How YouTube Wrecked My Firefighting Career

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Clint Raby
Clint Raby 13 dager siden
Totally agree with you! If they can't tell you face to face then they probably shouldn't be in the position they are in. Spineless!
fleetfootedtexan 15 dager siden
Yeah, Forest Service owed you an answer. I am sure they need people like you. Wearing USFS gear while doing personal videos is obviously a no no but was an honest mistake. Hope you get hired back on.
fleetfootedtexan 15 dager siden
Yeah, Forest Service owed you an answer. I am sure they need people like you. Wearing USFS gear while doing personal videos is obviously a no no but was an honest mistake. Hope you get hired back on.
Adrienne Sosa
Adrienne Sosa 18 dager siden
sunalwaysshinesonTVs 22 dager siden
You got it wrong. It aint about nanny state. It's about cheapen labour, in particular the paid kind. Volunteers, like large swaths of the population, are being pushed out of society.
Mike Perth
Mike Perth 24 dager siden
So you do the wrong thing and blame others, what a muppet
Roger R.
Roger R. 24 dager siden
damn getting treated like a minority, bummer.
smartchip 25 dager siden
Your Child puts on a helmet, really, that's black ball justified, take note, the totalitarian tip toe is happening, frog does not notice the incremental increase in temperature, frogs legs anyone, oooh la la,
darbish 25 dager siden
Sorry, if this question has already been answered (maybe you can link me to a video that explains it in that case) how were you able to start homesteading from a financial perspective? Also, what is your profession outside of NOpost? Even if you're able to keep a largely self-sufficient homestead you still need to make money (even if it's just for a rainy day), right?
John R
John R 26 dager siden
Cool beans
Courtney M
Courtney M 26 dager siden
I have no interest in a lot of things you talk about (no offense, I mean somehow you catch my interest) but I put your videos on and just listen to you talk while I get ready in the morning because your voice and personality are soothing!! It’s like a breath of fresh air.
Arch Angel
Arch Angel 26 dager siden
HAM Nazis ..... When shtf will there be compliance ? Lmbo
Andrew Last
Andrew Last 27 dager siden
Ugh. The Volunteer Firefighting stuff hit way too close to home. Did it for 9 years. The politics of that world always seems willing to throw away trained qualified staff and then panic and try to find new volunteers. Usually because someone has a power trip.
Harry 27 dager siden
I also had to make a decision between our dog and my little daughter. And I can tell you, it really really hurts when walking out of the woods, and you hear the screams behind you: "daddy, daddy, daddy..."
Ricky Robyn
Ricky Robyn 29 dager siden
You do need a ham radio your right I believe in studying for your licence my dad and and gather is huge in ham radio my dad has built a repeater in his back yard and when i was studying he gave me a hand held and pressed the importance of studying how people call their call letters and proper methods of comunicating.... so getting just a license and then jumping right on, as there so much more to learn....all those complainers have forgot what they did when they were studying..
1979 Augustine
1979 Augustine Måned siden
Sad and disturbing some supposed man got his panties in a bunch how about grow up and be a man that your dad was trying to raise instead of whining about a kid wearing his dads gear talk about sad and pathetic
65KFoster Måned siden
There is nothing wrong with having the ham radio as long as your not transmitting. You can listen all you want I think the reason get bent out of shape about it is because there are so many people abusing the granted FCC bands improperly
De Ki
De Ki Måned siden
those idiots, with all the fires getting bigger and frequenter they need every able person. if they would rather work with such petty, instead of more people combating fires
ProTrees Måned siden
1:25 - 1:30 Arborists are biased because we work hard to do quality work and there are too many hacks being dangerous and dumb- who get lucky out there. Not saying you Mr. Wranglerstar but just in the tree business in general .
n0ckter Måned siden
Thank you for finally telling hams what a bunch of culture canceling twats they really are! All you have to do is look at what the digital modes have done to it. Its insane how if you give people a microscopicly small amount of power, they go crazy, and now no one can talk without finding the gate keepers.
Joshua Gould
Joshua Gould Måned siden
You're an excellent teacher!! I have learned a great deal from you over the years. Thank you
Mad Lib
Mad Lib Måned siden
What a Karen that person is!
S M Måned siden
Trust in Jesus Christ for salvation!! Don't go to hell!! "..the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever; they have no rest day and night" Rev 14:11 We all need a Saviour because we "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" Rom 3:23 Jesus Christ took the punishment we deserve "the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord" We broke God's law (10 commandments.. don't lie, steal, lust, dishonor parents...) Jesus paid the fine. "by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is a gift of God" Repent and believe the Gospel! Turn from your sins and follow the ONE TRUE GOD. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life NO ONE comes to the Father BUT BY ME" Jesus is coming soon!!
James D'Argo
James D'Argo Måned siden
I would really love to see the behind the scenes of the fire. Havent seen anything like that before
KWatt-Engineer Måned siden
I tried to do volunteer work for the Red Cross. To my great disappointment The organization turned out to be tied up with bureaucratic red tape that seemed to frustrate getting things done. We finally quit the RC and volunteered to work with a church group helping with hurricane recovery. If you want to get the job done forget the Red Cross. Volunteer with a Church group. They will be focused on delivering help and not doing paperwork.
Truth Seaker
Truth Seaker Måned siden
What a low life who ever did the reporting tell you this only happens in BLUE states
Create Love Happy
Create Love Happy Måned siden
Let me get this right... you protected your son by having him wear a helmet, so he was safe, and that helmet happened to have printed on it a name, and now because of this they won’t hire you? Still sounds more like someone had it out for you. Maybe they are jealous of your success. It’s just petty
R134eS2o Måned siden
HAM Operators > NOpost Trolls Dear lord.
TheTuttleCrew Måned siden
Title "how NOpost ruined my Firefighting career..." And then you say it is how it is your fault... "Come on man!" Happy for you about your new place!!!
ProTrees Måned siden
useless comment.
Thomas Newham
Thomas Newham Måned siden
Cody you don't need to explain yourself bro
TK WX Måned siden
Bargain Hunter
Bargain Hunter Måned siden
since potus 44 gov't agenda has been to make rural life as onerous as possible so as people vacate those places & move to urban areas the gov't gains more control .... indivdualism & self-reliance is bad.
Bargain Hunter
Bargain Hunter Måned siden
100% agree!!! Local "ham" club in my area are like old church ladies! Even worse very uninviting to newbies, subject elitist, and ornery. Guess what, antenna heads I have Yaesu FT-50s, Vertex10s, UnidenSPH516Ds, & dare I , M/A -COM P5100s all of which are used on our ranch. Primary use is 2-way Comms for daily use, in our P.A.C.E. plan, but give capability for longer range Comms in Emergency situtations. No "license", no membership in a club, sooooo 👅
Darrell Blair
Darrell Blair Måned siden
There are many folks like you who are men, who's word is their bond. Then there is the majority who are spineless cowards that will always leave you holding the bag.
akyak333 Måned siden
dude i bet that person found out you have a 1.5 million subscriber base - they will never let you in - because they are afraid you might expose their negligence or mistakes - even though i doubt you would but you might because you answer to your God first from what i've seen and you might out someone for a terrible negligence
Karl Costigan
Karl Costigan Måned siden
Sorry what happened to you and you right, volunteer fire fighting was more fun in the "old days" Take Care
North-n-South Homestead
North-n-South Homestead Måned siden
I’ve been a subscriber for years, clicked on your video,seen that it’s showing NOT SUBSCRIBED. So I tried to resubscribe and it won’t let me. Anyone else having this problem?
James Johnson
James Johnson Måned siden
You should call the guy out, at the very least everyone who still works there can watch out for this fool.
Puddin Tame
Puddin Tame Måned siden
You really should get back to telling people how to make pallet furniture and raise alpacas and do a lot less whining about how everything is so unfair. It's a lead-pipe cinch that the reason they didnt want you as a volunteer firefighter is that you would have spent more time playing Cecil B. DeMille with your Gopro than doing the grunt work of firefighting. You are the most entitled disgruntled white guy I've ever seen. I hope the authorities monitor your channel closely for when you eventually go all Billy Jack on the world....
Viheavyequipment Måned siden
live is weird I'm sure there was a reason you didn't make it, only god knows I"m sure
Mind Canoe
Mind Canoe Måned siden
Good men create good times Good times create weak men Weak men create bad times Bad times create good men The US is on the cusp of creating some very good men.
Lonnie DelVillar
Lonnie DelVillar Måned siden
If your near Entiat come out and visit us!
Lonnie DelVillar
Lonnie DelVillar Måned siden
Chelan County FD #8
Zach Reinberg
Zach Reinberg Måned siden
Start your own wildland crew ive worked with a great crew a type 2 crew and loved it i applied for a hotshot position but i never moved up cus i stopped doing it but i would do it again if you ever did i would love to do it again
Dan Mcelroy
Dan Mcelroy Måned siden
That’s unreal! What kid don’t want to put on his dad’s gear? And the guy who raised the stink is a real bung hole!
Deadnotsleeping Måned siden
You need a license to use a ham radio? Why?
BDurant Måned siden
Line drying and a beer.
Janice LGo
Janice LGo Måned siden
Makes no sense they did that. The West is DESPERATE for firefighters.
Hercules 55
Hercules 55 Måned siden
I can’t believe that you really believe that was the reason! That is just the excuse they needed to get rid of you. You’re smarter than that.i don’t know why they no longer needed your services but we all know it wasn’t that.
Sajin688 Måned siden
Actually it is good enough reason his videos are monetized meaning he makes money off them, and if one of his videos had government uniform in it and he made money off of that video that can be grounds for dismissal, kinda how cops cant have their uniform displaying any patches or Identify marks if posting a video even if you dont make money off of it, it can still be grounds for dismissal because you are considered as a speaking body of that specific agency.
Martin H
Martin H Måned siden
Take the battery out and eat the arail, its untraceable then. I am joking..
jon mccormick
jon mccormick Måned siden
With all these fires going on -it is their loss. So just let it go. Maybe the person that wanted you cut will leave their position (or get fired) and they will ask you again.
tribulation138 Måned siden
dude. over a helmet. wtf cares. someone just didn't like you personally plain and simple.
Gizmo Måned siden
Where is the new area that he'll be heading to?
Orangetopjk Seb
Orangetopjk Seb Måned siden
You should call you side by side fire rig’s Ham-w1 Ham-w2 And so on
Anthony M
Anthony M Måned siden
you say it was your fault but really it wasn't. cuz your kid wore your helmet? thats ridiculous.
Doug Attridge
Doug Attridge Måned siden
Person that ha does the press is known in the industry as PIO Public Information Officer
Phat Boiz Back Yard KustomZ
Phat Boiz Back Yard KustomZ Måned siden
Public Information officer
Patriot Gardener
Patriot Gardener Måned siden
Let me get this stright. Your son wears one of your helmets with a logo of a Government agency and then they kick you out of their program? Really? That makes absolutely no sense at all. Why would anyone want to work for a department like that anyways? If I were you, I would feel fortunate that you found out their true colors early on. So petty , I would have hated to see what they would have done to you if you really did something wrong, like let your son sit in your fire truck and honk the horn and play with the sirin? They would have sent you stright too the gallows? or maybe even inplowed a firing squad for that offense for sure? You think I'm joking? I hate the fact you even apologized on camera for letting your son wear your service helmet. Those people do not deserve that from you. The type of bafoon action that was given and thrust upon you from this particular Government agency is just a little glimpse into our future dealing with Government. We all are better off not dealing with any Government agencies. Its my personal opinion that most Government employees now are Democratic Liberals with the exception of our Military? which most are still either Republicans or Libertarians. Thank God for that!! but even the Military is starting to turn a corner on that. Once we loose our Military and common sense thinking, we are done as a free society with Liberty and Justice. May God Bless you and your family and may God Bless The United States of America🇺🇸 Take care. Hawk out!!
TK WX Måned siden
It takes a lot of bs to make a pension.
scarredforlife65 Måned siden
I know this video is a little bit older and the chance of you seeing this comment is slim to none but thank you for these almost life lessons you teach your following for free this whole man to man part of this channel is so amazing and some of the stuff you talk about I try to bring into my family and my life and you just put a real different perspective into my mind and I cant thank you enough
Chris Måned siden
HAM Nazi’s, I hate these guys.
Hot Flash Foto
Hot Flash Foto Måned siden
One of the reasons that they may not have told you the reason for letting you go is that it is easier to defend "we don't need you" than it is to defend "you were let go because we were offended by your kid wearing your gear".
Mag Dump2020
Mag Dump2020 Måned siden
Radio Karens, i love to key up and jam them. Haha
Davie McCallum
Davie McCallum Måned siden
Why did you not put in for a transfer when you were or going to move to your new family home.
phantom 309
phantom 309 Måned siden
Here in Georgia volunteer firefighters have to get school training firefighter 1 and 2 and 3 just to volunteer
Samoht Eel
Samoht Eel Måned siden
It's gonna be really hard to compete with prison labor. And with all the regulations and required equipment you talked about, you would literally have to work for free.
pappafrito Måned siden
Nothing is more fun than broadcasting pirate radio
Grey Tallcloud
Grey Tallcloud Måned siden
wish you were on the east coast.
Grey Tallcloud
Grey Tallcloud Måned siden
cause your son put a helmet petty. that's how these power tripping morons running things these days are. so stupid. instead of having a talented useful worker with multiple skills they get rid of you for that? BS no integrity anywhere anymore. dysfunction and corruption everywhere. Jealousy
john bernard
john bernard Måned siden
For a kid wearing a helmet? Lol no. This channel is a powder keg labelled "Hatch Act Violation".
Ron's Easy Fix # Just Do it
Ron's Easy Fix # Just Do it Måned siden
I think subcontracting is a great idea along with News behind the scenes.
Ron's Easy Fix # Just Do it
Ron's Easy Fix # Just Do it Måned siden
I ask you if you went on that firefighter job and got killed then what.
Kyle B
Kyle B Måned siden
I massively appreciate the good quality loud audio, I recently lost hearing in one ear and the other is massively degraded in the other and this is one of the only videos I have been able to hear on my iPad
Lots of VERY cool, useful information. Blessings to you and your family. LUCRETIA
Fordman Måned siden
my kids are going learn not to be rough on the dogs or get bit. I love my little dog way too much to ever see her go, and kids can learn the hard way if need be, it's no worse than any other thing that will happen to them playing outside.
Camille Dammasch
Camille Dammasch Måned siden
It’s hard, unfortunately not black and white. An ill placed bite to the face can damage eyesight or cause a fair amount of damage, and there does come a point where the risk to the child outweighs the desire to keep the animal. We can’t ever say the animal is more important than the kid, but it’s such a grey area.
Cerulean C
Cerulean C Måned siden
Who knew, three months later....
Jason Mic
Jason Mic Måned siden
Lol you are 100% on the HAM'sters.
Haigha Måned siden
I’m one of “those arborists” and I commented on you cross-loading your carabiner while you were using a prusik climbing a tree. I commented professionally and for your safety. Ignore the negative comments, asshats everywhere.
Pm Tips
Pm Tips Måned siden
Such a gutless way to let you go. I have zero respect for HR and supervisors who cower to them.
Joseph Linville
Joseph Linville Måned siden
You are correct about Hams and Arborists and many other things. That's curious. Most people are wrong about a lot.
Tami Vega
Tami Vega Måned siden
They didn't tell you who complained to protect that person. I think you should be able to face your accuser. (You said a person almost had to "know someone" to get in... maybe the person who complained wanted to free up a position for a friend. Just saying.) These things also happen... a lot... in private sector.
Renee Morton
Renee Morton Måned siden
I’d be fired immediately from a hand crew for even posting pictures to Instagram.
Jacob Williamson
Jacob Williamson Måned siden
Any advice on getting a job as a fireline medic? (Already NREMT-P)
Benjamin Springer
Benjamin Springer Måned siden
what about jack?
Todd Edwards
Todd Edwards Måned siden
Title is misleading. Should be something like "How I wrecked my firefighting career because I felt the need to put my whole life on NOpost"
ΜΟΛΩΝΛΑΒΕ Måned siden
Don’t take it personal, the attacks on fatherhood are a very real problem of our feminist society these days.
Adam Pfeiffer
Adam Pfeiffer Måned siden
I'm a licensed operator I'm 30 and the older ones are ruining the hobby for me there always complaing about something
Larry Kapp
Larry Kapp Måned siden
I used to be a younger ham radio operator - now I am an older one. But I am only into helping people learn more and welcome new people into the hobby . I get what you say about some of the people who complain but not all the older ones do . Main thing is to keep learning new skills, share knowledge with others, and enjoy so have fun !
PavewayJDAM Måned siden
July 2020 - will I do it again, September 2020 - hello Cody
Rascal Pup
Rascal Pup Måned siden
I'm a ham radio operator and could care less if you have a radio lol. I'm more interested in what radio you have :P. In all honesty while I have a license I've sorta moved away from ham radio due to the political bickering that was going on. I only keep the ticket because its free to renew and from time to time I do use it. Lately I have been using GMRS (I am licensed for that as well) which has the added bonus of letting my family use the license as well.
Rascal Pup
Rascal Pup Måned siden
Also listening to the story about the helmet, it was that type of politics that made me walk away from not one but 2 first aid squads, and I feel ya about missing it. I hear the calls go out and some of the back-up calls going second and third request and part of me wants to drive to the building and help, however I still remember how hard a select few fought to get rid of me because they didn't like a family member of mine, or about how the town council used a hobby of a friend of mine and I as an excuse to remove a squad chief who had done so much to help increase the number of volunteers (That town now has paid FD/EMS and the council blames the volunteers for it). Politics seem to ruin a lot for those who want to help out.
billy bob
billy bob Måned siden
Sorry to hear about this brother. Lots of people are just little bitches.
TopSecretVid Måned siden
Good luck!!!🤘🤘🤘
Paul Erickson
Paul Erickson Måned siden
I to served as a vff. It's a young man's game.. did it 14 years as wildland, ff1, emt I. When it got to 3000 calls a year became too much.
Josh Mcdaniel
Josh Mcdaniel Måned siden
What is the red card exactly I would be interested in this and would be interested in signing up to help you with this utv fire suppression that would be awesome.
Josh Mcdaniel
Josh Mcdaniel Måned siden
The correct thing would have been to talk to you about what happened and as I have been watching you show you would have made it right sorry you got treated this way.
Or did you wreck your fire career?
Hal Spencer
Hal Spencer Måned siden
This guy is so very much like me in thought. Common sense is everything to him and I encourage him to continue.
djlowtek Måned siden
Listening to a ham radio = CALL THE POLICE
Miles Moore
Miles Moore Måned siden
Misleading video title. "NOpost" did not wreck his career. More Like He did it to him self by "YouTubing" too much.
BrettsProstate Måned siden
Do you smoke weed?
wickedtoast Måned siden
that is so incredibly sad and just straight up sickening that A some low life has the time to report you for your kid wearing a piece of your gear and B that they actually care about something so silly and small.
Brian Walker
Brian Walker Måned siden
Max Quigley. Well said, 100% true!! I can definitely relate to that. I was a “volunteer” in two organisations, (in Australia) They frown upon anyone that can think for themselves . So rather than argue with them, l quit, their loss.😊
Max Quigley
Max Quigley Måned siden
Just speculating here based on my experience working for corporations. The helmet thing sounds like a pretext rather than the real reason. They probably want people who they can have complete control over, not independent thinkers. They want soldiers who will follow orders rather than make their own decisions.
Bo McGillacutty
Bo McGillacutty Måned siden
Hahaha! The Ham Radio floored me. "Thanks but I'll tune into the airwaves as I see fit without your permission." Air is free and so is that that flows thru it be it sunshine or radio.
drewtronics Måned siden
Self employment wrecks a man for future gov service. No one can enjoy the autonomy that day to day self governance affords, and then end up being able to happily flog themselves with layers and layers of red tape. Heck, I don't think I could even be an employee again, much less a government cog.
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