A 30-year mortgage is a good idea. You can double up payments to pay down your principal when times are better, but if you hit rough times (like medical debt or an auto loan due to totaling your car), you can step back to paying just the regular monthly payments until you get the unexpected debt load paid off. Just my two cents.
Demetrios Bell
Demetrios Bell 3 måneder siden
james 3 måneder siden
Shes a hottie
KB KB 3 måneder siden
I own 5 acres and its just not even close to being enough.
junkinjodi 3 måneder siden
I loved it when you guys would go thrifting and then compare your fines at the end of the video. We to follow the Ramsey course and become debt free in January, woohoo!
jodi bales
jodi bales 3 måneder siden
I only buy with cash ....everything including my 12 acres....it's the only way to go....0 debt...which means sacrifice
TheTrock121 3 måneder siden
A Spender and a Saver? Hey, You've gotta have your Chain Saws! lol
Pm Mac
Pm Mac 3 måneder siden
That comment on cooking 3 meals every day made me laugh. I really appreciate what an accomplishment that is. My mom did that for a family of nine. We teased her years later on some of our unfavorite meals but today I really get how difficult that was. Blessings to moms!
_illionaire_Official 3 måneder siden
Kent Peters
Kent Peters 3 måneder siden
Mr. W. I really the info you inject us with. It's great! I see these big red wood splitting mauls everywhere. But, I've seen very few at a log cutting site. The angle is so big, you probably couldn't sharpen it to a cutting edge, They're very big and orangish red with a black rubber handle. Are they any good?
James Dolan
James Dolan 3 måneder siden
Well Done Y'all! It's truly amazing to me to see that after 16 years that she still looks at you the way she does. May YAHWEH richly bless your family.
chris hagerty
chris hagerty 3 måneder siden
i started listening to dave ramsey when i was 17 years old i am now 42 and have lived my entire life debt free i own my house my cars my land and my toys never owing a dime to anyone i always saved then bought finding him at a young age set the stage for a great life.
Thomas Yerbey
Thomas Yerbey 3 måneder siden
That's Great 🇺🇸
Grendel Prime
Grendel Prime 3 måneder siden
I love you two. I'm deep in debt but my income recently increased 25%. I have been putting that 25% towards debt but realized it's going to take a long time. I'm going to try what Dave Ramsey is teaching.
Andy Roid
Andy Roid 3 måneder siden
Dave Ramsey would be proud. ✓
Reid Nelson
Reid Nelson 3 måneder siden
This episode auto played and I heard the Yell! All I can say is awesome!
William Batzle
William Batzle 3 måneder siden
Dude that is awesome. Mine will be paid off in almost 4 years. Congrats to you guys.
John Sobaski
John Sobaski 3 måneder siden
Congratulations on achieving the goal of becoming debt free!
raj hooblal
raj hooblal 3 måneder siden
Cody and Mrs.W thank you for this extremely useful video. Greetings from Durban South Africa. God bless you and the family.
Iron Arrows Homestead
Iron Arrows Homestead 3 måneder siden
We love Dave Ramsey. Listen to his show in the afternoons to try to stay on track. Great advice about buying in the country. Everything does take three times longer than you think it will, even with everyone pitching in. We just bought a new to us little homestead and it’s a lot of work, but so rewarding & such a great place to raise kids!
Iron Arrows Homestead
Iron Arrows Homestead 3 måneder siden
Congrats guys! You are amazing!! Love the poster. We need to do a poster too!! Somehow I knew when I saw the title that it was about debt!
Nathan Cole
Nathan Cole 3 måneder siden
I am going to use that poster that is awesome.
MrKonan83 3 måneder siden
Congratulations on your accomplishment!!! I pray every day and night to live a life like you guys someday... it's extremely hard to find a woman who wants this unfortunately, at least up here in the northeast...
BoldCautionProductions 3 måneder siden
Congratulations. I have been debt free, living within my meager means, minimal $$$ worries.
John Adams
John Adams 3 måneder siden
Great for you guys! We are about to move to the "country" and be debt free. Very relieving feeling to know your only expenses will be food and the junk you buy.
nunya your business
nunya your business 3 måneder siden
ty for the good advice oneday their will be wranglerstar borrough i can see it coming god bless
Jody Free
Jody Free 3 måneder siden
Enjoyed this.
Lee Myers
Lee Myers 3 måneder siden
I was lucky to marry a wife that was as frugal as I am. We are on our way to have our mortgage paid off before I retire in a few years, and that is well saved up for.
tallman281830 3 måneder siden
Congratulations..Thanks for sharing advice..
Joel Stewart
Joel Stewart 3 måneder siden
Great video! I rarely comment, but I'm a huge fan of your choices. My wife shared Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman and it changed our life. I am definitely the spender and collector while she is the saver and planner. We will be debt free when I retire, after putting our daughter through college with no debt. Having that discussion about getting out of debt is tough but so worth it! Again, thanks for being so open and willing to share your story.
Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
Thanks for sharing!
Jodie/Linda Keahey
Jodie/Linda Keahey 3 måneder siden
Worthwhile suggestions. Thank you.
Swamp Bandit
Swamp Bandit 3 måneder siden
Back in the day when the mortgage was paid off they would paint the front door red.
WnC Martin
WnC Martin 3 måneder siden
It's a great feeling!!! Congratulations!
They call me Bacon
They call me Bacon 3 måneder siden
I wish could inspire some motivation into the heart of my better half to get away from the city. I secretly bought a place, I'm trying to build up the courage to let her know..... I'm either going to get whooped real good or divorced. Lol
Andy Roid
Andy Roid 3 måneder siden
Good luck Bacon!
mars GIA
mars GIA 3 måneder siden
write a book please
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