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Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading.
Emergency Food Is Back In Stock + + + 4 Week Supply $197 +++ Save $100 here www.preparewithwranglerstar.com/

Wranglerstar 11 dager siden
Wranglerstar Emergency Food Is Back In Stock + + + 4 Week Supply $197 +++ Save $100 here www.preparewithwranglerstar.com/
Ulfhednar 5 dager siden
I was wondering why I haven’t gotten a notification from you in a while and realized that somehow I was unsubscribed.
Nicholas Brown
Nicholas Brown 7 dager siden
Hey y'all - South Dakota it's hard to find canning jars now - it's crazy. I'm glad that I've been a prepper for years and over the years saved our canning jars and lids - making sure not to scratch the insides of them and the like - to protect them. The problems are big in areas where people actually grow their own food. As a Veteran, it is so sad to see not only Portland, but other great American cities burning and getting destroyed. California though I think is a different story - There are scientists, geologists and others being silenced saying that the majority of the fires are being caused by shifting plates around the fault lines - some of them causing very hot spots on infrared spectrum weather satellites - the piezoelectric effect - along with gasses coming out and fires starting from that. Have you heard of this phenomenon? Sometimes there won't be fires - but there will be extreme hot spots for 15 minutes popping up all around the fault lines - even the U shaped plate border that covers the central US (I forget the name right off hand) goes all the way to the swamp lands (Bayou's) down south and up again towards the east coast up into Canada. I seen the weather satellites myself - no fires but hot spots popping up - extreme heat for 15 min. and they disappear. weather dot cod dot edu - use the satellite view "SHORTWAVE IR" and you'll see it - the black spots that pop up and disappear lasting only seconds on the map view while it's playing - I'm sure you know how to use the map given your history of fighting fires. That's also why I'm asking you, why is this being hidden and not reported on? It's pretty serious and scary stuff - as a Veteran as well, I know some of the things kept from the public so it's kind of not a surprise, but yeah. It's the NEXRAD radar weather satellite. the point starts in the northwest in western Montana goes to the south to the Bayous in southeast Texas and back up through New York and into Canada - that's the main plate of the US - where there's been earthquakes before - one that even made one of the major rivers flow backwards not too long ago. Your thoughts on this would be amazing Cody! God bless and stay healthy and stay safe sir! HOOAH!
Thomas Mason
Thomas Mason 9 dager siden
DIRECTORS NOTE: Mrs. W should speak to the camera. Its just a film standard. Audio is way better than most channels, as well as your lighting. Please, just speak to the camera.
Hello World
Hello World 9 dager siden
Wranglerstar can't you build a greenhouse that can be used during the winter? Using renewable energy as mush as possible so it can operate independent. LED light, catching rainwater etc. Then you can grow your own food year round.
Hallie Nelson
Hallie Nelson 10 dager siden
I would love to see her have her own day, Wednesdays with Mrs W? From a 45 year old Norwegian (not directly), North Dakotan born, rural Central Oregonian.
Jason Harvey
Jason Harvey 3 timer siden
Yea 6’4 I would of never Thought of that you’re only 6 inches tall on my iPad lol
plsbqwhy8t nthabak
plsbqwhy8t nthabak 7 timer siden
Congrats. Mrs. W is both pretty and resourceful. You snagged a good one. Also, thanks for the tips from NS, Canada.
Kevin Silveira
Kevin Silveira 8 timer siden
Wow mrs's w total countystar!!!!!!
BUSHCRAFT JOE 10 timer siden
Great topic
tortugabob 10 timer siden
Two thumbs up. You are a very lucky man.
saundersakacowboy 20 timer siden
#1 lids...... cannot find!!!
Dave Hansen
Dave Hansen 21 time siden
She is an up person and you tend to be pessimistic. However my understanding of W is not well experienced in war, economics and rough living. You are gaining in experience and are curious, courageous and confident in your life style. Keep it up and you will be great. Iguana
Ronald Brown
Ronald Brown 21 time siden
sounds like you need to move. What a crummy lifestyle.
Joe Tittiger
Joe Tittiger Dag siden
You continue to be way behind the curve. I hope you wake up.....
evrielle smith
evrielle smith Dag siden
stocked up fully 2 weeks ago getting fuel this week only have storage for 250 gal will run frig and freezer generator for more then a month have 6 20 lb propane and almost 3 cord of wood
Si Simons
Si Simons Dag siden
Clayton Roberts
Clayton Roberts Dag siden
I hope not. It well start a new civil war.
Serg Orton
Serg Orton Dag siden
“a woman with Traditional Values”.... ???
Óðinn Jakobsson
Óðinn Jakobsson Dag siden
You're delightfull!
Sean Nikander
Sean Nikander Dag siden
Hi neighbor
Gmex86 Dag siden
Miss W you can find tablets to dissolve in water to make bleach they are really practical and easy to use just keep them safe and out of reach from children
Bugout Bubba
Bugout Bubba Dag siden
Try to buy a propane refrigerator. OMG. We decided to purchase an additional gas frig and found that the price had nearly doubled. There are also availability issues.
Deb Briggs
Deb Briggs Dag siden
lol! i thought it was catch a pig, not pull a plow. lol🤣😂
Deb Briggs
Deb Briggs Dag siden
church can be one of thg he worst places
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas Dag siden
Why did the big freezer stay at the old house?....it isn't a fixture, bung it on the trailer.
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas Dag siden
Watch Corona disappear after the election.
Mike Parker
Mike Parker Dag siden
What if the grid goes down?
Geo. Miller
Geo. Miller Dag siden
10/23/20-Certainly, let’s hear from Mrs W’s perspective.
Luke Hager
Luke Hager Dag siden
I work for the railroad. Traffic slowed way down a few months ago. It’s back to normal.
Mark Lugo
Mark Lugo Dag siden
I keep hearing shortages, but here in rather "independent" Southern GA, jars, lids, chainsaws are plentiful. Had no issues really and we still do can around here. Bleach is everywhere now. Seeds varieties are harder to find, but seeds are still available here at most centers. Save them. Don't pick all of them, especially for legumes.
Paul Olson
Paul Olson Dag siden
If the PCR test works-Why the false positives? If the masks work-Why the six feet? If the six feet works-Why the masks? If all three work-Why the Lockdown? If all four work-Why the vaccine? If the Vaccine is safe-Why the no liability clause? If SARS-CoV-2 exists-Why has it not been isolated? If this is an emergency--Why are hospitals empty?
Rorschach313 2 dager siden
I would honestly love to hear Mrs. W's perspective on the MGTOW movement. Her thoughts on why it's happened, its impact as well as how (if at all) it could be reversed. As someone who has watched it over the last 10 years come up from nothing to what we have today, and as someone who semi-perscribes to it, I would love to hear a fresh voice regarding it. Love your videos and can't wait to see more.
Mach1320 2 dager siden
welcome to michigan in april, no meat and what was there had 3lb purchase limits with shelves empty
Almost Homestead
Almost Homestead 2 dager siden
Good stuff guys. Good to hear your wife's perspective on things.
Henry Seven
Henry Seven 2 dager siden
Whoa. I just recently found this channel while researching an axe, and I’ve come to love the channel. And now I see a positive comment by Mr. guns n gear who I’ve watched for years. I’m in the right place! Sweet.
Omar Penney
Omar Penney 2 dager siden
MGTOW and I also go to church alone, looks like everything is running out. Good job on the video and nice backdrop.
Arlen Lawson
Arlen Lawson 2 dager siden
About the canning lids... my grandma taught me and my mom to reuse them! Be careful how you take them off, not bending them, sort through used ones for rust, or damage, boil before use. NEVER had problems with reuse, and I've mentally compared new vs reused lids and which ones seal more... the older ones seal better! (I think they're not making them the quality they use to) I know I have ones at least 10 years old. Even if you just save them of an "in a pinch" scenario, something to consider.
Rick Hammar
Rick Hammar 2 dager siden
I was married 26 years to a " good Christian woman ". While I never claim to be a perfect man I can tell you unequivocally that just because a woman attends church doesn't automatically qualify her as a " good woman".
RogueOntheRoad 2 dager siden
Stop buying toilet paper... By a bidet sprayer instead. Paper is money down the toilet. You can install a bidet sprayer for less than the cost of a case of toilet paper. After you buy the bidet sprayer buy a case of wash clothes to dry off with.
Lee Kollar
Lee Kollar 2 dager siden
I would like to hear Mrs. W talk about her perspective on those topics!
Kerry Joe HARN
Kerry Joe HARN 2 dager siden
We as a family have always put things by in case of times like this, it could get ugly, so be prepared. And put your faith in GOD not man .....
Alberta Outlaw
Alberta Outlaw 3 dager siden
This upcoming election is what is causing all the probs., depending the state you live in it could be very bad or no effect at all.
Royce Montgomery
Royce Montgomery 3 dager siden
whats with the wild right eyebrow?
embwin 3 dager siden
Plumber here, toilets are all out and back ordered for at least 3 months. Pipe shortages too. Prices have already doubled and trippled. A breaker for your house costs almost 4 times as much now.
Steveder Jones
Steveder Jones 3 dager siden
There is a shortage on everything. Eventually things will pick up and shelves in stores and gun shops will be full again . Thing is the prices will be higher then ever.
NOTHOTlanta 3 dager siden
GREAT video ! Mrs. W is a true gem for sure.
Foster_2204 3 dager siden
In Germany it's already almost impossible to get toilet paper
Cherokee Essence
Cherokee Essence 3 dager siden
Everyone is going nuts, seriously. I have just gotten into a good relationship with a man I met online and had to wait 4+ yrs to find him. I normally wouldn't have gotten involved with someone like him (personal differences as well as culture differences) but we chatted for a long time and found we had enough in common to try to make something of it and it is working well for us atm. Prior to this man thou I spoke to soooo many, I can't count.(If I were to guestimate I would say a few hundred, seriously) I have been through numerous, and I mean numerous single sites. People in the single scene today are totally nuts. And I heard this a lot from guys who were interested but lived way too far away to consider getting together. (for us anyway, some people will travel for this reason) It is very hard as an "old fashioned woman from the country" to find a guy who is suitable, and I know from speaking to others that it is just as hard for men. I don't doubt there are many many more than you would realize that have given up, on both sides. I nearly did, and if this one doesn't work out I may give up myself. It feels like a walk through the looney bin, no joking. God bless all the single you refer to, I hope and pray Godsends them their true mate! God bless you as well.
Mama Kat's Home
Mama Kat's Home 3 dager siden
I will agree with Mrs. W about not running your man down. I grew up in a family where this happened all the time and I had to break that cycle. I couldn't let my daughter learn that it was ok to do that. I didn't want my son to think that is what he had to look forward to. I make a point to brag on my husband because he works hard for us and has so much to deal with that I don't. No relationship is perfect but when ours isn't the best it is nobody's business but our own, not even our children's. Our children know we have had disagreements but they also see that we work on them as fast as we have them. Since I learned this, we have had a wonderful marriage. We are going on 25 years now. Thank you for sharing.
Britney Rock Crawford
Britney Rock Crawford 3 dager siden
found you via hard city raindrops. ❤
Lane RAA
Lane RAA 4 dager siden
Country I live in we do not have any shortages.
Bigmo Rivera
Bigmo Rivera 4 dager siden
Great Tips Thanks For Sharing And God Bless 🙏🏼
Ritchie Kubishak
Ritchie Kubishak 4 dager siden
Pool shock makes bleach easy to store just keep away from metal . When the LORD has had enough it will be much much worse.
John McCarthy
John McCarthy 4 dager siden
Never heard about the MGTOW movement but sadly that is me. I'm in my late twenties and gave up on dating a few years ago. I got tired of dating liberals\trash\ people against my values...
Steve Slade
Steve Slade 2 dager siden
Steer clear of them (mgtow). Most are pretty much "off the reservation" women haters. But then I'm from an older generation. Your mileage may vary
Paul Harrington
Paul Harrington 4 dager siden
Lids and jars are available in LA & probably other big cities. Have friends & family send them to you...
vaultboy1982 4 dager siden
There are Zero single women in church. They may be going to those mega churches. Mrs W, what do we do?
Ds Chott
Ds Chott 4 dager siden
Of course we would want to hear her prospective
OK Family Farmstead
OK Family Farmstead 4 dager siden
Nice content, lighting, and audio!!!
Grabatar 4 dager siden
I love seeing you two together. We "see" the misters words of respect in most videos. And whenever i see you two in a video i can see in the missus eyes the affection and respect. Definitely a good couple and it is wonderful to see. Thanks for trying to help people. Wish you all the best. I do hope the americas gets everything resolved. We in europe often look at US as if the people and the policys/struggles are the same. Most people in ANY country are just trying their best.
Skinny Theoneandonly
Skinny Theoneandonly 4 dager siden
Better stock up on salt, flower and beens grew up with a man that went threw the depression was given lots good advice growing up
Daniel McLaughlin
Daniel McLaughlin 4 dager siden
Where's this guy from. We're vibing in massachusetts
Midsouth Homestead
Midsouth Homestead 4 dager siden
It took us 6 weeks to get a freezer and refrigerator in mid July. We are located in Southwest Tn. No lids here today. I went to Kroger today to get my Thanksgiving and Christmas cooking supplies. Wow, $1.57 for cream of mushroom and chicken! On sale.
Pizza Hog
Pizza Hog 4 dager siden
Definitely. My Mrs W ( our last name starts with W also) is so wize. I was blessed to find a Virginia mountain girl for my bride. Her sister is exactly the same, like their mother. Please drop a vid on the men and women searching for the one.
nazmountaingirl 4 dager siden
Mrs. W is an 'Old Soul' . I would like to see more from her.
Michael McDowell
Michael McDowell 5 dager siden
East coast guy here...... married 42 years, things like this happen if they are ment to happen some people try to hard.... some things just have to happen there own time frame. and some times things just do not happen.... accept this and move forward you will be much more happier with your life.
zero 4U
zero 4U 5 dager siden
That's bull. Sam's Club and Costco has freezers all day long and chicken and beef too, in bulk, for very reasonable.
tallbikercat 5 dager siden
We just had two major hurricanes here in southern Louisiana. All of the generators came here, as we went for about a month without power, some places longer. I'm sure that areas out west where you are that have lost power due to fires are also receiving generators. A lot of the appliances have come here to Louisiana as well, as without power there were thousands of refrigerators that had food rot within and they were not salvageable. It's going to be a very interesting next few years to see how the world deals with the fallout from the virus.
Wranglerstar 4 dager siden
Hope you are doing okay
hottyson hottyson
hottyson hottyson 5 dager siden
Mrs. Wranglerstar is looking great! I think she got herself a makeover. The move must have been a good change for her.
hottyson hottyson
hottyson hottyson 5 dager siden
Come to think of it, Cody even looks more relaxed and better. Life must be getting better.
Lean 2200
Lean 2200 5 dager siden
I don’t think your wife realises theres a camera.
Wranglerstar 4 dager siden
Only has eyes for me....
Hydro PX13
Hydro PX13 5 dager siden
when a men start to love things like money more than he does what is right, we are in a fallen state.
weedeater64 5 dager siden
Protein is not a problem. Just eat sheep, we have a massive glut of sheep. Stop going along with this childish covid fake crisis and it will be over tomorrow.
G 5 dager siden
The supply chain is fucked from Democrats shutting down their states.
SuburbanHobbyist 5 dager siden
Another Covid lockdown? Try living in California! We've basically been locked down the entire time. I guess we are used to it so from our perspective "another" lockdown isn't a drastic situation, it's just normal. At this point, I really don't expect there will be the same kind of shortages that were created from the panic buying earlier in the year. Yes, there will be some hit and miss items and inflation is definitely going to keep increasing costs, but for the most part I think we are going to be able to buy what we need.
Jeff Hansche
Jeff Hansche 5 dager siden
Please don't encourage hoarding, you are creating the ultimate problem.
The Healthy Homestead
The Healthy Homestead 5 dager siden
No doubt about the shortage of single Godly single Christian women from a single man's perspective especially from old fashioned biblical perspective. Many name the name of Christ but have no idea what it means to actually BE one of His and most churches are modern churches filled with modern thinking people not biblical thinking people. The "church" has become a social gathering like a lodge. Most are incorporated and live to serve the state ulitimately and not the author and finisher of the Christian faith.
Christopher Schade
Christopher Schade 5 dager siden
its her smiles and jesus eyes
My Leaning Garage
My Leaning Garage 5 dager siden
Thomas Moran
Thomas Moran 5 dager siden
I love the way ye live and your way of thinking I'm from Ireland and love from ere love the clips
JessAndy Studios
JessAndy Studios 5 dager siden
wow!! its not like this in the Shuswap in bc Canada.
Richard Markinco
Richard Markinco 5 dager siden
Cookoo cookoo cookoo
HardCity RainDrops
HardCity RainDrops 5 dager siden
It takes forever to get anything now in the city its getting real bad I don’t think people are seeing it
Alan Kropp
Alan Kropp 5 dager siden
We've been dehydrating a lot of food. Takes up less space, lighter if you have to go. Just add water. Ours is just a regular dehydrators 3 of them. 10lbs of carrots fit a gallon zip lock bag. Even meat, technically jerky but added to rice beans and dehydrated vegetables you have a stew. I've convinced a flock of doves they like living near my place. Good pellet gun for them.
MountainwithaView 6 dager siden
We're definitely in end times.....get right with Jesus....
Porkchop 6 dager siden
I swear my father had a premonition last year about this. Last year he bought two big freezers for our basement because he started buying meat a whole cow at a time. Luckily the small farm we get our cows from are still producing but I know there is like at least a year waiting list if you want on the cow list
Cash Flow Firefighters
Cash Flow Firefighters 6 dager siden
silver coins are up 60% on the year..... cares act your money and buy silver coins for wealth preservation....
goombakiwi 6 dager siden
Found my bride in church.
jp allen
jp allen 6 dager siden
Yes we would like to hear from Mrs. W! Much respect to the strong loving woman....
Mr. Guppy
Mr. Guppy 6 dager siden
Hi Folks. The doesn't have too much to do with Covid by itself. The US is in debt of $27T and it's only going to rise. We are in the beginning stages of hyperinflation. That's what we are seeing.
Aaron Jarvenpa
Aaron Jarvenpa 6 dager siden
I haven't seen any shortages besides cleaning supplies and ammunition.
Chuck Zechman
Chuck Zechman 6 dager siden
Great advice. God Bless Brother!
Whipple Walker
Whipple Walker 6 dager siden
Your wife is much like much like mine everyone opens up to her We have been married 42 years she is a good woman Your wife has beautiful hair
Andy Fick
Andy Fick 6 dager siden
Great Info, thanks.
davetileguy 6 dager siden
This is America and people want to make money. that being said i don't believe America will be short on anything.
davetileguy 5 dager siden
@Alan Fox Y2K
Alan Fox
Alan Fox 5 dager siden
I'm beginning to think prepping is another form of consumerism.
Reverend Christine
Reverend Christine 6 dager siden
I have jars and lids in my preps.
jarhead6153 6 dager siden
Thanks for the good insight...
Indy3%er 6 dager siden
most people are struggling to keep the lights on and Cody's out doubling up on stuff.🤦🏼‍♂️
Indy3%er 6 dager siden
Mrs. W gives me the fizz when her hair is like that. Sorry Cody.😉
Vertigo Bear
Vertigo Bear 6 dager siden
Ordered a 2nd freezer from HD two weeks ago. We’ll see if it actually makes it here. It’s not the one I wanted, but hopefully it’ll be good enough.
Uncle Deez
Uncle Deez 6 dager siden
I friggin LOVE Mrs. W's hair. So cute!!
llewodcm20 6 dager siden
You guys are really cute together.
Laura P. Ruiz-Miner
Laura P. Ruiz-Miner 6 dager siden
Finding a freezer of any size now a days is nearly impossible. And food prices have definitely gone up. I heard someone calling this new wave of out of stock products an Election Shortage. Also, let also remember that it's not a pandemic thing but a protest/riot/looting thing. Trucking companies are not sending their drivers into any towns that are for defunding the police and they are also not sending them into towns that are known to have those "protests" going on. And many distribution centers are in the big hub cities, putting them in hotspot zones. I'm the shopper for my family and have been shopping online for everything we purchase since March. And am constantly placing orders with many stores due to shortages that very by location. Before I would make one purchase at one store, where now I place orders at up to 4 stores (1-Aldi, 3-Walmarts). We just have to roll with the hand that we're dealt and take things one day at a time. We need to breath and pray like we've never prayed before.
FrankBecker 6 dager siden
Look on wish . Com won't come right away but alot of canning supplies
Michael Bodell Films
Michael Bodell Films 6 dager siden
I hear what you're saying don't be scared just be prepared it makes sense
Dianna Odman
Dianna Odman 7 dager siden
i live in a small town in oregon and go to our recyle center to get free canning jars, best hit was 144 canning jars as grandmas basement was cleaned out. already got seeds for insurance , as i dont want to take the chance of missing out in spring. made it a habit of picking up 2 boxs of canning lide everytime i went to the feed store so i have over 100 boxs
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