Something Incredible Is Happening In Oregon

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Theodore Thomas
Theodore Thomas 19 dager siden
The problem is I know if I go to Oregon and buy a firearm it has to be legal in my state. But there should be NO restrictions. I want my aircraft carrier
Shamus Leary
Shamus Leary 24 dager siden
Well said. You are speaking the language of Anarcho Capitalism. Spread the word brother.
Kyle Måned siden
Vote for this, and spread it to the whole state. Oregon needs this.
Ray Gary
Ray Gary Måned siden
Do you really think we need more guns?
sharron rutz
sharron rutz Måned siden
Living in Clatsop, thanks for the info
Brian Jarlenski
Brian Jarlenski Måned siden
On the other side of the coin is, cartels from Mexico will be setting up home ownerships there and buying everything.
TimeTime Måned siden
Watch out Fratelli family.
mark schuette
mark schuette Måned siden
completely disagree with a free for all in gun use! thats insane! i'm done with your website.
Wranglerstar Måned siden
I wish you the best Mark,
MasonDixonPhoto Måned siden
It is a positive development for sure, but the real concern is the federal government limiting the availability of ammunition.
CaringHeart Måned siden
This is exciting for law abiding Second Amendment right civilians, it could also be even more exciting for certain types of criminals that are violent maybe it's a win-win on both sides
Mademoiselle Rose
Mademoiselle Rose Måned siden
OMG, unsubscribed from your channel a year ago, just watched this BS of video glad I am not a viewer anymore
Reality NotFiction
Reality NotFiction Måned siden
Uncle Shamus
Uncle Shamus Måned siden
Whatcha god?
Uncle Shamus
Uncle Shamus Måned siden
Donnie Creasey
Donnie Creasey Måned siden
Please keep us updated on this
Teri Savage
Teri Savage Måned siden
No one should come in to the USA unless they come the correct way...this is one of the many things wrong now with the way these liberal politicians have twisted laws in to reading it the way they want it... We should not have to have license nor limits on firearms, according to the Constitution...
E Irizarry
E Irizarry Måned siden
Kind of like Texas or Oklahoma.........gotta love life here in a Texas. Perhaps no state legal restrictions....but you will always have to abide with federal guidelines. ....not such a bad thing. It’s The gun dealers responsibility to’s a federal violation for failing to comply....but like Oklahoma....the state does not enforce federal laws....and has no state laws to enforce. Don’t think for a minute that it’s a free for all.....all gun dealers....who want to remain in business..(and out of jail)....comply with all federal mandates. Let’s do it Texas and it will stand the test of time.
Zippity-do-da Måned siden
The reason they want you to have all these regulations is to control you. They want you to be afraid and helpless. They have a bigger agenda! ... it is not good if they could, they would do away with the constitution. They had a 16-year plan to destroy America and Hillary was to be the last four years but God had other plans. PRAY!
Ronda Kelly
Ronda Kelly Måned siden
Gary Nix
Gary Nix Måned siden
kim weaver
kim weaver Måned siden
Well, that is a good place to AVOID.
Little PAW 1969
Little PAW 1969 Måned siden
1K thumbs down from anti Americans, I'm giving this video three thumbs up. 👍🏻👍🏻 Good luck up there in OR.
44bett Måned siden
As a Native American it's imperative that all people of color arm-up. Use the 2A to protect and defensed what little we have left. We must prepare to defensed ourselves from the 30% of America that's racist and will do us harm.
Garrett Glass
Garrett Glass Måned siden
This is the first time I’ve discovered someone shares my view on the 2A. I tell my family US citizens should be allowed to park an Apache Attack Helicopter in the backyard and they think I’ve lost it. I’ve been praying for awhile that people would once again have unrestricted access to weapons. There’s a reason Jesus had the disciples go buy swords. Even when not in use weapons offer defense. I won’t trust in weapons but I think they’re a gift and we should be thankful to have them.
dlwatib Måned siden
Surprising since Clatsop County is a Demonrat stronghold.
i Gerridae
i Gerridae Måned siden
Time to dust off the muskets.
Dredgen Loss
Dredgen Loss Måned siden
The book of truth says all gun laws are an infringement
Sasha Whitefur
Sasha Whitefur Måned siden
Tell, that to the women, whom are killed by an x boy-friend.
VolvoDude 850
VolvoDude 850 Måned siden
God fearing gun nut much? Used love this channel.
B M Måned siden
Definitely dont need more guns in the world..
Kenny Zeman
Kenny Zeman Måned siden
i have seen much more polite societies lol
Brd Dukaty
Brd Dukaty Måned siden
Jus got 5 pistol permits in NC, it took 8 weeks for it to process. Shame on state governments.
Brd Dukaty
Brd Dukaty Måned siden
Agree 👏👏👏👏🇺🇸
E.E AMD Måned siden
You cant be serious that you should be able to own a tanks or a missile, cmon, when 2A was written they had no idea of what weapons of destruction would come.
smileyhappyradio Måned siden
I completely agree, citizens will be more polite!
Matthew A
Matthew A Måned siden
I would love to have that in Ohio. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.
NAMVET6566 Måned siden
mosnar7491 Måned siden
Trump 2020
Rv4 Guy
Rv4 Guy Måned siden
With the current restrictions your country has a mass shooting every few days and more school shootings than any country in the world. Now the shooters in Oregon will be able to kill that many more kids without reloading. Awesome. You already have 10 times the percapita gun deaths of any western nation. Not double, not triple, a factor of TEN. And you want there to be less restrictions on guns. In the name of freedom? Freedom to bury your kids? Nobody outside of America can understand this and neither can many Americans. It is simply bizarre.
Andrew Davies
Andrew Davies Måned siden
Although I am pro 2A, look outside the box. The Democrats want civil war to tear the US apart. What easier way than to ensure that Republicans and Democrats can get armed to the teeth on demand? It will play into their hands for banning guns.
TheChillBison Måned siden
Man, this would be monumental! If for nothing else but to prove that no, it wouldn't result in more fear and violence, but just the opposite.
Lazy Bee Keeper
Lazy Bee Keeper Måned siden
The 2nd amendment of the US constitution is a prohibition on government, not the people. See source, Preamble to the Bill of Rights "...The Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution expressed a desire in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution..."
renemanjr123 Måned siden
DOWN WITH THE BATF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poutine Operator
Poutine Operator Måned siden
I wish some thing like this would pass in Canada. Over here to own an AR it is 2 - 3 years of training applications and waiting.
Christopher k
Christopher k Måned siden
Live free or die....
Gus Colon
Gus Colon Måned siden
The left’s “sanctuary cities” are nothing but a form of future “voter hoarding scheme.”
Janet Burrows
Janet Burrows Måned siden
I can’t believe you said it was exiting
Janet Burrows
Janet Burrows Måned siden
I’m ever so sorry. But I’m having to say, what you have just told me is extremely sad. The more guns you have out in the public, the more chances you have for the nutters in the world going out and buying guns. Then they loose the plot and run rampage in the public shopping areas, your schools. I will never understand why everyone thinks that more guns and more guns, is the best thing?? All that comes out is well mines bigger than yours. I’m sorry, but guns in the wrong hands is asking for trouble. I will never ever understand your gun laws????? Just cos someone hundreds of years ago said, everyone has the right to bare arms, thinks that it still the same world they’re living in now???? Come on, how many kids shooting up your high schools or running around like a sniper taking people out willynilly?? I’ll never understand it. We get dragged over the coals if you have a knife in your pocket, even if it’s for work or while your out with the caravan. If it’s in arms reach, your in big trouble.
MrHealey01 Måned siden
This is a long standing issue one that Cody you Link with heart to rights of freedom. A point well made. However this in my mind is a very idealistic point of view. Cody I enjoy your morel points of view for upstanding living, you clearly love the engineering of tools craftsmanship and this that makes guns etc. I say idealistic because there are many many people out their that do not hold your values. Placing guns so easily in their hands is likely going to inflame the appalling reputation in the US for gun crime. A long standing approach is necessary not one to fight fire with fire, no one wins in that. I thank you for your consideration to others point of view, I though would like to hear how you think making guns etc even high end military hardware readily available is going to improve US weapon crime. I am an activist for reducing petty laws, regulations and for free speech, gun laws and restrictions I feel are not strong enough simply because weapons are proven to be a major issue in the US and others. I am open to an understanding of how extended access to firepower is a good thing for society in general.
William Sherman
William Sherman Måned siden
"...shall not be infringed."
Michael MOSER
Michael MOSER Måned siden
Great News! glad that there is sanctuary for Americans that want to follow the Constitution. I graduated across the River in Camas 1981 Joined USN did 30 years and stayed out in the Pacific after I retired but I would make summer visits to family in Portland I saw the evolution of Portland /West Oregon with each visit especially 90s-present, But so many local residents are like the proverbial Frog in the pot of water on the stove on low heat, Good news that Libertarian Values are gaining Steam in Oregon the key is also the eastern Oregon community. I like your Videos Hooyah America ,
Mavoric 7895
Mavoric 7895 Måned siden
One of my ancestors signed the constitution, now I may not be American but I believe every American should protect the 2A at all costs
Zachary Grigsby
Zachary Grigsby Måned siden
Why are you not a speaker?? You could be incredible.
Shokunin Lawn, Landscape and Nursery LLC
Shokunin Lawn, Landscape and Nursery LLC Måned siden
Don’t get too excited, your seller still has to have an FFL and is accountable to the Feds. The main difference between MJ and firearms and “sanctuary cities” is primary point of contact, the state and local law enforcement was primary point of contact for MJ and immigration but the FEDS are ppc for the kinds of firearms and accessories we get excited about. You will still need a tax stamp for a suppressor and a FFL for anything automatic.
Tim Wood
Tim Wood Måned siden
A gun for every fool, madman, and asshole who wants one. What could go wrong with that? Guns make people polite? Really?
Rex Walters II
Rex Walters II Måned siden
Jack Kurth
Jack Kurth Måned siden
Lord willing, the same will start happening here in California.
Driving With Jake
Driving With Jake Måned siden
First video back best as well.
Kameron Peters
Kameron Peters Måned siden
I agree 1000%!!! You've gained my respect!
Shed Måned siden
Astoria...This is my wish and I'm taking it back
Utetopia Måned siden
I'm not American - I'm Australian - so I dont really care, but we have really strict gun laws, and we don't have school shootings and gun crime like the US does. True story. Sometimes, the idea of sacrificing your constitutional rights can result in the saving of innocent lives. Your loss could prevent someone else's bigger loss. Take one for the team, is what I'm saying.... The constitution is man made. It can be unmade.
Mavoric 7895
Mavoric 7895 Måned siden
Most American gun crime is committed with ILLEGAL firearms, just the same as here in Australia Taking away legal guns will only hinder those who abide by new regulations and help criminals (essentially America is to far past a gun buy back both physically and culturally as a people) The 2A is possibly the western world's most important law, it gives the people power
Russell Prout
Russell Prout Måned siden
Hardworking American
Hardworking American Måned siden
MetalAsFork Måned siden
Kinda mixed on this. The tickytack suppressor and barrel length and mag sizes, and blah blah blah... yeah those should all be available to anyone that wants them. Except to felons. This seems great, but this could undo a lot of the good that the ATF has done over the decades. Not saying they're perfect, or the rules are perfect, and I understand the principled stance of unfettered freedom, but I also recognize the benefits of nuance and compromise. Some rules are good. I wouldn't want anyone dumping waste anywhere near your beautiful frontier. Or overhunting a species, etc. So, this seems like half a good idea.
Explosive Mallard
Explosive Mallard Måned siden
The students of Clatstop County’s schools: 👁👄👁 If corona doesn’t kill these kids, the quiet kid certainly will.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Måned siden
The American is powerful! No one should think he is not! The American people are unstoppable. No one should think they are not. We the people have proved it many times.
James Holbrook
James Holbrook Måned siden
All restrictions like full auto and suppressors
Phil Måned siden
Yes! Please keep us updated on this!
Eric CLOUD Bolduc
Eric CLOUD Bolduc Måned siden
You're probably not gonna like heaven... No guns... And if there are guns... I'll blow it up and start over.
Darrel Dugan
Darrel Dugan Måned siden
Robert Richard
Robert Richard Måned siden
Awesome news!!! The last hand gun I purchased in NJ took 31/2 months to get a permit!!!
Charles Edward
Charles Edward Måned siden
900 communists disliked this video.
colt45 Peacemaker
colt45 Peacemaker Måned siden
I agree with you about having the right to any arms but the 1934 firearms act, 1968 Gun control and the BATF says different regardless of state law.
Big John
Big John Måned siden
I myself own a high powered pneumaticmatic assault nail gun with a high capacity magazine.
Matt Woldanski
Matt Woldanski Måned siden
Great news. In Oregon of all places, Portland Antifaland and unlimited access to weapons in the same state. Couldn’t come at a more important time.
Per Mørkegaard Hansen
Per Mørkegaard Hansen Måned siden
I am just so happy that I don’t live in the US
Uniquesloth Måned siden
Tell CA to catch on.
Ray Otterbine
Ray Otterbine Måned siden
This already what its like in Arizona, and its great.
Simply Fishing
Simply Fishing Måned siden
I don’t mind the back ground checks but I get what you are saying
Mike Rokus
Mike Rokus Måned siden
I hope it passes.
guigsy Måned siden
An armed society is a polite society? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard with zero facts to back it up.
Deborah Simmons
Deborah Simmons Måned siden
Let’s hope they won’t allow the criminals in to buy ammo. But otherwise, hell yes!!!
Joe Houde
Joe Houde Måned siden
Cody, Connecticut guy here! I live in an oppressed state. I work in civil/ site construction (you have been harsh on the east coasters lately), and have for 21 years. I love your channel! Please ease up. It kind of turns me off, but I do love your content and your family and this is why I continue to watch. I will also be honest and say since your east coast comments I may have been less likely to watch. Your opinion is just that, but I enjoyed your earlier content especially the ram pump fixes, how to weld, even Jack’s learning experiences. I love watching your content, but am turned off by your stereotypes/derogatory comments to the other coast. I am sure is not the only one with callouses on my hands that feel this way! Please don’t take this in the wrong way, but this is just my 2 cents.
GG&T Måned siden
wow i finally get to open up my ****TANK DEALERSHIP!!!**** sale on *****M1-ABRAMS****
Robbie O'Neill
Robbie O'Neill Måned siden
Your videos suddenly stopped showing up in my feed, you are being censored
MondVogel Måned siden
why is it a good think to have no regulations about buying guns. background checks etc are a good thing to make sure guns dont grt into the hands of brain degraded dug addicts
aDistantFire Måned siden
AMEN....the 1968 laws are totally un-constitutional. All local laws are un-constitutional. Live Free. Be an American, and live free. The Commie, Pinko, U No Hoo Subversives want to disarm and kill millions. Thimk!
Beverly Rutherford
Beverly Rutherford Måned siden
I agree with you! President is trying to make things right that way:)
DiveJumpShooter Måned siden
Shall not be infringed SIMPLE.
Donald Langlois
Donald Langlois Måned siden
Jesus would want more guns for killing more people.
Donald Langlois
Donald Langlois Måned siden
@Kevin Kinal deluded homesteading. turning into a political channel.
Kevin Kinal
Kevin Kinal Måned siden
Nah, jesus would just drown em wholesale... one of the cruelest ways to kill... That is the "Yahweh or the Highway" thinking of the bible
Timothy Vanbuskirk
Timothy Vanbuskirk Måned siden
Victorious Pauper
Victorious Pauper Måned siden
OREGON WOULD BE RED STATE ..........except for portland, eugene, salem.
Jason 0
Jason 0 Måned siden
Agree, they have been infiltrated.
Get iT Right
Get iT Right Måned siden
Douglas County, Oregon voted in 2018 to approve a SAPO with a 74% approval.. Feb 18, 2020 a SASO (Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance) measure was entered for vote in Nov 2020 ..
Mr. Mister
Mr. Mister Måned siden
Kansas tried this with silencers few years back. Feds came in and arrested a couple guys. Time to take our rights back by force...
Steven Kennedy
Steven Kennedy Måned siden
If you live in Oregon, join OFF, please. Thank you!
CleaveMountaineering Måned siden
"Shall not be infringed" sounds pretty clear to me. And "arms" really means any weapon or tool of war.
MetalAsFork Måned siden
It meant whatever weapons the military had at the time, so I don't see why that intent would have changed over time.
MissOphonia Måned siden
Finally my 12 year old brother won't have to wait a week to buy a tank. Awesome!
Franco Proctor
Franco Proctor Måned siden
Just a couple of thermo-nuclear missiles my man (purely for home defence)
Angela S
Angela S Måned siden
I really hope this gets around and goes Nationwide!
Sui Generis
Sui Generis Måned siden
Problem here is that regulation of dangerous things is necessary, children need it, even adults need it - some adults even more than children. The trick is to have trusted civil society institutions regulate it, rather than the government. For this to become even remotely a reality, the American branch of atomistic individualism that is so popular, but that American conservative god father Russel Kirk abhorred, needs to be rejected in favor of a sense of duty toward local community and your fellow man, such that was widespread in the times of burgeoning America.
Hall House
Hall House Måned siden
Would love to go back to the days where the boys would bring their shotgun to the school house and shoot dinner on the way home.
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