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MFiskeaux 17 timer siden
This wasn’t a tool video. This was a therapy session.
Thomas T
Thomas T 17 timer siden
No love for Filson or LL Bean? That's OK. I have a Pendleton scarf. One of favorite go-to items when those Canadian winds come howling down in Winter.
Karson Branham
Karson Branham 17 timer siden
A pendelton is akin to filson, you might as well have the best, and if you don’t believe it’s worth it, put one on and you will understand the value, they are the best shirts bar none!! Been wearing them for years!
CMRanger 17 timer siden
I get it.
Spence Davis
Spence Davis 17 timer siden
Cody appreicating all the content on appreciating quality, Its something I (and it appears many others) was not raised with. I would love to see more content about how to find a quality vise in different price ranages. I find myself able to go over the "cheapest" range, but not really in the snap on range either. Thanks for your time, keep up the good work.
Shane Zettelmier
Shane Zettelmier 17 timer siden
I’m guessing that those will hold up better on a softer surface. When you’re wearing them they’re kind of loose so the chain sort of catches in tongues and moves them. If you’re holding it down solid it’s going to be a lot more likely to go through it. Kind of like when you’re cutting vegetables with a serrated knife if you hold the vegetable down it cuts pretty easy if you don’t hold it down it moves and doesn’t cut nearly as easy. I’m guessing as it cut into it and pull those fibers out being that it was strapped down and against hard surface it was only getting part of it. If he had stashed some hay or something under there where they were hanging loose or like when you wear them I’m guessing it would’ve sucked up more fibers into the blade. It could also be that the cheaper quality chaps probably didn’t do as much but even those did a pretty good job and I doubt many people are cutting into their legs just because they’re using electric saw. I’ve never worn the chaps before but after watching this I’m thinking I might get a pair of those now. Lol One thing I do or didn’t notice. I had an old McCulloch electric chainsaw not battery operated, but still Electric. I had pretty much the same affect when I tried to cut through a bush with a bunch of tiny branches they were strong fibers and they got in there and kind of clogged up in the chain and bound up the sprocket. The problem I had was it bent the shaft on the sprocket and the sauce was toast. I couldn’t get just the shaft part and after that anytime I tried to use it the sprocket was wobbly and it would kick the chain off
NickDaum 74
NickDaum 74 17 timer siden
Wen your passionate about something ya can't stop talking about it
C B 17 timer siden
I’ll never forget the day I found out about Pendleton, my mom and grandma called any and all flannel shirts “Pendleton” and one day at a garage sale my mom found one bought it took it to grandmas house and they were both going on and on about how nice and how much she paid for it. I finally said “Well mom I have 3 Pendleton shirts” she opened the shirt and showed me the label and said “No honey this is a REAL Pendleton.”
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie 17 timer siden
Husband says “any shirt that doesn’t have a pocket is a blouse” I never bring home a shirt without a pocket for him.
Jake Rabinowitz
Jake Rabinowitz 17 timer siden
Great lighting and super sharp shots, that Canon 5R is amazing!
S Stein
S Stein 17 timer siden
Oh brother a advertisement
Pete Pettit
Pete Pettit 17 timer siden
I had a king size Pendelton blanket with a flyfisherman in mid cast, (made in washougal). Not thinking, I threw it in the washer. Ended up with a beautiful bath towel.
michael love
michael love 17 timer siden
Because it still maintains it's insulation when damp.
Ed Weber Jr.
Ed Weber Jr. 17 timer siden
Thank You!
Macaronie 5
Macaronie 5 17 timer siden
Steel wool or scotch brite?
Noel Hastings
Noel Hastings 17 timer siden
The PNW has some touchstone products and what is awesome is that the true ones remind me of the “old school” LL Bean items. Like many companies quality has dropped at times in interest of profits. I have some LL Bean work pants that resist any briar or thorn and have remained solid for years. Just like Filson and Pendleton!
nosmoke 17 timer siden
this would set the pockets off
Richard McElligott
Richard McElligott 17 timer siden
Pendleton made shirts for the type of people that were wanting value, warmth, quality and longevity. That can’t be found in but a few types of clothing. Filson tin pants, Pendleton’s, Stetsons and Wesco or Whites. Sure, spend a thousand on it but you’ll have it forever if you maintain it. In the end you’ll have saved threefold the money of lesser quality.
Blake Bond
Blake Bond 18 timer siden
Here in Canada it's plaid flannel, which is also a result of the climate I'm sure lol
Clay Anselmo
Clay Anselmo 18 timer siden
Totally agree about Pendleton. Feel the same way about CC Filson and their tin cloth!
Tyler Van Valkenburg
Tyler Van Valkenburg 18 timer siden
I dig Pendleton
Jake Haynie
Jake Haynie 18 timer siden
I am a pendleton man. I live in pendleton, and the shirts are not made here.
David Yoho
David Yoho 18 timer siden
Pendleton, a true American heritage brand, has been weaving america's spirit since 1909. Known for both world renowned blankets and classic sportswear, this sixth generation, family owned company recognizes you don't just inherit a reputation, you live up to it. With strict emphasis on warranted to be a Pendleton quality and craftsmanship, the finest woolen fabrics are woven in the company's two pacific northwest mills, staunchly protecting an inborn respect for the environment. Today, a full range of inspired classics in both wool and non-wool fabrics makes Pendleton a year-round apparel resource. You'll also discover an expanded and extensive line of distinctive home furnishings and accessories. Whether it's your first visit, or a return to your favorite brand, there's a part of you that's Pendleton.
mick allen
mick allen 18 timer siden
I get it
Cody Hack
Cody Hack 18 timer siden
Grew up in Pendleton driving past the mills every day. Haven't lived there in nearly 13 years but I'm always proud when my little hometown is admired far and wide for both their wool and the Roundup. Thanks for the wonderful video Cody.
Zackery Yochum
Zackery Yochum 18 timer siden
I totally get it. A great product from a great company that brings back memories. Thanks for the stories.
Theorcman2008 18 timer siden
You lost me at "Made in Japan."......Thought you were a patriot. The classic Jeans were made HERE.
Ákos 18 timer siden
This is real woolsome content. Also I looking into how can I import these. I am a sucker for long lasting clothing items, willing to pay a lot for something that last me 5-10-20 years
David Kirkpatrick
David Kirkpatrick 18 timer siden
Jumbo? You mean gumbo
Nate Secret
Nate Secret 18 timer siden
If you’re ever in Pendleton, they have a section for “defects” that are on clearance. I got a blanket there years ago and I still haven’t found the defect yet.
youtube12345 18 timer siden
The irony is that if you didn't "overkill" things as they say, and if you just "slapped it together", then the content wouldn't be any good and no one would watch it. That's such a silly complaint. We watched Tiger Woods, Lebron James, Kobe, etc. BECAUSE of their excellence. Anybody can stick a vise on a piece of plywood. That's not quality content. It just goes to show that no matter what you do, someone will complain and that speaks more to them than anything else. Keep doing what you're doing. Toupee looking good today btw!
Gregory Jon.
Gregory Jon. 18 timer siden
Kirby Johnson
Kirby Johnson 18 timer siden
It was cocaine.
This Here Channel
This Here Channel 18 timer siden
I've been a huge Beach Boys fan for most of my life...I've always thought it was pronounced "pendel-tones".
Just Gonna Get Better
Just Gonna Get Better 18 timer siden
Southern man is saying, dang that looks hot.
billy lee
billy lee 18 timer siden
I have been married for 24 years and we have been through 4 sets of washer and dryers. Our current set is Samsung junk. I have been working on them since they were 1 year and 10 days old. They are now about 4 years old and we just ordered the speed queen’s Saturday. I just pray that our just as expensive Samsungs last the 4-9 weeks it will take to get our speed queens. American made by Americans.
Johnathan Juve
Johnathan Juve 18 timer siden
Jay_Lach_306 18 timer siden
It’s your castle, so build it how you want. I also think folks need to remember not only are you setting up as homesteader who will put your gear through the paces, you’re also just enjoying what you’re doing. Thus, why rush through things if you’re having fun and as well as the expectation that you’ll be hard on your gear? I think if you’re going to spend your time on something and you’re having fun doing it, you can do it right and be finished without Monday morning quarterbacking yourself later for not doing it the best you could. I’m getting ready to begin a workbench where I drew a lot of my ideas from your vids, so instead of griping, I’ll simply say thank you for explaining it in detail.
David Kirkpatrick
David Kirkpatrick 18 timer siden
They do
Allen LastName
Allen LastName 18 timer siden
You wanna talk about fighting words. Well that would be calling gumbo jumbo.
BUSHCRAFT JOE 18 timer siden
We have our culture icon objects
John Pyle
John Pyle 18 timer siden
I was one of the ones suggesting heating the metal. When you were painting I saw good penetration on the underside of that plate. Maybe slowing your speed heated it and helped?
Warrior Son
Warrior Son 18 timer siden
I'm assuming you have to wear these shirts with skinny jeans, a man bun...and a vape?🤔😒
Dallas Van Winkle
Dallas Van Winkle 17 timer siden
I live in Portland, I walk downtown every day and this stereotype is simply non existent at least here. Maybe it would have been prevalent in like 2010.
Ste-Bow 18 timer siden
Congratulations on insulting the entire state of Louisiana.
J Reich
J Reich 18 timer siden
I found two Pendleton wool shirts on clearance for $17 each in Spanish Forks Utah 30(ish) years ago. They are a bit itchy, but tolerable with an under shirt. Fine for Spring and early Fall work, too hot for Summer and too light for a ND winter. They do hold up well though.
Matt Iles
Matt Iles 18 timer siden
What about Filson?
samernam 18 timer siden
Thank you so much for this. I know what I’m getting my grandpa for Christmas now. I bought tin pants because of your videos. Now adding this to my list. I love quality. Buy once cry once
John Pyle
John Pyle 18 timer siden
I hate my drill press! How much was that drill and the bits?!?!? I wonder if you could run wire from the base to your stock and magnetize the shavings?
Mr. P
Mr. P 18 timer siden
Wow. You just did everything wrong.
Thomas M
Thomas M 18 timer siden
Come for the flannel, stay for the jumbo.
TheDomain16 18 timer siden
$140 for a shirt, what a joke. I would be hesitant to even spend that on a jacket. Working men buy cheap since it'll get destroyed anyways.
Dallas Van Winkle
Dallas Van Winkle 17 timer siden
Well keep working hard, one day you can afford it and it will bring you comfort and a sense of pride.
Lee Sanchez
Lee Sanchez 18 timer siden
I am a longtime seamstress, quilter and sweater lover and wool is my favorite natural fiber. Wool will keep your body warm even when soaking wet. Cotton when wet sticks to your skin and lowers body temp. Merino wool is softest type of wool. Thanks, Cody.
Photography 13
Photography 13 18 timer siden
The question is whether the quality is the same as 20 years ago.
Dallas Van Winkle
Dallas Van Winkle 17 timer siden
Quality is still good but they are no longer made in the US for the most part. Same goes for most companies, simply no way to stay in business having all of your product made domestically while keeping a reasonable price.
Clayton 18 timer siden
Them dam Goobers get me every time!
Dark Performance
Dark Performance 18 timer siden
Seventh day Adventist? Awesome. I wish my friends seen a day of rest like you do.. his family calls me a sinner for working past dusk on Friday and on Saturday. I just like to work. Makes me feel useful.
Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson 18 timer siden
I agree about the worth of Pendleton shirts and items. If you are caught in an emergency situation, or SHTF, then this shirt could be the difference between making it, or not. It is that good. That with a Filson coat or other quality item of outerwear, is an investment.
Forthwith Tx
Forthwith Tx 18 timer siden
My parents gave me a Pendleton shirt for Christmas one year. At the time, I had no concept of what they were gifting to me. In the ensuing years, I know.
Living In Canada - A Family’s Journey
Living In Canada - A Family’s Journey 19 timer siden
Nice looking shirts !
Brennan Burns
Brennan Burns 19 timer siden
Do you have a suggestion for a color?
Tom TheMaleMan
Tom TheMaleMan 19 timer siden
Are these recommended for summers in Phoenix?
ACTA NON VERBA2 19 timer siden
All that ammo will make sense in 2020
Will79 19 timer siden
I might should give one of these Pendleton shirts a try. Being from the East Coast, most of my experience in clothing is the fine handmade polyester clothing from places such as Vietnam and Pakistan. Made with the great care and pride of true taylors that take great pride in their craftsmenship. LOL
Jiggin with G 55
Jiggin with G 55 19 timer siden
when you were talking about that hatchet knife combo, I've got one that an old friend of mine gave me years ago that i still have today and use frequently
Apple Sauce
Apple Sauce 19 timer siden
Irock Camaros? Funny
Jacob Berry
Jacob Berry 19 timer siden
I live in the Sierra Nevadas in CA. I own several Pendletons. They are very durable and I also got a couple at thrift shops. Pendleton’s are the best shirts you can buy.
William Knight
William Knight 19 timer siden
Wool works as insulation wet or dry.
Bama_Outdoors76 19 timer siden
I drove a 1990 Iroc-z in high school in the mid 90’s lol
TC Swag
TC Swag 19 timer siden
Lol New Orleans "jumbo" 👍 . in Minnesota we pay wayyyy too much for are fishing lures and Ice houses . Nothing wrong with tradition
Troy Roper III
Troy Roper III 19 timer siden
Thank you
dwoodog 19 timer siden
You wanna play you gotta pay. You pay for quality. In Canada I don't remember these. In my High School years (mid 80's) we had whats called Mack Jackets. The so called tough guys would wear them under their jean jackets. When they took off the jean jacket the mack jacket would come off too like it was all one piece.
Jeydon Hollars
Jeydon Hollars 19 timer siden
My mom was the manager of the Pendleton store in Oklahoma City before I was born
Dragon Master
Dragon Master 19 timer siden
I'm cringing watching you put your chainsaw into the dirt so much!
David LaMattina
David LaMattina 19 timer siden
If you ever want to pass on some of those mens Small Pendleton's to the younger generation I would proudly wear them! Its always hard to find the older ones in a small. 😁😆
South Texas Survival
South Texas Survival 19 timer siden
Unfortunately in south Texas a board shirt wouldn’t do me much good but I think I will get a blanket from them for winter camping down here
Rowan Pritchard
Rowan Pritchard 19 timer siden
In Canada we have the Hudsons Bay company which was really how Canada was founded, they created a trapping/trade line from east to the west as well as goods like axes and blankets to be traded with the natives for pelts. Well they still make those original wool blankets to this day and they sure are nice. But they have a 400$ price tag. One day i will get one.
clyde daniels
clyde daniels 19 timer siden
I own a Filson jacket that I bought because I found them through you Mr. wranglerstar. I’ve been told that I’m strange for purchasing a Filson and buying things that’s more costly. One, I’ve found that you pay for what you get. The most important thing is that Pendleton and Filson are primarily made in USA.
Green River
Green River 19 timer siden
I really enjoy the grandfather stories. Along with the "practical" knowledge that you share.....the forgotten language of self sufficiency..... I have absolutely fallen in love with this channel.
Andy Ralph
Andy Ralph 19 timer siden
Not my thing, but i admire your passion and enthusiasm for the things that you're into.
RichardGUTUBE 19 timer siden
?? Beach boys were a OR band?? Wow I learned something today. Thanks CODY.. can’t wait to let my stupid CA neighbors know 🤦🏼‍♂️